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  • Gates World - 626 words
    Congrats to the man of the millennium Mr. Bill Gates. Bill developed the wonderful software that makes computing so much fun! As his company, Microsoft, surges for domination in the computing industry, I picture Bill installing little buttons under his desk for possible world take-over. Forget the Y2K bug, thats nothing! Through Windows I see Bill using Microsoft much like a chess move for world-wide Gates time! But dont worry, Im sure Bill has some pretty exciting plans for us. Microsoft will probably offer the Gates Home Computer. Provided that you paid your monthly fees, Windows2050 will connect you to the Gates Network where you would be linked to anyone and everyone. Firms will buy and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bill gates, world wide, using microsoft, television programming, patrol
  • Using Netiq S Appmanager - 2,550 words
    J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel Enterprise Network Management Solution University of Maryland, University College J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel Abstract .................................................. ........................ 3 Management........................................ .................................. 4 Biography .................................................. ........................ 6 Software .................................................. ........................ 8 Cases............................................. ............................. 13 Profit Chain .................................................. ........................ 19 Conclusions .. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: using microsoft, effective performance, glaxo wellcome, management software, glaxo
  • Java - 1,041 words
    Java is the substance whose aroma is awakening the Internet community. It is a new programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that has much in common with the beverage that shares its name. It's good, it's hot, and people know it around the world. Java (the programming language) beats the other stuff hands down though, it's free. Many have heard of Java, yet few know what it is, or what it can do. It certainly has the potential to become a part of our everyday lives, existing in our mobile phones, televisions, and Internet browsers. If you are interested in your Java is still in its infancy stage, yet to fulfil its intended purpose. Designed in 1990 as an embedded language for consum ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: java, netscape navigator, work environment, everyday lives, delete
  • Help - 1,517 words
    Windows 95 and NetWare 3.12 and 4.01 Servers Opening Files on NetWare 3.11 Servers Lowercase Extended-Character Passwords on NetWare 4.1 Servers Client for NetWare and Programs That Use External Files Installing Novell Client32 Overwrites NetWare Directory Services Files Upgrading Over an Earlier Beta Version of Windows Printing to NetWare Directory Services Printers PLUG AND PLAY NETWORK CARDS AND 16-BIT REAL-MODE DRIVERS INTEL ETHEREXPRESS 16 NICs AND PCI COMPUTERS To Install Windows 95 over Previous Builds PROBLEMS PRINTING TO POSTSCRIPT PRINTERS OVER A NETWARE NETWORK ISSUES AND INSTALLATION OF MS-DLC WITH WINDOWS 95 Arcada Backup Exec Network Backup Agent Cheyenne ARCserve Network Backu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: area network, local area network, video cards, disk, carrying
  • Methods Of Chat - 1,269 words
    At one time, most chatting was done on porches or over a back yard fence. But not any more! Now you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime you want, without paying a dime in long distance phone charges. How can you do this? Let us count the ways: IRC is a network service, designed with the Internet in mind. It allows two or more people to talk to one another live. These chats are carried on by typing instead of talking. The network transmits a message from one typist to the other people in the conversation. Any or all of them can then type in their responses. IRC is simple to use if you know how, and we're going to teach you how. First, you need a computer that's linked to a netw ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chat, good idea, long distance, microsoft windows, typing
  • Outlook Express - 1,164 words
    -------------------------------------------------- ---------- Readme for Microsoft Outlook(TM) Express Version 5 January 1999 -------------------------------------------------- ---------- (c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999 This document provides complementary or late-breaking information to supplement online Help in Outlook Express. Outlook Express 5 ships with Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. To view the Readme file on the screen in Windows Notepad, maximize the Notepad window. To print the Readme file, open it in Notepad or another word processor, and then click Print on the File menu. 6. SUPPORT FOR MICROSOFT OUTLOOK EXPRESS Outlook Express is an Internet standards based e-mai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: microsoft outlook, outlook, outlook express, internet service provider isp, microsoft corporation
  • Microsoft Monopoly - 636 words
    By now everyone is familiar with the case U.S. vs. Microsoft. What is all this about? According to my two articles, Microsoft, the world's leading software company, is being sued by the Justice Department joined by 19 states. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system. Almost every computer in schools, libraries, offices, and home is equipped with either Windows 3.X, Windows 95, or 98. As far as browsing the web, there are three major browsers: AOL, Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. When Windows 98 came out, it already had Microsoft's Internet Explorer installed, compared to Netscape which users had to pay $50 for the program before being acquired ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: microsoft, microsoft word, monopoly, using microsoft, market share
  • Analyzing Why Projects Can Often Fail In Business - 1,010 words
    ... people can cause a disaster in a project. Identifying project problems early and working to resolve them increases the likelihood of project success. Team members ought to be encouraged to raise any issues and concern rather than reproaching them with negative thinking. Sometime the project manager thinks that he or she is the better judge for what the client needs or what is justified than the client is. When it happens, quite often the result is new information suggesting that the initial budget would not be achieved is ignored or contained to avoid upsetting the client. Every manager must remember that the project belongs to the client at all time, particularly when such a problem ari ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: analyzing, business environment, project management, project manager, project planning, project team
  • Carnival: General Information And Company Overview - 1,355 words
    ... Many of the manual tasks have been automated. FileSurf has eliminated a lot of aggravation for everyone and freed up time to do more important work, Espinosa said. Carnival Cruise Lines Industry: Cruise Ship Lines Each year, hundreds of thousands of passengers board one of Carnival Cruise Lines' 14 ships to enjoy a vacation of cruising and stopping at exotic ports of call in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, or Alaska. The passengers' goal is simple: to relax and enjoy themselves. Carnival's goal is to make sure passengers get their wish, but doing so is far from simple. Carnival must not only plan trip itineraries and on-board activities to delight a diverse passenger bas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: company overview, general information, information services, information technology, internet information, overview
  • Research On Student Liesure Time - 1,049 words
    ... development in schools. We, as teachers, worked together in a team teaching situation to plan and teach this unit meeting several times to look at the CSF and the courses to be taught. Our possible curriculum plan for the delivery of this unit was as follows: WEEK CLASS TIME AT HOME 1 Explain and discuss the unit - outcomes and the meaning of leisure Collect personal data 2 Build personal spreadsheet Collect information on teenage leisure activities 3 Graph personal data - drafts of column and pie charts Analyze graphs and collect information on teenage leisure activities 4 Compare personal data with the group and graph, choosing appropriate graph format Analyze graphs and collect inform ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: microsoft office, more important, final report, printing, survey
  • On The Importance Of Reading - 1,076 words
    Despite the fact that most people feel that reading is a leisure activity, it has enormously effected their lives in many diverse ways. I feel that something as simple as reading or writing will have an impact on a future job, position, or even a game show. I feel that the different texts and contents you read, will eventually turn out to be the more knowledge in different areas and fields you will come acquainted with. When I first started out reading, I read 100-paged fiction stories on dragons and medieval war. Then, as this subject became one of my top interests, I started reading non-fiction books about medieval warfare and even about different countries during that time. In comparison, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personality traits, using microsoft, writing skills, substituting, grammar

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