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  • Investment In Russia - 1,894 words
    In 1991 Boris Yeltsin became the first elected leader of Russia. This was the end of Michael Gorbachevs policy of perestroika ( radical changes in the economy) and glasnost ( the possibility of free expression) ( Gunn, 1995). The new elected president wanted some more radical changes; decentralisation, democracy and a market economy. For Russia, transition to a market economy has been difficult because the government has been trying simultaneously to change the economic and the political system of the country. This resulted in a lot problems, but the Russian market is emerging. This brings me to the following problem statement; Is it Interesting for a multinational enterprise to invest in Ru ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign investment, investment, russia, property rights, central bank
  • Russia, History - 1,380 words
    Joseph Stalin (1927-1953) led the Soviet State through the challenges of World War II. Although the war was a terrible drain on the already impoverished and exhausted society, it resulted, paradoxically in strengthening the Soviet dictatorship. The war distracted the Soviet people from Stalin's excesses in previous years and generated patriotism and national unity. It also greatly strengthened the Soviet military. The Soviet Union emerged from the war as second in power only to the United States. (Dr. Minton F, Goldman) So what were the factors that contributed to the collapse of the super power and what is preventing Russia from re-entering the international community as a stabilized indepe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: education system, independent states, international community, interactive, substantial
  • Russia Vs United States - 1,062 words
    The United States and Russia have been battling off pernicious factions menacing the stability of their democracies over the years. Russia has come a long way over the past century, enduring a number of different phases that have completely desecrated any power Russia may have had paralleled to the rest of the world. The United States, however, has been evolving into a prosperous world power that has led to new respect from many other nations. Both Russia and the United States have struggled in the past at maintaining a significant amount of cultural commitment to preservation of specific aspects of their respective democracies. Having a relatively new democracy, Russian citizens have differ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, united states, united states citizens, atlantic ocean, native american tribes
  • Russia Vs United States - 1,058 words
    ... nary War of the United States, but it is not the same because it ended in communism and repression, rather than gradual democracy that occurred in America (Melvin 68). People in Russia do not have the concept of how a democracy functions because they have no experience with it. They went from having tsars to communism, they've never had a real democratic government until recently. People are used to serving the state whereas in America people are used to referring to government officials as "public servants." The governing documents of the states are not honored and valued as they are in America because they were mainly mandates with little public consensus (Melvin 126). Lack of legitima ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, united states, united states citizens, poor people, political ideas
  • Black Hundred In Russia - 1,141 words
    The Black Hundred was an extreme right wing party which emerged at the turn of the twentieth century in Russia. Favoring tsarism and autocracy instead of a parliamentary government, the Black Hundred were the perpetrators of many Jewish pogroms in Russian cities such as Odessa, Kiev, Yekaterinoslav and Bialystok (Horowitz 703). This group of radicals increased in popularity before the beginning of the Russian Revolution when tsarism was in decline. The Black hundred believed that all Jews were revolutionaries and all revolutionaries were Jews, all Jews were capitalists and all capitalists were either Jews or tools in the hands of Jews. (Laqueur 17). This view of Jews was a distortion of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, southern russia, harper collins, jewish problem, commentary
  • Russia - 1,814 words
    1. Catherine II (the Great). The successor of the sickly Peter III, Catherine II was his wife until his suspected murder and she took the throne in 1762. Although she made no great reforms in Russian society, she gathered many friends by her death in 1796. Catherine had to keep the nobility pleased at all times because if she didnt she could be dethroned easily. Because of this she carried out very few social reforms. Russia continued to follow an economic growth that Peter that Great had started. She tried to remove trade barriers, and assisted in expanding the middle class, which helped trade. Catherine IIs great addition to Russia was the land she gained, she was able to add more territor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, napoleonic wars, modern society, middle class, communist
  • Russia - 1,795 words
    ... elected into power. But the elections in April put many radicals into power and the tsar disbanded that Duma. He then disbanded the one after that too, in turn he formed a much more conservative Duma that was mostly under his control. He had regained all of the power that he had lost due to the revolution of 1905. 6) The March Revolution: Food riots broke out in Petrograd, and when the Czar ordered the Duma to dissolve and they did not obey. Soldiers were not able to stop rioting in the cities. Workers and soldiers in Petrograd organized radical legislative bodies called Soviets. The rebellion spread throughout the country and to the troops, who deserted by tens of thousands. On March 1 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, social democratic party, soviet army, united states, accumulated
