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  • Gimpel The Fool - 1,499 words
    Thesis: Although Gimpel appeared to be a fool, he was really a wise man. A. Tricks played on him by towns people C. Rejection of devil's influence "Gimpel the Fool" is a story of laughter and sadness. Gimpel was a boy that had a reputation of being a fool since his early age. People were always playing tricks at him. Although Gimpel appeared to be a fool, he was really a wise man. He showed he was a wise man by loving the children that were not his, being a believer in his religion and by not taking advice from the Devil. There are many ways in which Gimpel appeared to be a fool. First the young men of the village spent a great deal of time making fun of poor Gimpel (Kazin 353). It appeared ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fool, modern library, flew over, short story, singer
  • The Scientific Experimentation That Destroys Beatrice In Rappacinis Daughter - 1,444 words
    The Scientific Experimentation That Destroys Beatrice in Rappacinis Daughter Most parents would put their children ahead of their occupation at all costs. In many cases this is true, but for Rappacini in Nathaniel Hawthornes Rappacinis Daughter, his scientific experiments prove to be more important to him than his daughter Beatrices wellbeing. His selfishness leads to both the physical and emotional destruction of Beatrices romantic aspirations for Giovanni Guasconti. The unique situations encountered in Rappacinis Daughter, represent an emotional struggle for Beatrice, which relates to the different interpretations of scientific advancement during this Romantic Era. An important theme in Ra ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beatrice, experimentation, scientific experimentation, men and women, more important
  • One Child - 444 words
    One Child is a true story about a girl named Sheila who had an alcoholic father who abused her. She was placed in a classroom for people with behavior problems. All of her previous teachers thought that she was lost, that no one could reach her, until her teacher Torey Haden (the author) reached out and cared for her. This book may give you many emotions, but you will find this book very touching. Torey is a teacher for children with behavior problems. She had nine children, and one assistant named Anton, he had not wanted the job, but the people at welfare told him he had to take the job. There were some children with some very serious problems. There was a beautiful child with long blonde ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: true story, blonde hair, psychological treatment, welfare, sheila
  • A Perspective Look At A Rose For Emily - 1,514 words
    A Perspective Look at A Rose for Emily Thesis: As any reader can see, A Rose for Emily is one of the most authentic short stories by Faulkner. His use of characterization, narration, foreshadowing, and symbolism are four key factors to why Faulkners work is idealistic to all readers. The works of William Faulkner have had positive effects on readers throughout his career. Local legends and gossip trigger the main focus of his stories. Considering that Faulkner grew up in Mississippi, he was very familiar with the ways of the South. This award winning author has been praised by many critics for his ability and unique style of writing. One of Faulkners most popular works, which also was his fi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: a rose for emily, emily, emily grierson, miss emily grierson, rose for emily
  • Dantes Inferno A Journey Through Hell - 1,720 words
    The Inferno, the first part of the Divina Commedia, written around 1307 to 1314, is the masterpiece of Dante Alighieri. The story tells of a pilgrim Dante, not to be confused with the writer Dante, and his journey through hell to the base of the mountain of purgatory. Along the way, Dante accompanied by Virgil (human reason), meet many of Dantes political rivals and many mythological creatures and sinners from throughout history. In the end, the travelers climb down Satans back, through the center of the earth and find themselves inside mount Purgatory. Dante develops many themes throughout the adventures of these travelers. The Inferno is a work that Dante used to express his ideas on Gods ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dante alighieri, dantes inferno, inferno, personal journey, true meaning
  • Banff Development - 1,227 words
    Welcome to Banff The battle over Urban Development in Banff National Park Banff National Park is the most highly developed national park in the world. It is in complete disarray and has been overcome by development. Wildlife habitat has been destroyed by the ski hills, the Trans-Canada Highway, the CP railway, the Banff townsite and by many "wreck-reationists" that use the park as their playground. The September 16th 1997 decision by Federal Heritage Minister Sheila Copp's to deny approval of the Banff Town council's Community Plan made sure that questions over the proper extent of urban development within this national Park town to continue well into the year 2000. Banff's Community Plan to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: development plan, urban development, final report, right thing, dave
  • Fashion In The United States Between The Wars - 301 words
