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  • The Chosen V The Assistant - 749 words
    Themes are literary tools used by authors to enhance their writings. When a similar theme exists in two different novels, parallels can often be drawn between the characters and structures of literary work. Such is the case for Bernard Malamuds The Assistant and Chaim Potoks The Chosen. Religion plays a major role in the shaping of both novels. Both books begin with the respective religious outcast (Frank and Rueven) befriending the respective character (Morris and Danny) as a result of an act of malice. The characters Ida and Reb Saunders from The Assistant and The Chosen respectively have similar reactions to their childs involvement with this outcast. Thus, a definite parallel is evident ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: assistant, the chosen, new york, religious sect, respective
  • The Chosen - 1,585 words
    Inflective and Forward Personalities In Chaim Potoks The Chosen, two contrasting characters are introducedReuven Malter and Danny Saunders. They are opposites. While Reuven is forwardspeaking his mind, Danny Saunders shows a stark contrastan inflective soul, listening to silence, and growing from it. These characters set the stage for a lasting relationship to form, to be strengthened, and to be stressed. Dannys fathers name is Reb Saunders. The tzaddik of a small community within close proximity of Reuvens home, he was born in Russia and later brought his congregation to America. When Danny is speaking to Reuven, he tells him the story of this occurrence. They bribed their way though Russia ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the chosen, jewish state, after world, religious sect, america
  • Analysis "the Chosen" By Chaim Potok - 701 words
    The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, is a book about friendship between two boys from vastly different religious Jewish backgrounds. Their initial distrust and hatred for each other, because of their different backgrounds, gives way to understanding, and develops into a deep friendship. Each character grew up in a tight community. Their deep study of their traditions has led them to be ignorant of the outside world. Daniel Saunders is the son of Rabbi Reb Saunders and the protagonist of the novel. He is a brilliant boy who is confused by the ideologies of his Hasidic religion. Despite his confusion, he is very open-minded. His ancestors for the past five generations had been very honorable and respec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chaim potok, potok, the chosen, jewish state, strictly
  • The Lighter Side Of Figurative Art - 798 words
    Some works might make viewers laugh out loud; others may provoke a smile while still others will probably induce no more than an unexhibited amusement, (SJMA The Lighter Side of Bay Area Figuration, 1). Susan Landauer says this in regards to the latest exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art. The show offers a wide range of pieces from the technically proficient to the texturally interesting; all had a lighthearted quality. I found Joe Bot by Clayton Bailey and Untitled by Joan Brown to be two particularly interesting pieces that typify the exhibit. The Lighter Side of Bay Area Figuration is akin to Michealangelos whole career on a bohemian vacation (Hawaiian shirts included). Works exhibited ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: figurative, san jose, the chosen, northern california, latest
  • The Lottery By Shirley Jackson - 920 words
    The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson, is about a small-minded village that savors on tradition. The town holds a lottery once a year where all the families gather around in a big crowd in the Village Square. The lottery is conducted by Mr. Summers, a man who often leads the town's activities such as square dances, Halloween parties, charities, etc. In the crowd, wives gabber about the daily gossip. Fathers chat about tractors, crops, and taxes, while the kids playfully gather small smooth stones, piling them in a clearing behind the crowd. Mr. Summers calls their attention to get the lottery started, and the scattered family members hurry about and find each other. Mr. Summers brings out an old b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jackson, lottery, shirley, shirley jackson, the lottery
  • The Haunting Of Hill House - 986 words
    The Haunting of Hill House is considered a classic to many people. It has a certain sense of feeling missing from today's novels. The Haunting of Hill House has suspense, horror, a little bit of romance, and an ending that will leave you thinking for days. Shirley Jackson is well known for her twisted work. At the beginning of the book, you our introduced to a character that has a major impact on all of its "guests". Hill House. "Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against the hills, holding darkness within." This is just one of the chilling sentences from the opening paragraph. The fear begins to set in. Shortly after, you are introduced to the strong yet cautious Dr. John Montague. He is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hill, long history, psychological effects, shirley jackson, rent
  • Quest Of The Faes - 1,941 words
    A long time ago the elves and the faeries lived together in the beautiful city of Volvey. It was odd that the two races lived together in the same city considering that each had their own king, but they lived and worked together nicely. They were very skillful artist and spent many years perfecting and even surpassing their crafts. The elven people and the faes wrote down their spells and magic, and how they obtained and perfected all of their skills in a book they called the Keeper. The Keeper was aloud to be looked upon by any of the city's people. Though occasionally a squabble would arise over which race should keep and protect the book, but the fae king said that he would see no problem ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: quest, good and evil, the chosen, best book, invisible
