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  • American Cowboys - 1,526 words
    Have you ever wondered who the cowboys were; how they lived; or what they did? The American Cowboys way of life was interesting and unique, and they contributed more to society than one might think. Besides looking after stock and driving cattle, they had to round up huge numbers of cattle for ranchers. This paper will examine the American cowboys character, what they wore, the everyday things they did like driving cattle and branding calves and the lawlessness of the old west. The job wasnt just for anyone. Certain character traits and physical characteristics were required if someone wanted to be a good cowboy. Considering the distances that they covered, traveling was rough. the cowboy n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american society, early american, legal system, more important
  • Ecommerce - 1,976 words
    ... rictions of geography and time eliminated. The overall impact on lifestyle could well be comparable to, say that of the growth in car ownership or the spread of the telephone. Electronic Commerce as a general concept covers any form of business transaction that is conducted electronically, using telecommunications networks. Such transactions occur between companies, between companies and their customers or between companies and public administrations. Electronic Commerce encompasses a broad range of activities. The core component is addressing the commercial transaction cycle. Electronic Commerce includes electronic trading of physical goods and services and of electronic material. Upstr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ecommerce, product information, shopping malls, consumer goods, revolutionary
  • Deep Woods - 707 words
    Dusk has fallen, and now its just starting to penetrate the canopy of the forest. The trees seem t be dancing to the music of the evening breeze and the gentle rustle of leafs compliment the overall atmosphere. The songs of birds have been totally replaced by an orchestra of crickets and other insects, and I seem to be their sole audience. My eyes peer into the gloo horn/page2.htmlm trying to make out what lies ahead, without much success. Soon I realize that I have to let my other senses take over in order continue on. I tread onto what seems to be a sea of moss that covers a large portion of the forest f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carried away, upstream, forming, dawn
  • An Overview Of The Gold Rush - 1,719 words
    California has always been associated with cutting edge development and ideas. For over a century and a half it has been the leader of what the rest of the country follows. No single event has been as groundbreaking (literally and metaphorically) as the Gold Rush of 1849. This historic event single-handedly connected the East to the West in what proved to be the perfect model of expansion. It was what brought hundreds of thousands of Americans and immigrants alike to the fast-paced, ever-changing world of California. To fully understand the history of the Goldrush, one must know what was actually happening before the lure of gold overwhelmed the country. In 1844, John C. Fremont ordered the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gold rush, overview, rush, the jungle, oregon trail
  • Lisbon Earthquake - 1,103 words
    The earthquake began at 9:30 on November 1st, 1755, and was centered in the Atlantic Ocean, about 200 km WSW of Cape St. Vincent. The total duration of shaking lasted ten minutes and was comprised of three distinct jolts. Effects from the earthquake were far reaching. The worst damage occurred in the south-west of Portugal. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, was the largest and the most important of the cities damaged. Severe shaking was felt in North Africa and there was heavy loss of life in Fez and Mequinez. Moderate damage was done in Algiers and in southwest Spain. Shaking was also felt in France, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. A devastating fire following the earthquake destroyed a larg ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: earthquake, lisbon, best approach, natural disaster, duration
  • The Industrial Revolution - 1,131 words
    ... ursue those activities in a decentralized manner while keeping up with far-flung colleagues' progress. Prince Henry of Portugal brought together scientists and laboratories and a library as early as the first half of the fifteenth century, but such institutions became common only during the nineteenth century. The single most important contribution of western science is that it linked science and technology by way of the scientific method, requiring systematic experimentation. Technology until the industrial revolution was largely the result of craftsmen developing their own technologies within their own fields of endeavor. Scientists, required to test their theories in the real world, b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial revolution, revolution, prince henry, first half, cambridge
  • A Look Into Volcanoes - 1,070 words
    ... ount of material into the air. Nonexplosive eruptions produce lava flows and eject very little pyroclastic material into the air. Explosive eruptions can eject liquid and semisolid lava as well as solid fragments of volcanic or nonvolcanic rock that have been carried along by the rising magma before eruption. Very violent explosive eruptions are called Plinian eruptions, after Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder. These eruptions can last for several hours to days and eject a large amount of pyroclastic material. Some volcanoes can produce much more energetic eruptions that eject materials farther from the vents because of their andesitic and dacitic composition. Andesitic and dacitic lava i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: volcanoes, microsoft corporation, early stages, pliny the elder, elder
