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  • Huck Finn Research Paper - 1,443 words
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a story about a boy without a family who teams up with a black slave and journeys down the Mississippi River in search for the slaves freedom, and the boys independence in his escape from society. Throughout the journey down the river, Huck, who is a white boy, matures constantly and becomes more independent. He also produces a great friendship with Jim, the slave. The two of them encounter the adventure of their lives, and escape many close calls of being caught, or being recognized by authorities. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain displays how punishment for breaking laws and rules was extremely violent and strict during the nineteenth ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adventures of huckleberry finn, finn, huck, huck finn, huckleberry finn, research paper, the adventures of huckleberry finn
  • Research Paper On Theodore Roethke - 1,090 words
    Theodore Roethke was born on May 25, 1908 in Saginaw, Michigan. He was born to Otto and Helen Huebner Roethke. In 1872 Roethkes father and grandfather emigrated from Germany. This is where Roethkes grandfather and father bought 22 acres of land and started a market garden. After making enough money they bought a greenhouse. In 1906 Roethkes father married Helen Huebner, also a German immigrant. This led to the birth of Theodore. While growing up, Roethke helped his father out in the greenhouse taking care of the flowers. While working with plants and nature this deeply affected him as we see it in his poetry. From all this time working with his dad Roethke gets one of his major ideas for wri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, roethke, theodore, theodore roethke, state college
  • How To Write A Research Paper - 778 words
    Using an outline can help you organize your material and can also help you discover connections between pieces of information that you weren't aware of when you first conceived the plan of your paper. It can also make you aware of material that is not really relevant to the purposes of your paper or material that you have covered before and should therefore be removed. A Working Outline might be only an informal list of topics and subtopics which you are thinking of covering in your paper. Sometimes, however, an instructor might require that a working outline be submitted at the beginning of your work; then your instructor might suggest ways in which the work needs to be further developed or ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, cause and effect, practical guide, harcourt brace, accomplish
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God Research Paper - 1,509 words
    Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Research Paper "I am Me, My Eyes Toward God" Mark Evans Zora Neale Hurston an early twentieth century Afro-American feminist author, was raised in a predominately black community which gave her an unique perspective on race relations, evident in her novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. Hurston drew on her on experiences as a feminist Afro-American female to create a story about the magical transformation of Janie, from a young unconfident girl to a thriving woman. Janie experiences many things that make her a compelling character who takes readers along as her companion, on her voyage to discover the mysteries and rewards life has to offer. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, their eyes were watching god, state university, black woman, combining
  • The Salem Witch Trials - A Research Paper - 1,861 words
    Why do you hurt these children? I do not hurt them. I scorn it. Have you made no contract with the devil? No! Mr. John Hathorn, a Judge involved in the witchcraft case of Sarah Good, then asked all of the afflicted children to look upon her and see if this was the person that had hurt them so. They all gazed at Goody Good and said that this was the person that tormented thempresently they were all tormented. Puritanical beliefs had all of Salem truly believing that witches rode on broomsticks across the sky every night alongside the devil himself. They believed that these mere humans could send their specter out and haunt the children of their town. Proof of their belief follows, in an excer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, salem witchcraft, salem witchcraft trials
  • Wetland Research Paper - 3,053 words
    When most people think of wetlands the first thing that will pop into their mind will be visions of swamps and flooded plains. These marshy lands would seem to have no purpose, while in reality they are the most precious form of ecosystem that we have in America. Wetlands contribute to biodiversity, clean water, flood control, and provide a habitat for millions of species of plants and animals. Even with all this wetlands still face mass destruction, much like the rain forests they are just as productive and face similar rates of devastation (Mitchell, J. (1992, October). Our Disappearing Wetlands National Geographic, Pg 15). It really is hard to get someone passionate about a mosquito-infes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, wetland, mass destruction, global warming, sponges
  • Wetland Research Paper - 2,941 words
    ... sically means that any and all assistance that comes from the government to help farmers. Things like disaster insurance, and bonding are all cut from them until they either get a permit or restore the wetland (Mitchell, J. (1992, October) Our Disappearing Wetlands. National Geographic, Pg. 35). It was said before that farming is one of the most destructive forces working against wetlands, which is why theres a whole section devoted to it. Farming has always used wetlands for their water and then destroyed them to raise crops. Farming can cause destruction so devastating to the land it may never recover. Things like demolition, pollution, and upsets in the ecosystem can all be attributed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, wetland, environmental factors, chicago tribune, proving
