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  • 3 Goals - 303 words
    Little Lessons I've learned on my way In his poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost wrote, "Two roads diverge in the woods, and I took the one least traveled by/ And that has made all the difference." In this poem, the narrator had a choice of two roads. However, I've discovered that life is a little more complicated. Sometimes the path we embark on is not always the one we choose. Sometimes we are pushed or pulled in certain directions and we have to react to our environment. My path to a college education has been filled with bumps, potholes, detours and roadblocks. The signs often read "yield" and "do not enter." The path has not always been clear, but I've kept my eyes opened, focused on ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: robert frost, personal aspirations, road not taken, sacrifice, seemingly
  • Russia Vs United States - 1,058 words
    ... nary War of the United States, but it is not the same because it ended in communism and repression, rather than gradual democracy that occurred in America (Melvin 68). People in Russia do not have the concept of how a democracy functions because they have no experience with it. They went from having tsars to communism, they've never had a real democratic government until recently. People are used to serving the state whereas in America people are used to referring to government officials as "public servants." The governing documents of the states are not honored and valued as they are in America because they were mainly mandates with little public consensus (Melvin 126). Lack of legitima ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, united states, united states citizens, poor people, political ideas
  • Reentering The Sphere Of Education - 594 words
    Upon reentering the sphere of education, I have been made aware that there are a vast number of reasons for which people make the choice to continue their schooling. On my second day of English 110, our professor handed the class a worksheet. This sheet required us to place a 0-5 number value next to six different motivating factors, which may have in some way compelled us to continue our education. The categories were Social Relationships, External Expectations, Social Welfare, Professional Advancement, Escape/Stimulation, and finally Cognitive Interest. Upon review of our answers, it was startling to find that a sizable portion of the class wasnt sure why they were there at all. I am only ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sphere, degree program, personal aspirations, social relationships, worksheet
  • Revenge Of Beowulf - 1,163 words
    Beowulf is an epic poem that, above all, gives the reader an idea of a time long past; a time when the most important values were courage and integrity. The only factors that could bestow shower fame upon a person were heroic deeds and family lineage. Beowulf, as the paradigm of pagan heroes, exhibited his desire to amass fame and fortune; the only way to do so was to avenge the death of others. This theme of retribution that is ever present throughout the poem seems to color the identities of its characters. Revenge is presented both as an honest motive and a rhetorical tactic in Beowulf. For Beowulf himself, reprisal of monsters misdeeds is his path to the top: worldwide fame, endless weal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, gold standard, personal aspirations, solely, honest
  • Marriage In Russia - 1,717 words
    It is common sense that as time progresses, changes occur, whether they are intentional, planned changes or not. When large, full-scale societal changes occur, however, there is often even greater fluctuation among the other aspects of society. Marriage has long been held as an institution that upholds the ideals of a nation, culture, or tribe. The ideas that are validated by this institution often manifest themselves in other parts of the society. Because marriage is such an integral part of social ideology, it is no wonder that it would be affected by vast changes in other institutions in a society. The changes that have occurred in Russia since the downfall of the Soviet Union are a prime ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russia, economic freedom, divorce rate, children first, instability
  • What Is Leadership? A Complex In-depth Analysis - 2,261 words
    Concept of Leadership Leadership - what is it? Many definitions have been offered, cultural stereotypes abound, numerous programs focus on leadership development, but the question remains. In fact, leadership is many different things to different people in different circumstances. When we think of leadership, we often think first of famous individuals. We may think of great political leaders: Washington, Churchill, Roosevelt. We may think of the leaders of social movements: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Caesar Chavez. We may think of spiritual leaders: Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Theresa. Do we also include in our definition some of the infamous leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, or David Koresh? Obv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: in-depth, different types, visionary leadership, expectancy theory, bennis
  • Hrm - 592 words
    The following philosophies serve as his guidelines on how the Human Resource Management can improve the firms performance: 1. Integrity. This is a very important value that must be inculcated in the minds and hearts of the firms employees. The policies on honesty, openness and transparency, and trust in the employees must be stated clearly and be known by all in the business organization and failure to observe said policies may subject one to certain sanctions; 2. Workforce. The value of the workforce and its worth in the organization is very important in a business organization. The welfare and interests of the workforce must be taken cared for in all aspects; employees must be encouraged t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: work performance, first week, resource management, multi

7 results found, view free essays on page:

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