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Free research essays on topics related to: nursing

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  • Registered Nursing - 1,305 words
    The practice of nursing by a registered nurse is defined as the process of diagnosing human responses to actual or potential health problems, providing supportive and restorative care, health counseling and teaching, case finding and referral, collaborating the implementation of the total health care regimen and executing the medical regimen under the direction of a licensed physician or dentist. Advanced nursing practice is defined as the performance of advanced level nursing practice activities which, by virtue of post-basic education and experience, are appropriate to and may be performed by an advanced practice registered nurse. The advanced practice registered nurse performs acts of dia ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, nursing home, nursing practice, registered nurse, telephone number
  • Nursing - 484 words
    A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has advanced education and clinical training in a health care specialty area. Nurse practitioners work with people of all ages and their families, providing information people need to make informed decisions about their health care and lifestyle choices. Nurse Practitioners practice under the rules and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act of the state in which they work. Most nurse practitioners are also nationally certified in their specialty area. They are recognized as expert health care Nurse practitioners may be found in all 50 states. Research studies since 1965 have documented that Nurse practitioners A unique approach to health car ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, nursing homes, health care, health problems, diabetes
  • Nursing - 1,712 words
    Since the days of Florence Nightingale, patients in hospitals around the world depended on the care of nurses. These trained professionals assist doctors and specialists in virtually every area of medicine. In addition, nursing allows for a special type of one-on-one contact that doctors cant provide. Nurses provide various services for patients on an hourly basis. This special, intimate contact has prompted a significant change in the field of nursing. In most modern medicinal institutions, as well as practical training programs, nurses are taught provide skillful services, as well as compassion and caring. Patients and doctors, alike, realize the value of the services nurses provide. After ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, nursing care, nursing program, pediatric nursing, u.s. government
  • Nursing Homes Overcrowding - 1,338 words
    Pending approval from the General Assembly, the funding for older Illinoisans will receive nearly an eight percent increase in the fiscal year 2001 budget for the Illinois Department on Aging. The states portion of the overall spending is $234.9 million and funds the Departments Community Care program at $205 million. The program provides senior citizens with home care services, adult day services and custodial care. The eight percent increase is drastically needed according to Carol Aronson, spokesperson for the Shawnee Alliance for seniors. Senior programs are underpaid compared to the services of Department of Children and Family Services with a much lower rate of funds for seniors, even ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: home care, nursing, nursing home, nursing homes, overcrowding
  • Changes In The Nursing Profession - 339 words
    Nurses are no longer considered the doctor's handmaid, but an important part of the medical team. Although nurses are crucial, there is an increasing shortage of nurses. The nursing shortage is causing many nursing schools to close and hospitals to not admit patients. The nursing shortage might be due to the nurses' low income, advances in technology, and continuously being sued by their patients. The increasing shortage of nurses might be due to nurses being sued daily. Today, nurses are practicing in a "sue-happy" society, which causes many nurses to be fired or resign due to outrageous liability insurance rates. The existing shortage of nurses is causing nurses to treat more patients at o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, profession, liability insurance, advanced technology, decrease
  • Nursing Field - 655 words
    Why do women decide to be in the nursing field? There are different reasons to why women decide to become nurses. Nurses support health, put a stop to diseases, and help the patients deal with their illnesses. The nurse is an advocate and health educationalist for patients, family unit, and communities. They observe, put emphasis, and record the symptoms, reactions, and improvement of a patient. A nurse is a person who endows with medical treatment and help people of all ages to get good health. A nurse is a person that worries about the physical and psychosocial portion of the illness. Nurses have a wide assortment of different fields that they can choose to work in. Inside the career of nu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nursing, product liability, insurance company, medical treatment, observe
  • Nursing: Critical Thinking Ana Vs Uop - 1,110 words
    Critical Thinking in Nursing Scott R. Heilmann Teaching and research are the foundation of universities, and nursing. How that research is conveyed to the learner is just as important as the research itself. This paper analyzes the different teaching styles and the benefits of incorporating critical thinking into the education system. The byproduct of such an education is a nurse who will be able to project ideas into the patient care equation. Some of the boundaries preventing critical thinking in the workplace are the education system that prevents the future nurse from critically thinking early on. Students are told from a young age that certain knowledge is absolute. It is also widely be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: critical thinking, patient care, traditional education, education system, zone
