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Free research essays on topics related to: social services

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  • Department Of Social Services - 325 words
    The Department of Social Services provide a wide range of services to the elderly, the disabled, families in need, and to lone individuals in need of assistance in once again attaining their full potential. Most of these individuals have exhausted all other means of support and have no other choice but to rely on the programs offered by the Department of Social Services. The Department of Social Services now administers ninety different legislative authorized programs. Some of these programs are well known such as the Rehabilitation Act, the Food Stamp Act, and the Social Security Act, others on the list are not as well known but still offer assistance to all who request it. The mission at t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social security, social services, self reliance, independent living, improvement
  • Asia - 1,300 words
    ... d up. "This financial crisis will probably lead to loss of confidence by investors in Thailand's economy and a slow down and then a slump would ensue", she predicted. Unemployment. Unemployment is already a problem, concentrated for the moment in urban areas, and affecting both skilled and unskilled workers in Asia. It is expected that in Thailand an estimated 900,000 workers will have lost their jobs by the end of 1999; in Indonesia, it is estimated that unemployment may have increased by some 2 million people, with predictions of substantial further rises in the coming months. In other countries with rigid rules governing hiring and firing, such as Korea, unemployment may for the first ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: asia, east asia, political figures, national economy, export
  • Pakistan - 2,942 words
    ... ect to their approval, but even small price changes in consumer products are also dependent on their assessment.  Either the mission is visiting the country and having meetings with various government departments, or the heads of these departments are rushing every week to Washington to plead for more time and/or money. This is reminiscent of countries like Brazil and Russia in the 80s and 90s when they were drowning in debt and faced mounting poverty. And did the IMF and World Banks policies help them recover? The answer is No. In fact they made the situation much worse. From 1980 to 1989 Brazil paid $148 billion in debt servicing on a loan of $ 64 Billion. Ten years later, havi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pakistan, waste management, free market, tough times, participation
  • Reagan Economics - 1,646 words
    The election of the Regan-Bush Republican ticket of 1984 brought many unprecedented and controversial policies to the US economy. Many of these policies,including Reganomics still affect our economy as a whole and are still major points of debates today. Reganomics was not solely based on economics, but rather the included a sense of having moral foundations. Government intervention and regulation of the economy were seen as economically harmful and furthermore morally wrong. It was believed that economic affairs should be left to the wisdom of God and his guidance would produce a successful market and economy. The moral obligation together with extreme Kenseyan theories were the guide to th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american economic, economic affairs, economic boom, economic policy, economics, reagan, reagan administration
  • None Provided - 1,054 words
    ... pients: 53% of current and former teenage mothers on AFDC in 1992 had incomes below 50% of the poverty line, compared with 41% of women who did not give birth as teenagers. In part, their poverty reflects the fact that current and former teenage mothers are less likely than others to receive any financial support from their child's father because they were never married. And, although current and former teenage mothers on AFDC are as likely to work as women who did not have a baby as a teenager they earned an average of $1,600 less in 1992. Their lower earnings resulted from a lack of education in 1992, 47% of current and former teenage mothers on AFDC had graduated from high school, com ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social services, medical care, married women, annually, absence
  • Juvenile Psycopaths - 1,906 words
    ... tor" lacks the intelligence or the "maskingcapabilities" of the psychopath to achieve success outside of the criminal world. (9) The "super predator" is not psychotic. Psychotics are largely out of touch with reality. They suffer from delusions, hallucinations,or other disordered states. They are often found not guilty of crimes they commit by reason of insanity. (8) Today, especially in the inner cities, children, in the age ranges of 5 to 9 yrs of age, are all to often left to their own devices. They spend much of their time hanging out on the streets or soaking up violent TV shows and violent rap music, they have easyaccess to guns and drugs, and can be extremely dangerous. By the yea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: juvenile, juvenile crime, juvenile justice, juvenile offenders, crime rate
  • The Middle Ages - 1,053 words
    ... began to experiment with Monasticism in the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries but not until 529, when Saint Benedict wrote a document called The Rule of the Master, were there any guidelines for monastic life. Benedict's "Rule" allowed for the admission of people with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Benedictine monasticism suited the social conditions of medieval life and also provided social services such as medicine and education for the young. Monasticism gained favor from Gregory the Great[2], and later popes, and still later, the encouragement of Charlemagne. Benedictine monasticism was important because it became the principal preserver and teacher of classical and Christian ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle ages, middle eastern, european civilization, lecture notes, gregory
