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  • Robespierre Maximilien His Reason Behind The Terror - 1,971 words
    Maximilien Robespierre: His Reason Behind the Terror No figure of the French Revolution has aroused so much controversy as that of Maximilien Robespierre. He is known to most people as the symbol of the Reign of Terror, a period where approximately 17,000 people died while enduring horrible prison conditions or were executed due to the mere suspicion of being a traitor. The question of whether or not these actions were rightfully justified is an important one. Robespierre seems to have thought so. I, however, will show that the use of terror by Robespierre during the French Revolution was not just or necessary, and that he was acting in his own best interest rather than the States. First to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: maximilien robespierre, robespierre, terror, legislative assembly, existence of god
  • Run For The Border Comparison Of The Mexican And French Revolutions - 1,348 words
    ... rranza. This war went on for many a month with Carranza and Obrgon warring against Villa and Zapata. It was at this time that Carranza wrote a constitution that gave many rights to the government and the people. While the constitution allowed many freedoms, it had one drawback that might have been considered unacceptable to the Mexican populace: it gave the President dictatorial powers. The Mexican Constitution of 1917 embodied the ideas of all the revolutionary groups, and included the liberties and rights of citizens, as well as the democratic and federal concepts of the 1857 Constitution. It also recognized social rights such as the right of workers to strike and to organize, the righ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: border, french revolution, mexican, mexican history, mexican revolution
  • The Glorious Revolution - 930 words
    The Glorious Revolution, otherwise known as the Bloodless Revolution, marks the events of 1688 in England. In 1660, when Charles II was restored to the throne, many Englishmen felt uneasy about the Stuarts and suspected them of Papal tendencies and absolutists leanings. Charles II increased this distrust by not adhering to Parliament, by his toleration of Catholic dissent, and by favoring alliances with Catholic powers in Europe. The Whigs, a parliamentary group, tried within their power to ensure a Protestant successor by excluding James, Duke of York, from the throne but were unsuccessful. James II came to the throne in 1685 and like his brother Charles II, determined to rule without the c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french revolution, glorious revolution, revolution, roman catholicism, charles ii
  • Napoleon - 1,049 words
    Did Napoleon preserve or pervert the gains of the Revolution Napoleon was indirectly responsible for spreading many of the ideals of the French Revolution throughout Europe. Although he never openly espoused revolutionary tenets his Empire and government was in many ways the living embodiment of those ideals. The three main areas that he had a significant impact were individualism, secularism, and nationalism. Prior to the French Revolution, class or social status was more important in French society and government than the individual. Merit and ability was subordinated to your family status and whether you were of the noble class. The Revolution did away with this and stated that all indivi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: napoleon, french revolution, religious tolerance, new france, despotism
  • Independence - 589 words
    The focus of "Declaration of Independence," "What is The Third Estate," and "Declaration of the Rights of Man" is to support the idea of liberation while the writings of Robespierre focuses more on how to bring about true liberation of the people. For example, the three documents all illustrate the idea that government should grant liberty to the common people instead of restricting their rights. The writings of Robespierre, however, illustrates that morality in government and an absence of corruption is essential to liberate the common people. The documents "Declaration of Independence," "What is The Third Estate," and "Declaration of the Rights of Man" all address the idea the government s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: declaration of independence, french revolution, national assembly, third estate, absence
  • The French Revolution - 1,783 words
    There was a loud thunk as the blade hit, and then a roar of the crowd as another noblemans head was raised, after being cut off. The French Revolution (1789-1795) was one if not the most bloodiest revolutions ever in history. There were three social classes in France known as the Estates-General. The French revolutionists took the phrase Liberty, Equality, Fraternity as their slogan into battle (Comptons Interactive Encyclopedia). They were out to win equality, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives for it. Stands between King Louis XVI and the Estates-General are what caused the revolution. Despite their efforts to bring France to a new form government, one, which would serve the comm ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french revolution, revolution, equal rights, napoleon bonaparte, embracing
  • French History Of The 19th Century - 1,428 words
    There were numerous events at the turn of the nineteenth century. They can be best characterized as the French Revolution, Napoleons reign, and the Congress of Vienna. The French Revolution consisted of the numerous revolts of the Third Estate against the monarch, Louis XVI. Napoleons reign consisted of numerous conquests, totaling in most of Europe, and ending in a few tragic errors and miscalculations on his part that would cause him the throne. The Congress of Vienna was a one-year convention in Vienna, Austria, amongst leaders of European empires who gathered in an attempt to reorganize and restructure the European continent. I strongly believe that these events did not meet the goals of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french constitution, french government, french history, french republic, french revolution, nineteenth century