  • Research Paper: The Benefits Of Homework - 1,465 words
    The Objective: Through comprehensive research I have read and studied many conflicting viewpoints about the importance and benefits of homework. I hope that with this paper I will explore why homework has been under scrutiny. I also want to show how researchers were vital in determining effective methods for improving student achievement. At the forefront of those studies was Professor Harris Cooper. Due to Coopers studies a new understanding of why homework is important and how homework can and should be assigned came about. His ideas, influenced and motivated by others research, help promote the adoption of homework policies. This paper also discusses the positive and negative effects home ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: educational research, homework, research paper, academic achievement, fourth edition
  • Steroids Research Paper - 813 words
    Athletics today is not the same as it was 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. As the years have past our athletic events have become more important to our society, some athletes are getting paid upwards of a millions dollars a year to do what regular athletes have been doing for years. Since the athletes are getting paid more, it normal means that the games are getting more interesting. The things that make the games more interesting are the fact that todays athletes are going to great lengths to become faster and stronger. Why is it that our athletes are getting faster and stronger? Why didnt the past athletes have the same capabilities as our present day athletes have? The answers to these ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anabolic steroids, research paper, steroid abuse, steroids, using steroids
  • Research Paper On The Dred Scott Case - 1,453 words
    To tell the story of a slave is, of necessity, to tell the story largely, of his masters. This is the story of a slave that whished for freedom. After belonging to several different owners, Dred whished to carry on his life as a free man with his wife and two children. Relying on the Justice System in America. Dred took his fight for freedom to the courts, little did he know that his case would one day go down in history as the turning point in American slavery. The Blow family were Dreds first masters; they lived on a farm in Virginia, poor and worn out from years of cultivation, they moved with the Era of Good Feelings west like so many others to Huntsville, Alabama (Hopkins 1). For eleven ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dred, dred scott, research paper, scott, scott case, scott decision
  • Research Paper On The Dred Scott Case - 1,441 words
    ... citizen of Missouri (Fehrenbacher 276). Sanfords plea claimed the Scotts as his lawful slaves, asserted that he had gently laid his hands upon them and restrained them of their liberty as he had the right to do. Whether Sanford had committed assault and false imprisonment depended entirely on whether the Scotts were free persons or slaves (Howard 55). For more than a year after it was docketed, the Dred Scott Case waited for the attention of the Supreme Court. While the case was waiting for attention from the Supreme Court it began to receive the attention from newspapers, they awakened to the idea that this might be the most important case in U.S. court history. The first was the Washin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dred, dred scott, research paper, scott, scott case, scott decision
  • Asthma Research Paper - 1,378 words
    Asthma Research Paper Asthma is a chronic illness that affects many people. Asthma affects approximately 155 million people around the world. The pharmaceutical industry approximates $5.5 billion in sales for asthma medication per year for a condition that is incurable. Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways. The narrowing of airways occurs due to inflammation and excessive mucous secretion. The constriction of the airway gives rise to common asthmatic symptoms of wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, and shortness of breath. The usual form of control for asthma is bronchiodilators and corticosteriods. Although, bronchiodilators are used in asthma therapy they have no effect ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: asthma, research paper, bad credit, law enforcement, portion
  • Helium Chemistry Research Paper - 704 words
    Helium (Greek helios,"sun"), symbol He, inert, colorless, odorless gas element. In group 18 of the periodic table, helium is one of the noble gases. The atomic number of helium is 2. Pierre Janssen discovered helium in the spectrum of the corona of the sun during an eclipse in 1868. Shortly after it was identified as an element and named by the chemist Sir Edward Frankland and the British astronomer Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer. The gas was first isolated from terrestrial sources in 1895 by the British chemist Sir William Ramsay, who discovered it in cleveite. In 1907 Sir Ernest Rutherford showed that alpha particles are the nuclei of helium atoms. II PROPERTIES AND OCCURRENCE Helium has monato ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chemistry, helium, research paper, ernest rutherford, united states government
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research Paper - 1,646 words
