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  • Organized Crime - 1,732 words
    Organized crime has always been occupied with a negative label. Perhaps this is due to the constantly changing environment in America as well as the social state of its homeland, Europe. Our society is convinced that the so-called Mafia is a family of pure criminals, pimps, and murderers. Whatever the opinion, there is no doubt that the Mafia played a big part in the history of America and the way Americans view crime today. The origins of the secret society known as the Mafia are believed to be as old as the 9th century (Mafia History). During the 9th century, the Mafias main purpose was to strengthen themselves against enemies, which invaded their homeland in Sicily. It was supposed to cre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crime families, national crime, organized crime, ethnic groups, america after
  • Frankenstein - 476 words
    the captain of a voyage to the North Pole Walton's sister and confidante to whom he writes his letters a student of Ingolstadt who becomes obsessed with his studies and creates the "monster" Victor's kind-hearted mother who dies of scarlet fever when Victor is seventeen Victor's youngest brother who is strangled to death by the "monster" A close friend of the Frankensteins who is accused and executed for the murder of William Frankenstein Victor's closest friend and traveling companion who is strangled by the "monster" Victor's adopted sister who marries Victor and is killed by the "monster" on their wedding night Victor's natural philosophy professor at the University of Ingolstadt A profes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, victor frankenstein, robert walton, natural philosophy, contempt
  • Notes From The Underground - 1,370 words
    The UM starts out talking about the office he worked in when he was twenty-four: apparently he hated everyone there and likewise, they hated him. The narrative then derails while the UM describes the Russian national character, which he believes eliminates fools and elevates Romantics who appreciate the "sublime and beautiful." Returning to his description of his life, he notes that he had no friends and was always alone, spending most of his time reading. He admits to satisfying his private desires in various "dens of vice." The UM then describes an incident in a bar one night in which an army officer moved him away from a billiard table as though he were a piece of furniture. He said nothi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: notes from the underground, underground, army officer, friendly, stepping
  • Creators Faults In The Creation - 839 words
    The Creator's Faults in the Creation Often the actions of children are reflective of the attitudes of those who raise them. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the sole being that can take responsibility for the actions of the creature that he creates. He is the only person that takes part in the creation of the creature. Even though the crimes are committed by the creature, their cause can be traced back to the creator. Many of Frankenstein's faults are evident in the appearance of his creation. It is described as having yellow skin watery eyes dun-white sockets shrivelled complexion and straight black lips (Shelly 35). Frankenstein, having chosen the parts ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good intentions, physical appearance, the monster, catastrophe, frankenstein
  • Women In Beowulf - 656 words
    In the poem Beowulf the women play the role of peace-keepers at any cost. Among these women I will look closely at Wealhtheow, Grendel's mother and Hygd. Through all the women in Beowulf one can see a female perspective of honor, loyalty and social welfare. Wealhtheow is the picturesque queen. One sees this when she meets the nobles after Beowulf has defeated Grendel. The narrator explains how she is, ". . . mindful of customs, gold-adorned . . . the noble woman offered the cup . . ." (Norton 35). This imagery perfectly describes a queen. Wealhtheow is a role model of courtly behaviors and duties. She makes offerings to Beowulf and tells him to, ". . . Wear this ring . . . with good luck, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, the narrator, role model, grendel's mother, loyalty
  • The Moonstone - 1,101 words
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Since the beginning of time, man has used various methods on which to pass down stories, beliefs, and myths which explain different aspects of life. From oral tradition, to pictographs, to clay tablets, and onto paper, all compose the world of literature. Literature has always been an infinite realm of ideas, morals, and trains of thought. Although the sphere of literature is encircled with extreme diversity of thought, its core is focused on one theme: man. All literature carries with itself three main characteristics: it is written by man, for man, and about man. Oedipus the King, the great Greek tragedy by th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: different aspects, human nature, king laios, satisfaction, infinite
  • Hamlet - 671 words
