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  • Story Was True Rumor Or Misrepresentation Truth
    840 words
    Kafka's Perspective of the truth in Jim Naureckas's, "A Conspiracy of Dunces: Right-Wing Distortion Goes Mainstream. " Kafka's viewpoint on the truth of Prometheus is of skepticism. The structure of the essay is simple and concise, as it discusses the four legends concerning Prometheus. There is an introductory sentence, which provides the thesis of the story. The introductory sentence ends with a colon, and lists the four legends in chronological order with each legend starting with "according ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conspiracy, white house, legend, prometheus, legends
  • Standardized Tests Standardized Testing
    791 words
    G. I Maeroff wrote the first article I read he feels that assessment of student's achievement is changing, largely because today's students face a world that will demand new knowledge and abilities. 'In the global economy of the 21 st century, students will not only need to understand the basics, but also to think critically, to analyze, and to make inferences' (Maeroff, 1991). The author clearly identifies that we often believe that what get assessed is what get taught and that the format of as...
    Free research essays on topics related to: assessment, standardized tests, exams, standardized, standardized testing
  • Medication Compliance In Elderly
    1,324 words
    Research Utilization Paper An Intervention Study to Enhance Medication Compliance in Community-Dwelling Elderly Individuals Chris Elmer HSCI 401 Fall 2001 My research study was to determine whether daily video telephone or regular telephone reminders would increase the quantity of prescribed cardiac medication taken in a sample of elderly individuals who have congestive heart failure (CHF) (Peteva, 2001). Within this research I would disseminate the new scientific knowledge with the help of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pharmaceutical company, heart failure, elderly patients, elderly population, nursing staff
  • Position Joseph Heart Of Darkness
    1,949 words
    Position Paper: Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" The accusation of racism nowadays is being widely used by the pushers of left-wing agenda to effectively silence their opponents. In fact, the issue of racism in America is a like a rush: the more it gets scratched the more it itches. According to watchdogs of political correctness, it is found everywhere. No social institution is spared from it. The paranoia over this issue in America gains more and more momentum. China Achebe's article An Ima...
    Free research essays on topics related to: point of view, heart of darkness, 20 th century, 19 th century, joseph conrad
  • Individual Can Attain Philosophical Doctrine Socrates
    724 words
    Socrates 1. One of the most important charges, brought against Socrates at his trial, was accusation of atheism. He used to say unexamined life is not worth living, which can be considered as appeal to reason, rather then to belief. Socrates considered peoples ability to operate with abstract categories as such that differentiates them from animals. What Socrates could have meant by saying this is that only those who are capable of logical analyzing can be considered as humans, in full sense of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: objective, attain, athens, socrates, philosophical
  • Sex Education Programs High School Students
    1,684 words
    Research Proposal (1) The progress of sociology, as scientific discipline, allows us to analyze the possible effects of social policies, during the process of designing them. It is crucial to be able to come up with the proper proposal of how sociological research project needs to be conducted, in order for the outcome of the research to have academic credibility. People have different opinions as to whether comprehensive sex education programs in schools have advantage over abstinence programs,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sex education programs, point of view, high school students, socio political, factors that affect
  • Red Riding Hood Soap Operas
    1,237 words
    Feminism (1) Even though that there are many definitions of feminism, this term is being mostly used within the context of biology. In other words, feminism is nothing but a political movement, which is based on the notion psychological inadequacy as its metaphysical foundation. Every person, along with the social rights and responsibilities, also has biological functions to perform. However, some people feel that their gender affiliation does not correspond to their essence as human beings. In ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: red riding hood, soap operas, sexual desire, sexual activity, commonly referred
  • High Glycemic Carbohydrates High Glycemic Load Glycogen
    895 words
    Carbohydrate loading The glycemic index compares equal quantities of a carbohydrate containing food; the glycemic load quantifies the overall glycemic effect of a typical portion of food. This represents the product of the amount of available carbohydrate in that serving and glycemic index of the food. A high glycemic load reflects a greater expected elevation in blood glucose and a greater insulin release. An increased risk for type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease coincides with the chron...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carbohydrate, exercise, glycogen, sample size, glucose
  • Running Head Anselm Ontological Argument
    606 words
    Running head: ANSELM'S ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT Anselm's Ontological Argument May 27, 2009 Anselm's Ontological Argument Anselm's Ontological Argument is the argument for the existence of God, presented by famous theologian of the 11 th century, Anselm. Basically, it implies the following. According to Anselm, God is the greatest thing ever that can be conceived, and if assuming that God did not exist, some other thing, greater than God would inevitably exist. These two axioms are followed by the as...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first cause, ontological argument, existence of god, ontological, anselm's
  • Melting Pot Cultural Pluralism
    1,116 words
    Political Science We live in time when the pushers of left-wing agenda are trying hard to make it impossible for the American citizens to question the validity of their cherished concepts of pluralism and multiculturalism. This in spite the fact that only 40 years ago, the concept of cultural and political pluralism was considered to be one of many obscure political theories, which had the right to exist, but most certainly, did not have the right to represent itself as the only valid worldview ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: melting pot, american society, cultural pluralism, left wing, political correctness
  • Absolute Monarchy Mill Believes
    1,146 words
    Why Should We Value Democracy The democracy is one of the major human achievements since the ancient times and society should value this aspect of their lives. We should value democracy because the notion that is opposite to it is not better for society and this assumption was proven as centuries passed. In this research we are going to talk about why people should value democracy using works of J. J. Rousseau and James Mill. Rousseau's, The Social Contract, published in 1762 after the success o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: catholic church, mill believes, social contract, absolute monarchy, civil religion
  • Test Scores Children Today
    693 words
    Educational Conflicts 2 Anyone claiming to know what art education has been all about in American schools over this past century is probably faking it. In this report we are going to talk about the issue of problems of art education in US as it was expressed by Charles M. Dorn in his article The Renewal of Excellence. During this century there were, of course, a number of important changes that did affect art education in U. S. schools. However, most, if not all, were the result of decisions mad...
