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  • Assisted Suicide - 1,869 words
    Walking through the corridors of any hospital would show one several things. There would be people healing, hurting, dying, and coping with all sorts of problems. Even though some of them may share the same misfortunes, they are separated into two categories: those who are still fighting for their lives and those who have given up. To those who have given up, the thought of suicide always arises because one no longer has the desire to deal with a problem and they just want out. There may be a man whose withered and shaky hands can not even hold a cup for a drink of water which aides him in choking down the never ending line of pills he must take every day to keep his body from completely bre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: assisted suicide, zondervan publishing house, best alternative, publishing house, assisted-suicide
  • A Southern Hero - 569 words
    As An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge unfolds, the main character, Peyton Farquhar is wearing a rope around his neck, in preparation for his hanging. It is implied later in the story that he is being executed for the burning of the Owl Creek Bridge, where Union soldiers have set up a blockade. Farquhar is a gentleman planter and supporter of the southern secession living in Alabama during the Civil War. Ambrose Bierce, the author, portrays Farquhar as someone with courage, integrity and the ability to overcome any physical hardship. Farquhar has the courage to contemplate burning the Owl Creek Bridge because there is no service too humble for him to perform in aid of the South, no adventure t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: facing death, main character, norton company, farquhar, jerome
  • Victorian Life Through Color - 1,811 words
    The use of color in Victorian literature and art has gone far beyond simple description to form it's very own sort of diction. Whether reading Victorian prose or looking at a Pre-Raphaelite painting one is drawn in and deeply affected by the arrangement and combination of it's colors. In the two of these mediums, each color is both powerful and used precisely either to represent a trait or emotion or to compliment other colors to form a greater representation of an idea. Furthermore, seeing these colors in the mind brings out any unconscious association, bias, or preconceived notion of what traits and emotions generally go along with a given color. This use of color is partially why Victoria ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: victorian, victorian poetry, victorian woman, norton company, female characters
  • Stevie Smith And Christianity - 1,411 words
    ... ave naively accepted the goodness of God without wondering what that truly means to their beliefs and how such a belief survives in the world they live in everyday. This was an imperfection of the church as an institution, which is something Stevie came to recognize as no longer part of God, but as part of man who had tainted his message of love and acceptance. Sanford Sternlicht, professor at Syracuse University and author of Stevie Smith, noted, She was progressively disillusioned by Christianity. She saw dishonesty in the churches, and disagreed with the conventional construct of God as demeaning, vain, jealous, revengeful, (or) eager to sacrifice the innocent (Sternlicht 106). This s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: christianity, smith, stevie, syracuse university, norton company
  • Homer Comparison And Contrast Of The Gods In Homers Epics With The God Of The Hebrews - 1,459 words
    ... man. This did not occur suddenly. The Romans conquered the Greeks and adopted much of the Greek mythology adding their own embellishments to the traditions. History reveals that the Romans also abandoned these adopted traditions for Christianity. Christianity takes the Hebrew tradition and adds a second chapter so to speak. The Hebrews do not accept this Christian theology but both share the same original traditions. The Hebrew God passed down to man standards for righteous living. The Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20 are the first written standards of living righteous passed from God to man. The remainder of the book of Exodus reveals numerous other standards that God required from m ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greek gods, hebrews, homer, christian theology, the odyssey
  • The Taming Of The Shrew - 1,990 words
    A recurrent theme In Shakespeares plays is the idea that things are not always what they seem. The Taming of the Shrew shows a good example of this theme. In this play we find many discrepancies between what seems to be and what is. The main theme of this play is knowing what a person is really like is more important than how they appear to be. This is shown by Petruchio's relationship with Katherine; the changing roles of Tranio, Lucentio, and Hortensio; and the true characters of Bianca and Katherine. All three of these situations help to enrich the theme. The play begins with an induction in which a drunkard, Christopher Sly, is fooled into believing he is a king and has a play performed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: shrew, taming, taming of the shrew, most effective, cambridge university
  • Hazardous Waste - 1,541 words
    Hazardous waste and its proper disposal have become a major sociological problem today due to its capability of contaminating the area in which we live and its potential to be lethal to all living things. In order for the United States and the rest of the world to save itself from a potentially life threatening problem they must fix the causes which lead to the improper disposal of hazardous wastes and like materials. Some reasons that hazardous waste has become a problem in the United States today is due to the breakdown in enforcing laws for the proper disposal of such wastes, a lack of initiative on big companies behalf to spend money on proper disposal, and the ease of disposing of such ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hazardous, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, solid waste, waste, waste disposal