  • The French Revolution Causes And Effects - 1,247 words
    The French Revolution began in 1789, with the meeting of the Estates General, when the delegates swore not to disband until France had a constitution. In Paris, the Bastille, which was a symbol of royal power, was stormed. From 1789-1790 the National Assembly voted for a constitution, and adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man. Also, during that time the royal family of King Louis XVI was removed from Versailles to Paris. The king tried unsuccessfully to flee Paris for Varennes in June of 1791. A legislative assembly sat from October 1791 until September 1792, when in the face of advancing armies of Austria, Holland, Prussia and Sardina, it was replaced by the National Convention, whic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french constitution, french government, french revolution, industrial revolution, revolution
  • The Influence Of Enlightenment On The French Revolution - 680 words
    What is enlightenment? The 18th century Enlightenment was a movement of the intellectuals who dared to prove all the aspects in life scientifically. German philosopher Immauel Kant proclaimed the motto of the enlightenment : Dare to know!: Have the courage to use your own intelligence! People were greatly impressed by the scientific revolution. They were also advocating the application of the scientific method to the understanding of all life. During the age of enlightenment, science became popular and there were a lot of philosophers who applied the natural law to the social life. For example: John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Adam Smith, Montesquieu and many more. These people were the on ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: age of enlightenment, enlightenment, french monarchy, french republic, french revolution, revolution, scientific revolution
  • Great Chain - 1,062 words
    William Blake was a member of a social class with a long history of radical dissent. The Artisan class which he, as the son of a hosier, was born into and consequently remained in as an engraver later in his life, had opposed in turn first the landed mercantile aristocracy in the late eighteenth century and then the emerging industrial capitalism of the early nineteenth. However, in order to determine whether Blake's visionary world had any relevance to the political realities of the period it is necessary to briefly outline what these were. Whilst history usually records these as the emergence of rationalism, utilitarianism, science in a form we now recognise, and political economy, it is p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chain, contemporary society, last days, william blake, conquest
  • Ecomic Advances - 2,307 words
    ... and resulted g) under the threat of the King appointing new peers, the House of Lords passed the bill in April 1832 5- The Reform Bill of 1832 a) a very "English" voting system resulted b) you enjoyed the franchise if you resided in a borough and paid L 10 a year in rent c) or resided in the country and paid L 10 for a 60 year lease; or L 50 for a short lease d) if you owned land that could be rented for L 2 a year you voted e) the electorate of 500,000 was increased to 813,000 12% of adult males voted f) seats were redistributed: 56 boroughs were abolished; 30 were diminished; and 143 were given to the new industrial towns 6- While not truly sweeping, it was considered so by the Whigs a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: liberal party, labor unions, free trade, capitalistic, rome
  • Relation Between The Indonesian And French Revolution - 702 words
    Preliminary Stage of Indonesia's revolution began early this in the 20th century while they were still under Dutch rule. Indonesian independence movements began and expanded rapidly, particularly between the two World Wars. Its leaders came from a small group of young professionals and students, some of whom had been educated in the Netherlands. This group can be paralleled to the intellectuals of the Fench revolution who criticized the monarchy. The Dutch rule can be related to the rule of Louis XVI over France. The French people had little power, and the Indonesian people also had little power. The First Stage of the revolution began when the Dutch surrendered to Germany. Shortly after, Ja ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french revolution, indonesian, revolution, world wars, small group
  • Physcohistory - 1,761 words
    A solution for a society facing critical times. -------------------------------------------------- - Quite a few net diehards have been suffering from insomnia - trying to figure out, whether psychohistory can be applied, as a science, on bushmen in Africa ? Another crisis. At times it seems as problems, problems always face the poor defenceless humans. How nice it would be, just to push a bottom on a computer and be given the It was for this purpose Isaac Asimow invented the theory Often in the modern welfare state it seems as our lifes progresses like clockwork. That humans (under certain good circumstances) actually can control life and society. Certainly we know the Sun rises every ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: state budget, president clinton, new york, pitfalls, shortly
  • French Revolution - 821 words