    1Brown, Ezra. This Fabulous Century 1910-1920. New York: Time-Life Books, 1969. 2Unstead, RJ. The Thirties. Great Britain: Purnell and Sons, 1974. 3Owen, Marna. Our Century 1930-1940. Belmont, California: Gareth Stevens, 1989. 4Mizrahi, Isaac. A Century of Style: The Best Dresses. InStyle. Oct, 1999: 347-361 5Bell, Quentin. On Human Finery. London: The Hogarth Press, 1976 6Owna, Marna. Our Century 1920-1930. Belmont, California: Gareth Stevens, 1989. 7Howarth, Tony. Twentieth Century History Second Edition. New York, New York: Longman Inc. 1987. 8The New Lexicon Websters Dictionary of the English Language Deluxe Encyclopedic Edition. 1987. 9Friedman, Emanuel. Merit Students Encyclopedia Volu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fashion, united states, second edition, brooklyn museum, pocahontas
  • Correlates Of Delinquency - 2,454 words
    ... ical harm to others, and forcing someone into other aggressive behaviors to cause property destruction such as fire setting with intention of causing serious damage or deliberately destroying other property. Breaking into someone elses home or car, lie to avoid obligations and stealing are characters of deceitfulness and theft. Serious violations of rules are identified by behavior such as running away, being truant from school, and staying out late at night regardless of parents prohibitions (before age 13). Repetitive and persistent patterns of these behaviors indicate that a child is most likely to be diagnosed with conduct disorder (First,1994). Conduct disorder is a persistent patte ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: delinquency, juvenile delinquency, pacific islander, saddle river, wiley
  • A Fundamental Right - 1,599 words
    Amy leans over to kiss her new wife, Terri. The wedding was beautiful as any wedding inside a church. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in May. The two brides now feel a sense of togetherness and a false sense of true commitment even though the state will not recognize their marriage. Myself, a young lesbian woman, would like to see myself being able to marry my partner. Society has become more tolerant of gays and lesbians in the last couple of years and we are all uniting to carry our voice to be able to marry the one we love regardless of race, religion, or sex. Gays and lesbians have been denied the right to marry for too long. The United States does not allow same-sex marriages because ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: same-sex couples, security benefits, intensive care, warm, sheila
  • Animal Farm In Relation To The Russian Revolution - 1,071 words
    ANIMAL FARM IN COMPARISON TO THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Animal Farm is a satire on the Russian Revolution. You can look at this story as a fairy tale about the animals, or on a deeper level, as an account of the events in the Russian Revolution. I chose to learn more about the real meaning of Animal Farm, which Orwell indirectly explains throughout the story. Animal Farm starts out with introducing us to life on the Manor Farm, and Old Major's opinion on the outcome of their future. Old Major is convinced that the animals are being treated unfairly, and has the incredible idea of planning a revolt against Mr. Jones, so the animals can experience true happiness. He gets the animals excited by tea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal farm, farm, manor farm, revolution, russian, russian revolution
  • Virginia Woolfs Vision - 1,310 words
    ... inative capacity that flourished in him would have produced nothing but silence in a female member of the same line" (Zwerdling 225) results in her creation of Judith Shakespeare, the "female hero of the essay" (Schwartz 722). Woolf powerfully recounts the tragic life of "Shakespeare's extraordinarily gifted sister" (47) as she struggles to duplicate her brother's successful artistic career. As Judith's tragedy progresses from rebellion and ridicule to despair and suicide, the reader is led to "mourn and protest the loss of this woman . . . whose passion finally turned against itself" (Delany 182). Judith symbolizes countless brilliant, talented women who have been unable to express thei ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: virginia, virginia woolf, jane austen, women writers, symbolizes
  • Eudora Welty And Jack London - 1,695 words
    ... es a game to see who can kill first. It is inevitable that someone must die in order to ratify his own life. London emphasizes the theme of honor in death. The only honorable thing to do was to kill and be killed in The Death of a Legion. Had the blood bath not ended with Legion being dead, then he would have been a disgrace to his tribe. In Clytie, Welty depicts the mentally disturbed womens death as an ultimatum to the horrible life she was forced to partake of. There was no honor in her death. However there was no honor in her life either. Jack London and Eudora Welty have written these brilliant works to motivate some emotion within their readers. Welty characteristically tries to in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eudora, eudora welty, jack, jack london, london, welty
  • An Inspector Calls - 1,851 words
    There is much bitter dramatic irony in An Inspectors Calls, which the plays original audience would have been all too aware Whilst opinions may vary on the impact of dramatic irony in the play, I would like to argue that the dramatic irony in the play was very bitter. The true meaning of dramatic irony is where the audience knows something that the people on stage or the characters they are playing would not have known. The play viewers would be recently mourning over the loss of people in the Second World War as the play is set in this time. This is a sad and depressing event, which is very bitter towards the audience and those people whom have lost loved ones. Perhaps this is why the drama ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: inspector, new york, great world, second world, portrayal
  • Cause And Effect - 1,048 words
