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  • Lor Purple - 412 words
    At the tender age of fifteen, Celie, the main character in Alice Walkers The Color Purple is raped by whom she knows as her Pa. Pa forces himself upon Celie and she gets big or pregnant, not once, but twice. When Pa takes the children away, the first a boy and the second a girl, Celie believes that he kills them. The reader gathers from her letters to God, that she is not very educated, and she seems a little on the dumb side. She does not like, or fully understand the idea of her children being taken away from her, but knows that there is nothing she can do about it. This realization is a crucial point in the development of Celies character. She seems to understand that her life will always ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, main character, fifteen
  • The Colour Purple - 625 words
    Alice Walker, POCKET BOOKS/WASHINGTON SQUARE PRESS, 1982. The intensively descriptive novel, The Color Purple is about Celie, a woman born in the early 1900's, unselfishly surviving the social injustices of those times. As the novel unfolds, Celie experiences so much sorrow, that she is forced to grow up quickly and learn to appreciate the little that life has to offer her. As new people enter her life, she is encouraged to look at life differently and she discovers that she too can have a chance to laugh and love. The themes Alice Walker tries to convey are the reoccuring themes of learning, love and happiness. Understanding the themes allowed me to find the novel fulfilling, well thought o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, colour, purple, the color purple, alice walker
  • Childhood In Color Purple - 1,272 words
    Reminisce of the days of being a child. What comes to mind? Romping through the forest, connected to nature? Feeling free and innocent? Basically, what society views childhood to be? Well, guess what; childhood can be hell! Unfortunately, many children have horrible childhoods, suffering from abusive parents. Bad childhood stems from bad parents. Every ten seconds go by, and a parent abuses his child. Acts of rebellion, loss of self-esteem, lack of confidence-all factors are the results from a child being abused. Sadly, sometimes society ignores that aspect. Luckily, literature differs from other mediums in that it can express thoughts and emotional more effectively. Alice Walker's The Color ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, alice walker, self esteem
  • Color Purple And Macbeth - 1,149 words
    What is a perfect human? Human perfection may be measured by physical ability or intellectual achievement; however, it may also be measured by strength of character, and in this realm humans may often fall short. Weakness of character, shown through various character flaws, causes most of the hardships in life. Literature such as Shakespeare's Macbeth and Alison Walker's The Color Purple contain three levels of characters: setting characters, secondary characters and the main character. Combined, these three all contribute character flaws which leads to the novel or play's ultimate tragedy. The setting character appears in the beginning of a piece of literature to give one a feel and sense o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, lady macbeth, macbeth, purple, the color purple
  • Color Purple - 1,966 words
    Alice Walker's novel, The Color Purple, follows Celie down the winding road of her life. As a poor black girl living in the South, Celie endures and overcomes many hardships. As the novel opens, the readers learn that she has been raped repeatedly by her father, then later is forced into a loveless marriage with a man who treats her like a slave. Celie does not stand up for herself, and therefore gets taken advantage of in many ways, but through the friendships that she takes part in, she eventually learns to stand up for herself. "Celie is a terrorized, passive girl with little belief in herself who undergoes a major transformation in attitude and becomes a ...courageous and willful woman" ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, more practical, black girl
  • The Color Purple - 544 words
    Kym Hough 6th Hour The major characters in the Book The Color Purple by Alice Walker are: Celie, Nettie, Shug Avery and Mister . Celie is the narrator of most of the diary formed book. She is a black woman living in the first have of the 20th century. Celie was raped by her father when she was 15 and had 2 children which were taken away from her. Her father makes her marry Mister. Mister makes Celie more of a slave then a wife. Celie has to take care of him and his children. He also beats her. Because of Mr. , Celie has basically no self-esteem. The only person Celie has that loves her is her sister Nettie. Nettie is younger then Celie and is also more educated. Nettie ends up as a missiona ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, the narrator, alice walker
  • The Color Purple - 706 words
    The Color Purple The Color Purple brought on its self a storm of controversy upon its publication. Critics charged Walker with focusing on the sexual oppression of black women at the expense of dealing with the overall oppression of blacks. However, Walker's novel is a complex analysis of race relations and racial identity. Celies letters to God are the sole narrative for the first half of the novel. Celie is a poor, uneducated, Southern black woman. Her experiences are limited to a small geographic area. However, when she discovers her sister Netties letters after years of separation, Walker situates Celie's narrative at the crossroads of a complex discourse on racial identity. Samuel, Nett ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, racial identity, race relations
