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  • American Women During Wwii - 1,808 words
    ... during the war years for many men hoped that marriage would defer conscription to the war. This alone suggests that women's roles as wives and mothers were still dominant during the war because the nation witnessed a 25 percent rise in the population aged five and under. The popularity of marriage and the traditional gender roles that marriage carried, was exploited during the war. For example, the Office of War Information, established in the summer of 1942, worked closely with the media. President Roosevelt soon denied the OWI was being used for propaganda , yet only months after the OWI was formed, wartime propaganda began to likened women's war work to domestic chores. These trends s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american politicians, american society, american women, black women, employed women, most american
  • Superhighway Or Road To Nowhere - 1,166 words
    What impact, if any, is the use of computers and other digital technologies having on the learning process of todays student? To what extent or degree are we as teachers responsible, or should be responsible, for the proper integration of technology into our classrooms? Research and inquiry into this realm have proposed both positive and negative aspects to computer versus traditional learning. There are, without question, cultural and educational benefits and dangers of technology and computer usage for students. As educators, we have a significant role to play in ensuring equal access to technology, and in realizing its full educational and creative potential. Public debate about the impac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: superhighway, clinton administration, learning process, television violence, clinical
  • Monetary Policy And The Economy - 2,024 words
    ... duce consumers demand for cars and light trucks. Beyond these effects, consumption demand is lowered by a reduction in the value of household assetssuch as stocks, bonds, and landthat tends to result from higher long-term interest rates. The implications of changes in interest rates extend beyond domestic money and credit markets. Continuing with the example, when interest rates in the United States move higher in relation to those abroad, holding assets denominated in U.S. dollars becomes more appealing, and the demand for dollars in foreign exchange markets increases. A result is upward pressure on the exchange value of the dollar. With flexible exchange rates (rates that fluctuate as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economy, fiscal policy, monetary, monetary policy, policy changes, policy makers
  • Uniforms In Public School - 1,538 words
    ... dropped rapidly and 600 students have been given detention and 200 suspended. This did exactly the opposite of what uniforms are suppose to accomplish. If policy makers are serious about finding solutions to the problem of school violence, maybe they should ask the real experts: the students themselves. The ACLU recently conducted a series of focus groups with high school students asking them what would help reduce violence in school. Uniforms did not make the list. Their suggestion: 1. Since school violence mimics that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict. 2. School entrances should be secured. 3. More extracurricular ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle school, public places, public school, public schools, school level, school problems, school students
  • Containment - 1,027 words
    During the Truman administration, a containment policy was developed. The policy eventually became the central concept defining U.S. foreign policy in the Cold War. To contain Soviet Communism, President Harry Truman used American military and financial resources to help rebuild Western Europe after World War II. Under the Truman Doctrine, President Truman requested Congress for funds to build up Turkey and Greece, two countries that came under pressure from the Soviet Union. Truman stated that, " It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities by outside pressures". By developing the Truman Doctrine, he created a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: containment, containment policy, north atlantic treaty organization, missile crisis, missile
  • Privacy In America - 1,395 words
    After viewing Enemy of the State, one can not help but feel vulnerable to the technological advances of our government. However, most Americans find it difficult to believe that they are being watched by agents of the United States government. When Americans do accept that their privacy is being invaded, they assume that only the United States government, or rich and powerful companies are responsible, yet with todays technology your next door neighbor could be listening. Americans believe that the right to privacy is a natural God given right, and that every American has the right to be left alone. Unfortunately, there are some individuals, usually labeled as terrorists, who would threaten ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, privacy, right to privacy, employee theft, american management
  • Using Arrest Records In Hiring - 1,132 words
    ... uty] may vary with the circumstances. For jobs in which an employee will have access to people's homes or to sensitive information, a criminal records check should be conducted.11 Failure to conduct background checks could result in liability and penalties in catastrophic amounts for employers. Questioning applicants about convictions is not an altogether different matter for the EEOC or employers. The EEOC has interpreted the provisions of Title VII and provided guidance for their use as well. Convictions differ in nature from arrest records in that a conviction has resulted from due process, which has presumably established an individuals guilt in regard to commission of a crime. Accor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arrest, hiring, hiring process, negligent hiring, policy makers