    Free research essays on topics related to: deciding, secondary, instruction, children today, test scores
  • Capitalism Socialism And Democracy By Joseph A Schumpeter
    1,036 words
    "Capitalism, socialism, and Democracy" by Joseph A. Schumpeter Schumpeter believes that governmental or political decisions are made on a majority basis; they do not allow for differing levels of choice for individuals because they produce a single outcome; the market allows for each individual to come to an agreement at the level he feels comfortable. Thus, the more that is left within the scope of the market, the more likely it is that agreement can be achieved while still maintaining freedom....
    Free research essays on topics related to: fiscal policy, social security, government spending, government intervention, minimum wage
  • Sat Scores November 21
    697 words
    SAT SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. This test is used to predict the facility with which the individual will progress in learning academic school subjects. An aptitude test is a test for determining the probability of a person's success in some activity in which he is not yet trained. The definitions given above tell what the SAT is, and what it does. SAT is the main test required when one is to apply for college or university studies after school. Overall, the SAT is a long, grueling...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sat scores, scores, sat, aptitude, november 21
  • Darwin Jay Gould
    1,122 words
    Creationism vs Evolution: Through The Eyes of Jay Gould It has been over 100 years since English naturalist Charles Darwin first told the world his revolutionary concept about how livings things develop. Evolution through natural selection and adaptation was the basis of his argument as it remains to this day a debated subject by many. Across this nation, a return to traditional values has also brought the return of age old debated topics. One issue that truly separates Americans is the issue of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: essay titled, essay, jay gould, darwin , sexual selection
  • Hittite Suzerainty Vassal Hittite Suzerainty Vassal Treaties God
    895 words
    Jeff Young Section B Covenants: Lasting Implications of an Unoriginal Concept Covenants can be found all through history. Even today covenants are created all the time between individuals and whole societies. The United States is under the obligation of covenants with nearly every nation of the world, either concerning military treaties or trade embargo's. So too can covenants be found in the histories of all the worlds great civilizations. These historical covenants can very often be directly p...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sinai, covenants, covenant, treaties, hebrew bible
  • Annales Cambriae King Arthur
    1,314 words
    Clodfelter 1 Christopher Clodfelter English 201 Mr. Miller February 14, 1999 King Arthur, an Enduring Legend The mystical references to Arthur and his adventures are dated in literature in some form for over 1400 years, verifying the enduring appeal of this romantic character. Since the beginnings of the English language there have been legends of great heroes. The first settlements of Britain produced stories rooted in ancient Celtic and Germanic imagination; of the many, Arthur is undoubtedly ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: annales cambriae, dark ages, geoffrey, king arthur, arthurs death
  • History Of England Annales Cambriae
    1,437 words
    The mystical references to Arthur and his adventures are dated in literature in some form for over 1400 years, verifying the enduring appeal of this romantic character. Since the beginnings of the English language there have been legends of great heroes. The first settlements of Britain produced stories rooted in ancient Celtic and Germanic imagination; of the many, Arthur is undoubtedly preeminent. The earliest known description of Arthur? s noble endeavors was written by Gildas, (ca. 490 - 540...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dark ages, annales cambriae, arthurian legends, history of england, king arthur
  • Norton Anthology Paradise Lost
    617 words
    During the Renaissance, a writer named John Milton became the center of much acclaim and much controversy. His writings, though focused on various subjects, always revolved around his thoughts about religion and the human experience. Particularly, Milton wrote from the standpoint of a Christian Humanist. The term Christian, which seems fairly simple to a reader, becomes complex as Milton imposes his ideas on who true Christians are. The term Humanist also leaves some questions in the mind of the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paradise lost, human experience, catholic church, john milton, norton anthology
  • Amount Of Work Higher Authority
    1,577 words
    FOUNDATION COURSE THEMES BAES Year 1 Subject: Primary Education &# 038; Post Powder Legacy Tutor: Alastair Horbury Assignment: Critique of given text Chapter 6, Pupils at Work. Due: Mon 14 Nov 94 INTRODUCTION The task assigned was to read all six chapters provided, select one and produce a critique on the subject matter. The chapter selected was number six which analysed pupils and work. Firstly I wish to briefly summarise the entire chapter, highlighting the areas which I considered to be the m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pupils, higher authority, hard work, amount of work, negotiation

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