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  • World War I - 1,521 words
    In exploring the origins of the First World War, many diverse theories have been argued to whom is primarily responsible for the commencement of World War I. Lenin indicted imperialism as the principal cause of the war. Woodrow Wilson saw the culprit in secret diplomacy. Wilhelm II blamed an anti-German conspiracy led by the English. Sir Edward Grey, the British foreign secretary quoted in his memoirs that the primary factor leading to war was the arms race. In the drafting of the Versailles treaty, the triumphant Allies bluntly asserted Germanys responsibility. Norman Rich wondered why Germany, if it aims had indeed been so single-minded, did not start the war earlier and under more favorab ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first world, world war i, british foreign, separate peace, planets
  • World War I Notes - 433 words
    Imperialism: strong nations extend economics political or military control over weaker coutnries Sun never set on a british empire British controlled all over world Americans wanted Cuba for sugar and Slaves in 1825. Spain took control of Cuba wanted U.S. help to get spain out. President was Mckinley. Dulom wrote a letter mad abou cuba, wanted mckinley to resign The U.S. Maine blew up, we blamed it on spain -1917 WIB: War Industrial Board went up %20 George Crelel: Selling war to America, Food is amunition, save it The great Immigration moved North to bigger cities and the immigrants got soldiers old jobs. Fall 1918 flu killed 40,000,000 worldwide from Chinese Immigrants Women gave up a lot ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war i, armed forces, british empire, century women, france
  • Was Germany Responsible For The Outbreak Of World War I? - 318 words
    The cause of World War I cannot be primarily attributed to any single act of any one nation. To arrive at a reasonable conclusion one must consider all the underlying factors, weighting each one's liability to the cause. I can't understand why the blame would fall exclusively on Germany as the fundamental instigator. This War was caused by the incitement of the Euro arms race, nationalism, antagonisms, and secret alliance systems. With Europe just ending their industrial revolution, all nations were increasing their standard of living and military power. This economic growth, combined with the ability to engage in mechanized war, gave industrialized nations an advantage over others, thus est ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: germany, outbreak, world war i, standard of living, industrial revolution
  • Industrialization Used In World War I - 251 words
    During World War I, countries used technology to help them become more powerful and stronger against the enemies. Unlike the days where spears and sticks were used, the Industrial Revolution allowed the new technologies to make new weapons and upgrades for old weapons more deadly and more powerful. The automatic machinegun was one of these deadly weapons used to kill many invading armies at once. From this new weapon and many others, the world changed for the worse. Not only did countries now have possession to take over cities and towns, the first-world powers were able to knock out countries without much work needed. A poison gas is one of these inventions that could knock out any person s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first world, industrialization, world war i, atomic bomb, chemical warfare
  • World War I - 678 words
    The first World War did not just happen overnight, it had been building up for years. One long term cause was Nationalism. Strong competition had developed among France, Britain, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany, especially after the unification of Germany, under Bismark, in 1871. There was also uneasiness within countries. For example, the Czechs and Slovaks wanted to be free from Austro-Hungarian control. Imperialism also lead to World War I. Many nations were in heavy competition for colonies and markets through out the world. For instance, France and Germany fought over Morocco, and several other places were the target for imperialism, the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East. An alli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first world, world war i, triple alliance, melting pot, straw
  • To What Extent Is Germany Responsible For World War I And Ii? - 1,108 words
    To what extent should Germany be held responsible for causing both the First and Second World Wars? It has long been argued by historians whether or not Germany is to blame for causing both the World Wars. This essay will examine to what extent was Germany responsible for causing both the First and Second world wars. On one side, it is argued that Germanys expansionist aims brought about both the World Wars, whereas on the other side, it is said that Germany should not be held responsible for either of the World Wars because of the context both pre-war times. In focus, this essay will assess Germanys expansionist policies (Weltpolitik for WWI, Lebensraum for WWII) led to the World Wars, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first world, germany, second world, world affairs, world war i, world wars
  • Why Australia Joined World War I In 1914 - 605 words
    In 1914, Australia joined the First World War. Although it was seen as a European war, the Australia government decided that Australia should support its 'Mother Country', Britain. The prime-minister at the time, Joseph Cook, stated Australia's position : "Whatever happens, Australia is a part of the Empire, right to the full. When the Empire is at war, Australia is at war." Many Australians objected to the country's involvement in the war, but the majority of the population agreed with the government's decision. Australia joined the war for many reasons, but two main reasons were : Australia (as a counry) felt a loyalty towards the 'mother country', Britaain and that the war would be a good ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: australia, first world, world war i, prime minister, proud
