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  • David Awaiting Goliath - 490 words
    Before going to Eleganza, the only sculpture that I had ever seen, besides the small statues in neighbors' yards, was in books that I had looked at. When I entered the museum I noticed the many sculptures that occupied the small space. After walking around, observing the different sculptures and listening to Dr. Roselle speak, I came to a decision that David was my favorite statue in the museum. The complexity, texture, and realistic characteristics of Michelangelo's David made this a beautiful sculpture. I had only been exposed to pictures in books of sculpture before visiting Eleganza. For me to be able to see the sculptures in their three-dimensional form right in front of me was an exper ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: goliath, real thing, greek sculpture, never knew, complexity
  • The Son Of Sam And Terror Of New York - 1,273 words
    The Son of Sam and Terror of New York "At one a.m. on July twenty-ninth a man was cruising in the Bronx when he spotted two young women sitting in a parked blue Oldsmobile. He swung around a corner and abandoned his car, pushing the bag-covered pistol into the waistband of his trousers. With his characteristics gait he shuffled back toward the women, Donna Lauria, eighteen, a medical technician, and Jody Valenti, nineteen, a student nurse. They were parked in front on Lauria's home; her parents had just returned from a restaurant and had spoken to their daughter before going into the house. Donna had promised to follow in a minute. At 1:10 a.m., the man walked up to the passenger side of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: new york, terror, york columbia, york times, identity crisis
  • The Death Of Ivan Ilych - 587 words
    The Death of Ivan Ilych tells the story of a man on his deathbed realizing that the majority of the things hes done throughout his life was for social acceptance. Concerned only with the thoughts of other people, his own ideas and thoughts were dismissed from importance when it came to self-image. On his deathbed he realizes that In public opinion I was moving uphill, but to the same extent life was slipping away from me. And now its gone and all I can do is die. Ivan found money and work to be the root of all happiness. One of the reasons why Ivan values work and money so much is because these to aspects were escapes from his artificial married life he was leading. For once in his life Iva ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ivan, social acceptance, married life, real thing, lying
  • Ann Radcliffes The Italian - 1,513 words
    In Ann Radcliffe's "The Italian", the very first thing that we see described is a veiled woman: "It was in the church of San Lorenzo at Naples, in the year 1758, that Vincentio di Vivaldi first saw Ellena di Rosalba. The sweetness and fine expression of her voice attracted his attention to her figure, which had a distinguished air of delicacy and grace; but her face was concealed in her veil. So much was he fascinated by the voice, that a most painful curiosity was excited as to her countenance, which he fancied must express all the sensibility of character that the modulation of her tones indicated" (5). Even without knowing anything about Gothic elements, this indicates very clearly what t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ann radcliffe, italian, evil spirit, the narrator, tale
  • Were The Red Fern Grows - 1,892 words
    "I was walking along whistling when I heard the dogfight", Billy starts the story. He rescued an redbone hound dog and took it home. This brought memories back to his mind. It all happened This is a story about friendship between two coon hounds and a boy named Billy Colman. Billy is ten years old and lives in the Ozark Mountains. He had long straw-colored hair that was He wore patched and faded coveralls. Billy did not wear shoes during the summer. He was a boy and worked hard to help his mother and father. His family lived in a farm on a Cherokee land because his mother was part Cherokee Indian. Billy's mother taught Billy reading, writing and arithmetics. They lived in a log house near th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fern, real thing, last time, cherokee indian, lying
  • Daniel Defoe - 1,762 words
    Thesis Statement: Daniel Defoe perfected the art of giving his fiction the appearance of truth, thus making his works come alive and appear to be a matter of personal recollection. Daniel Defoe is the founder of the English novel. [Defoe]was one of the germinal minds in political and economical thought, a defender of religious toleration, and an opponent of the evils of human slavery (Moore, 7). Defoe reflects his diverse experiences in many countries and in many lifestyles. Besides being a brilliant journalist and novelist, Defoe was a prolific author, producing more than 500 books, pamphlets, and tracts. Defoe was a religious man who stood up for the Christian code of ethics. He spent a g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: daniel, daniel defoe, defoe, king james, code of ethics
  • The Grapes Of Wrath - 1,531 words
    ... ction with the characters of this story, the events themselves reveal Steinbeck's second major area of symbolism. He uses the events to shape his characters, as well as tell his story -- symbolic to the test of mortal life, the very reason we are here, so the Bible teaches us. There are several examples that illustrate how triumphant the human spirit can be in times of trouble and mental fatigue. The trek West itself reveals just how committed the Joad's were to their dreams. They risk everything just to find work and a place to live -- the basics. Each event serves as one more essential hurdle each main character must adapt to in order to fully disclose his/her own symbolism. For instan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grapes of wrath, the grapes of wrath, wrath, historical review, modern fiction