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) refers to a group of physical and mental birth defects resulting from a women's drinking alcohol heavily or at crucial stages during pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome was first named and treated in the late 1960's. This condition results from the toxic effect of alcohol and its chemical factors on the developing fetus. FAS is the leading cause of mental retardation occurring in 1 out of every 750 births. The frequency of FAS occurs about 1.9 times out of every 1000 births according to the latest figures, and minor effects can be seen in up to 20% of pregnancies per year. This number changes drastically for women who are clearly alcoholics. As high as 29 children ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alcohol, alcohol abuse, alcohol consumption, alcohol syndrome, fetal, fetal alcohol, fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Biology Research Paper: In Vitro Fertilization. - 1,959 words
    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), is the procedure whereby human babies are conceived, not in the womb but in a test tube or a Petri dish. This procedure has become one of the greatest developments in the world of medical technology. In Vitro Fertilization has given infertile couples the chance to conceive and bear a child from a full term of pregnancy. Without this procedure, their infertility would render them childless. There are many aspects of the IVF program that have been both praised and criticized. The legal, ethical and social repercussions of the IVF program have created great debate and controversy. This essay will demonstrate the procedures used in the IVF program and set out the ar ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biology, in vitro fertilization ivf, research paper, vitro, vitro fertilization
  • Cloud Research Paper - 508 words
    Cloud formations have always been observed by people, many centuries before our time. People were always fond of clouds. They always wondered why some clouds were dark and others were white and fluffy, and why some clouds are so up high and others were so low that they looked reachable by the human hands. The most recent classification of clouds was accomplished by the World Meteorological Organization in 1956. This organization lists 10 basic kinds of clouds that are subdivided into species according to their outer shape and inner structure. In addition, cloud varieties are discussed according to arrangement and transparency. There is a height classification which are called high, middle, a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloud, research paper, high middle, different kinds, height
  • Research Paper On Outsourcing In The United States - 1,042 words
    Outsourcing is defined as "the process of purchasing goods and services from outside vendors rather than producing the same goods or providing the same services within the organization." Outsourcing does not come without risks, but it also has its benefits as well. Gaining services or products from outside sources can be very beneficial, considering the alternative that the firm will have to produce them themselves. However, on main risk that is incurred when outsourcing is that when a firm does outsource, they leave the supply of that product or service in the hands of someone of whom they cannot control, contrary to controlling their own supply. Ethical issues are at hand here, as well as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: outsourcing, research paper, research survey, united states, information technology
  • Research Paper On Outsourcing In The United States - 1,037 words
    ... Look at the demand!! Not only is there a shortage in workers, but the firms who do outsource IT say that it is something that they like. 42% have become more reliant on outsourcing IT specialist. With this problem of a shortage in workers, companies like Schwab & Co. have attacked the problem head on and have helped lead the field in combating the problem of outsourcing and worker deficiency. "With an IT workforce of 4,000 and a history of deploying cutting-edge technologies, Schwab has spent years developing an internal training program called Schwab University. Employees can choose which courses they want to take, and the company encourages them to learn new skills so they have mob ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: outsourcing, research paper, united states, microsoft corp, account balance
  • Research Paper Analyzing Mythology - 822 words
    Mythology is the study and interpretation of myth and the body of myths of a particular culture. Myth is a complex cultural phenomenon that can be approached from a number of viewpoints. In general, myth is a narrative that describes and portrays in symbolic language the origin of the basic elements and assumptions of a culture. Mythic narrative relates, for example, how the world began, how humans and animals were created, and how certain customs, gestures, or forms of human activities originated. Almost all cultures possess or at one time possessed and lived in terms of myths. Myths differ from fairy tales in that they refer to a time that is different from ordinary. The time sequence of m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: analyzing, greek mythology, mythology, research paper, western culture
  • Research Paper On Psychological Egoism - 1,116 words
    Psychological Egoism is a descriptive theory about human motivation that we actually only ever look out for our own interests (Baillie). Therefore, human are selfish in every act they do; and there is no such thing as altruism, concern for others (Rachels 70). For example, an egoist will say that Mother Theresa is helping the poor because she wants to get the worlds attention or such. However is that what she really wants? Many people appreciate this theory due to its simplicity. However, I believe that in some ways Psychological Egoism is true, but not always. I believe that there are different conditions for each person and each condition will yield different conclusions. In this paper, I ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: egoism, psychological egoism, research paper, country people, mother theresa

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