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  • Joseph Stalin - 1,229 words
    Joseph Stalin lived from 1879 till 1953. Stalin was one of the most ruthless communist dictators of all time. After Lenins death, Stalin pushed his way to the top and was set out to make the Soviet Union into an industrial power. In 1928, Stalin proposed the Five Year Plans, which were to build heavy industry, transportation, and an increase in farm production. This initial attempt to industrialize the country was generally successful, but collectivization was extremely unpopular and was resisted by the peasants. In response Stalin had millions of them killed, or allowed them to starve. Stalin said that the Soviet Union was behind the rest of the world in industry and agriculture, and needed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joseph, joseph stalin, stalin, command economy, economic activity
  • How And Why Was Stalin Able To Gain Power - 1,771 words
    There are different interpretations of how and why Stalin was able to gain power, either concentrating on his own actions and abilities, or the situation at the time and the failure of his opponents. It would appear that the success of Stalin was due to both his own strengths and actions in the political arena and the weaknesses displayed by his opponents, in relation to the prevailing circumstances of the time. Stalin was, by opportunism or careful planning, able to gain control of the party machine and use it to his advantage, and use his own political skills to out manoeuvre his opponents, while they often displayed lackluster tactics in a vain attempt to win the support of a party loyal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: power over, stalin, communist party, self reliance, formation
  • Comparison, Hitler And Stalin - 832 words
    Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), who ruled Germany from 1923 to his death, began the war in 1939 that resulted in the deaths of 40 million people. More than six million of these were European Jews and other systematically exterminated in what we call the Holocaust. Joseph Stalin (1879-1953), sole ruler of the Soviet Union from 1929 to his death, forced millions of peasants off their private land and into large, inefficient, state-run farms in order to rapidly industrialize the giant Russian state. This "Great Leap Forward" in the early 1930s resulted in famine that took five million lives in the Ukraine alone. All told, a minimum of 50 million people died between 1930 and 1950 as a result of the be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adolf hitler, hitler, joseph stalin, stalin, secondary school
  • Stalin And The Ussr - 398 words
    1879-1953, Russian revolutionary, head of the USSR (1924-53). A Georgian cobbler's son named Dzhugashvili, he joined the Social-Democratic party while a seminarian and soon became a professional revolutionary. In the 1903 party split (see BOLSHEVISM AND MENSHEVISM) he sided with LENIN. Stalin attended party congresses abroad and worked in the Georgian party press. In 1912 he went to St. Petersburg, where he was elected to the party's central committee. About this time he took the name Stalin (man of steel). His sixth arrest (1913) led to four years of Siberian exile. After the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION of March 1917, he joined the editorial board of the party paper Pravda. When the Bolsheviks took ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stalin, ussr, social democratic party, civil war, soviet
  • Stalin - 1,560 words
    Thesis Statement: Stalin's plan of collectivization did not help but rather hurt Russia's chances of becoming an affluent nation, free of agricultural plights. A. Stalin's declaration of collectivism 1. Procedures within the system C. 'Dekulakization' (the disposing of the kulaks) 1. Clearing them away from collectivism D. Problems of collectivism after the Kulaks III. Stalin's feelings on occurrences during collectivism IV. Failure of the early years of collectivism A. Advantages of collectivism for Stalin B. Stalin's reasoning for collectivism Collectivism Under Stalin Collectivism, 'a political or economic theory advocating collective control over production and distribution' (Conquest 14 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stalin, penguin group, random house, york university, windows
  • Joseph Stalin's Reign - 265 words
    Joseph Stalin Stalin was a dictator of the U.S.S.R from 1929 until 1953. He rose from bitter poverty to become ruler of the country that covered one sixth of all the land area in the world. Stalin ruled by terror for most of his years in office. He didn't allow anybody to say anything about his ideas. Stalin killed all that had helped him rise to power because he thought they would threaten his rules. Stalin was responsible for millions of deaths of Soviet peasants who discarded with his program called "Collective Agriculture" (government control of farms). Under Stalin's commands, the Soviet Union operated a worldwide network of communist parties. By the time Stalin died, communism had spre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joseph, joseph stalin, reign, soviet union, energy resources
  • Stalin - 431 words
    Joseph Stalin, an official of the Communist party, was the successor of Lenin after his death. His goal was to continue what Lenin had left behind that is to build a classless society in which the means of production were in the hands of the people. Stalin was born Joseph Djugashvili to a poor family. He studied for the priesthood when he was a boy but had a growing interest in revolution. He was punished for reading a novel about the French Revolution. In 1900, he joined the Bolshevik underground and took the name Stalin, meaning man of steel. When Stalin gained power, he set out to make the Soviet Union into an industrial power. He wanted to get rid of Russias backwardness. This is the re ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joseph stalin, stalin, communist party, soviet union, soviet
