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  • Plate Tectonics - 1,408 words
    Field Guide to Geology A 6 page book report on "The Field Guide to Geology" by David Lambert. Lambert is known for his clear and unique style of cataloging information so that laymen can readily understand the subject. This book is no exception to that rule. It is a very clear and concise introduction to the world of geology, written in easy to understand language. He covers subjects such as the earth's crust, volcanoes, rocks in general, deformed and altered earth, soil, rivers that shape the land, the oceans, ice and air, and the general combined study of geology. No additional sources cited. RAgeolo.wps Influence of Geology on Human Civilization A 5 page research paper that examines how g ...
    Related: plate, plate tectonics, tectonics, hawaiian islands, agricultural development
  • Plate Tectonics Explained - 1,358 words
    The core is divided into two parts, the solid inner core and the liquid outer core. The inner core is thought to be solid and primarily made up of iron and some nickel. The outer core is all around the inner core and is believed to be made up of liquid iron mixed with liquid nickel. The outer core is about 2890 to 5100km. The inner core is 5100 to 6378km. Earths mantle is mainly composed of substances high in iron and magnesium. The melting point of every substance depends on the pressure and the deeper we go the higher the pressure becomes. Because of this the upper mantle is said to be semi-molten and the lower mantle solid. The upper mantle iron-substances are semi-molten because it is ho ...
    Related: plate, plate tectonics, tectonics, melting point, volcanic eruptions
  • Plate Tectonics - 687 words
    In 1912, Alfred Wegener, a German scientist, was the first to notice this and develop the theory of plate tectonics. He noticed that the earth's continents fit together almost like a jigsaw puzzle. This, combined with the fact that similar fossils and rock types are found on different continents separated by large bodies of water, helped him formulate his conjecture. He contended that the plates at one point formed one large continent called Pangea, which allowed like fossils and rock types to become closer together, which broke apart. Despite how well the continents fit together and the facts about the geology, the general public would not accept Wagener's proposal. This is largely due to r ...
    Related: plate, plate tectonics, tectonics, pacific ocean, bodies of water
  • All Quiet On The Westren Front - 5,671 words
    ... by comparison. In many ways, the bond forged between soldiers in trench warfare is the only romanticized element to Remarque's novel.All Quiet on the Western Front - Chapter 6SummaryThe Second Company returns to the front two days early. On their way, they pass a shelled schoolhouse. Fresh coffins are piled by the dozens next to it. They make jokes to distance themselves from the unpleasant knowledge that the coffins were made for them. At the front, they listen to the enemy transports and guns. They detect that the enemy is bringing troops to the front, and they can hear that the English have strengthened their artillery. The men are disheartened by this knowledge as well as the fact t ...
    Related: all quiet on the western front, quiet, gerard duval, psychological disorder, remarque
  • Richard Fairbanks, Ceramics - 1,185 words
    Richard Fairbanks, although many times overlooked, was an important American ceramist. He was known as a "loner" and because of this he was never really appreciated for his talent. Fairbanks was greatly influence by his professors. Professor Paul Bonifas, who taught at the University of Washington, was one who left a huge impact on Fairbanks work. Fairbanks created a system of sketching pottery profiles, which stemmed from Bonifas teachings, as a mean of "thinking on paper." This approach to pottery through sketching was a crucial element that separated Fairbanks from many other Asian-inspired American peers. Although, Fairbanks was a wheel thrown expert, he continued to "think on paper" thr ...
    Related: ceramics, brain tumor, visual analysis, art deco, thread
  • Ceramics - 1,185 words
    Richard Fairbanks, although many times overlooked, was an important American ceramist. He was known as a "loner" and because of this he was never really appreciated for his talent. Fairbanks was greatly influence by his professors. Professor Paul Bonifas, who taught at the University of Washington, was one who left a huge impact on Fairbanks work. Fairbanks created a system of sketching pottery profiles, which stemmed from Bonifas teachings, as a mean of "thinking on paper." This approach to pottery through sketching was a crucial element that separated Fairbanks from many other Asian-inspired American peers. Although, Fairbanks was a wheel thrown expert, he continued to "think on paper" thr ...
    Related: ceramics, last word, brain tumor, visual analysis, absolutely
  • Kissing Doorknobs - 604 words
    Hey, whats been going on with you lately? I miss the laughs we used to have walking home from school. I called to you the other day but you didnt answer me. You seem like youre in you own world! Please email me back and let me know if you are mad at me. I dont know how to explain what is going on with me. I hope you dont think that Im acting crazy. You have been one of my best friends since kindergarten. Im afraid if I tell you how I feel, youll think Im nuts. Im not mad, but I have to count on the way to school. Thats why I dont walk with you. You can tell me anything. What is the big deal with counting? Everybody counts! You are acting very strange. Cant you just stop this foolishness? Whe ...
