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  • Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places - 698 words
    Smoking or Non-SmokingShould There Be A Choice? Imagine sitting in a restaurant unable to enjoy a meal due to the cloud of smoke coming from a neighbors table. The fact that there was not a designated area for smokers has put the smoker and the non-smoker in an uncomfortable situation. Smoking should be banned in public places because non-smokers have a right to clean air, and because second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking a cigarette. However, smoking should not be banned in public places because it is the smokers choice to smoke just as it is the non-smokers choice not to smoke. President Clinton is quoted saying that Weve got to do more to protect people in public place ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banned, public places, public smoking, smoking, smoking in public
  • Social Interaction In Public Places - 572 words
    I learned a lot when I observed the diverse groups of people in the atmosphere of the restaurant, T. J. I. Fridays. I learned that the place is very sociological and very easy to observe and listen in on peoples conversations. I took a couple hours out of my night to eat at the Fridays located next to Rosedale mall. It is a fairly active place especially when I went on a Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. I sat in smoking which was located fairly close to the bar giving me a very social crowd to observe. While I observed I was covert-active because I was a part of the whole scene, but I didnt tell them I was observing. When I arrived and was seated, I couldnt help to see my first group of victi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interaction, public places, social cohesion, social interaction, saturday night
  • Uniforms In Public School - 1,538 words
    ... dropped rapidly and 600 students have been given detention and 200 suspended. This did exactly the opposite of what uniforms are suppose to accomplish. If policy makers are serious about finding solutions to the problem of school violence, maybe they should ask the real experts: the students themselves. The ACLU recently conducted a series of focus groups with high school students asking them what would help reduce violence in school. Uniforms did not make the list. Their suggestion: 1. Since school violence mimics that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict. 2. School entrances should be secured. 3. More extracurricular ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle school, public places, public school, public schools, school level, school problems, school students
  • A Bill - 1,766 words
    Representative introduces the following bill, which was referred to the committee on January tenth twenty thousand and one. Section One: Cigarettes are killing the uneducated youth. This bill is targeted towards the youth and protecting them against making the terrible decision to smoke. This bill will change the amount of smokers because the bill is going to make cigarettes less a part of society and make them less desired. Section Two: Every year cigarettes kill more Americans than were killed in World War 1, the Korean War, and Vietnam combined: Nearly as many as died in battle in World War 2. Each Year cigarettes kill five times more Americans than Traffic accidents. Lung cancer alone ki ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war 2, united states of america, house of representatives, dare, faithful
  • 1940s - 2,088 words
    ... t also helped increase survival rates for surgery. The first eye bank was established at New York Hospital in 1944. Unemployment almost disappeared, as most men were drafted and sent off to war. The government reclassified 55% of their jobs, allowing women and blacks to fill them. First, single women were actively recruited to the workforce. In 1943, with virtually all the single women employed, married women were allowed to work. Japanese immigrants and their descendants, suspected of loyalty to their homelands, were sent to internment There were scrap drives for steel, tin, paper and rubber. These were a source of supplies and gave people a means of supporting the war effort. Automobil ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: common sense, high heels, child care, burden, motion
  • Brown V Board Of Education - 1,452 words
    ... ep, both sides lawyers submit written arguments, briefs, to the judges to try and persuade them to make a decision in their favor. In the Brown case, and the other four cases, the plaintiffs argued that segregation was unconstitutional because it causes inequality in education. Also, in the Brown case, nearly two dozen amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs were submitted, with permission, by organizations and individuals who were not directly involved in the case. These briefs were very influential in the Courts decision. In the oral step, the lawyers speak for a limited amount of time. They are able to touch up on any unclear points as well as answer any questions the justices have ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brown v board of education, american life, jewish people, black civil rights, guidelines
  • Manifest Destiny - 794 words
    Phobia- intense and persistent fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. Because of this intense and persistent fear, the phobic person often leads a constricted life. The anxiety is typically out of proportion to the real situation, and the victim is fully aware that the fear is irrational. Phobic anxiety is distinguishable from other forms of anxiety only in that it occurs specifically in relation to a certain object or situation. This anxiety is characterized by physiological symptoms such as a rapid, pounding heartbeat, stomach disorders, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, choking feelings, flushing of the face, perspiration, tremulousness, and faintness. Some phobic people a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: destiny, manifest, manifest destiny, early adulthood, public places