  • Prison Privitisation - 1,256 words
    Privatization in corrections is a trend that is assuming increasing significance. Pratt and Maahs, characterizing privatization in corrections as a growth industry go on to note: Rooted primarily in the political and economic context of the 1980s. The movement to privatize public services has received increasing support in response to taxpayer demands that government provide more services with fewer resources. Advocates of correctional privatization often argue from a public choice theoretical perspective holding that private entities can provide correctional services at a lower cost than governmental agencies. At best, however, the empirical evidence for this claim- - the efficiency hypothe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prison overcrowding, private prison, state prison, social work, fiscal year
  • Constitutional Law - 3,822 words
    ... between two states, the sup. ct. gives the case to a special master in a trial with original jurisdiction. ***Can congress take away all appellate jurisdiction? The ct. will say it would be unconstitutional. Congress can seek help from the Pres. to take away a judges salary. -Sup. ct. first met in N.Y. in 1719. -In 1920 Certioriari was created. Gave sup. ct. the right to choose whether they wanted to hear. Exception, they had to hear all appellate cases. -1988, now they decide what they want to hear. 1. When the decision has a consequence of general significance, not only affects one individual. 2. When there is a split in the federal circuits for the need of uniformity. -The rule of 4: ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: constitutional, constitutional amendment, constitutional law, municipal bonds, labor laws
  • Nothing - 688 words
    After the largest one day drop in the market in history, the Federal Reserve took immediate steps to increase the supply of liquidity in the market. The goal was to prevent bankruptcies, which would eventually hurt the real economy, by making loans to the investors than were in danger of running out of money. The strategy appeared to have worked, and the Fed certainly earned it's title of "lender of last resort". Policy makers themselves were also quick to respond. Alan Greenspan in a statement said that "The Federal Reserve, consistent with its responsibilities as the nation's central bank, affirmed today its readiness to serve as a source of liquidity to support the economic and financial ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: president reagan, federal reserve, central bank, liquidity, panic
  • Defining Child Maltreatment - 634 words
    Portwood, S. The Impact of Individuals Characteristics and Experiences on Their Definitions Of Child Maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect Vol. 22, No. 5 (1998): 437-452. This article focused on a study done by Portwood to try and identify and determine what constitutes child abuse and or neglect. The current state of definitions presents a dilemma not only to researchers attempting to elucidate the dynamics of child maltreatment, but also to a variety of professionals involved in the identification, assessment, treatment, and prosecution of cases of abuse and neglect. The goal of the study was to assist researchers and law-and policy makers in clarifying the roles of such personal characteris ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: child abuse, child maltreatment, defining, maltreatment, elementary school
  • Riverboat Gambling - 1,670 words
    Policy-makers are assessing the advice from Kenny Rogers, "You got to know when to hold 'um, know when to fold 'um, know when to walk away and when to run." They are trying their hand at new and old forms of gambling in the hopes of generating additional revenues. One of the revitalized ideas of the past is to legalize gambling on historic riverboat replicas. Yet riverboat gambling won't be restricted to the Mississippi, but will appear in towns like Gary, Indiana and even our own Jefferson City. Even New Mexico has explored a proposal to float a casino on a dammed section of the Rio Grande. These ideas demonstrate policy-makers attempts to satisfy taxpayers revolt while maintaining the need ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: casino gambling, gambling, stock market, new hampshire, belle
  • Riverboat Gambling - 1,535 words
    ... to support the riverboat gambling industry, (Eckert, 1991). He also believes after all 10 boats authorized under the law are operating Illinois will receive $40 million in additional revenues, (Eckert, 1991). This is bound to please Illinois' taxpayers. Yet with all its promises it would seem governments are promoting gambling in order to pay a insignificant portion of the bills. Iowa expects to generate $10.8 million from all her riverboat casinos this year. But that is a rather small share of the states $3.2 billion budget (Greenberg, 1991). The promise that poor rivertowns will experience a flock of new businesses and life into their economies has some unanswered questions. Some are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: casino gambling, compulsive gambling, gambling, legalized gambling, city limits
  • Opium In America - 1,639 words
