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  • Merchants Of Venice Portia - 1,019 words
    Portia: The Best Female Shakespearean Part? Portia is one of Shakespeares best parts for an actress as, apart from being one of the central characters within the main plot of the play; she displays great wit and intelligence. These are assets which none of Shakespeares other female roles ever had as women who lived around the same time as Shakespeare, were not considered to have such honourable traits. Portia has many lengthy speeches, and in almost all of theses she displays her great intelligence and wit, either by insulting her hapless suitors or saving her new husbands friend with her extensive knowledge of the Law and the way in which a court-room works. There are few scenes in which Po ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: portia, venice, opening scene, the courtroom, shallow
  • The Caskets In The Merchant Of Venice - 406 words
    In Shakespeares play The Merchant of Venice, the nature of man is shown on the inscriptions of the caskets. The gold casket represents what men desire, the silver casket represents what men deserve, and the lead casket represents a mans duty in marriage. The gold casket represents the desires of many men. Its inscription reads, Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire. Any man, who only desires Portia, will not get his desire. The Prince of Morocco says that many women find him handsome. He desires Portia because she is beautiful, just like he believes he is. He learned that his vanity and greed will not gain him her hand in marriage. His vanity is shown when he decides to go straight ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, the prince
  • Merchant Of Venice - 1,032 words
    The Merchant of Venice is a play both about love and hate. Shakespeare illustrates the theme of hate most prominently through the prejudices of both Christians and Jews and their behaviour towards one another. The theme of love is shown amongst the Christians, in the love of friendship and marital love. The themes are emphasised in the settings of the play, Belmont symbolising love and Venice symbolising hate. As well as this the immorality of various characters can be seen in their motives for love and hate. The entire play is centred around racial prejudices between Christians and Jews and their hate for one another. In The Merchant of Venice Shylock, the Jew, is characterised as the scape ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, racial prejudice
  • Theme Of Appearance Vs Reality In Merchant Of Venice - 1,926 words
    This theme of Appearance Vs. Reality is used throughout the play to mislead and confuse so things may not always be what they seem. Shakespeare uses deception to enhance the unfolding drama and involve his audience more fully in the play the audience are party to deceptions which the characters themselves are unaware of. Prejudice was common and the word Jew applied to hardhearted unscrupulous moneylenders. An Elizabethan audience would have been happy to see a Jew, Spaniard or a Moor deceived and Shakespeare clearly tried to give his audience what it wanted. In contrast, many, particularly ladies, would have admired the strong and witty Portia and even though she appears arrogant and racis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, elizabethan england
  • The Merchant Of Venice: Is Shylock Villain Or Victim? - 1,227 words
    The Merchant of Venice was written in 1598 by William Shakespeare. The story is set in Elizabethan times, which was the sixteenth century. People back then were quite prejudiced towards any race that was not Christian. They would have hated Jews. When Shylock would come onto the stage, the audience would have just booed him back off. The Christians had their reasons for hating the Jews. The fact that they supposedly killed Jesus still angers many people today. Christians were resentful of their wealth. Jews were very successful with their businesses. You could say that the Christians were experiencing Xenophobia, fear of foreigners. They feared that they would take over their land. So when S ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, the merchant of venice, villain
  • The Merchant Of Venice: Is Shylock Villain Or Victim? - 1,205 words
    ... y, he wants Antonio to suffer for disrespecting Shylocks authority. This really enforces the fact that Shylock is a ruthless scoundrel. The two women enter the courtroom with a message that the doctor Balthasar (Portia) has being sent to replace the original doctor, Bellario. Portia begins her case with a plea for mercy, she begs him to forfeit the bond and accept three times the amount. Shylock refuses, as he wants to take his revenge on the Christians who have criticized him because he is a Jew. Again, this shows his ruthless, cold side; he has no remorse. Portia asks to have a surgeon by his side, just in case Antonio bleeds to death. Portia then reads the bond and discovers that Shyl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, the merchant of venice, villain
  • Merchant Of Venice Character Diary - Shylock - 516 words
    Today Bassanio came up to me asking for my moneys. Later on I told him that I would lend him the moneys without any interest. I was very cautious in the repeating of his demands. Antonio is naive risking his life hoping the ships will return. I am clever because I am using this opportunity to get revenge. I made Bassanio nervous when I called Antonio a good man and they both probably knew the meaning. I'll show Antonio when his ships fail to return. Lancelot is getting on my nerves again. He is snail-slow in profit and he sleeps by day. My daughter seems to want to get out of the house and might be getting annoyed with me. I am sure that it is just a phase. Because it meant that Bassanio wou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: diary, merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, venice