  • Blame Noone But Yourself - 1,219 words
    Date rape is a term used to describe a rape where the victim knows the attacker, either closely or casually, that frequently involves alcohol or some other drug limiting the judgment of the perpetrator and the defenses of the victim. Although date rape is a forced issue, many precautions can be taken to prevent the crime. Date rape is vastly underreported because of the victims guilt, shame, and the feeling that they would not be believed. For example, in a study done by the National Center for the Prevention and Control of Rape, ninety percent of all rapes are never reported. A college campus is the most common place where a date rape would happen. The most commonly known cause of date rape ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: police department, new york, aggressive behavior, alcohol, rebecca
  • Diseases - 520 words
    E. coli are germs that normally live the intestines of people and animals. The most common symptoms are severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. E. coli lives in the intestines of healthy cattle and can get into the meat when cattle are slaughtered. The germs are killed when the meat is thoroughly cooked. The most common food source is ground beef because the grinding spreads the germs throughout the meat. These germs have also been in raw milk, roast beef, apple cider, salami, and sometimes on vegetables fertilized with contaminated cow manure. E. coli must be swallowed to cause an infection. This can happen if you eat or drink something that contains these germs and is not properly cooked or pa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: living conditions, alcohol consumption, public places, surgery, cider
  • Confucianism - 669 words
    Confucianism was the major school of thought in China throughout history. Confucianism was developed from the teachings of Confucius and his disciples, and covered the areas of social relationships, principles of good conduct, practical wisdom. Confucianism has influenced the Chinese attitude toward life, set the patterns of living, and provided the background for Chinese political theories and institutions. It has spread through various countries from Korea, Japan, and Vietnam and has aroused interest among Western scholars. Although Confucianism became the official ideology of the Chinese state, Confucianism has never existed as an established religion. Amazingly, Chinese scholars honored ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: confucianism, political thought, faith healing, public places, practical
  • Poverty In Americas Chil - 1,135 words
    The federal government classifies a family as poor if its pretax cash income falls below a certain minimum standard. This standard was established by dividing the average expenditure for a minimally adequate diet by the average share of family income spent on food. The federal poverty line is adjusted for family size and for changes in the average cost of living in the United States, but it is not adjusted for regional or local differences. The number of children living in low-income families is quite large. In addition to the five million children under six whose families were officially poor in 1987, another 2.7 million lived in near poor families, with incomes between 100 percent and 150 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: americas, child poverty, school failure, department of housing and urban development, apartment
  • Smoking - 1,829 words
    Smoking and Chewing By: Trevor Glover Tobacco is a plant grown for its leaves that are smoked, chewed, or sniffed for a ton of effects like thinking your cool if you do but we all know your really not. It is an addictive substance because it has the chemical nicotine in it. People say that the tobacco plant is believed to have started in the Western Hemisphere. The leaves of the plant are then made for smoking, chewing, or sniffing. Nicotine is not the only chemical it contains over 4,000 other chemicals. The Indians of Mexico and Peru used tobacco for the ceremonies, medical purposes and to help fight hunger pains during a drought. Columbus is credited with introducing tobacco into Europe, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cigarette smoking, quit smoking, smoking, smoking in public, over years
  • Alcohol - 1,001 words
    ... Evidence shows a drop in smoking among youths until 1980, when it eventually reached a plateau. For more than ten years the number of teenagers who smoked stayed basically in the same range, however, in the early 90s the percentage increased by thirty. Regulations restricting the use of alcohol are long existent. Early governments such as those of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans established laws to limit the use of alcohol in order to prevent its abuse. Only a decade after alcohol was initially introduced to America by European explorers, a law was passed in order to restrict excessive drinking. This law punished whomever was caught drunk, and the severity of the punishment dep ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alcohol, alcohol abuse, alcohol problems, president kennedy, american people
  • Electrifying Cities In America - 1,405 words