  • Mystery Story - 5,542 words
    ... hly fifteen minutes in duration. I stayed in the kitchen for about five minutes each time. I dont mean to insult you this time, Mr. Ross, but knowing the layout of the house as you do, would that have been enough time for you to slip something into a cup of coffee and carry it upstairs to Mr. Richards? Ross nostrils flared ever so slightly. Yes. That would have been possible, if you consider the fact that his bedroom is extremely close to the stairway. In addition, I did take him his coffee at about ten past ten this evening. However, I still maintain that I did not kill him. I believe you. Thank you for your time, Mr. Ross. That short a questioning? I have already found out all the thin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mystery, body weight, real thing, computer industry, lying
  • Edward Gein - 811 words
    Ed Gein was born at the turn of the century into the small farming community of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Gein lived on his family homestead with a weak, ineffectual brother and domineering mother who taught him from an early age that sex was a sinful thing. Eddie ran the family's 160-acre farm on the outskirts of Plainfield until his brother Henry died in 1944 and his mother in 1945. When she died her son was a thirty-nine-year-old bachelor, still emotionally enslaved to the woman who had tyrannized his life. The rest of the house, however, soon degenerated into a madman's shambles. "Weird old Eddie", as the local community knew him, began to develop a deeply unhealthy interest in the intimate ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: edward, mental hospital, female body, texas chainsaw massacre, headless
  • John Donne Poetry - 1,878 words
    By Referring Closely to at least 4 poems, examine the distinct characteristics of John Donne poetry, paying particular attention to the Relationship Between Intellect and Emotion. John Donne was born in 1572 and both of his parents were Roman Catholics and as a result religion played a very prominent part in his upbringing, and this influenced his poetry greatly. Throughout his poetry there is a strong feel of religion. He was also an educated man and this is also shows in his work with his logical arguments and thought and feeling that goes into his poems. He often uses a paradox and likens things such as love and religion to other things as well. This also shows his range and variety of la ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: donne, john donne, poetry, more important, moral strength
  • Existence Of God - 1,424 words
    Existence of God or the Lack There of Philosophers and theologians have always searched a way to prove the existence or non-existence of God. Many of these philosophers have made valid points for their views on the subject. Philosophers such as Saint Thomas Aquinas, Decartes, and John Locke argued for the existence of God while others, such as Rowe and Hume, searched for ways to disprove the arguments that these philosophers stated. Saint Thomas Aquinas had five ways in which he proved the existence of God. The first of which dealt with proving the existence of God through the idea of motion. By studying the works of Aristotle he concluded that an object in motion must be put into motion by ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: existence of god, real thing, thomas aquinas, innate ideas, assumption
  • Patti Smith - 1,883 words
    Born in Chicago and raised in Woodbury, New Jersey, just across the state line from Philadelphia, Patti's mother, Beverly, was a jazz singer cum waitress. Her father, Grant, worked at the Honeywell plant; she was the oldest of four siblings: her sisters Linda and Kimberly (the latter plays mandolin on Gone Again's "Ravens,"), and brother Todd. Unable to find her place in high school society, she took refuge in the images of Rimbaud, Bob Dylan, James Brown, and the Rolling Stones. Dropping out of Glassboro State Teacher's College, she headed for the bright -lights-big-city of New York. When she arrived in town, she met an art student named Robert Mapplethorpe and they moved in together. Patti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: patti, smith, free press, times square, czech
  • Eyeless - 1,767 words
    If someone would have taken me outside and told me to look at the night sky and tell them what I was thinking, two weeks ago I would have probably said some idiotic remark like, "Cool." If they asked me what I thought about space, I probably would have coldly answered, "I could care less." I thought that all that space was made of was a huge overabundance of white dots filling the pitch-black sky. The only thing I really liked was the moon because it was the closest thing I could see in space. If I saw an article on space or planets, I would never read the articles, I would just slowly saunter through the pages and stare at the pictures. To see all the fascinating colors of the different pla ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: real thing, glimpse, rush, curious
  • Claude Monet At The National Gallery Of Art - 1,276 words