  • Foundational Support For The Infrastructure Of My Success In Speech Pathology And In Nursing - 1,230 words
    In todays society, achieving a higher education degree in a college or university is a crucial and vital element in determining success for the future. Furthermore, upon progressing through a college degree, a major decision has to be implemented into effect. Certain queries have to be addressed in regards to the decision process before any action is put forth, which eventually we come to accept it as right and natural that we ourselves be evaluated on financial performance and motivated by financial incentives (Brown 17) . A major must be selected that will not only benefit you with outstanding salaries, but also provide you with a general delight into an occupation that an individual will ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foundational, infrastructure, nursing, pathology, human nature
  • Bachelor In Nursing Sciences - 286 words
    During the past few years, nursing leadership skills have changed dramatically. Covering the schedule and ensuring orientation for new employees are not adequate skills for nursing leaders to measure up in today's health care industry. Today's nursing leaders are faced with such problems as justifying staff member and equipment expenditures, predicting staffing levels and hours per patient day, calculating the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) needed, and predicting cost savings. Complex business skills now are essential to nursing. Arnold, the person interviewed, has held nursing leadership positions at the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia and holds a Ph.D. from ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bachelor, nursing, nursing care, science degree, leadership style
  • Hypoglycemia - 1,438 words
    About four years ago we started to notice that my dad was having problems sleeping, he was very moody, and he started getting headaches a lot. After it got to a point where my dad was feeling bad every day we all started to worry. So as any normal person would do, my dad went to the hospital to have it checked out. The doctor found that my dad had developed a disease called hypoglycemia. At first this was very hard for my dad to handle because to subdue the symptoms of his disease he had to drastically change his diet. After doing a lot of research my mom had come up with a good diet for my dad, one that would help him to deal with his hypoglycemia. Now, what once was a major health problem ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hypoglycemia, kidney disease, blood glucose, blood sugar, nursing
  • The Social Brain - 1,429 words
    The ability of humans to learn and retain knowledge is an incredible power source and also a dominant characteristic of the human species. The intricate abilities of the mind allow for humans to learn skills and to have the power to control and dominate the world they live in by means of learned behavior. The two cerebral hemispheres of the left and right specialize in motor and sensory skills which specialize the socialy established beliefs and behaviors unique to humans. In writing The Social Brain Michael Gazzaniga proclaims an understanding of the principle of both the right and left brain hemispheres by examining split brain patients. Gazzaniga believes in cognitive dissidence and studi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brain, social groups, social interaction, social practice, human evolution
  • Auguste Rodin - 1,053 words
    ... otifs of the Renaissance masters, but a highly personal, intoxicating memory of what it was like to experience great art" (Lampert 12-13). Early on in the year of 1877, Rodin was accused of being an imposter. The Salon claimed that he had taken a statue and just molded right over it with new material. When Rodin found out what he was being accused of, he rushed to the press and had pictures taken to prove that he was not an imposter, and to prove that the sculpture was not exactly like the human body. Finally, the Salon concluded that it was not the same thing and Rodin said, "I have learned how to use it [bronze casting]." Rodin returned to Paris in late1877, when a death occurred in th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: auguste, rodin, sistine chapel, time life books, statue
  • A Study Of Lyme Disease In New Jersey - 1,137 words
    ... flu-like symptoms (1:47). If left untreated, the disease spreads to other parts of the body, and often results in more joint, tendon and muscle pain, partial facial paralysis, and heart palpitations (8:11). Chronic symptoms can develop if the disease goes untreated for months or years, and leads to severe arthritis and neurological problems (5:29). The best way to arrive at or exclude a diagnosis of Lyme disease is to examine three aspects of the patient. The first is to determine if the patient exhibits any of the above symptoms. The second is discover whether or not the patient is at a high risk of contracting the disease. This factor takes into account the environment in which the pat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jersey, lyme, lyme disease, new jersey, medical association
  • Michelengelo - 1,867 words