  • The Color Purple - 391 words
    In the book The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, Tashi is convinced that she doesn't want to go to America because no one will like her. Tashi has her doubts but Adam convinces her to come. I am not here to analyze the motives of the character's decision to go/not go to America, rather I will evaluate the historical factuality of her fears of going to the US Her fears are very realistic for any African woman coming to the states. She would have the same experience looking at modern magazines knowing how the public portrayal of woman is. In the 1930's most white people were very racist against Black people. People feared those that were different. They feared the tribal customs of Africans such ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, white people, alice walker
  • The Colour Purple - Spirituality & Religion - 1,461 words
    Alice Walker states that The Colour Purple remains for her the theological work examining the journey from the religious back to the spiritual. How successful is she in revealing her purpose to the reader? In the preface to the Colour Purple Walker identifies her religious development as the inspiration for her novel and labels religion and spirituality as the principle themes in the book. There are a number of principle characters who complete this journey however in many instances the religious element of the novel is overshadowed by other prominent themes such as personal development, female relationships and racial issues. These must be taken into consideration when assessing Walkers suc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colour, purple, spirituality, personal development, white people
  • The Color Purple Report - 880 words
    The Color Purple is a fictional story about black women in abusive relationships that try to gain their independence. This book lets the reader in on Celie, the main characters, life. She starts out as a poor, pathetic object and becomes a self-confident loved woman. At the time of publication, The Color Purple was a very controversial novel. Many thought it was a bad portrayal of men and whites. Alice Walker, though, tries to focus on womanism which is a main topic in her books. The Color Purple is about a poor black girl, Celie in the early 1900s. The unique format of all letters from Celie to God give us an insight into her life. The reader is able to follow Celie through years of growth ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, child rearing, good friends
  • "the Color Purple" By Alice Walker: Critical Analysis - 1,056 words
    In Alice Walkers The Color Purple, Celie leads a life filled with abuse at the hands of the most important men in her life. As result of the women who surround and help her, Celie becomes stronger and overcomes the abuse she experienced. The three most influential women in Celies life are here sister Nettie, her daughter-in-law Sofia and the singer Shug Avery. These are the women who lead Celie out of her shell and help her turn from and shy, withdrawn woman to someone who was free to speak her mind and lead her own independent life. Celie is inspired by her sisters independence, determination and perseverance in Africa among foreign people whom Nettie cares about deeply. Celie saw the impac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, color purple, critical analysis, the color purple
  • Comparison Of The Novel And Film "the Color Purple" - 518 words
    Have you ever felt like you could not survive without a certain person? Have you ever felt as if you have been taken away from the only person that has ever meant anything to you? If you have ever felt any of this, then you have felt love. The novel The Color Purple, By Alice Walker, and the movie The Color Purple, directed by Steve Spielberg, are stories about love and the survival between two sisters. The obstacles that the sisters have to face are very life risking. Although the novel and the movie have more similarities than differences, they still explain the major theme of womanhood. The novel and the movie have many of the same themes, obstacles, and resolutions. A similarity is Celie ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, the color purple, racial identity, shug avery, avery
  • Comparing The Colour Purple And King Lear - 1,565 words
    In both The Colour Purple and King Lear, sufferings of different kinds have led each character to become a better person as their journey of life progresses. In each characters journey, each have undergone many different sufferings, some went through physical sufferings of the body, some emotional sufferings of the soul and for some both. Although these sufferings were harsh on the characters, each have their own approach in handling them. As a consequence of the sufferings these characters went through, each individual changed in a unique way and transformed into a better person. Sufferings are not easy for any person to face, but as a result many often transforms into a better person. In T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colour, comparing, king lear, lear, purple
  • Life In The Color Purple, Synopsis - 1,101 words