  • The End Of World War I - 498 words
    As the news of the individual surrender spread, fellow Germans saw that they were losing the war and started mutinies. Many people told the Kaiser to seek an armistice with the allies. However, he did not show any intensions of giving up. With the end so close, many American newspapers started to create rumors that the armistice had signed been signed by the Germans. They assumed that our leaders were suing for peace. They were still only considering signing an armistice. The American armistice was based on Woodrow Wilson's fourteen-point plan. He did have a hard time convincing the other allies that the fourteen-point plan was going to work. Wilson who was wanted peace without actually winn ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war i, treaty of versailles, woodrow wilson, national anthem, representative
  • Post World War I Activity - 691 words
    The Allied wars debt being cancelled is considered theoretically desirable due to the U.S. being considered to be repaid already with the borrowed money being spent in America for war materials boosting the U.S. economy, and the war being a common cause giving no one power prosperity from retributions like the U.S., but is considered impossible because of the insurmountable amount needed to be paid; Americas benefits of entering the world war include: gained womans rights, and a creditor nation evolvement. The European countries owing debt to the United States at the time is considered to be a huge hole for the Europeans. In order to get their way out of paying a large ransom of money over t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: post world, world war i, economic boom, over time, entrance
  • World War I Ace Manfred Von Richthofen - 842 words
    Throughout the course of history, many wars have taken place. Among these wars, World War I particularly stands out for having contained several war aces and heroes. Some of these aces include Captain Ren Fonok of France, Major Edward Mannok of Britain, Manfred von Richthofen of Germany, and Eddie Rickenbacker of America (21:26). However, the one hero that stands out the most is the famous Red Baron or Manfred von Richthofen. Manfred von Richthofen, a German aviator, was very prominent and well known in World War I due to his many feats with his fighter plane. Before the war occurred, Manfred von Richthofen was already on his way to success (Iavarone). Richthofen came into this world on May ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: manfred, world history, world war i, role model, first year
  • Canada's Homefront During World War I - 410 words
    During the heroicness and many tragedies World War I brought, Canada strived to pursuade pleasure and entertainment. People had to pick up their lives and either decide to move on or be swallowed into the orifices of what was happening nearly half-way across the planet. Aside from the mourning and the grieving, Canada decided they would have to provide their forces with an equitable supply of resources such as food, water, and for many, a means of entertainment, to help them regain a sense of home. Choosing this path would mean more workers would be required. But since most men [persons] were battling in Europe, businesses were forced to incorporate women, which many were opposed to. Aside f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homefront, world war i, red cross, employed women, supplied
  • The Role Of African American Soldiers In World War I - 402 words
    About 400,000 Black Soldiers served in the United States Army in World War 1. About 367,710 of these came into the service through the selective Draft Law. Nearly 20,000 soldiers of the United States, uniformed, armed, equipped, drilled, trained and ready to take the field. The most famous are the 9th and 10th Cavalry. The 9th and 10th Cavalry, saved the day at San Juan Hill for Colonel Roosevelt's Rough Riders, and helped to give him much of his military reputation and distinction. When the United States Armed Forces were strong in the beginning they discouraged black to enlist in the military. The Associated Press sent a telegram out from Richmond, Virginia, April 24, 1917 stating: NEGRO R ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african, african american, american, american negro, world war 1, world war i
  • World War I And Its Impact On The United States - 589 words
    Of all the major events of the 20th Century, which affected the United States (apart from their impact on the world), World War I is ranked as one of the most influential, if not the most influential events, which had the most significant effect on the United States. We are not discussing the details of the four-year war nor we are narrating the chronology of the events, which took place from 1914-1918. We are going to analyze the impact of World War I on the United States. Although World War I was not fought on US soil and it is true that the United State remained neutral during the first three years of the war i.e. 1914-1917, however, the war had long lasting impact on the social, econom ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united state, united states, world society, world war i, world war ii
  • In Memory Of World War I Soldiers - 978 words