  • Portfolio - 1,098 words
    ... t additional return he would require to compensate for a specified increase in risk. So, the most desirable combination of risky assets depends on the decision -maker's attitude towards risk. If we know the extent of his or her risk-aversion that is, how large a premium he/she requires for a given increase in risk, we could specify the best portfolio. The portflolio combination model, although having limited operational usefulness for many investment projects, provides the infrastructure of a more sophisticate d approach to investment decision-making under risk, The capital asset pricing model (CAPM). This is based on an examination of the risk-return characteristics and resulting portfo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: portfolio, portfolio theory, competitive market, investment decision, acquiring
  • Crisis Management - 1,458 words
    THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS - A Model of Crisis Management? A Biblical proverb says, "by wise guidance, and in the abundance of counselors, there is victory." 1 It is obviously believed by many leaders, especially when faced with situations or problems that demand expedient, careful, thorough analysis and thought to aid the decision-making process and render the appropriate response or solution. This style of crisis management has been a recurring theme with American leaders and our presidents when faced with crises. In 1962, President Kennedy, also followed suit by establishing the ExCOM group to garner advice and counsel, formulate plans, and devise the appropriate response to learning about ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crisis management, cuban missile crisis, management, missile crisis, nuclear power
  • Values - 2,176 words
    d. Employees should remember that employees are adversaries and are always there to oppress them E. all needs of the citizens are to be met by the government4 the citizens can do som~ng to improve the lives of people g. Political positions are opportunities for enriching oneself )t political positions are o~,portunities of sharing God's power of recreating the world 4. citizens are cooperators to uplift the country in their economic life p citizens can urge the government to take active steps to take care of the earth B. Write whether these aye opertttional structures or attitudinal structures. b. philosophy of life g. world view C. Cite an attitudinal stricture of a person which resulted in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human race, the chosen, world view, imagining, link
  • Cruicible - 396 words
    In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is introduced as a main character early in the plot. He comes out as a rebellious man in a sense, and right away we learn of his affair with Abigail. By the end of the play Proctor is changing his ground and becoming a more responsible individual and not lowering himself to Abigails standards once again. In the beginning of the book when his affair is revealed, he could strike the reader as a weak and failing individual. One would think this because of the vow that he made to his spouse that she is the only or the chosen one. Proctor has not lived this statement truthfully and that proves that he is, in a sense, a failing individual. T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john proctor, the crucible, character development, crazy, brave
  • Modernism And The Great Gatsby - 1,966 words
    To understand modern literature, one must develop a sense of the structured and ordered lifestyle prior to modern culture. Before the era of modernism, lifestyles were systematically organized through standard traditions. When World War I started, Americans felt the impact of modernism at its strongest with men going off to battle and women working in factories. Lifestyles were beginning to divert from family traditions. People started to abandon their traditional values and adapt to the challenges that were altering lifestyles and thus modernism surfaced. Modernism did not have one specific definition, but an array of definitions and interpretations. The modernist authors who were beginning ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gatsby, great gatsby, jay gatsby, modernism, the great gatsby
  • Views On The British Empire - 500 words
    There are several attitudes towards the empire expressed in the music and visual material provided. The key attitude of the British toward the Empire is patriotism, which naturally is followed by pride, then in turn developed in self-righteousness and ego. The strong sense of patriotism grew when the British power provided peace and wealth. Days of plenty and years of peace; March of a strong lands swift increase; as Henry H. Bennett wrote in The Flag Goes By. Citizens were brought up in an environment that taught them to love Britain. The Empire-day Catechism of League of the Empire, informed the duties of a British citizen: To be the loyal friend of all fellow subjects of the King-EmperorK ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british empire, king edward, the chosen, milton, grand
  • Protestant Reformation - 2,168 words