    ... d gotten married to a man named Grady, they talk about Celie's life. She tells Shug that "Mr. come git me to take care his rotten children. He never ast me nothing bout myself. He clam on top of me and fuck and fuck, even when my head bandaged. Nobody ever love me." (117) Shug replies "I love you, Miss Celie." And then she haul off and kiss me on the mouth.(118) With Shug on her side, and making her feel that she is worth something besides being a servant for everyone but herself, she finally starts to get some self worth. The breaking point is after years of not having any contact with her sister Nettie (she had run away after her father tried to get her, too, and ended up living with ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, synopsis, the color purple, new orleans, breaking point
  • Adultery In The Crucible And The Color Purple - 970 words
    Throughout literature, one comes across characters that are not as appealing because they are promiscuous. John Proctor, from The Crucible, Harpo and Albert, from The Color Purple, are all examples of men who commit adultery. Their respective wives, Elizabeth, Sofia, and Celie, all have different reactions to their infidelity. The three women have completely different ways of handling the situation. In The Crucible, John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor had hired Abigail as a helper at their house. However, Abigail and John began to sleep together. Elizabeth began to notice and she approached John about it. He confesses and Abigail is kicked out of their house. After this event, there is a dist ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adultery, color purple, crucible, purple, the color purple, the crucible
  • The Color Purple - 1,557 words
    The feminism components are more main stream than the racial issues. The women at the start of the story are expected to cook, clean, and lay down when told to. They are beaten when they do not obey their husband or man. The men act as if Women are there to serve the man. Celie is forced to have sex with her step father and her husband because she is not strong enough to say no to Albert or her step father. "He just climb on top of me and do his business" says Celie. As if the women are there just to open her legs and let the man do what he wants to do. The real first theme of feminism is the act of Nettie to not give in and let Mr. have his way with her. In this act it showed him that he w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, men and women, over time
  • Color Purple - 1,134 words
    While reading The Color Purple I was shocked by the development of Celie's inner-self. Her entire being was defined by those around her. It appeared as if Celie had no hand in creating who she was. I could picture Shug, Mr., and Her father molding Celie's body like a piece of clay until Celie truly believed she was an ugly, dumb, and worthless servant. It was shocking to see the destructive power of something as simple as words. Words seem to have the single handed ability to destroy life itself. The power of the word in The Color Purple particularly struck me because I was simultaneously reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The Four Agreements is about the wisdom of the ancient T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, human mind, social roles
  • Roman Colusseum - 1,514 words
    ... or changes of attitude towards Christians came with the Constantine the Great. He last exchanged the purple pagan robes for the white robes of Christian faith. However paganism continued until 392, when Theodosius I and Valentinian II prohibited any form of pagan sacrifice. However it was Honorius who abolished the games of the Colosseum, but criminals were still persecuted there for more than one-hundred years. 11 After that it was generally used up until the end of the sixth century for concerts, sermons, and bullfights. The structure itself of the Colloseum can be summarized as the symbol of Rome and it's respect across the world: mammouth. The overall plan is a huge elliptical struct ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: roman architecture, middle class, sporting events, technological advances, smoke
  • Jimi Hendrix - 1,690 words
    On November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix was born as John Allen Hendrix in Washington at Seattle General Hospital. His childhood was not a privileged one, however, he did indulge himself in one particular way: Jimi loved to play the guitar. At first he played an old acoustic, and later a cheap Silvertone electric, which were both strung for a lefty on a right-handed guitar, one of the defining Hendrix traits (Murray 34- 5) . As a teenager, young Jimi listened to the music which affected his music so greatly later: everyone from Buddy Holly to Muddy Waters and through Chuck Berry way back to Eddie Cochrane (Wilmer 38). He played in a few bands in high school, but then dropped out before his senior ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hendrix, jimi, jimi hendrix, buddy holly, musical form
  • Jimi Hendrix - 1,671 words
    ... he commercial appeal, but plus the real Hendrix that gave him his true appeal. The next album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience was titled Electric Ladyland, which Hendrix said was a reference to ...groupies, but I prefer the term Electric Ladies. My whole Electric Ladyland album is about them (Fairchild, Electric Ladyland 5). Some of the songs on Electric Ladyland, such as Crosstown Traffic and the cover of Bob Dylans song All Along the Watchtower, mark a departure from the Jimi Hendrix established by Axis: Bold As Love. Crosstown Traffic is more along the vein of songs included in Are You Experienced? and Hendrix was frustrated that it was released as a single. See, that LP was in certain ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hendrix, jimi, jimi hendrix, black panther, york city

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