  • Textile Mills In The South - 2,670 words
    ... ted the TWUA was forced into submission by tricky lawmakers, the strike was ended with none of the original resolutions met (Hall 214). Soon afterward, another violent strike broke out in Gaston County North Carolina. Gaston County epitomized the phenomenal wartime growth of the southern textile industry, as well as its postwar instability (Hall 214). This was the most violent and well known strike in the history of the textile workers battle. The strike ended with the police chief dead, a leading unionist, Ella Maye Wiggins, shot in the back, looting of union buildings conducted by police organizations, and the State militia intervening on the behalf of the mill. The strike fell with th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: south carolina, textile, textile industry, economic conditions, labor organization
  • China - 883 words
    Engagement and Human Rights in China With the great advancement of China's economy and foreign trade relations within the last twenty years, one cannot help notice a simultaneous increase in Chinese human rights. Naturally, the question of whether the rights have stemmed from trade relations or the trade relations have developed out of greater human rights in China has come up for debate. The prevalent view of the country's stance is that foreign nations' humanitarian concerns for China have resulted from the obligations of all the investors in China. In other words, the human rights issue has been used as a bargaining chip by other countries after developing a strong economic tie. China has ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: china, modern china, equal opportunity, intellectual property, priority
  • The Specter Of Communism - 1,185 words
    ... the President that nuclear weapons may have to be used just to keep the communist back. The President dismissed this for fear that it may draw the Soviet Union and its nuclear weapons further into the war. After three long years of fighting, the Americans and North Koreans ended their fighting with an armistice that created borders that were almost the same as those at the beginning of the war. The United States fought its first limited war to stop the spread of communism, and it came away with a free South Korea, and a prosperous Japan. The result in Indochina was not the same as in Korea and Japan. The communist government of North Vietnam attacked and defeated the French troops that w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, united states, american military, department of defense, berlin
  • Chinas Worse Nightmare - 1,180 words
    ... eir well, equipped ammunition smuggling boats, they would take the delivery of opium chests from the foreigners' receiving ships around the coasts of China. Gradually, the number of illicit smuggling increased in Chinese waters, particular in the north of Canton (Fairbank, Reischauer, Craig 452). As a consequence, opium addiction and illegal smuggling soared corrupting the government and China spiraled into what some call the worst drug case in human history. So what was proposed to resolve this crisis? The imperial court considered opium as a social ill and banned its use and importation repeatedly. Nevertheless, greed of big profits had grown as the trade had grown. "As the higher auth ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern china, nightmare, chinese tradition, university press, drug
  • The Splendid Little War - 2,819 words
    ... some could not even sail because their bottoms were covered with barnacles. The Spanish ships were armed with old cannons, and the crews lacked proper ammunition and skilled marksmen, causing additional fires to break out of the old wooden planks of the When the news of the stunning victory reached home, Americans cheered ecstatically. Dewey, "the conqueror of the Philippines," became an instant national hero. Stores soon filled with merchandise bearing his image. Few Americans knew what and where the Philippines were, but the press assured them that the islands were a welcome possession. (Bachrach, 61). Lastly, the United States wanted complete and total control over Cuba. The American ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: splendid, civil war, monroe doctrine, spanish-american war, vincent
  • 16th Century Reformation Of The Church Of England - 1,166 words
    ... hort reign of bloodshed and forcible Catholicism was out-shadowed by that of her half-sister Elizabeth whom became the next queen of England as Elizabeth I.27 Elizabeth I reign of England started with the death of her half-sister Mary I in 1558.28 Under Good Queen Bess, England prospered, but not without having many changes made under the new monarchy under a moderate Protestant state.29 It was a time of great question about which religion would dominate and be put in place and questions among the people where as such.30 Elizabeth I wanted a church that would be able to deal with both sides of the fence that her brothers reign started with Protestant and her sister with the Catholics.31 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anglican church, church of england, england, english church, english reformation, reformation, roman church
  • Civilization And Prejudice - 1,493 words