  • Comparing Hitler And Stalin In Their Rise To Power - 1,789 words
    During the period leading up to World War II, there were two men who were on opposing sides, the men were Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. These men were each triumphant in their rise to power in their countries and they were very comparable in the ways that they succeeded. Their success was mostly attributed to their new ideas and their politics. Although Hitler and Stalin hated each other, the two leaders were similar in many ways. Hitler and Stalin each rose to the highest position attainable in their respective countries, and there were three main reasons that they were able to do this. Both men were skilled users of propaganda, each was amoral, and they both had the ambition to make the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adolf hitler, adolph hitler, comparing, hitler, joseph stalin, stalin
  • Animal Farm: Stalin And Napoleon - 902 words
    The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, was an allegory about the Russian Revolution in which the author used a farm and its members to symbolize major characters and their actions. In this composition, I will reveal to you many of Joseph Stalin s important contributions and how they relate to the actions of Napoleon from Animal Farm. I will break this topic down into the following three parts, their rise to power, Stalins Five Year Plan, and their use and abuse of authority. When Lenin died in 1924, a struggle for power began between Trotsky (Snowball) and Stalin (Napoleon). Trotsky was a brilliant individual, but Stalin was just a simple person whose power was based on allegiances with ot ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, joseph stalin, napoleon, stalin, russian government
  • Modern Russia And The Soviet Union: Stalin - 1,434 words
    ter> Modern Russia and The Soviet Union: Stalins character was the main reason for his rise to power Stalin was born as Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on December 21, 1879 in Gori, Georgia. He grew up in a mountain town of about 5,000 people. He was the third and only surviving child of Vissarion Dzhugashvili and Catherine Geladze. His father used to drink and beat him and his mother; this made Stalin very cold hearted. A friend commented on his behaviour, Those undeserved and fearful beatings made the boy as hard and heartless as his father. His father died in a brawl when Stalin was only 11. Stalin was enrolled in the village at school at the age of eight. He was an intelligent student ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, soviet, soviet union, stalin, civil war
  • Stalin: Man Or Monster? - 1,891 words
    H2>Do these sources give similar or different impressions of Stalin? These sources give different impressions of Stalin, however there are some similarities. Source A is a cartoon published in Paris in the 1930s. It shows Stalin and the results of his policies according to the artist. The cartoon features Stalin showing three pyramids of skulls as if he was a tour guide. The caption under reads, Visitez LURSS ses pyramides! This translates to, Visit the pyramids of the USSR! This source is very famous and was drawn by an exiled Russian, therefore the artist could be bitter and biased against Stalin and his policies. Source B is an official Soviet painting of Stalin with workers at a hydroele ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: people believe, unemployment rate, in exile, disgrace, germany
  • Stalin: Man Or Monster? - 1,895 words
    ... y leading figures were purged by confessing to being traitors and were executed. The purges were aimed at Party members to begin with, 500,000 were arrested and executed or sent to labour camps. After the trails the purges were extended. By 1937 estimations show that 18 million people from all backgrounds, had been sent to labour camps. Source I shows the courtroom at Stalins show trails. It shows Stalin as the judge and the defendants appear to be Yagoda, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin. These people were all executed during the purges of the 1930s. Yagoda was in the NKVD and was accused of spying for Japan and Germany and plotting to murder Lenin. Zinoviev and Kamenev helped with Stalin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dark side, civil war, the courtroom, biography, intimidation
  • Stalin And 1984 - 1,005 words
    In George Orwell's 1984, the strategies used by Oceania's "Party" to achieve total control over the population are similar to the ones emplaced by Joseph Stalin during his reign. Indeed, the tactics used by Oceania's "Party" truly depicts the brutal totalitarian society of Stalin's Russia. In making a connection between Stalin's Russia and Big Brothers' Oceania, each party implements a psychological and physical manipulation over society by controlling the information and the language with the help of technology. In fact, many features of Orwell's imaginary super-state Oceania are ironic translations from Stalin's Russia. In Oceania, the "Party" mainly uses technology as the chief ingredient ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, joseph stalin, stalin, world power, mass media
  • Stalin And 1984 - 1,019 words