    Two weeks ago Palestine and Israel started to war for their conviction. Two countries fighting for a piece of land that what it is. However, in the beginning of the 20 century the world was fighting for the human rights. A lot of men died during this war, soldiers who were before everything human being with feelings, who died for their aim and believes. Some of them ,to forget their misery decided to write poems such as Alfred Joyce Kilmer and Rupert Brooke. Alfred Joyce Kilmer was born on December 1886 in New Brunswick .He died in 1918, killed by a bullet .Kilmer was part of the Regiments intelligence staff. He was also awarded of the French croix de guerre for bravery . In 1915 , immediate ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: second world, world war i, beloved country, human rights, soldier
  • World War I History In "all Quiet On The Western Front" - 871 words
    Paul Baumer and his classmates had volunteered to enlist in the war or at least that what the story told. But that is not true, they were forced in to volunteer. Their school master Kantorek had filled their heads up with views of nationalism which glorified the war. Some students were even pressured by their parents to enlist. If they did not enlist it would be like turning their back on their country. The teachers and school masters thought going to war was the best thing a man could do for his country. When Baumer and his friends get to boot camp, they found out that it was not so great. In boot camp they were taught to be soldiers. They found out that what they learned in school had no m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: all quiet on the western front, quiet, world war i, modern warfare, paul baumer
  • Socio-economic Change After World War I - 1,674 words
    Many social, political and economic problems plagued the world at the end of World War I, leading people to search for alternative solutions. Coincidently as the war ended, Fascism was introduced to the masses. Fascism was everything the people looked for and wanted. It placed an emphasis on the nation as the center and regulator for all history and life, and on the indisputable authority of the leader behind whom the people were expected to form an unbreakable unity. (, 2.10.01) Before delving into the complication known as Fascism, we must look at the events that led up to its outbreak and instant popularity. Edmund Burke once stated, Social change is inevitable and desirable ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: after world, economic change, social change, world war i, national socialism
  • Socio-economic Change After World War I - 1,664 words
    ... bat party, named fasci di combattimento. He had a paramilitary group dressed in black shirts who fought against anyone accused of undermining the strength of the nation. Italian Fascism was the veneration of war and combat as the true test of a man and of a nation. Mussolinis party was chiefly another way to bring war into politics with his violent seizure of power. Most of Mussolinis supporters were war veterans and nationalists and Italian businessmen against the rise of revolutionary social protest financially backed his party. In October of 1922, Mussolini had his people overthrow the government on what has been called march on Rome. Before the overthrow occurred, however, the king a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: after world, economic change, first world, world war i, houghton mifflin
  • Anglo German Relations Prior To World War I - 1,349 words
    The origin and causes of World War I have been subjects of great interest to many 20th century historians. The history, policies, and controversies surrounding the major countries involved in WWI have evoked many discussions on whether or not the war could have been avoided, as well as various accounts of what actually took place. The focus of this essay will be to examine the entering of England into WWI, in particular her relations with Germany prior to the war, and the degree to which these relations influenced Englands eventual participation in the war. The main sources for this essay were the works of Joachim Remak The Origins of World War I, 1871-1914, AJP Taylor, The First World War, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anglo, first world, german politics, world war i, archduke francis ferdinand
  • Anglo German Relations Prior To World War I - 1,374 words
    ... of war. AJP Taylor, in The First World War, contends that British had no desire at all to be involved in war, nor did they wish to support France in a war against Germany. the British had hesitated until now, determined not to be drawn into what they called a Balkan quarrel, many of them reluctant to act even in support of France. Remak supports what Taylor says, by noting that Britain had never officially committed to aiding France in a war with Germany, and that had she only done so, Germany might not have attacked France to begin with. The British would consistently refuse a clear-cut promise to come to the assistance of France, let alone of Russia, in case of war...If the Germans had ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anglo, first world, world war i, penguin books, british foreign
  • Technology's Part In World War I - 505 words
    The technology and many interweaving alliances of WWI resulted in a war that was pricier and coasted more lives than it should have. And on top of that, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were mercilessly killed and the boundaries of the land were altered. I believe it was very accurate the way the historical content depicts everything that happened during that war. Many were killed, land was stolen, land was given back, and new weapons and technologies were put into action. Also, many countries came together and formed strong lasting alliances. All four documents show this opinion adequately. According to document #1, alliances played a vital role in the Great War. The Central ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war i, german government, austria hungary, historical context, democratic

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