    When looking retrospectively at the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it is easy to recognize the numerous inventions that helped shape mankind into its present form. Inventions like electricity, the assembly line, cars and trains, the telephone and so on. We see the influence that these inventions have on us every day, because life as we know it is dependant upon these items. They play an intricate role in defining and explaining who we are as individuals, but they also define what is America or American culture. There were other items, however, that were introduced to American culture during this time period that are as important to America as the famous inventions noted before, yet they ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, opium, south america, american economy, different types
  • Sin Taxes - 1,144 words
    The squeeze is on. Demand for government to decrease it's reliance on sales, property, and income taxes as sources of revenue is continuing to rise, leaving policy makers scrambling for new, less painful sources of revenue. Also going up are the costs of providing public services, entitlement programs, and conducting the other various functions of government. This upward spiral requires that they simultaneously look for better, cheaper, and more effective spending strategies. It is no wonder that policy makers are starting to feel the pinch. To make things all the more uncertain, we are facing a federal debt that seems to swell exponentially on a daily basis and a national economy with the m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: income taxes, taxes, national economy, life cycle, ownership
  • Sin Taxes - 1,157 words
    ... h' is the strongest. However decreases in tax revenues are not the only reason that private sector gambling is on the rise. For the many areas in the United States that are experiencing extremely poor economic conditions, legalized gambling is very attractive. The incredible destitution of Indian reservations has prompted many to push measures through that would allow them to build bingo halls and casinos on reservation properties to create jobs. (Indian Gaming, incidentally, took in approximately 15.2 billion in 1992.) The article 'Mixed Blessing For America's Ethiopia' describes the experiences of Tunica County Mississippi with legalized gambling. Census takers in 1980 found that Jesse ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: taxes, american tradition, los angeles, policy makers, america
  • Australian Information Mangement Ethics And Law - 1,819 words
    In the new electronic age, we are relying more and more on information technology to streamline government, educate our children, make health care more accessible and affordable, and make our businesses more productive and competitive. This rush to embrace a new age of technology must not, however, obscure the ongoing responsibility to protect important information and maintain the personal privacy of citizens. There is increasing awareness, both in Australia and overseas, of the privacy implications of new information technologies. This has led to mounting pressure to ensure that those technologies are introduced in ways which respect the expectations of individuals in relation to the handl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: australian, australian law, ethics, freedom of information act, information economy, information society, information technology
  • Tropical Diseases - 1,130 words
    ... n men and women. The threat from malaria is a global and not an African issue. One billion people are at risk from malaria and between 1-2 million deaths per year are due to malaria and 90 per cent of the deaths are in Africa. Given the global warming and increased international travel, urban malaria is now a major public health problem in Africa and persons from developed countries who have no immunity are at great risk. On March 13, 1998 a new global initiative was announced by the new Director General of WHO, Dr Bruntland to Roll Back Malaria. The program aims at reducing malaria deaths (2.7 million deaths per year) by 50 per cent by year 2010 primarily through control activities incl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tropical, health professionals, world wide, poor health, rebuilding
  • Private Prisons And Special Interest Groups - 1,616 words
    ... d hands with the staff at the Sudbury Jail and local citizens to fight the privatization of correctional services. OPSEU has a new policy that will support locals to finance public events in their communities that speak out against privatization of correctional services. OPSEU gained the support of two municipal councils. The two councils threw their support behind the anti-privatization motion that was passed by the town of Midland. OPSEU has also mailed lobby kits to all corrections locals. Our goal is to have 100 councils support a motion opposing the privatization of correctional services, said Barry Scanlon, chair of the OPSEU Ministry Employee Relations Committee in the Corrections ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interest group, private prison, private security, special interest groups, correctional services
  • Environment Friendly - 432 words
    The Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) is a unique environmental organization. It just doesnt talk about whales and dolphins, it actually studies and protects them first-hand. Their research efforts helped create marine sanctuaries in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States; save dolphins from deadly fishing practices in South America; and establish whalewatching as a replacement for whale killing. The PWF currently does research projects in Hawaii and Australia that involve educating the public about marine mammals as well as protecting them in the wild. PWF is recognized worldwide as a pioneer and leader in non-invasive marine research. The long-term field studies of whales, dolphins, tu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: friendly, marine life, policy makers, public education, america

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