  • Reconstruction - 1,330 words
    The Era of Reconstruction following the Civil War was a period marked by an intense struggle to restore a worn-out and devastated society. The war, which was aimed at confronting the national problem of slavery, only led to subsequent dilemmas over emancipation and an undefined condition of freedom. Some had naively believed that ending slavery would solve the problem of racial inequality, overlooking the prejudice and uninviting atmosphere towards blacks. Questions over how to reinstate a disloyal population with the fall of the Confederacy and restore a destroyed southern territory rang throughout the nation. Although the former slaves were undeniably freed, the foundations for a racial de ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reconstruction, reconstruction plan, republican party, white supremacy, mississippi
  • Leonard Peltier Case - 1,589 words
    One of the modern Native Americans' most prominent leaders, Leonard Peltier, was arrested in the summer of 1975 and eventually sentenced to two life terms for a crime many believe he did not commit. The conviction and imprisonment of Leonard Peltier is an injustice. His prosecution by the United States government represents yet another attempt to snuff out American Indian culture and leaders. The outspokenness of Peltier and other AIM members may be the only reason why Leonard Peltier has sat in prison for the last 24 years. Leonard Peltier is a Native American of mixed blood, being approximately 75 percent Sioux blood. His early life could be there story of almost any Native American growin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: leonard, peltier, boarding school, private property, supporters
  • Urban History - 1,836 words
    During the 19th century there was a rapid growth of American cities due to immigration and migration from rural areas. This rise in the population created enormous problems for city governments, which were often unable to provide for the people and lacked any type of structure. In these conditions we begin to see the emergence of political machines, such as Tammany Hall in New York City. These groups were able to build a loyal voter following, especially among immigrant groups, by performing such favors as providing jobs or housing. Political machines are characterized by a disciplined and hierarchical organization, reaching down to neighborhood and block organizers, that enables the machine ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: urban, urban history, housing development, american political, band
  • A Womans Decision - 1,067 words
    Many people believe that abortion is a moral issue, but it is also a constitutional issue. It is a woman's right to choose what she does with her body, and it should not be altered or influenced by anyone else. Abortion has joined the race and war as one of the most controversial issues in the world today. There are many points of view toward abortion, but two fine distinctions are "pro-choice" and "pro-life". Because I feel the decision to abort a pregnancy is that of the mother and the state or any other individual has the right to interfere; my position on abortion is "pro-choice". Since the earliest settlers arrived in the United States abortions were being performed in society. That was ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal care, social services, supreme court, instability, immoral
  • The Dss Adoption Process - 1,919 words
    Ecological theories stress the need to understand development in terms of the everyday environment in which children are reared, a need fervently advocated by Bronfenbrenner, who argues that "much of contemporary developmental psychology is the science of the strange behavior of children in strange situations with strange adults for the briefest possible periods of time" (Bronfenbrenner, 1977, p513). I believe that I will find the DSS adoption process to be very intricate and complex. In October 1997 Diana Smith and her husband Mark decided that they wanted to add to their family. They explored different options and decided upon adoption. They also decided upon certain criteria. They did not ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adoption, open adoption, sexually abused, child rearing, causation
  • Too Much Medicine For The Wrong Head - 1,507 words
    Adolescent depression continues to be a growing American problem since its discovery in the 1970s. How exactly to treat this problem, however, is not a clear issue. For years the psychiatric community felt that psychotherapy was the best way to treat this growing epidemic. However, with the development of antidepressants, most famously Prozac, many people feel the problem is nearing a solution. Many psychiatrists believe these pills can be a quick and effective way to treat suffering adolescents. Many others believe this solution is too quick and too easy to be true. Unqualified personnel are over prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (antidepressants) to children and adolescen ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aldous huxley, adolescent depression, social services, experimentation, pill
  • Same Sex Marriages - 664 words
