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  • Juilus And Ethel Rosenberg - 1,648 words
    ... ast(Milton 2). Because he had committed these acts more than 20 years before, he could not be charged for spying but was charged for lying under oath about his involvement with the Soviet Union(Milton 3). Alger Hiss was the first of many spies who either confessed or were caught by the government in a domino effect that eventually led to the capture and final execution of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Twelve days after the Hiss conviction a physicist from England who worked first hand with the Manhattan project confessed to spying for the Soviet Union(Milton 23). The physicist was Klaus Fuchs and the Manhattan project was America's name for it nuclear experimenting project(Milton 25). ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ethel, rosenberg, alger hiss, united states government, thesis
  • Synopsis Of The Rosenberg Trial - 1,627 words
    The Rosenberg trial, which ended in a double execution in 1953, was one of Americas more controversial trials. It is sometimes referred to as, . . the best publicized spy hunt of all times. . . as it came to the public eye in the time of the atom-spy hysteria. Husband and wife, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage. Most of the controversy surrounding this case came from much speculation that there were influences being reinforced by behind-the-scenes pressure, mainly from the government, which was detected through many inconsistencies in testimonies and other misconduct in court. Many shared the belief that Ethel Rosenberg expressed best as she wrote in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fair trial, rosenberg, synopsis, signal corps, soviet union
  • Life Story And Biography Of Ethel Rosenberg - 1,195 words
    Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg was born on September 28, 1915. Along with her parents and 3 brothers, David, Sam and Bernard, she lived on Sheriff Street in the Lower East Side of New York City (Ethel Rosenberg, par. 1). Mr. and Mrs. Greenglass raised their children in a strict Jewish home. They attended both Hebrew and public schools growing up (Ethel Rosenberg, par. 1). Ethel Greenglass attended Seward Park High School where she graduated 1 year early in hopes that she would go on to college (Green 601). Like many young girls, Miss Greenglass also had dreams of singing and acting, but her parents quickly dismissed these dreams with reality. She was forced to give up her dream temporarily and e ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biography, ethel, life story, rosenberg, united states
  • The Rosenberg Trial - 1,040 words
    The Rosenberg trial, which ended in a double execution in 1953, was one of the century's most controversial trials. It was sometimes referred to as, 'the best publicized spy hunt of all times' as it came to the public eye in the time of atom-spy hysteria. Husband and wife, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage. Most of the controversy surrounding this case came from mass speculation that there were influences being reinforced by behind-the-scenes pressure, mainly from the government, which was detected through much inconsistencies in testimonies and other misconduct in the court. Many shared the belief that Ethel Rosenberg expressed best as she wrote in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rosenberg, atomic bomb, family business, signal corps, letters
  • The Rosenberg Trial - 1,004 words
    ... g of Rosenberg whenever it appeared that Julius sounded sincere and was making a favorable impression on the jury. Judge Kaufman made a big point when Ethel used her fifth amendment right and declined to answer questions on the basis that she might incriminate herself. The judge said, 'it is something that the jury may weigh and consider on the questioning of the truthfulness of the witness and on credibility...' Not only that, but the judge allegedly would lead prosecuting witnesses to say things against defense. Defense lawyer Mr. Alexander Block tried to get a mistrial based on the judge's behavior but was denied. The judges bias continued throughout the trial and was expressed most c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rosenberg, albert einstein, york times, president truman, communism
  • American Women During Wwii - 1,808 words
    ... during the war years for many men hoped that marriage would defer conscription to the war. This alone suggests that women's roles as wives and mothers were still dominant during the war because the nation witnessed a 25 percent rise in the population aged five and under. The popularity of marriage and the traditional gender roles that marriage carried, was exploited during the war. For example, the Office of War Information, established in the summer of 1942, worked closely with the media. President Roosevelt soon denied the OWI was being used for propaganda , yet only months after the OWI was formed, wartime propaganda began to likened women's war work to domestic chores. These trends s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american politicians, american society, american women, black women, employed women, most american
  • Cold War - 1,907 words