    Related: compulsive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, heart attack, weird, crack
  • Desperation - 1,894 words
    Mary and Peter Jackson were driving down highway 50 in the middle of Nevada when Collie Entragian, the Desperation police officer, pulled them over for having a missing rear license plate. He told Peter that he could take the front license plate off and put it on the back and they should be ok. Peter went to the trunk of the car to get a tool kit under the spare tire. When he lifted up the tire to get the tools, Entragian and Peter found a bag of marijuana. Entragian started to get violent and he beat up Peter. It wasn't too bad, though. He arrested Peter and Mary and took them to the jail in Desperation. When the got the municipal building, Entragian shot Peter and killed him. He put Mary i ...
    Related: state police, mary ellen, american west, plate, chest
  • Management Policy - 1,157 words
    ... l along the Chain of Customers. This and the next two principles are closely associated with just-in-time operations, which shorten throughput time and improve responsiveness to customers. A change in the demand patterns takes considerable time to run through, and the customer often will not wait. This allows each job or customer to be processed without delay. Often it is possible to get the desired results by moving process stages closer together-shortening the flow path-which at the same time reduces in-process inventories and cuts flow time. Cut Setup. Changeover, Get-Ready, and startup Times. This principle deals with preparation-to-service delays of all kind. As just-in-time equipme ...
    Related: management, management policy, customer service, work force, specifications
  • Nucor - 434 words
    Last time our consulting firm found several major points of question and recommended solutions. Some of these recommendations were implemented with excellent success. The first and most arduous problem we examined was of expansion. Our recommendations for expansion were put into effect with several projects in various stages. In the past several months, the company has announced plans to build a structural mill next to its flat-rolled plant in Berkeley County, South Carolina; a mill for pickling and oiling, cold rolling and galvanizing hot-rolled coils in Hickman, Arkansas, and plate mill in Hertford County, North Carolina. The second task we dealt with was whether or not Nucor should add an ...
    Related: last time, vice president, wall street, differentiate, expansion
  • Foliage - 1,811 words
    I place my boot on the neck of this commie bone bag, the toe resting on his chin. I think, I hate this wet heat he breathes. At least there is no rain in it--for now. I hate his elusive sky, too. A sky filled with foliage, unlike the limbs and leaves of the hickory or oak trees back home. "Slats, you and Mad-dog planning to marry that commie beaner," Luke hissed at me. I watch as reality seems to shift; 5' 7", 176 pounds of ground foliage in front of me apparently transforms itself into a Forced Recon Marine, even though my mind knows it is just Luke stepping out of the underbrush.1 Foliage, there is an appropriate sound--and smell. Foliage, aged and weary foulness. I long for a dry breath o ...
    Related: main body, team member, the jungle, motion, rabbit
  • How To Get A Twenty - 638 words
    There is a lot more to waiting tables than just serving food and drinks; customer relations is the biggest part of being a good server, because the majority of your income relies on how much your customers tip. To ensure that you receive a good tip you must do a number of things. Most importantly you must be polite, and of course remember that no matter what, the customer is always right. Secondly you must do things with a proper procedure, serve drinks, appetizers, soups, salads, dinner, and dessert in that sequence. Not only should you do these things in this order, but you must also do them in a timely fashion, because no one likes to wait. When you go to a table that has just been seated ...
    Related: more important, customer relations, left hand, timely, cleaning
  • Monkeys Are Always Funny - 1,610 words
    ... we don't need to question or doubt anything. 'Faith,' he said, 'is a last- ditch resort,' and we don't need that one bit, do we honey?" She turned to her husband, who was getting a headache over his left eye. He winced, but it was perceived by his wife as a smile. Mr. Tweedy had taken a seat next to Mrs. Drake, whom he had always thought had great legs. Lucy ran to get the phone, which was ringing in the Fellowship Hall. "No Ma'am," Mr. Tweedy replied, glancing down briefly at her size D breasts. Still perky. And fourteen years after her child, he thought. I bet her little girl's gonna be a real looker, too. He snapped out of it. "There isn't any news." "He couldn't have just disappeared ...