  • How Napoleons Invasion Of Russia Led To His Downfall - 1,036 words
    How Napoleons Invasion of Russia Led To His Downfall Grayson Goldman European History Term Paper Napoleon Bonapartes invasion of Russia was a major factor in his downfall. In 1812, Napoleon, whose alliance with Alexander I had disintegrated, launched an invasion into Russia that ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow. Thereafter, all of Europe, including his own allies, Austria and Prussia, united against him. Although he continued to fight, the odds he faced were impossible. In April 1814, Napoleons own marshals refused to continue the struggle and stepped down from their positions. During the actual Russian campaign, there were many key factors that greatly impacted his downfall. The la ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: downfall, invasion, russia, european history, term paper
  • How Napoleons Invasion Of Russia Led To His Downfall - 1,006 words
    ... the time he had allotted. This unplanned delay forced Napoleons troops to march great distances under the extreme temperatures of the summer. All of Napoleons troops were issued wool uniforms. As a result of the hot and humid weather conditions, soldiers striped from the wool jackets and pants to just there undergarments (Elting, 22). Although rewarding at the time, it would later prove to be a fatal mistake. Prior to reaching Moscow, there was another major battle. The battle of Boridino was the bloodiest battle that Napoleon and his troops had ever seen. Napoleon's army consisted of one hundred thousand infantry, twenty-eight thousand cavalry and five hundred and ninety cannons. The Ru ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: downfall, invasion, russia, south atlantic, french army
  • Empress Anna Of Russia - 1,356 words
    Russia is a nation with a rich past and a history of royalty that cannot be compared with any other in the world. There were memorable rulers, including Catherine and Peter the Great, and rulers that Russia and the rest of the world would like to forget, such as Ivan the Terrible. However short their reign, or how seemingly insignificant their actions, all have had an effect on Russias history and have left plenty of colorful images to be written down into history books. One can argue about how important one ruler was, and some were more important than others, but some were very insignificant and are scarcely heard of. A Russian ruler that is rarely heard of is Empress Anna, a ruler in the m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anna, empress, russia, mental health, peter the great
  • Russia - 1,655 words
    The roots of the Russian Revolution of 1917 were deep. Russia had suffered under an extremely oppressive form of government for centuries under the rule of the czars. During the 19th century the nation was filled with movements for political liberalization. In the long run there were several revolutions, not one. The first rebellion, known as the Decembrist uprising, took place in December 1825. Members of the upper classes, including many former soldiers, staged a revolt after the death of Alexander I. The revolt failed, but it provided an inspiration to succeeding generations of dissidents. The next revolution took place in 1905, after the Russo-Japanese War, which Russia lost. It appeared ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, armed forces, leon trotsky, soviet socialist, moscow
  • Russia Revolution - 447 words
    The Russia Revolution was a true political revolution. By this I mean there was a fundamental change in the way leaders came into power and in the goals for the country. In theory, leadership changed from a monarchy to socialism. The goals for the country changed from ownership and control of wealth was by few to control by the proletariat (the workers). In reality the change of leadership and the control of wealth and production was controlled by the Communist Party. The Russia Revolution really started with theory of communism created by Karl Marx and published in Capital. In this publication Marx stated that the value of all production is in the value of the labor not the value of ownersh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communist revolution, revolution, russia, agricultural industry, communist party
  • Russia Today - 753 words
    . Today Russia is in a state of political and economic rebuilding in a capitalist system. When the Soviet Union officially split apart on December 26, 1991, one day after Gorbachev resigned from the leadership of the Communist party and the U.S.S.R., Yeltsin took the role of president. During a meeting in July of 1990, leaders of the group of seven industrial Nations and the president of the European Community asked the International Monetary Fund and other United Nations economic agencies to study the economy of Russia and propose a more effective method of reforming the Russian economy. When the study was released in December it recommended that the Russians immediately release price contr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, society today, free market, russian economy, vladimir
  • Russia The Rise Of Democracy - 1,041 words