    The Italian Michelangelo Buonarotti, almost certainly the most famous artist produced by Western civilization and arguably the greatest, is universally viewed as the supreme Renaissance artist (see Renaissance art and architecture). He created monumental works of painting, sculpture, and architecture and left an additional legacy of numerous letters and poems. Through this vast and multifaceted body of artistic achievement, Michelangelo made an indelible imprint on the Western imagination. A member of an old and distinguished Florentine family, Michelangelo was born near Arezzo, Italy, on Mar. 6, 1475, and he died on Feb. 18, 1564, in Rome--a record of longevity that was as unusual as his pr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: medici chapel, famous artist, filippo brunelleschi, inevitability, casa
  • Jane Eyre - 2,358 words
    "Never, never, never quit..." -Winston Churchill If women on this Earth had given up, they would be where they were in the time of Charlotte Bront. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bront, tells the story of a woman on a lifetime journey, progressing on the path of acceptance, in searching of sympathy. Throughout her journey, Jane encounters many obstacles to her intelligence. Jane lives in a world and in a time where society thought women were too fragile to ponder too much at once. Women at the time had barely any rights at all, and women were not allowed prominent positions. Male dominance proves to be the biggest obstruction at each stop of Jane's journey through Gateshead Hall, Lowood Institution ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eyre, jane, jane eyre, thornfield jane, winston churchill
  • The Stranger - 819 words
    The Macmillan dictionary for students defines stranger as: 1. Person with whom one is not acquainted or familiar. 2. Foreigner, outsider, or newcomer. 3. One who is ignorant of, unacquainted with, or unaccustomed to something specified. In the book, The Stranger, by Albert Camus, these three definitions apply to the protagonist, Meursault. Meursault is portrayed as aloof, detached, and unemotional. He does not think about events and their consequences. He also fails to express any emotion in his relationships with his friends. After Meursaults mothers death, he sheds no tears. He shows limited emotions to his girlfriend, Marie, and shows no remorse for killing the Arab. His reactions to life ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stranger, nursing home, albert camus, colleague, companion
  • Marriage - 1,993 words
    Rising Above it or Getting Left Behind In Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon many of the characters have very strange and unique names. Song of Solomon is a very unique story about the struggles of a black family in the early 1900's. Many of the names of characters in the book appear in the Bible. In the story three character have their own battles with their own names, Pilate is at peace with her name, Milkman takes many years to rise above it, and Hagar is dragged down by her name. All of the characters' names have a preset image that they are stamped with, some are able to rise above it and make their own name, and some are stuck with someone else's identity. Pilate never le her name get to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: turning point, macon dead, the bible, stuff, stuck
  • A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings - 1,239 words
    Sometimes it takes a different perspective for someone to see the reality of how things are handled, and Marquezs insights into the way "Mainstream Religion" has dragged God and Christianity through the mud to the point of non-recognition. This is illustrated by Pelayo and Elisendas not even seeing the wings in the beginning. My end goal here is to bring out this wonderful storys points and compare them to mainstream religions fallacies. The description of the weather when the Angel is found very vividly paints a picture of the mood in Pelayos house that day. "The world had been sad since Tuesday." Is the text, while Elisenda had been nursing a sick child that they feared might die. The sea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: enormous wings, very old man with enormous wings, sporting events, john 3:16, inexperienced
  • Exchange Value - 1,149 words
    Money is Power in "Exchange Value" by Charles Johnson Author Charles Johnson provides us with a brief look into human nature and the profound affect money has on people in his short story "Exchange Value". The plot of the story is simple a basic rags to riches story with a 1990s twist. It centers around two brothers who live in a poverty ridden apartment. These brothers, Loftis and Cooter decided to break into an old eccentric woman's' apartment. She has lived down the hall from them their entire lives and when they do not see her begging for food on a daily basis as she normally would, they correctly deduce that perhaps she may have died. After gaining entry into her filthy, smelly, booby t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jack daniel, young children, human nature, irony, riches
  • How The Functions Of The Settlement Many Have Influenced Its Business Structure - 300 words
    How the functions of the settlement many have influenced its business structure. All settlements are services centres just like Ilkley is a service centre for the people of that area. It needs to provide banks, hospitals, schools, dentist and doctors for inhabitants. Ilkley is a large service centre for that part of the Wharf dales and the villages such as Burley, Addinham, Draughton and Otley Another factor that has affected Ilkleys business structure is divinisation.The fact that Ilkley has good roads and good rail links to Leeds to Bradford, have led it to becoming a commuter town. It is not just commuters moving into likely there are large businesses moving here as well. The environment ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business functions, business structure, settlement, sports facilities, nursing homes

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