    If there is anything glorious or romantic about being a cop I certainly do not know what it is. My experience as a law enforcement officer lasted only a few years, but in that time I nearly burned myself out to a level of superior cynicism. For me, enforcing laws was like being trapped in the chaotic middle of a sociological chamber of horrors. Coping with such a high level of emotional disenchantment impacted me drastically and threatened to chisel my psyche down to a dark mute point. The responsibilities were endlessly haunting. Everywhere I went I had to be mindful of an air of authority that I had to maintain because I was a cop. Even off duty I was ordered to carry my service firearm an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cause and effect, child protective, chest pain, limited resources, rank
  • Cause And Effect - 1,077 words
    ... he coroner's report stated her death was slow and torturous. I can still see her pleading and needing eyes staring at me from behind her bruises and welts all those times I arrested her father. To this day I agonize that I should have done more to help her, but I could not do anymore. My position would not allow any additional jurisprudence than what had already been evinced. I felt nothing but sickness and contempt for her father, but I could do nothing about it. It would be up to the courts yet again to determine his fate. Sheila Baker's fate had already been determined. Nothing was going to change that now. I went to see the department counselor to talk about my feelings, but all I co ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cause and effect, breaking point, good people, police officer, christmas
  • Go Ask Alice - 1,410 words
    1. Alice, the writer of the diary. She's 15 years old when the story begins. Her real name is not known. Mom, her mother, and Dad, her father, a university professor. Gran, her grandmother, and Gramps, her grandfather. Roger, a schoolmate with whome she is in love for some time. Jill Peters, a schoolmate at her first school. Gerta, Beth, Fawn, friends she meet at her new school. Jan, Marcie, drug-users at her new school. Bill, Joe, Lane, Jacky, drug-users. Chris, a girl with whome Alice goes to San Francisco. Mario Mellani, Alice's employer in San Francisco. Sheila, Chris's employer in San Francisco. Doris, a drug-user with whom Alice lives in Coos Bay, Oregon. Joel Reems, a student that Ali ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, main character, good book, mental hospital, boutique
  • Mr - 861 words
    An Inspector Calls has been described as a play of Social Criticism. John Boynton Priestley was an English novelist, playwright and journalist who wrote many non-fiction books. An Inspector Calls, written in 1945, is a satire on middle class-life. The play is set in 1912, just two years before the beginning of World War One. Priestley chose to use the Birling household for his criticism. They are a typical middle class family of that time, whose peaceful domain is disrupted by the visit of an inspector. The Inspector is the voice of Priestley. The main plot is that of thriller, Who killed Eva Smith? The play is about responsibility for each other and the inspector hopes that the Birling fami ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle class, opening scene, the girl, ghost
  • Breaking The Glass Ceiling - 1,394 words
    The term the glass ceiling first came into use in 1986 when two Wall Street Journal reporters coined the phrase to describe the invisible barrier that blocks women from the top jobs in corporate America. In the article, The Corporate Woman, the authors described a corporate world in which access to the top for women was blocked by corporate tradition and prejudice. They wrote that the executive suite seemed within their grasp, but they just couldnt break through to the top. Among the reasons cited for the existence of the glass ceiling were the belief that women are too easily diverted form their careers by family. The biggest obstacle women face is also the most intangible, men at the top f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ceiling, glass, glass ceiling, new york, lucent technologies
  • Poverty - 1,068 words
    Poverty in the United States is getting worse each day and not enough is getting done about it. The readings from Babies and Benefits by Sheila Holbrook-White, the article on poverty by Michael J. Paquette, and Keeping Women And Children Last by Ruth Sidel made me view the issues of poverty in a different way. I never realised what kind of people were living in poverty, and the true reasons why they are there. What amazes me the most is how much these people need help, and how little the government is doing to help them. The government should set up work programs for these people to help them get better jobs and make enough The politicians in Washington D.C. and all over the U.S. want nothin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social security, higher education, single mother, ridiculous, christmas
  • Comerce Clause - 1,283 words
    The United States Constitution gives very specific powers to congress. These powers are very limited and are each enumerated in the text of the Constitution. One of the powers is [t]o regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes (Article I, Section 8). This is the only reference in the constitution that speaks about commerce. The Tenth Amendment states that [t]he powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. By reading these statements in the constitution most people would believe that the states have enormous power to control the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clause, commerce clause, court decision, president ronald, criminology

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