    Boris Yeltsin's Economic Reforms and Political Struggles Russia's Move Towards a Free-Market Economy Chechnya's Struggle for Independence Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Questions About Yeltsin's Leadership In 1991, the Soviet Union was officially dismantled, and the communist regime there came to an end. Democracy has since been introduced in Russia and other former Soviet republics, and in 1992 the people of the Russian Republic elected Boris Yeltsin--a prodemocracy, procapitalism candidate--as their president. The international community, including the United States, was cautiously optimistic that Yeltsin would be able to revitalize the Russian economy and establish a democratic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: democracy, russia, southern russia, market economy, communist party
  • Russia The Rise Of Democracy - 1,091 words
    ... approved a new constitution that gave the president enormous powers. However, the Liberal Democratic Party, led by ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, won more seats than the Reform Party in the new parliament, called the Federal Assembly. In the 1995 elections, the Communist Party prevailed, winning 157 of 355 seats--enough to make them the strongest party in parliament and a thorn in the side of the reform-minded Yeltsin. The resurgence of this "new communism" and ultranationalism--both with supporters who generally oppose cooperation with the West--was seen by many observers as a sign that the Russian people are growing weary of Yeltsins reforms. However, in July 1996, the Russian ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: democracy, russia, voter turnout, liberal democratic party, backing
  • Russia - 1,304 words
    Russia did not exist as a nation just seven years ago. It was formed from the ruins of a greater nation. Russia's current troubles are based on problems it found, or created, during the years it operated under socialism. This theory, which proposes equality and the means of achieving it, has been scorned by the Western world. One must wonder why such a grand conception has failed. Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto By far, the most important document in the development of socialism was The Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Frederik Engels in 1848. (Berki) This document was published as a reply to politicians who would accuse their opponents of being Communist for the sake of s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, public ownership, twentieth century, black market, hostile
  • Policy Proposal For Economic Reform In Russia - 1,409 words
    Despite making a recovery after the 1998 market crash, Russia remains weighted with numerous holdovers from the Communist era that keep its economy from taking advantage of free-market reforms. In short, Russia has not prospered under capitalism because it has not yet discovered it. In order to do so, the Russian government must engage in extensive reform in several key areas: improving the rule of law, creating stable monetary policy, and ending a policy of favoritism to particular businesses. Engaging in these reforms would lower the extremely high transaction costs of doing business legally, stimulating a wave of new investment and wealth creation within Russia, as well as encouraging inv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic growth, economic reform, economic stability, economic theory, monetary policy, proposal, reform
  • Policy Proposal For Economic Reform In Russia - 1,361 words
    ... an independent central bank which is not a puppet of the government and aims to maintain a stable monetary supply (as opposed to supporting state industry) as its primary goal. This action would free up many billions of dollars by giving Russians confidence in the ruble. It would also force the government to pay for state industries through taxation, not inflation. In the immediate short run, the government would be force to cut loose thousands of state enterprises which is why this policy is so difficult to implement, but in the long run Russia would benefit enormously from the increased investment. Lenin correctly pointed out that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic depression, economic freedom, economic reform, monetary policy, policy analysis, proposal, reform
  • Causes Of Dictatorship In Russia - 1,700 words
    Around the 20th century, the end of the First World War cleared the way for the formation of democratic regimes. Why they had not been successful, why the people didnt use the opportunity to establish a democratic political system and why did the dictatorships appear, is still unclear, but it is a very discussible subject. The decisive role in these processes was the human being. It was the object of the cause, but on the other hand he was also the subject - executor of all the problems as well. The First World War was expected to be short, with a quick triumph on either side. On the contrary, the war caused a giant massacre to all the countries involved, and lasted for four years. Also agai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dictatorship, russia, tsarist russia, social relations, political parties
  • Women In Post-revolutionary Russia: The Opportunities And Obstacles - 1,251 words
    The last Tsar of Russia abdicated the throne in February of 1917. With the fall of the old regime, many old gender barriers fell, as well. The period after the Bolsheviks rose to power was a time of many changes for all Russians, but none were more affected than the women of the time. Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik party (later called the Communists) was greatly disturbed by the domestic enslavement of Soviet women, and almost immediately granted political equality for females throughout the nation. With this newfound freedom, women were presented with many new opportunities in all aspects of life, and many challenges, as well. Lenin reformed many civil and penal codes to the advantage o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: family life, divorce laws, economic policy, satisfaction, payroll

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