    The Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church was a major 16th-century religious revolution. A revolution, which ended the ecclesiastical supremacy of the pope in Western Christendom and resulted in the establishment of the Protestant, churches. With the Renaissance that preceded and the French Revolution that followed, the Reformation completely altered the medieval way of life in Western Europe and initiated the era of modern history. Although the movement dates from the early 16th century, when Martin Luther first defied the authority of the church, the conditions that led to his revolutionary stand had existed for hundreds of years and had complex doctrinal, political, economic, and cultu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: protestant, protestant reformation, reformation, roman emperor, holy roman emperor
  • Angels Of Life And Death - 1,441 words
    "I hated the brutality, the sadism, and the insanity of Nazism. I just couldn't stand by and see people destroyed. I did what I could, what I had to do, what my conscience told me I must do. That's all there is to it. Really, nothing more" (Bulow 9). These are the words of the Angel of Life in the Holocaust, Oskar Schindler. However, the life and light that was inside this man was not in the hearts of all European people between 1933 and 1945. Coinciding with this wonderful figure is one of the most brutal men in all of history who came to be known by many, including the Nazis, as the "Angel of Death." This man, Josef Mengele, was responsible for the unmerciful killing of a large portion of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: angel of death, adolf hitler, nazi party, oskar schindler, torah
  • Ecommerce Market Study - 1,541 words
    Prepared for: Paul Boray, MBA Prepared by: Pat Wilson June 10, 1999 Student Number: 100077846 The firm's objectives can be met and a go - ahead is suggested subject to addressing the recommendations. Macrosegmentation of the market identified machinery, wood, base metals and plastics as target markets for the firm. Revenue expectation based on a 0.4% market share is $329,000. Break even is $259,000 and requires contributions from 17 customer projects at an average billing of $15,000. The budget set for implementing the promotional mix is $100,000. Target ROI = 15%. The following recommendations must be considered before start-up: 1. Protect service names and marks. 2. Conduct a microsegmenta ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ecommerce, market segments, market share, copyright protection, information processing
  • Moses - 1,045 words
    While Greek myths and Biblical stories appear to be extremely different, the relationship between Athena and Telemachus (Odyssey) and that between God and Moses (Exodus) are similar in that both Telemachus and Moses were of the chosen family, were reluctant heroes, and were given specific instructions which required travel. Mainly, these two tales differ in that Athena and God chose different ways to speak to Telemachus and Moses, respectively. Both Athena and God had a chosen family in which they demeaned to be their most faithful followers, and therefore, they took the best care of such families. Athena chose Odysseus family. She favored Odysseus throughout his life by giving him several g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moses, the odyssey, different ways, best care, convince
  • Review On The Prince Of Egypt - 1,620 words
    On Friday, November 26, 1999, I sat down and viewed the entire movie The Prince of Egypt. This movie was about Moses and some of his life journeys. In this movie you see Mosess transition from living as the Prince of Egypt to being Gods deliverer and going against the Pharaoh to free the Hebrews out of Egypts slavery. This movie was excellent in the way it portrayed Mosess journeys and helped the viewer get a better understanding of all of the emotions that were taking place at this time. In the beginning of the story Moses was a newborn baby of a Hebrew family. At the time the Pharaoh had ordered that any son born into a Hebrew family must be thrown in the river as a means of execution. Mos ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: egypt, prince, the prince, the chosen, the bible
  • Road Not Taken - 1,000 words
    Throughout much of Robert Frosts poetry, he as a writer uses much of natures aspects to allow his readers to get a better perception of life itself. He refers to nature as well to help explain the various levels of life. Much of Frosts poetry relates to the major concerns of life such as the fragility of life, the consequences of accepting or rejecting the conditions of ones life, the passion of inconsolable grief, and the difficulty of sustaining intimacy. His subjects, as well, consist of the fear of loneliness and isolation, the inevitability of change, the tensions between the individual and society, as well as the place of tradition and custom (Frost 975). From the sounds of birds, the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: road not taken, right thing, the chosen, rhyme scheme, bent
  • Chemistry Investigation - 1,210 words
    Investigate A Factor Which Affects the Rate Of Fermentation Of Yeast This experiment is investigating one of the factors which affects the rate of fermentation of yeast. Several factors affect the rate of reaction:  Increasing the concentration. (See the lock and key theory.) If the substrate (glucose) is increased, then there would be more keys for the locks, therefore an increase in reactant concentration leads to an increase in reaction rate.  The surface area, the bigger the surface area, the faster the reaction time is, as the reactant can reach more parts.  The temperature, an increase in temperature leads to an increase in reactant rate. Generally, as the tempe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chemistry, investigation, surface area, scientific theory, keys

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