  • River Damming - 1,219 words
    Water, the life blood of the planet earth. With out water, the earths high variety of life could have never been created. Ever since history has been recorded, man has constructed society around water as a resource. As technology and science increased; civilizations created new ways to store and manage water, this new knowledge came a the production of dams. Many people have already dammed a small stream using sticks and muddy the time they become adults. Humans have used dams since early civilization, because four-thousand years ago they became aware that floods and droughts affected their well-being and so they began to build dams to protect themselves from these effects. The basic princip ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colorado river, columbia river, basic principles, water supply, stock
  • Many Aspects Of The Boundary Waters - 493 words
    Some people like to go out for walks. Others just like to go out and shoot clay pigeons. There are some that like swimming, because it gives you carte blanch. There are so many things that people can do for fun. Sailing is another thing that people may have fun doing. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is something that gives you many varieties of sights and sounds. When you get to the Boundary Waters the trees are like rows of corn in Iowa. The motley birds soar through the air, like a well crafted paper airplane. The bloodthirsty mosquitoes flow through the air, as if they were trout going upstream. You feel like your out in the middle of nowhere with no human beings around you. It is the exac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boundary, different aspects, atlantic ocean, corn, pigeons
  • Teacher Metaphor - 377 words
    I am a teacher like a salmon returning home from the ocean. With me I carry an over powering instinct to return to the waters where I was born no matter what the cost. I will struggle with predators, obstacles, and above all, the current of the river. I must overcome these challenges. The future of my race depends on my survival. I must complete my journey. The challenges ahead begin immediately. My first struggle is with the unpredictable currents of the river. These currents are dangerously tricky. One minute they will push me toward the bank of the river where hostile animals wait to pluck me from the water. Within a few hundred feet the currents become calm and smooth. It is easy to push ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: metaphor, ultimate goal, calm, rough
  • Steamboats - 983 words
    Robert Fulton started the very first commercially successful steamboat service in America. His steam-powered paddleboat, the Clermont, sailed up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany in August of 1807. This trip lasted 32 hours The first steamboats were demonstrated in1787. They were used on the river ways to bring cargo, cotton, sugar, and people to their destinations. The steamboat played a major part in the population growth. The steamboats were usually made of wood and were all kinds of sizes. They looked like giant floating houses with large smokestacks and paddlewheels. They were used for carrying people and supplies up and down the river. Steamboats were later used as show boa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: past years, new york, new orleans, pharmaceuticals, steam
  • New Technologies On Spacecraft - 1,205 words
    n this ERA of tight space budgets and infrequent deep-space missions, solar system researchers have pushed to squeeze more science from existing interplanetary spacecraft. By drastically altering their orbital paths using gravity-assisted maneuvers combined with relatively brief rocket firings, veteran probes can be sent on productive extended missions. This technique was successfully employed by the International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 (ISSE 3) spacecraft to accomplish two important space firsts: the exploration of the geomagnetic tail from to 1 million kilometers behind the Earth and an encounter with a comet. The ISEE 3 program consisted of 3 satellites ISEE 1 and ISEE 3 were the principa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: spacecraft, an encounter, deep space, european space agency, comet
  • How Chinese Rudder Effected Christopher Columbus - 1,533 words
    The development of the rudder was one of the most important sea navigational inventions that have ever been invented. Before the twelfth century in northern Europe, ships were steered by a quarter-rudder mounted on the stern side of the vessel. Up until the fourteenth century the use of the quarter rudder persisted in the Mediterranean. Two quarter-mounted steering oars were used. By age of exploration, the pintle-and-gudgeon rudder, hung from the sternpost had replaced quarter-rudder. The rudder brought great changes to the world. The voyages of Christopher Columbus may have never occurred if the Chinese had not of invented the rudder in first century AD. The action of a rudder is basically ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese, christopher, christopher columbus, columbus, rudder, traditional chinese
  • A11 - 1,840 words