    Claude Monet at the National Gallery of Art Claude Monet is most definately my favorite Painter of all time. Widely considered the foremost Impressionist painter, Monet inspired Masters like Degas and Renoir. Monets paintings, characterized by their blurred lines, quick brush strokes and interpretation of light, capture the essence of the subject without the harsh realism of previous centuries. Earlier on in his career Monets paintings attempted to catch the momentary light and mobility of his subject. His paintings were done quickly and almost completely outdoors. As his career progressed, he became increasingly fascinated with the atmosphere. Late in his career Monet devoted himself to pai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: claude, claude monet, gallery, monet, national gallery
  • The Pros And Cons Of Assimilation - 754 words
    The Pros and Cons of Assimilation In everyone's life, there are elements of culture and language, that both play a role in our society. The essays "If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me What Is? " written by James Baldwin, and "Children of a Marriage" written by Richard Rodriguez, discuss how their influences can be either positive or negative. They also talk about how language and culture are continuously evolving and how they are the basis for today's world. Language plays a very important role in our society. It is our means of communication. Without a common language a group of people cannot function together. As Baldwin writes "If two black people, at the bitter hour of the wo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: assimilation, cons, pros, richard rodriguez, important role
  • History Of Flight - 1,017 words
    "A bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law... which it is within The Wright Brothers may have invented the first airplane, made the first successful flight, and gone down in history as aviation pioneers, but the theory of flight goes back far before those boys were born. As early as the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci had drawn things resembling a helicopter. Without knowing about aerodynamics, attempts were doomed to fail. Aerodynamics: (Definition of) is the study of the flow of air and other gases and of the forces acting on bodies moving through the gases. It is a branch of fluid mechanics. Aerodynamics is mainly used to study flight. Isaac Newton developed the laws o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: flight, world wide, real thing, basic principles, static
  • Advertising Manipulations - 1,166 words
    ... opportunity The problem that exist with testimonials is that there is no way to discover if the spokesperson is a credible authority; therefore, they are not trustworthy. When testimonials are used people are claiming personal success stories about a product. The problem that exists is that there is no way to know if the testifying party is credible. Especially considering that the people chosen are impossible to contact for verification. Many times testimonials are made from people such as Christy in Memphis or Bob from Las Vegas. Who is Christy in Memphis and why should she be believed or trusted? Also, claims are often made by large, vague groups like the small town used in a Quaker ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, real thing, las vegas, young people, sexually
  • Writings Of F Scott Fitzgerald - 1,774 words
    F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer very much of his own time. This rare ability, along with his rhetorical brilliance, has established Fitzgerald as one of the major novelists and story writers of the twentieth century. The source of Fitzgerald s talent remains a mystery. Edward Fitzgerald , his father, came from tired, old stock with roots in Maryland. Edward Fitzgerald s great-great-grandfather was the brother of Francis Scott Keys grandfather, and if Scott Fitzgerald claimed a closer relationship, it was hardly his fault. He had after all been christened Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald , and his mother Mollie was inordinately proud of the Key connection she had married into. Equally important, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: f scott fitzgerald, f. scott fitzgerald, fitzgerald, francis scott, francis scott key, scott, scott fitzgerald
  • Raising Arizona - 328 words
    Joel and Ethan Coen came up with a true original, Raising Arizona, the rollicking tale of H.I. and Ed, played by Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter, about a childless couple who steal a quintuplet in order to satisfy Eds maternal urges. The lengths that H.I. and Ed go to to acquire a child are blown up into a weird and wonderful story which takes the usual stereotypes and pushes them into new dimensions. The story tells how H.I. McDonnough, a many times convicted armed robber, who only robs convenience stores with an unloaded gun, met and fell in love with Edwina, the police officer taking his mug shots each time he is convicted. They get married and all is grand, as they try to start a family, u ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arizona, raising, real thing, police officer, tale
  • Aristotole - 1,897 words
    Plato and Aristotle, two philosophers in the 4th century, hold polar views on politics and philosophy in general. This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphael's "School of Athens" (1510-11; Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican), where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms; and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. In a discussion of politics, the stand point of each philosopher becomes an essential factor. It is not coincidental that Plato states in The Republic that Philosopher Rulers who possess knowledge of the good should be the governors in a city state. His strong interest in metaphysics is demonstrated in The Republic various times: for examp ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: individual rights, people believe, social environment, myth, intermediate

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