    The estates general were elected from the third estate also. But only propertied men could vote. 2. National Assembly - June 17 1789 They were a claim made by the third estate saying they represented the people of France, hence the name National Assembly. They decided to write a constitution and invited delegates from other estates. When the Natl. Assembly found their meeting hall locked, they moved their meeting to a nearby indoor tennis court. They swore never to separate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution. The Bastille was a fortress that was made into a prison. A mob of people believed that the prison was used to h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french revolution, revolution, freedom of religion, public office, austria
  • The Failings Of Future Of An Illusion - 1,511 words
    In Sigmund Freuds The Future of an Illusion, Freud suggests that humanity is driven by instinctual wishes that they suppress, such as incest, cannibalism, and a lust for killing. What keeps humanity from acting upon these wishes, and resulting in the break down of civilization, are the moral laws of that civilization. In European/Western civilization these moral laws are based on religion, specifically Christianity and Judaism. Religion creates a moral system by which those that do evil are eternally punished, and those that do good, rewarded, thus keeping society in line. In addition to preventing humankind from acting on its instinctual wishes, Freud states that religion also helps humanit ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: illusion, religious law, religion philosophy, religious fundamentalism, collapse
  • The Reign Of Terror - 277 words
    Maximilien Robespirre, a unique member of the Jacobin Club, formed the Republic of Virtue. He was a radical that wanted to wipe all traces of France's past monarchy and nobility. Whether he was doing this for the good of the country or not, it did not help the people. All it brought was havoc and problems to France. This merciless period is called the Reign of Terror. The radicals brought changes quickly to the people. They created a calendar with no Sundays for the evilness of religion. Cards were changed from kings and queens to liberties and equalities. In other words, they blew the revolution out of proportion. Robespierre went crazy with his power; he judged who was an enemy and guillot ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reign, terror, national convention, club, virtue
  • Jaques Louis David - 1,856 words
    1. Introduction Set on a stage of revolution and Enlightenment, the Neo-Classical period presents a broad and interesting topic. Jacques Louis David was the first political painter, and a true revolutionary, but one cannot disengage his art work from the social and political systems of the period. Therefore, this essay will present an overview of the social context and systems of Pre Revolution France, Neoclassicism and how Davids work was influenced by it and how his work influenced it. Also important to note are the art work that influenced Neoclassicism. 2. Social and Artistic Climate in the 18th Century 2.1. Neoclassicism Neoclassicism refers to the style of painting, sculpture, decorati ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king louis, king louis xiv, louis, louis david, louis xiv, louis xvi
  • Was The French Revolution Preventable? - 1,083 words
    The French Revolution was a major transformation of the society and political system of France, lasting from 1789 to 1799. During the course of the Revolution, France was changed from an absolute monarchy, to a republic of supposedly equal and free citizens. The effects of the French Revolution were widespread, both inside and outside of France, and impacted all of Europe. At times the outcome of revolt led to social change and at times it just led to unnecessary bloodshed. Was this revolution inevitable? Was there something different that the government or people could have done to prevent the horrible atrocities of The Reign of Terror under Robespierre and his men? There are clear social, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french economy, french government, french revolution, revolution, political system
  • The French Revolution - 1,350 words
    During the late 1700s, France followed in Americas footsteps towards their own revolution. A major shift in power would be seen within the short time period of 1789-1799, and with it a large advancement away from the absolutist government of France. During the late 1700s France was the most powerful estate in the world. The effects of the countrys revolution would soon spread from France to the rest of Europe and finally result in a continental war. The French Revolution was based mostly on the Third Estates desire to obtain liberty and equality. Frances social system was set up in such a way that it was only a matter of time before a revolution took place. The economic classes of France wer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american revolution, french revolution, french society, revolution, economic system
  • Crisis Of The French Revolution - Notes - 3,505 words
    Creating a new Society 14 July 1789 to 9 Thermidor II,(27 July 1794) (snapshot Napoleonic France 1804) According to Joseph Weber, foster brother of Queen Antoinette, there were three primary causes of the French revolution 'the disorder of the finances, the state of mind, and the war in America.' The 'disorder in the finances' acknowledged that the bankruptcy of the monarchy opened the doors to defiance of the King's authority. The greatest single cause of the revolution was the economic crisis, which forced the King to recall the redundant Estates General which had not been called since 1614, which opened the debate for people to make complaints with the current system through the cahiers o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic crisis, french revolution, revolution, rural communities, national guard

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