    "People do not die if there is flood, but people die if there is no flood," goes a local saying in Sirajganj District. One farmer in Simla village in the Brahmaputra floodplain told researchers, "If there is no flood there will be no crop, the soil will turn into a desert." According to the peasants interviewed, they feel a much bigger threat from what scientists call 'lateral river erosion'. Whereas the land is always there after a few days when the flood recedes, nothing is left when your household and land have been carried away by a shifting river. While most floods follow heavy rain, or rapid, widespread melting of deep snow, flood forecasters also have to worry about several other fact ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: usa today, ohio valley, carried away, mississippi
  • Xdsl Technology - 1,865 words
    ... ndwidths that can be greater than 1MHz, much greater than the 3000Hz or so allocated for voice transmission. There are several types of xDSL signal in commercial use today. Each signal type is implemented in circuitry with accompanying software, called a transceiver. The transceiver design includes the encoding or modulation scheme along with decoding or demodulation applied to convert serial binary data streams into a form suitable for transmission through twisted wire pairs. The transceivers may also employ various signal processing, equalization, amplification, and shaping techniques to adapt transmission for physical attenuation and phase distortions experienced by signals transmitte ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: physical layer, video on demand, northern europe, interface, bits
  • No Pity - 1,406 words
    Centuries of study coupled with modern technology have enabled historians to provide our modern society with a relatively clear in-depth image of the conditions, which caused the emergence of civilization on earth. There is evidence that civilization began in Mesopotamia with the abandonment of the hunter/gather lifestyle around 4000 BC, though there are suspicions that earlier civilizations may have been present in India. The exact reason why people abandoned the hunter/gather lifestyle is unknown, but there are many theories as to the contributing factors. We do know that people lived in bands or groups prior to the emergence of civilization and that people that lived in these groups worke ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pity, food production, ancient civilizations, chinese civilization, irrigation
  • Canada - 1,190 words
    Canada, federated country of North America, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean; on the Northeast by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, which separate it from Greenland; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by the United States; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. Canada is the world's second largest country, surpassed in size only by Russia. Canada has a total area of 9,970,610 sq. km (3,849,652 sq. mi), of which 755,180 sq. km (291,575 sq. mi) is covered by bodies of fresh water such as rivers and lakes (Canadian Encyclopaedia, 1988). Canada contains great reserves of natural resources, notably timber, petroleum, natural gas, metallic minerals, and fish. The name Can ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: canada, northern canada, pacific coast, natural resources, jump
  • Revolution - 1,760 words
    Revolutionists are judged by their beliefs and not mine. Their ideas are the revolution, and their belief in them- the justification and proof thereof. In this case, I am revolutionary because I feel and believe so. I am enlightening at least someone (myself, if not others) by my ideas due to my personal belief and application of them. Revolution in and of itself is simply a mere spark, an idea that is relative to the great masses of people in one new way. The consequence following the revolution could be defined as the movement of the enlightenment, for the spark of ingenuity carries on the enlightenment of the people- the movement sweeping the land is a mere consequence of one's thought. T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: revolution, good time, human mind, human nature, misunderstanding
  • Cable - 472 words
    Road Runner is a software program that works for cable. The first commercial broadband online service was delivered to customers through a broadband fiber coaxial cable network in 1996. After 15 months after these initial launches, Time Warner Inc. and MediaOne announced their intention to create the nations largest broadband online business. What Road Runner delivers is blazing speed (one megabit per second), integrates compelling multimedia programming with the latest communication tools, email, chat listings and personal home pages. It also combines simple navigation features, top of brand programming, easy to use help and member services, news and entertainment. Basically Road Runner off ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cable, services digital network, internet access, online business, monitor
  • Amazon - 1,646 words
    The Amazon River is the second longest river in world. The headwaters begin high in the soaring Andes Mountains and stretches 6,400 km across the South American continent to the Atlantic Ocean. It discharges between 34 to 121 million liters of water per second, and depositing an average of 3 million tons of sediments near its mouth. The outpouring of water and residue is so vast that the salt content and the color of the Atlantic Ocean are altered for a distance of about 320km from the mouth of the river. Also, unlike many other rivers its wide and straight from the headwaters to the mouth. During a new or full moon, a wave front from the ocean sweeps 650km upstream at speeds of 65km/h and t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amazon, amazon basin, amazon rainforest, amazon river, south american

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