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  • 14 Th Amendment African Americans
    1,031 words
    Victoria Hubble February 8, 2000 Reconstruction The Reconstruction, a time most people would call a rebirth, succeeded in few of the goals that it had set out to achieve within the 12 years it was in progress. It was the reconstructions failure in its objectives, that brought forth the inevitable success in changing the South, as well as the countless African Americans living in it as well as the countless African Americans living in it at the time. There were three goals the reconstruction set,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: radical republicans, reconstruction era, african americans, southern whites, 14 th amendment
  • William Henry British Broadcasting
    1,131 words
    Between 1844 - 6, William Henry Fox Talbot used the title The Pencil of Nature for his set of published prints which featured images of botanical specimens, photogram's, still life and landscapes. Photography was very young at the time of the Pencil of Nature; this set being the first published photographically illustrated book. Talbot first investigated the usage of the camera obscura and camera lucida to aid his sketches by tracing the image projected onto the paper through the prism; it was h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: william henry, british broadcasting, talbot, broadcasting corporation, three men
  • Law Enforcement January 1999
    817 words
    Cyberstalking When considering stalking one does not often consider cyber stalking because it is not done in the traditional way, i. e. , a male or female pursuing and following another person in the flesh. Cyberstalking while many feel is not a "real" crime, most certainly instills fear in the intended victim, many times as much or even more than the traditional stalking measures. I chose cyber stalking because as I was perusing topics I came across this and I even thought at first, how scary c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: law enforcement, cyber, stalking, perpetrator, january 1999
  • Declaration Of War Pearl Harbor
    904 words
    In the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! , the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese Air and Naval forces. The main question that is trying to be answered is; did the Americans know that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor? There is sufficient evidence to supply both sides with an argument. Nevertheless, I feel that the evidence supporting the statement that the Americans were previously unaware of the attack on Pearl Harbor outweigh the evidence supporting the statem...
    Free research essays on topics related to: declaration of war, pearl, american government, pearl harbor, naval base
  • African American Families African American Community
    804 words
    The Three Myths I chose to write on were Myth 2: The Self-Reliant Traditional Family, Myth 4: The Unstable African American Family, and Myth 5: The Idealized Nuclear Family of the 1950 s. The Myth of the self-reliant family leads people to assume that, in the past, families were held together by hard work, family loyalty, and a fierce determination not to be beholden to anyone, especially the state. It is popularly believed that such families never asked for handouts; rather, they stood on their...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african american families, middle class, native americans, african american community, poor families
  • Man And The Sea One Of The Greatest
    945 words
    The Old Man and the Sea" is a heroic tale of mans strength pitted against forces he cannot control. It is a tale about an old Cuban fisherman and his three-day battle with a giant Marlin. Through the use of three prominent themes; friendship, bravery, and Christianity; the "Old Man and the Sea" strives to teach important life lessons to the reader. The relationship between the old man and the boy is introduced early in the story. They are unlikely companions; one is old and the other young, yet ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young boy, santiago, man and the sea, one of the greatest, joe dimaggio
  • Edgar Allan Poe Seven Hundred
    1,082 words
    In laymen's terms, The Shadow- A Parable, by Edgar Allan Poe to the untrained eye could be seen as a sadistic, unordered, confusing pile of thoughts that should be banned from the folder of Classic American literature. But to the trained eye, the Shadow is a work of art, a beautifully told story, with details so commonplace today, but yet were so revolutionary in Poe's time. Classic of all of Poe's literature the Shadow has many shared Poe motifs, directly meets Poe's classic standards for story...
    Free research essays on topics related to: edgar allan poe, shadow, seven hundred, poe, short story
  • Contingent Beings Infinite Series
    1,038 words
    ... needed to ascertain the first causes qualities. The causal argument is only meant to be an important step in proving Gods existence. The main disagreement about the causal argument centers on the infinite series paradox. Aquinas states that to imply an infinite series is not only illogical, it also implies that nothing exists. Yet we know that things do exist, hence the infinite series is wrong. Let me explain a little better, Aquinas reasoned that whenever we take away the cause the effect ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first cause, contingent beings, infinite, causal, infinite series
  • Code Of Hammurabi Holy Bible
    1,085 words
    One could guess that the laws enacted by Amorite King Hammurabi to Babylonians during the 1700 s B. C. what the Holy Scriptures are to Christians today. Hammurabi was chosen by King And and Ill lord of heaven and earth to destroy the evil and the wicked that the strong might not oppress the weak... to give light to the land. Since Hammurabi was chosen to represent their god Marduk, to establish laws in the best interest of the people, it is understandable why one would think of Moses the law giv...
    Free research essays on topics related to: holy bible, code of hammurabi, american society, commit adultery, free man
  • Separation Of Church And State
    1,569 words
    Presently in America there are serious concern about issues dealing with the church and the state. The main issue is the separation of church and state within the United States, dealing with predominantly with the First Amendment and how Americans respond to this amendment. Throughout history, there have been many court cases dealing with the separation of church and state. The Engel vs. Vitale court case also deals with the First Amendment and, the on, that I will address the case of Engel vers...