    The epic hero, Beowulf the Geat, shows a lot of qualities of a born king. In this epic poem, Beowulf overcomes the fact that his father was exiled and becomes a great man. He gains the loyalty and devotion of his men and defends good from evil. He was portrayed as being almost invincible, having the strength of three men and successful in battle. To be a good king, a person must possess leadership, inspire confidence, and demonstrate compassion. In this poem, Beowulf showed all the qualities that made him not only a good hero, but also a great king. First of all, Beowulf shows the makings of a good king because he displays leadership. As shown in the story, Beowulf led a band of fourteen Gea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hamlet, great powers, leadership skills, first battle, consent
  • Heroism Of Beowulf - 397 words
    Beowulf was written in the eighth century by an unknown author. The story is centered on Beowulf, the main character, who goes to Denmark to offer his assistance in fighting off, Grendel, the monster who has been haunting them. Beowulf most definitely proves to be a hero. His heroism is exemplified first when he kills Grendel, then when he kills Grendels mother, and finally when he kills the dragon, called Worm. This makes him a hero because he risks his own life to The reader first experiences Beowulfs heroism when he encounters and then kills Grendel. Grendel was a constant threat to the survival of the Danish people because he was using them as food. One night Beowulf awakes to find Grend ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, heroism, main character, the monster, glad
  • The Plantation Mistress - 993 words
    The Plantation Mistress is written by Catherine Clinton. Her purpose of writing is to inform readers the chaotic lives of the white female gender in the slave society before the Civil War. Clinton goes into specific detail describing the situations that southern women endured every day. She collected memoirs and diaries of actual planter wives and daughters. These confessions magnify the reality of trials and tribulations during a dark time in American History. Furthermore, there are many specifics that are explicated in The Plantation Mistress. One aspect discussed in detail is the issue of cousin marriage. From an early age, and even when separated geographically, cousins developed close a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mistress, plantation, wives and daughters, civil war, vengeance
  • The Keen Hamlet - 1,007 words
    ... a constant doubt as to whether what we perceive is the part, or the whole. It almost seems diminishing to say that Hamlet is complex, but in thinking so we realize of the charms of Hamlet. His characterization is a puzzle, whose pieces appear mixed with pieces of other puzzles. In other words, Hamlet is not a figure you can characterize as having one easily defined personality. In the quoted passage, Hamlet uses several different tones of speech that illuminate different facets of his person. Hamlets first line brings to light a cunning Hamlet who comes off a touch brash, disclosing his knowledge of Rosencrantzs and Guildensterns secret motive as if they did a poor job of hiding it. Next ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hamlet, keen, rapid change, new york, accordance
  • Hamlet - 851 words
    In the drama Hamlet, ideas have been formed to explain Hamlets inability to avenge his fathers murder. Such premises are that Hamlet is pretending to be emotionally disturbed and is secretly plotting to carry out his revenge and that Hamlet is so corrupted by grief that he is really insane and incapable of action. There are many instances that support the idea that Hamlet is pretending to be crazy in the play. The plot begins when Hamlets fathers ghost appears and charges him to avenge his murder by assassinating Claudius. Upon accepting this he makes his companions swear never to reveal what has taken place on that evening. He tells them, As I perchance hereafter shall think meet/ To put a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: claudius hamlet, hamlet, love affair, moral character, perfectly
  • The Crucifixion In The Dream Ofthe Rood And Julian Of Norwich - 1,498 words
    The crucifixion of Christ is treated differently within the bodies of Old English and Middle English literature. The values of each era's society are superimposed on the descriptions of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Christ is depicted either as the model of the hero, prevalent in Old English literature, or as the embodiment of love and passion, as found in Showings by Julian of Norwich. Old English literature establishes the elements of the heroic code, to which its society ascribed. A man must live, or die, by his honor. In The Dream of the Rood the crucifixion of Christ is depicted as the ultimate symbol of heroism, as all mankind bewailed Christ's death and prepared a gilt cross f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crucifixion, julian, rood, subject matter, social changes
  • Viking Sagas - 677 words
    The Viking sagas use an incredible deal of symbolism and irony. They also pay a great deal of attention to ones actions rather than ones words. In the story of Frothi, the king that defeated his brother in a devastating fire, there is a character Regin, who demonstrates great symbolism. Regin is an ideal character who is true to himself and being a good person. When he attempts to do all that is right, he helps the boys out of the woods and back to their proper social status. Then Regin turned his horse in their direction a second time, frowning as though he would attack them there and then. Regins actions guide the boys back towards the hall where he hints to them that they are to set it on ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: viking, social status, avenge, enthusiasm