    COLD WAR ESSAY The cold war began because of the conflicting ideologies between Soviet Communism and American Capitalism and the misconceptions both countries had about each other. The fact that neither country would reveal anything about them selves added the mystique and created high tensions between countries. Spying was the only way for countries to get a good idea of what the other side was doing and get answers for many previously unanswered questions. Many people had doubts and fears about communism and this gave rise to many people who thought that communist sympathizers should be punished. The most popular of these hateful people by far was Senator Joseph McCarthy. The cold war came ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, international law, united states, nikita khrushchev, supporters
  • The Industrial Revolution - 1,177 words
    It has, been variously called the "Western Miracle" (Rosenberg and Birdzell 42) and the "European Miracle," (Jones) but it is commonly known as the Industrial Revolution. Subsequent to the Middle Ages, populations in Western Europe began developing technology that enhanced their ability to generate products and which led to significantly higher standards of living than populations elsewhere on the planet. It should be noted that this does not suggest that the quality of life was better for the Europeans, only that even the poorest European was materially better off than his counterpart in India or China. This research examines why the Industrial Revolution took place in Europe, and why it di ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial revolution, revolution, disaster recovery, quality of life, endeavor
  • The Industrial Revolution - 1,131 words
    ... ursue those activities in a decentralized manner while keeping up with far-flung colleagues' progress. Prince Henry of Portugal brought together scientists and laboratories and a library as early as the first half of the fifteenth century, but such institutions became common only during the nineteenth century. The single most important contribution of western science is that it linked science and technology by way of the scientific method, requiring systematic experimentation. Technology until the industrial revolution was largely the result of craftsmen developing their own technologies within their own fields of endeavor. Scientists, required to test their theories in the real world, b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial revolution, revolution, prince henry, first half, cambridge
  • Jesus Or Hitler - 1,464 words
    Anti-Semitism was widespread in Europe at the time Hitler came to power. Much of this anti-Semitism was rooted, first, in religious beliefs that arose more than 1500 years before Hitler came to power, and second, on political beliefs, often cynically exploited for political gain. Though it was not accepted by everyone, this existing anti-Semitism was common and provided a receptive audience for Hitler's anti-Semitic claims. Hitler did not just exploit the existing anti-Semitism in Germany; he changed it and built on it until it became an all-consuming obsession both for himself and for the rest of the National Socialist leadership. The most significant difference between traditional anti-Sem ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hitler, jesus, third reich, soviet union, parasites
  • Pshycology Test - 1,444 words
    ... self from non-self. These cells emerge from their "home" in the bone into the "organ world" to mature. Lymphocytes which differentiate in the Thymus become T-Cells, lymphocytes which mature in bone marrow are B-Cells. The bone marrow and thymus are primary lymphoid organs. 12. Complete the following table, match the appropriate Blood Types with approriate antibodies and antigens. Which is the universal donor, and which is the universal recipient? c. O No Antigen A + B Antibodies (Universal Donor) d. AB Antigens A + B No Antibodies (Universal Recipient) 13. A 24 y/o male is brought in for emergency appendectomy. In the emergency department he had an allergic reaction to his IV antibiotic. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blood pressure, coronary artery disease, chest pain, neurological, physiological
  • Cold War - 769 words
    The Cold War was a war of words, not violence, that began in 1946. This was signified by competition, tension, and conflict between the Soviet Union, and the United States. In 1946, Sir Winston Churchill gave an address at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo, about foreign affairs of the time. In it he uttered the following quote: "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent (of Europe)." These words, in some respects, were the beginning of the Cold War. The term "Cold War" was first used by American Bernard Baruch in a congressional debate in 1947, and described the war as increasing tensions between the Soviet Union and the US. Ch ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, president reagan, josef stalin, eastern bloc, couriers
  • The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal - 1,250 words
    In early October 1945, the four powers victorious after the Second World War issued an indictment against 24 men and six organizations. Fifty years ago the Prosecutions opening statement was read by Associate United States Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. Just eight months prior to that reading, the very building in which the historical trial took place was "an enemy fortress in the hands of German troops" The Nuremberg Trials are historically significant because they represent the first time leaders of a defeated nation were prosecuted in the name of International law- the first time such leaders were actually given a chance to plead for their lives in a tribunal setting. The charges p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: international military tribunal, nuremberg, tribunal, war crimes, free speech
  • The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal - 1,259 words