    ... eping well back...being able to remain outside the range of the telescreen" trying to avoid being seen writing in the diary even though "nothing was illegal since there were no longer any laws". Winston thinks about how dangerous it is to allow your thoughts to wander when you are in public or facing the telescreen. Your facial expressions are watched closely and the wrong expression can have dire consequences. For example, looking disbelieving when a victory is announced would be face crime. This proves that even though an act is not illegal, people are scared of acting with their own inner instincts and committing a crime that "would be punished by death or at least by 25 years in a fo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, stalin, university press, big brother, automatic
  • Alger Hiss - 1,696 words
    In August 1948, Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), charged that Alger Hiss, was a Communist spy. Chambers claimed that he and Hiss had belonged to the same espionage group and that Hiss had given him secret State Department documents. This group was a network of American spies recruited by the Soviet Union to collect useful information for Moscow. Alger Hiss was a Harvard-educated lawyer and a distinguished Washington figure. He had been responsible affairs for the State Department and had played a significant role in the planning for and development of the United Nations. Hiss's accuser seemed to be his opposite Whittak ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alger, alger hiss, state department, house un-american activities committee, lawyer
  • Mccarthyism - 1,515 words
    Vivian Gonzalez McCarthyism was one of the saddest events of American history. It destroyed peoples lives and shattered many families. It threw innocent people into a whirlwind of mass confusion and fictional portrayals of their lives. McCarthyism spawned for the countrys new found terror of Communism known as the red scare. McCarthyism was an extreme version of the red scare, a scare whose ends did not justify the means. The Red Scare happened twice in the history of this great country. When the communist took over Russia in 1919, the American people were unnerved. They were afraid of a communist take over in the states. When the First World War ended in 1918, there was still an ideological ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mccarthyism, the manager, free speech, anglo american, anglo
  • Rooselvelt - 5,160 words
    ... refully prepared plans were ready to be implemented almost at once. Huge public buildings, great dams, and irrigation and flood-control projects are part of PWAs legacy. The most spectacular agency designed to promote general economic improvement was the National Recovery Administration (NRA), an organization set up (along with the PWA) by the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), which was passed by Congress in June 1933. The NRA was designed to help business help itself. Unfair competition was supposed to be eliminated through the establishment of codes of fair competition; in effect, laws against combinations of large businesses were to be suspended in exchange for guarantees to wo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: buenos aires, national organization, american federation, negotiate, partly
  • All Of Russian Communism - 1,538 words
    The Reasons for the fall of Socialism/Communism and the Troubles of Starting the New Democratic System in the Russian Federation "Let's not talk about Communism. Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky." Boris Yeltsin (b. 1931), Russian politician, president. Remark during a visit to the U.S. Quoted in: Independent (London, 13 Sept. The fall of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union was more than a political event. The powerful bond between economics and politics that was the integral characteristic of the state socialist system created a situation that was unique for the successor states of the Soviet Union. The Communist regime was so ingrain in every aspect of Soviet life that t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, russian, russian federation, cuban missile crisis, nikita khrushchev
  • Animal Farm - 789 words
    George Orwell's novel Animal Farm does an excellent job of drawing parallels from the situation leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Animal Farm is a satire that uses its characters to symbolize leaders of the Russian Revolution. The animals of "Manor Farm", the setting of this novel, which symbolizes Russia, overthrow their human master after years of mistreatment. Led by the pigs, the farm animals continue to do their work, only with more pride, knowing that they are working for themselves, as opposed to working for their human master, Farmer Jones. Slowly over time the pigs gain power and take advantage of the other animals. They gain so much power that they become just as power ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, farm, manor farm, working class, old major
  • 1984 1 - 1,205 words
    ... it for his next victim to enter his store. The Ministry of Truth is a place where history and facts--significant and insignificant are rewritten to reflect the party's utopian beliefs. They thoroughly destroy the records of the past; they print up new, up to-date editions of old newspapers and books; and they know corrected versions will be replaced by another, re-corrected one. Their goal is to make people forget everything- facts, words, dead people, and the names of places. How far they succeed in obliterating the past is not fully established in Orwell's description; clearly they try hard and they score impressive results. The ideal of complete oblivion may not have been reached, yet ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, after world, real world, spanish civil war, triumph

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