  • The Fate In Hamlet - 631 words
    The concept of Fate plays an important role in the play Hamlet, especially in relation to the character Hamlet. In the beginning of the play, the forlorn Hamlet is approached by his fathers ghost, revealing to the former his duty to Fate; Hamlet must avenge his fathers death in order to ultimately cleanse Denmark from its rottenness. Here, Hamlet feels the burden that Fate has put upon his shoulders. The time is out of joint: O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right! (I, 5, 188-189) Hamlet undoubtedly feels that he was born to avenge his fathers death, and he vows to devote his life to the duty of revenge. Here, ...Hamlet realizes that he is the man upon whom the fate of the king ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hamlet, prince hamlet, important role, king claudius, essentially
  • Revenge In Julius Caesar - 1,208 words
    Revenge. Revenge causes one to act blindly without reason. It is based on the principle of an eye for an eye, however this principle is not always a justified one to follow. In Julius Caesar, Antony seeks to avenge the death of Caesar. Antony acts on emotion which leads to the demise of Brutus, who is a noble man that does not deserve to be killed. Revenge is a central theme within Julius Caesar. This is demonstrated through Antonys desire to avenge Caesars death, and also the return of Julius Caesars ghost. Revenge is again exemplified through the violent course of action, which is taken by the Plebeians in an attempt to seek justice for the assassination of their Roman superior. The theme ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: caesar, julius, julius caesar, important role, mark antony
  • Fitftyfourth Massachusetts - 1,632 words
    The Fifty-fourth Massachusetts was organized in early 1863 by Robert Gould Shaw, twenty-six year old member of a prominent Boston abolitionist family. Shaw had earlier served in the Seventh New York National Guard and the Second Massachusetts Infantry, and was appointed colonel of the Fifty-fourth in February 1863 by Massachusetts As one of the first black units organized in the northern states, the Fifty-fourth was the object of great interest and curiosity, and its performance would be considered an important indication of the possibilities surrounding the use of blacks in combat. The regiment was composed primarily of free blacks from throughout the north, particularly Massachusetts and P ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: massachusetts, northern states, new york, single file, curiosity
  • The Effects Of Romes Expansion - 2,611 words
    Expansion overseas gave Rome the opportunity to strengthen its empire by war; But, as a drawback it resulted in the breakdown of the Republic, as well as its Empire. Expansion Overseas made Rome a mighty empire for a short period of time, until both the Empire and the republic became unstable and eventually broke down. Hooker, author of Roman History in 1996 states: Roman history begins in a small village in central Italy; this unassuming village would grow into a small metropolis, conquer and control all of Italy, southern Europe, the Middle East, and Egypt, and find itself, by the start of what no other people had managed before: the ruled the entire world under a single administration for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: expansion, great britain, punic wars, southern europe, consular
  • Southern Horrors And Other Writings - 955 words
    What is mob violence? Well, nowadays, mob violence differs in comparison to mob violence in the nineteenth century. In the years following the Civil War, there was a lot of mistreatment of African Americans. Ida B. Wells, a young African American journalist, investigated and accounted for the violence acted upon the African Americans during the Post-Reconstruction period. Wells wrote about her investigations because she belied it was the "first step to tell the world the facts" and to make lynching "a crime against American values"(27). In the book Southern Horrors and Other Writings, Royster discussed the mob violence of the lower South and the steps that Wells took to end this violence. Du ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prevent violence, york boston, new york, crusades, african-american
  • Chronology Of Iraqs Violations Of International Resolutions - 1,617 words
    Free research essays on topics related to: chronology, international atomic energy, international atomic energy agency, international travel, northern iraq, southern iraq
  • Oliver Cromwell In The Media - 3,233 words
    ... ar," was full of praise for Cromwells exploits. And despite a doubting attitude by Marvell towards Charles Is execution, he declared that much to Cromwell "is due." He stepped out of obscurity to "cast the kingdoms of old into another mold." In what battle of the Civil War were "[Cromwells] not the deepest scars?" asked the poet, who also admonished the Irish who "see themselves in one year tamed" by Cromwell. Marvell honored Cromwell for selflessly giving his victories to England: [He] forbears his fame to make it theirs: And has his sword and spoils ungirt, Finally, the author denigrated the rebellious Scots valor, as he unabashedly compared Cromwell to Caesar and predicted that the Sc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cromwell, oliver, oliver cromwell, popular media, more ways

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