    People all over the modern world rely on electricity without even thinking about where it comes from, or what life would be like without it. Messages are sent around the world at the speed of light, making global trade and business faster and easier. Machines powered by electricity make dangerous, strenuous, and boring jobs safer and less time consuming. Electricity saves time and money, and generally makes modern life easier (Canby 7). Until the late 1800s, electricity and electric appliances were scarce. People had to rely on sunlight during the day and gas lamps or candles at night to provide light. Machines were operated by hand cranks, steam engines, animals, or other non-efficient powe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, public places, power over, electric power, cool
  • Smoking In Restaurants - 321 words
    I think smoking in public places such as indoors of a restaurant shoudn't be allowed. There's a few good reasons for me saying that. It has been proved that smoking kills you. Besides, would you like someone smoking next to you if you have your baby with you? Not only that, But I don't think I would like anyone to be smelling the nasty smoke odors while they're eating. I also think that it shoudn't be allowed because since it's indoors all the smoke gets caught inside and it can get sort of hard to even breathe. It has been proven that smoking kills you as time passes! If you keep inhaling the smoke from cigarettes, even if you aren't smoking it yourself, it can affect your lungs and in time ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: restaurants, smoking, smoking in public, public places, life span
  • Mentally And Emotionally - 678 words
    Treatment of the emotionally and mentally handicapped has changed dramatically over the years. Back in the 1930s and beyond there were really not that many handicapped (mentally or emotionally) around in the class room. Normally back in the 1930 if there was a child that was born with a disorder mentally or emotionally, those children were shipped off to institution were they would never see there real parents again. The parents were to forget that they had ever had a child and move on with their lives. Others took their own route. The parents that could not bare to see their children taken from them they would basically lock the child up in the house and not let it out or just keep him/ her ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: emotionally, mentally, happier life, first grade, happier
  • My Vision Of 21 Century India - 1,913 words
    MY VISION OF INDIA IN THE 21ST CENTURY. In a bid to provide my vision for and of India in the 21st century, I put forward my perception, views and opinions under different topics and also issues and roles of different institutions and individuals. I propose to provide an ideal situation for our country in the 21st century by following a concept called Applied Politics. I feel it as appropriate in the sense that my concept of politics is to solve the problems of the day through intelligent governing. Politics is a tool to perform and to show results and hence the term Applied Politics. The Applied Politics is based on the following aspects of the lives of human beings : Every individual will ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: india, public places, cultural history, income tax, amendment
  • Civil Rights Movement - 1,123 words
    Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were both African American leaders during the 50s and 60s that tried to make things better for other African Americans. Though their views were very different they did a lot of things for their people. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that violence did not help the problem it added to it, but Malcolm X was known for his by any means necessary approach. Martin Luther King Jr. had enormous impact on the desegregation of the United States in the 1960's. He had arguable the largest impact of any civil rights leader of his time. King began his civil rights activities in 1955, when he protested Montgomery's segregated bus system. The protest was started after an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil rights, civil rights act, civil rights bill, civil rights movement, right to vote, rights bill, rights movement
  • Skateboarding An Arguementive Essay - 942 words
    Somewhere a teenaged kid is happily riding his skateboard trying to have a good time by fully living his youthful years, when he is suddenly grabbed from behind and forced to the ground by a police officer. Some would call this justice, but this innocent child has been vengefully harassed for a crime he didn't even know he was committing; a crime of being a skater. Most of us have never experienced such a horrific ordeal, but for a skateboarder this is a common reoccurrence that is happening way too much. Within the San Jacinto Valley there are many young people of various ages that are continuously searching for new and decent places to do what they love to do: skate. Unfortunately, there a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: skateboarding, police officer, taxation system, young people, valley
  • Banning Non Smokers - 1,063 words
    People have many different views about smoking in public places. Smokers feel it is their right to smoke where and when they want. But non-smokers like me, feel that people who smoke are actually endangering my life and the lives of non-smokers. Smoking causes heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Smoking is attributed as the number one cause of lung cancer. The majority of non-smokers who have lung cancer receive it because of involuntary smoking or passive smoking. While people who smoke feel that smoking in campus should remain because it is their right, smoking in places where people gather should be banned. This is for the simple reason that second hand smoke endang ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banning, hand smoke, smoking in public, second hand smoke, urge

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