  • Death In Venice: A Tragic Vision Of A Flawed Artist? - 1,029 words
    ter> To what extent is Death in Venice a tragic vision of a flawed artist? Aschenbach was certainly an artist. A very decent one. He had his life planned out, was very accurate and organized. Perhaps even a bit boring, monotonous. He was a hard-working man, he had that certain motus animi continuus. He was seen as a genius. From the beginning, he wanted to become known, to become famous, but his life was empty. He yearned for a change of pace, for some action, adventure and unpredictability of what might come. He was afraid of breaking out, yet he was also afraid of being trapped. Then he goes to Venice, where all will change. In his hotel, he sees a young boy by whom he is fascinated. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young child, young boy, barber shop, pace, empty
  • Merchant Of Venice - Is The Shylock A Man More Sinned Against Than Sinning? - 728 words
    There are many sides to this argument. The first is that Shylock does not sin at all, the second is that all the characters sin as much as each other, the third that Shylock is the only one who sins, the fourth that they all sin, but Shylock sins the most making the above statement false, and the fifth way of arguing it is to agree with the statement. Shylock may sin when he makes the contract with Antonio saying that he must pay back the 3000D within 3months if he lends it to him, or he can take 1lb of flesh from his body, but it is not clear whether he wants to harm Antonio because he claims to want Only friendship. Later on in the scene he has his aside and he tells the audience that he h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, venice, the duke
  • Merchant Of Venice - Antonio And Shylock - 807 words
    William Shakespeare shows how two tradesmen can have completely different lives when others view them differently in the play The Merchant of Venice. In the play, Bassanio, Antonios friend, needs money to pursue his love. They seek a loan from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender in Antonios name. The contract is for three times the value of the bond in three months or else Shylock cuts off a pound of flesh from Antonio. While all this is happening, there are love plots going on. One of which is for Shylocks daughter to elope with Lorenzo, a Christian. Later on, Antonios source of money, his ship, is reported sunken in the English Channel, dooming him to the loss of one pound of his flesh. There is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: antonio, merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, the merchant of venice, venice
  • Merchant Of Venice - Modern Humanitarianism - 1,215 words
    ter> Modern Humanitarianism has run riot on Shylock. Discuss. The Merchant of Venice is concerned with two issues that were of importance in the Elizabethan Age: Jewry and Usury. It is generally assumed that the Elizabethan attitude to Jewry was hostile and that the execution of Roderigo Lopez in 1594 was characteristic of the Christian rejection of all Jews, Turks, Infidels and Heretics, who were considered to be misbelievers. But this could also be a false assumption, for although the Jews were forced to convert to Christianity to live in England, once they did they were generally left alone. Marlowe in The Jew of Malta portrays a Machiavellian Jew, but one who is rarely mean in his villa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, racial discrimination
  • Merchant Of Venice - Plot Structure - 1,630 words
    ter> Show how the plot of The Merchant of Venice is apparently fanciful but in reality exactingly structured. The Merchant of Venice is a fairy tale. There is no more reality in Shylocks bond and the Lord of Belmonts will than in Jack and the Beanstalk. H. Granville-Barker, in Prefaces to Shakespeare. This is one way of looking at the play, reading it or enjoying the performance. But it can be a contradiction to our actual feelings about this complex play. The Merchant of Venice might appear to be a romantic tale without much logic but that would be a superficial interpretation. Portias father may have raised our concerns in taking away her freedom to choose her beloved; Shylocks bond and t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, civil law
  • The Merchant Of Venice As A Romantic Comedy - Critical Analysis - 1,652 words
    We can trace the origin of Comedy to Dionysis- the Greek God of Wine who was hilarious, satirical and irreverent in spirit. Ben Jonson in Volpone (1605) that is considered to be the greatest comedy in English epitomized the classical spirit of comedy. Shakespeare was aware of the classical tradition by the chose to follow the Roman tradition of Petrarch and Boccacio. Shakespeares early comedies were classical in spirit but the later ones were more emotional, fanciful and humorous. The Merchant of Venice falls between there two categories. It leads the list of mature comedies; has more Romantic characteristics than classical. It is also one of the earliest productions of the middle period. In ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comedy, critical analysis, merchant, merchant of venice, romantic, romantic hero, the merchant of venice
  • The Merchant Of Venice: Portia's Suitors - 1,515 words