    Alex knows that his family is unusual, to say nothing about his conception. In 1982, a family friend bicycled an oyster jar of his own sperm over to Bonnies' [Tinker] house. [Bonnie] She administered the insemination herself. Alex [Tinker] considers Bonnie and Sara [Graham] his parents. But the father occasionally takes Alex--along with his own children--hiking or biking (Shapiro and Gregory 2). This example is a prime reason of unacceptable behavior carried on by same-sex partners in todays society. According to the many religious beliefs, same-sex marriages are immoral and sinful. It is understandable that not all people believe this statement, and we do have freedom of religion in the Uni ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homosexual marriage, marital status, discrimination against homosexuals, social services, marital
  • Immigrations - 1,254 words
    The Chicano View on Mexican Immigration The Chicano View of Mexican Immigration During the 1970s, Mexican Americans were involved in a large social movement called the "Chicano movement." Corresponding with the great development of the black civil rights movement, Mexican Americans began to take part in a series of different social protests in which they demanded equal rights for themselves. Composed mainly of Mexican American students and youth, these activists focused on maintaining a pride for their culture as well as their ethnicity to fuel their political campaign. Left out of this campaign initially though were Mexican immigrants. As is made clear in the writings of David Gutierrez, si ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: immigration laws, immigration policy, immigration reform, mexican immigration, sustainable development
  • Linguistics A Case Study Of Genie - 2,413 words
    Language acquisition: Nature or Nurture? The story of Genie is undoubtedly one of the saddest ones one can imagine. What has been done to her is something no one would ever wish to anyone, not even to their worst enemies. Her story begins on November 4th, 1970, when she and her blind mother walk into the general social services office early in the morning. Her mother had not been seeking help for Genie, but for herself. Three weeks before that she had finally been able to flee from an abusive marriage, and that morning she did not have the intention to go to the general social services office. Instead she had wanted to go to the services for the blind. By fate or simply by luck for Genie she ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: case study, genie, linguistics, the bible, greek philosopher
  • Linguistics A Case Study Of Genie - 2,394 words
    ... s: David and Marilyn Rigler. Butler was angry because of this, and she began a relentless campaign to avenge the wrong she felt she had suffered. The Riglers had told the Social services that if they were not able whatsoever to get anyone else to function as foster parents, they would take her in for a limited period of time, being three months. She stayed with them for four years. During her stay at the Riglers, Susan Curtiss kept up her almost daily visits and she recorded as much of Genies speech as she could. At the beginning of September, she began to take some of the Linguistic tests she and Fromkin had designed. Then she also found out how restless and stubborn Genie could be. She ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: case study, genie, linguistics, language learning, left hand
  • Apartheid - 1,325 words
    About 400,000 Americans die every year because of health problems due to smoking. 1.5 million people quit smoking a year, but 50 million keep on going. Those 50 million people are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is when a person psychologically, physically, and socially has a compulsive need for nicotine. There is a persistent craving for the nicotine product. Out of all the people who smoke, 80% started before the age of 21. This means that you are more likely to start smoking as a teenager than any other age. It would follow that teenagers are more susceptible to the addiction. How do we prevent teens from staring to smoke. I feel that prevention starts in the home. Teach your kid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: apartheid, british colony, health problems, human rights, cigarette
  • Choosing A Career In Psychology - 1,181 words
    Society is crowded with many different kinds of people, which create problems of how to live and work together and live with oneself. It is in these situations which psychology serves its purpose by creating answers to these questions. Psychology helps create an awareness of these problems and this awareness increases the likelihood of treatment. A student who is deciding to enter the field of psychology has a choice to make from an array of many different and exciting careers. All of these numerous careers in psychology fall into three basic categories of practice: psychologists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists. Each of these categories differ slightly in the job role and number o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: career development, career path, choosing, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, physiological psychology
  • Prop 13 - 1,339 words
    In the early 1970s property tax rates peaked and were still rising each year, which was driving people out of their homes. Even though this gave the state and county governments a surplus of $3.8 billion by the end of the1970s, something had to be done. Homeowners were also getting angry because as their property taxes rose the quality and quantity of their public services didnt. Legislature tried to respond with an introduction of three major reform packages in 1977, that was not enough. When legislature returned in 1978, which happened to be an election year for statewide officeholders, two men have already been working and submitted 1.2 million signatures for an initiative. This was enoug ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prop, income tax, tax policy, property tax, relief

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