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  • Caries - 2,340 words
    Caries have been a constant nuisance to humans, decaying teeth can become a major problem for those affected. It is certainly not the oldest pathology, nor the one of the greatest prevalence throughout humankind, but the information that can be extrapolate from such pathologies is great. The aim of this paper is to outline the pathology of caries and the influence that these have had on the human populations affected. Caries or caries dentium is the common name for tooth decay. It is a local disease, which is characterized by an irreversible and permanent destruction of the tooth hard tissue, enamel. Thus spreads the destruction to the rest of the tooth and, and possibly leading to tooth los ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: skeletal remains, tooth decay, laboratory animals, tied, cavity
  • Paleontology - 1,838 words
    I feel I am a good listener and a good observer (Bingham 1999). My Structure of Intellect (SOI) reveals that I am a good at visualizing and identifying work in all types (Meeker 1999). The Career Information System (CIS) said that I should be good at notation and would be good with any type of Science work that has to do with taking notes, and also says that I would make a good Geologist. I would like to become a Paleontologist. I am interested in paleontology because I like studying the history of bones and evolution of all species. I am writing this paper to learn and study the history and what exactly paleontologists do. I think that I would be a great paleontologist because, I have good ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paleontology, different types, outlook handbook, teaching evolution, leadership
  • A Test Of Time - 2,005 words
    ... marna Letters, which dates from the late reign of Amenhotep III into that of Tutankhamen. Scholars have long pondered an identification for the troublesome Habiru of the Letters, though have concluded these nomad-raiders must have been a separate (if possibly related) group from the Hebrews (Ibrim), who still would have resided in Egypt at the time of the royal correspondence in question (according to the traditional dating which places their Exodus some 140 years later). With his New Chronology making late-Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt contemporary with the rise of the United Monarchy in Israel, Rohl finds a Habiru/ Hebrew synchronism not only possible but certain. Looking at the detailed bi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good faith, second half, solar eclipse, twelfth, amenhotep
  • Biography Of Charles Darwin's Own Evolution - 473 words
    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsburry, England on February 12, 1809. He is the son of Robert Waring Darwin, a physician. Darwin showed little interest in his education at Shrewsburry School and in medical studies at Edinburgh University (1825-27). He decided to turn away from becoming a physician after witnessing several operations performed without anesthesia. At the same time he began to be interested in geology and in natural history. He was sent to study for Holy Orders for the Church of England at Christ Church College at Cambridge University in 1828. Instead of becoming a minister he became more and more interested in natural history. After he got his B.A. degree in 1831 , a professor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biography, charles darwin, evolution, turning point, coral reefs
  • Essay From Anthropology Examination - 873 words
    Archaeology is a similar job to anthropology. Both study the various different cultures through out the world. The major difference is where their information is gathered from. Anthropologist get most of their info from living people and their skeletal remains. Where as an archaeologist finds the artifacts left behind. They gather these artifacts by excavation and are able to tell us a lot about our ancestors. Certain artifacts or sites can tell us all sorts of things such as the type of government, human behavior, how the culture ran itself, social organization, and especially the contact between other groups around the world. All this does not come without its problems. Dig sites (a term u ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthropology, examination, human race, judeo christian, cooking
  • Forensic Science Applied To Burned Victims - 1,264 words
    Canadian forensic science is an integral component to the overall nature of victim identification. No matter the situation, Canada's forensic scientists are one of the first to arrive on the scene in order to collect pertinent clues for body cataloging. Basic identification is not so difficult a task for the most part, however, when the victim is burned beyond recognition, more complex methods must be utilized as a means by which to establish positive identification. These methods include, DNA fingerprinting, forensic odontology, and cranial base evaluation. With the incorporation of these methods, it has made identification of a severely burned body possible. A body that has been only parti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: forensic, forensic science, science journal, north america, highly effective
  • Anthropology Of Neandrethals - 1,596 words
    Personally, I think that I am a Neanderthal. Of course, we all know that that is almost impossible. However, what if there is just the smallest possibility? Neanderthal man supposedly became extinct almost 30,000 years ago, yet the possibility exist that Neanderthal man may be living among us. The anthropological record is full of similar being with parallel lines of evolution. In many respects, the ancestors of man have, at one point, lived with at least one other evolutionary member. Having that in mind, why would it not be possibly for Neanderthals to still co-habitat with modern man at this age in time? One morning almost 300,000 years ago, the sun arose to a new epic in earths history. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthropology, life expectancy, early modern, eastern europe, peninsula

7 results found, view free essays on page:

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