    ter> Compare and contrast Portias three suitors, examining their characters Shakespeare highlights three of Portias suitors, the Prince of Morocco, the Prince of Arragon and Bassanio. He does this to heighten dramatic tension, as these three men are the most important candidates to win Portias hand in marriage. They reveal the contents of the three caskets and their different characters as exposed as being proud, vain and humble. They also emphasise the racial prejudices of Venice a place where many races clash. Their attitudes towards the caskets and their choices indicate what their character is like. This essay will compare and contrast the three suitors and will explore how Shakespeare ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, suitors, the merchant of venice, compare and contrast
  • The Merchant Of Venice - Shylock: Villain Or Victim? - 1,770 words
    Many people are villainous in the way they behave. Their villainous acts may be attributed to their desire to destroy others and in turn elevate themselves to a higher financial or social level. However, the root cause of their villainy may be a response to the treatment they have endured at the hands of others. In short, they have been taught villainy, rather than it being an integral part of their personality. In such instances, revenge can be a key motivator in inspiring them to act in a villainous way. It is on such occasions, where villains have themselves been exposed to villainy, that the distinction between villain and victim becomes blurred. Victims are usually characterised in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, villain
  • The Merchant Of Venice: A Justice Not Justified - 1,451 words
    The Merchant of Venice was a comedy written by William Shakespeare. Antonio, a merchant of Venice was a venerable businessman. He was a wealthy man and offered his friends the loan of money, without interest. Antonio became bound to Shylock when he agreed for his good friend Bassanio to use him as security to borrow money from Shylock. Shylock was a Jewish usurer who lives in Venice. He believed in charging interest and hated Antonio who did not. Portia was a wealthy heiress who is confined by her father's will of the caskets. She was the one whom Bassanio married after he chose the correct lead casket that contained her portrait. Shylock insisted on collecting a pound of Antonios flesh when ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: justified, merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, the courtroom
  • The Merchant Of Venice - 1,107 words
    H2>Shylock is the villain in the play. He deserves no mercy. Discuss with close reference to the Merchant of Venice. In the play The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock is the villain. However, there are reasons as to why he does and why he does not deserve mercy. The reasons why he deserves mercy include: the fact that he is only considered the villain because he is a Jew; Antonio deserved mercy, so Shylock should be shown mercy as well; Shylock cant be blamed for being a villain after all the terrible things that have happened to him; and if the other characters were the genuine Christians that they made themselves out to be, they would show mercy to Shylock and they would ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, the merchant of venice, venice, the duke
  • The Role Of Portia In "the Merchant Of Venice." - 650 words
    Portia is one of the main character roles in Shakespeares Merchant of Venice, and is often related to as the heroine of the play. Unlike the business city of Venice, her home is set in the contrasting city of Belmont, which represents love and harmony within the play. We are introduced to Portia in Act1 Scene1, when Bassanio describes her as a fair lady, richly left, but we do not see her until Act1 Scene2. We learn that she has a close relationship with her waiting-woman, Nerissa, and she proves her sharp and witty character when they discuss her many suitors; Ay, thats a colt indeed. However we also learn that she is racist; let all of his complexion choose.. Although she appears independe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, portia, the merchant of venice, elizabethan era
  • The Role Of Shylock In "the Merchant Of Venice." - 654 words
    Shakespeares portrayal of Shylock in the Merchant of Venice is more complex than is originally thought. He is not only seen by the audience as the traditional stock villain; I hate him-p13, but he also evokes the audiences empathy such as in his famous speech: hath not a Jew eyes? -p47. Shylock is caricature to fit the profile of a typically villainous character in the eyes of an Elizabethan audience; his career in usury, his Jewish religion, and his attitude towards money and the Christians for instance, are all traditional stereotypes of a villain. Shylocks introduction to the audience in Act1 Scene3 is typically miserly and sinister; three thousand ducats, well, and in his soliloquy on p1 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: merchant, merchant of venice, shylock, the merchant of venice, good news
  • A Brief Comparison Of Florence And Venice - 1,018 words
    A Brief Comparison of Florence and Venice Florence and Venice were the economic powerhouses of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. While there are vast differences between the two great cities, there are also some striking similarities, the most outstanding being their devotion to commerce. To both the Florentines and the Venetians, riches had an extraordinary significance. To be rich was to be honorable and to be poor was a disgrace (Hibbert Medici 32). The Florentines had a saying that no one poor would ever find it easy to acquire honor and fame by means of his virtue; poverty throws virtue into the shadows and subjects it to a hidden and obscure misery. This idea was equally true ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: florence, venice, late middle ages, early renaissance, humble

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