    Free research essays on topics related to: supreme court, separation of church, public school system, first amendment, church and state
  • Candide Voltaire Thirty Six
    1,221 words
    Candide A Contrast to Optimism- Francois Marie About de Voltaire was the French author of the novella Candide, also known as Optimism (Durant and Durant 724). In Candide, Voltaire sought to point out the fallacy of Gottfried William von Leibniz's theory of optimism and the hardships brought on by the resulting inaction toward the evils of the world. Voltaires use of satire, and its techniques of exaggeration and contrast highlight the evil and brutality of war and the world in general when men a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: candide voltaire, six times, voltaire, thirty six, natural disasters
  • Julius Caesar Loved Caesar
    846 words
    In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Decius Brutus and Mark Antony, both Roman Senators, eulogize Julius Caesar, each using a different technique and approach. Brutus, in a somewhat arrogant, to the point, eulogy, attempts to sway the people. He justifies conspiring against Caesar by stating that Caesars ambition would have hurt Rome. However, in Antony's eulogy, he focuses on Caesars positive traits, and cunningly disproves Brutus justification for killing Caesar. The fickle Romans waver between lea...
    Free research essays on topics related to: julius caesar, loved caesar, mark antony, killing caesar, honorable man
  • Men And Women Work Force
    780 words
    A persons identity means more than people initially realize. Who we are, not to mention what we are, affects the way we are treated as human beings. Identity plays a vital role in society, especially in the case of gender. The world is traditionally a patriarchal society, historically, men run the show, receive all the privileges, and enjoy all the benefits; however, Rachel Sylvester, writer for the Sunday Telegraph in England, wrote an article that sheds new light on the subject of male dominat...
    Free research essays on topics related to: men and women, womens, work force, sylvester, mens
  • Influence On Macbeth Thane Of Cawdor
    1,598 words
    The Weird Sisters had an influence on Macbeth. The first apparitions made Macbeth greedy. After Macbeth became king, they influenced him into thinking that he was invincible. This let him make for himself a safe security which would come back to haunt him, and at the end destroy him. The Weird Sisters shaped the play into what it is through influencing Macbeth. The Weird Sisters start the play off. The first thing they do is tell Macbeth that he is going to become king. This plays a major role i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kill duncan, influence on macbeth, thane of cawdor, weird sisters, lady macbeth
  • One With Nature Chris Mccandless
    574 words
    Obligation to Family The book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a story about a man by the name of Chris McCandless. He is a man who grew up in a DC suburb, graduated college and decides to change the ways of his life. He journeys across the country, and finds his way to Alaska. His means are to leave the material lifestyle and become at one with nature. During Chris s adventure he seems to neglect all communication with his family and over look the fact that they care about his health and future...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chris mccandless, graduated, adventure, one with nature, chris
  • Young Girl Young Women
    1,082 words
    Juliette Low: Founder of Girl Scouts An owl calls off in the distance, the yellow moon is full to bursting. Little kids dressed up as ghosts, parading around town collecting candy. Eleanor Gordon is stuck in the hospital giving birth to her second child. Juliette Gordon Lows difficult, but rewarding life began on the dreary day of Halloween. Unaware of the obstacles in the path she would follow, Low spent most of her life without a care in the world. It took her a couple hardships to realize lif...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young women, internet 1, young girl, small group, savannah
  • Julius Caesar Killing Caesar
    781 words
    In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Decius Brutus and Mark Antony, both Roman Senators, characterize Julius Caesar, each using a different technique. Brutus attempts to sway the people. He justifies against Caesar by stating that Caesars desires would have hurt Rome. However, in Antony's opinion, he focuses on Caesars positive traits, and Brutus disproves justification for killing Caesar. Some Romans may know how Julius Caesar was murdered, but the Romans can t decide who should replace Caesar, Anto...
    Free research essays on topics related to: loved caesar, mark antony, killing caesar, honorable man, julius caesar
  • Killing Caesar Loved Caesar
    1,811 words
    Antony has been described as a self-seeking politician of no scruples. Do you agree? Support your answer with close reference to the text. Antony appears to be loyal to Caesar, but his loyalty hides his underlying deceitful nature. Antony uses Caesars death to his advantage. Antony capitalise's on the opportunity it presents and progresses to become the victor and ruler of Rome. There is no doubt that early in the play Antony is portrayed as a very loyal and trustworthy character. Caesar trusts ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: caesars death, killing caesar, antony speech, brutus speech, loved caesar
  • Lies In The Fact King Lear
    1,125 words
    Shakespeare's dynamic use of irony in King Lear aids the microcosmic illustration of not only 16 th century Britain, but of all times and places. The theme that best develops this illustration is the discussion of fools and their foolishness. This discussion allows Shakespeare not only to portray human nature, but also to elicit a sort of Socratic introspection into the nature of society's own ignorance as well. One type of fool that Shakespeare involves in King Lear is the immoral fool. Edmund,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king lear, human nature, quot iv, simple man, lies in the fact
  • Rest Of The World Socially Acceptable
    1,261 words
    Henry Rider Haggard sets out to create an epic tale of courage, a breathtaking drama that attempts to capture, within its limits, the universal spirit of adventure. He appeals in particular to the proverbial young male that seeks an audacious inspiration in life by which to model his own. He entices his readers because his motives lie simply in his desire to entertain, to delight, and to enthrall anyone with a prolific imagination. However, this purely entertaining account of an eclectic and adv...
    Free research essays on topics related to: haggard, story line, sir henry, rest of the world, socially acceptable

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