    Civility, as stated in the Websters Dictionary, as polite or courteous is represented in the novels Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin and in Part IV of Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift. Civilization, as seen in the novels Pride and Prejudice and Gullivers Travels, is depicted as an act of human nature as compared to the act of savages. Human beings can be civilized and uncivilized depending on the way the reason things out or the way they act in a certain situations. The following essay will contain several ways in which civility is represented in the two novels. Human beings may be civilized in the way they act but the way they think may be contradictive or uncivilized. In Pride and Pre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civilization, prejudice, pride and prejudice, nineteenth century, jane austin
  • Civilization And Prejudice - 1,193 words
    ... a Process, 1961. Nature and civility in Gullivers Travels and Pride & Prejudice Monika Laskowska St# 1893908 ENGL1F91 Prof. Holmes TA: Sonya Date Submitted: Feb. 23, 99 Work Cited Anonymous. Gullivers Travels. ll96/fallstudentwork/egpublic html/gulliver2.html. Coles Editorial Board. Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice Notes. Toronto: Coles Publishing Company Inc, 1961. Foster, M. A Casebook on Gulliver among the Houyhnhnms. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1984. Gelshen, R. Instant English Literature:The Nineteenth Century. New York: A Byron Preiss Book, 1994. Goonerafne, Y. Jane Austen. Cambridge: The University Press, 1970. Greenberg, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civilization, prejudice, pride and prejudice, university press, gullivers travels
  • Frederick Douglass A Readers Perspective - 1,979 words
    The narrative of Frederick Douglass illustrates the life of a slave. He was not an ordinary slave. Indeed he dreamed of freedom, just as all slaves did, but there was something about Frederick Douglass that made him different. He dreamed of an education. It was this education that made him to be different. It was the knowledge that gave him self awareness that he was a man just as a white man was. It gave him the will to run away and live on his own. He no longer wanted to subject himself to the punishment of the overseer. This knowledge brought him the strength to stand up to those who thought themselves superior to him. It changed his personality and the notion of his own self. In this pap ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frederick, frederick douglass, norton company, united states, entrance
  • The Long Rode To Success With Its Tenets - 1,056 words
    A Comp arison: Sumerian and Hebrew Views of the Afterlife For centuries religion has been a significant and intricate part of human societies. Some would say that religion is as important to mankind as food and water. While food and water keeps us going,religion provides a reason and purpose for that life. In short, religion is mans attempt to understand the world around them and their place in it. Furthermore, religious values maintain order and a code of how mankind should behave among their peers and families. As religion is man-made, it can reveal much about a societys standards and sense of self. So, religion is both a shaper as well as a reflection of society. The ancient Sumerian and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tenets, new york, world masterpieces, greek mythology, revealing
  • Charles Manson - 1,332 words
    ... and many more people were recruited in the "Family." He started preaching to his followers in bizzare ways. He would have the group take acid trips then listen to him as he spun twisted stories that put ideas into their heads. Charles would reenact the Crucifixion of Christ, trying to instill upon his follower's minds that he was Jesus Christ, that he was a higher power that they all needed to follow unquestionably. Manson convinced his followers that a war of the races was coming, which he named Helter Skelter. He got the name from a Beatles song, and had his followers prepare for the upcoming war by collecting guns and other weapons. Manson turned the ranch into a fortress. He started ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: charles manson, manson, movie star, roman polanski, acid
  • Literary Utopian Societies - 1,672 words
    The vision of one century is often the reality of the next (Nelson 108). Throughout time, great minds have constructed their own visions of utopia. Through the study of utopias, one finds that these perfect societies have many flaws. For example, most utopias tend to have an authoritarian nature (Manuel 3). Also, another obvious imperfection found in the majority of utopias is that of a faulty social class system (Thomas 94). But one must realized that the flaws found in utopian societies serve a specific purpose. These faults are used to indicate problems in contemporary society (Eurich 5, Targowski 1). Over the years, utopian societies have been beneficial in setting improved standards for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: utopian, utopian society, social class, norton company, backward
  • Women Madness And Oppression Or Perspectives Of Madness In Womens Literature - 2,982 words
    ... specially peculiar. It would require an inspired psychologist to deal successfully with them. And when ordinary fellows like you and me attempt to cope with their idiosyncrasies the results can be bungling. Most women are moody and whimsical. This is some passing whim of your wife, due to some cause or causes which you and I needn't try to fathom. But will pass happily, over, especially if you let her alone. " Unlike the physician in Gilman's short story or in her life, Chopin's doctor does not advocate the popular rest cure of the time. Instead, he assures Edna's husband that if he ignores his wife's sudden change in behavior it will simply pass. In this brief interchange, Chopin touche ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american literature, english literature, madness, men and women, oppression

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