    ... s as: "Violations of the laws or customs of war, including murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity." Count four of the indictment alleges Crimes Against Humanity which are defined by the same source as follows: "Namely murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or during war, or persecutions on pol ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nuremberg, tribunal, war crimes, private property, world war ii
  • News Article On Bally Total Fitness Can Use For A Public Relations Class - 974 words
    Bally Total Fitness is the largest and only nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers in the United States, with approximately 4 million members and 320 locations in 27 states and Canada. There are currently 5 in the Baltimore area. (Bally p.1) Bally Total Fitness claim is to be committed to offering its members the best resources to help them achieve their personal fitness and health goals at an affordable price. Their diversity is apparent in the multitude of features they offer. Bally clubs offer swimming pools, racquetball, aerobics, indoor tracks, extensive cardiovascular and free weight machinery and daycare. In such a large corporation of both members and staff, Bally Total Fi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fitness, media relations, news article, public opinion, public relations
  • Handbook For Adoption - 1,097 words
    Having children is a real task. However, adopted children presents a bigger challenge to many people. Adopted children have many issues with who they are due to a lack of a blood bond with their adopted parents. Over the years, there have been many questions raised about adoptees and their problems with identity formation. Many of top the researchers on this subject agree on the causes of identity formation problems in adolescent adoptees, while many other researchers conclude that there is no significant difference in identity formation in adoptees and birth children. There are three questions to be asked when looking at adolescent identity problems. The first is Do adoptees have identity f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adoption, handbook, open adoption, significant difference, identity formation
  • Maccarthyism - 1,644 words
    The single most important factor in understanding the United States involvement in Vietnam is fear. In the years leading to the Vietnam Conflict the United States was immersed in paranoia toward Communist Russia and the communist movement as a whole. This paranoia has its roots in the depression of the nineteen thirties and was fueled by the exploits of men like MacCarthy and other politicians who saw this as an opportunity to further their careers or push policies. This paranoia was the most important factor in the entrance of the US into the conflict in Southeast Asia. During the years proceeding World War II the United States found itself one of the two most powerful nations in the world. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communist party, american history, american politics, push, deprived
  • Death Penalty - 2,025 words
    Author: Clarke, Kevin. Source: U.S. Catholic v. 65 no10 (Oct. 2000) p. 27 ISSN: 0041- 7548 Number: BRDG00052997 Copyright: The magazine publisher is the copyright holder of this article and it is reproduced with permission. Further reproduction of this article in violation of the copyright is prohibite A GROUP OF DISTINGUISHED ILLINOIS CITIZENS, including former Senator Paul Simon and attorney-novelist Scott Turow, did something remarkable last August. They sat in silence while some not-so-famous Illinois citizens talked about capital punishment. The morning hearing offered the American public a rare opportunity to speak its mind about this peculiar institution of ours since the reinstatemen ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death penalty, death row, penalty, cook county, london england
  • Cold War At Home - 1,818 words
    While the United States was fighting the Cold War to preserve its freedoms, the fears and anti-Communism the Cold War helped cause at home undermined some of those freedoms. One of the most notorious examples of this is Senator Joseph McCarthy. In his search for Communists in the U.S. government he infringed upon civil rights and freedoms, such as freedom of speech, provided to all Americans by Constitution. His actions caused a lot of innocent people, mostly government employees, to loose their jobs and reputation. In addition, in the case of Hollywood Ten, the freedom of speech - the most vital freedom in democratic society, was violated because the speech and views of Hollywood Ten where ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, bill of rights, first amendment, free press, ronald
  • Mozart - 4,138 words
    ... r marriage was trying to persuade Leopold of her attributes: "But before I cease to plague you with my chatter, I must make you better acquainted with the character of Constanze. She is not ugly, but at the same time far from beautiful. Her whole beauty consists in two little black eyes and a pretty figure. She has no wit, but she has enough common sense to enable her to fulfil her duties as a wife and mother. It is a downright lie that she is inclined to be extravagant. On the contrary, she is accustomed to be shabbily dressed, for the little that her mother has been able to do for her children, she has done for the two others, but never for Constanze. True, she would like to be neatly ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amadeus mozart, mozart, chamber music, common sense, controversial

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