    Related: funny, presbyterian church, personal relationships, black people, martha
  • Ldnotes - 616 words
    As I entered Club Proteo on Thursday, May 27th I noticed that there were about 20 children there today. Today is the "all you can eat pizza day" for all the children who completed task cards. As I walked through the door the first kid I saw was Jesus. I told him that I liked his new hair cut and with a big smile he responded with wheres your friend? I told him that Ashley was in Mexico and then asked if his two sisters were here today. He replied with a half grin that they were in Mexico. He then began to laugh and gave me a big hug while trying to crawl around my body onto my back. When I asked him to mellow out he laid his head on my shoulder and in the next instant he jumped into the seat ...
    Related: san diego, young boy, single file, grandma, thumb
  • Drug Abuse With Athletes - 1,302 words
    Drugs have been a problem in our society for many years. They have been used and abused by many groups, including professional athletes. It is certainly quite common to hear about or read about athletes and drug use. Although drugs have a lengthy history of use by athletes, they have varied effects on the body and different preventions. Much of the world's supply of cocaine is produced in South America. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Incas of Peru chewed coca leaves because they made it possible for them to work in the high mountains of the land for longer periods of time. In the 1880's Bolivian soldiers were given the drug to help them gain endurance and overcome fatigue. It wasn't unt ...
    Related: drug, drug abuse, drug administration, food and drug administration, illicit drug, professional athletes
  • Ezra Pound - 1,323 words
    Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot on Modernism On Ezra Pounds quote on modernism, he claims that the modern age wants a literature that reflects an image of itself: accelerated and mass produced (a mould in plaster/Made with no loss of time) as well as superficial. This means that todays society wants a literature that resembles itself, fast paced and shallow. Society want literature that is direct and straightforward simply because people find it too time consuming to think for themselves. They would rather resort to the work already being done for them. Instead of experiencing the true beauty of literature and the arts, they would rather use Cliffs Notes (the classics in paraphrase). As a result o ...
    Related: ezra, ezra pound, pound, the love song of j. alfred prufrock, love song
  • Coffee Hour Descriptive Essey - 610 words
    The clock, left in the family house for more than a few generations, announced noon. Noon witch as long as they remembered was used for nothing more than a sit down with a spouse, close neighbor or a passer bye, the coffee hour. Cracking beneath a strongly knitted carpet announced the arrival of a person while knock on the porch door announced the arrival of a neighbor. The strong but pleasant smell of freshly grounded coffee occupied the house in witch the time has stopped ticking some fifty to sixty years earlier. Not much has changed since the last visit; walls are still pale white, pictures in symmetrical order line the walls, and stains from childhood pranks still stay as a testament to ...
    Related: coffee, descriptive, city hall, world war 2, boiling
  • Bartleby The Scrivener - 1,322 words
    There are many ways to develop a character in a story. A good development of the characters is crucial to any storys success. In Love In L.A by Dagoberto Gilb, the author does this in three main ways: by description, by action, and by dialogue. First, the main character Jakes personality is shown through the narrators descriptive tone, as well as narration of the story. In the beginning of the story we can see that the author describes Jake such that one can make the assumption that he is probably young, approximately 20. We can determine this because of Jakes manner and thoughts when he is sitting in his car. His way of cognition is similar to that of a younger person whos greatest preoccup ...
    Related: bartleby, bartleby the scrivener, scrivener, phone number, main character
  • Blakes Little Girl Lost - 980 words
    A Little GIRL Lost from Songs of Experience is one of Blakes most important poems. Though judging the aesthetic value of a poem is nearly impossible, I would contend that A Little Girl Lost is better than The Little Girl Lost found in Songs of Innocence. Perhaps because A Little Girl Lost was composed as an afterthought to its original counterpart, having been first written in Innocence, it acts as a conclusion to the original poem. The two poems both observe a young girl as she encounters a world filled with innocence (in The Little Girl Lost) and a world of experience (A Little Girl Lost). In first poem, a young seven-year-old girl named Lyca falls asleep in the wilderness under a tree. Wh ...
    Related: lost boys, the girl, young girl, natural world, ancient world
  • The Future Of Quebec Province Or Nation - 326 words
    The idea of any separation movement is an emotional one, and the secession movement by the Canadian province of Quebec is no exception. Quebec is a primarily French-speaking province of 7 million that has been frustrated with being part of the primarily Anglo Canada. It has held two independence referendums and in 1995 nearly voted to officially split from Canada. It is an emotional issue for both nationalists and separatists. It hurts both sides to know that they each see the nation differently. Nationalists see a Canada that includes Quebec; a province whose differences the Canadian government has respected ever since Quebec was gained from France by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. For separa ...
    Related: province, quebec, quebec city, great britain, canadian government
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