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  • Hell And Enslavement In Sartres No Exit - 1,067 words
    Hell and Enslavement. In Sartre's No Exit Sartre, the most famous of the existentialist thinkers, wrote No Exit in 1944. It was first performed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Sartre was a POW during the occupation, but escaped punishment from the Nazis. There is obviously an overall question pertaining to the play in terms of its relation to the historical period and the atrocities that were taking place in France and all of Europe. Sartre obviously knew of the racist ideology and actions the Nazis were imposing on the world. Therefore, his play is at some level be a reflection of the troubled times in which he lived. The occupying Nazis forces enslaved his nation. Did France feel like ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exit, no exit, human understanding, nazi germany, conscious
  • Setting Vs Story - Dante's Inferno And Sartre's No Exit - 1,375 words
    This essay is on setting differences using the works of Dante's The Inferno and Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit. Adam looks about spotting all the important people that will influence the rest of his life. He takes a deep breath and prepares to make this his last and final addition to life. Quietly he draws back from the church as if to stop time, this moment may define him as a man. He turns to look at the priest as if to reply his answer, but suddenly he realizes the hand he is holding is as cold as death. Quickly he snaps back into reality recognizing he is not asking for his bride's hand in marriage, but burying her. Once again his mind tricked him into thinking that he was starting all over ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dante's, dante's inferno, exit, inferno, no exit
  • No Exit And Its Existentialist Themes - 1,536 words
    I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Jean Paul Sartre's philosophy and it's integration into his play "No Exit". Embedded within the character interactions are many Sartrean philosophical themes. Personal attributes serve to demonstrate some of the more dominant ideas in Sartre's writings. Each of the three characters in the play show identifiable characteristics of sexual perversion, bad faith, and interactions of consciousness. This play takes an interesting setting, that of the afterlife. The plot centers around three main characters, Joseph Garcin, Estelle Rigault and Inez Serrano. Hell, as portrayed in this work, is no more than a room with three couches and Second Empire de ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exit, no exit, the girl, jean-paul sartre, humankind
  • No Exit And Its Existentialist Themes - 1,504 words
    ... where sexual desire and reciprocity is the only possible solution to the problem. Estelle is continually confronted by Inez, who has already expressed her desire. These advances are rejected outright. Estelle continually "pecks" at Garcin, asking for some spark of interest. Her actions have given us more evidence to Sartre's theory of sexual desire and it's relation to sexual perversion. The most prolific and impressive state of any sexual interaction is that of desire. Unfortunately it is a state that is inherently unstable. The only way to satisfy the sexual desire one feels is through the physical act. As we see from Estelle's story (and her opinion of it), this quickly degrades. We c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exit, no exit, significant other, jean paul sartre, olga
  • No Exit - Hell - 830 words
    Hell. The four lettered word that trembles in the throats of men and children alike; The images of suffering, flame pits and blood, the smell of burning flesh, the shrieking of those who have fallen from grace. For centuries man has sought out ways to cleanse his soul, to repent for his sins and possibly secure his passage into paradise, all evoked by the fear of eternal damnation and pain. The early 20th century philosopher and existentialist writer Jean-Paul Sartre saw life as an endless realm of suffering and a complete void of nothingness. His pessimistic ideals of life followed through to his beliefs on death, as death for him was a final nothingness. If death was a final nothingness, S ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exit, no exit, deadly sins, human relationships, salvation
  • No Exit And Inferno - 791 words
    From folklore to fairy tales there is the use of violent action to convey a specific message to the readers because violence never occurs without having a point to be made. Violent scenes often are the most gruesome and horrific yet they can contribute to the entire meaning of a work. Violence in a story always has a hidden purpose, and is there to enhance the inner meaning of the story while offering an extremely graphic visual to its readers. In Dantes The Inferno and Satres No Exit, there are numerous accounts of violent imagery expressed through precise diction and symbolism that captivate the reader to experience hell through the eyes of the authors. Each direct physical setting of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dante's inferno, exit, inferno, no exit, paul sartre
  • Summary And Analysis Of The Play "no Exit" - 1,607 words
    SUMMARY: In the play, No Exit, Sartre describes an emotional merry-go-round in which Garcin, Inez, and Estelle love one another, but the love must remain unrequited. Inez is attracted to Estelle who is completely turned off by her. Estelle would like to flirt with Garcin who does not care for her. Garcin wants friendship from Inez, while she despises him. These three characters are stuck with one another, without any means of escape. In the beginning of the play we are introduced to Garcin. He comes into the room, followed by the attendant. Immediately Garcin recognizes where he is but he does not mention the word hell. He is looking for the instruments of torture, but then he realizes that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: summary, real world, no exit, keep quiet, sartre
  • What Are We Doing Here - 1,273 words
    What are we doing here is a question that simply does not have a right or wrong answer. It's a question that is thought about often by many. From person to person the answer to this philosophical question differs. The following paragraphs will enlighten you on the views of Swift, Twain, Beckett, Sartre, Sophecles, Dante, Voltaire, and myself. By writing Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift implies that people were put on this earth to experience life and see it through different perspectives His voyages take him everywhere and each place he goes, he see's life a completely different way. Back home in England, Lemuel Gulliver is a respected surgeon. He fits in perfectly there is nothing unique ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jonathan swift, cold blood, united states of america, destiny, resembles
  • Review Of Mary Renaults The King Must Die - 791 words
    Review of Mary Renaults The King Must Die Mary Renault tells a wonderfully dashing tale of the classic Hero Theseus, who was said to have lived shortly before the time of the Trojan War. Although the book is very appealing to me the author did not follow the classic legends in several aspects. This can be a good technique and does bring newness to the story, however some departures changed the very fabric of the tale. In Renaults story many details are added that give the tale much more flavor. Finally, all told Mary Renault wrote a very believable tale of Theseus, and may have even done a better job than the ancients in bringing the story to life. Mary Renault departed from the classic stor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mary, no exit, story where, trojan war, eleusis
  • Self-consciosness Sartre Dostoyevsky - 1,458 words
    In both Notes From the Underground, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and the play No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre, we see that the characters have lost that state of comfort with or acceptance of one's self that is apparent only before interaction with other people. The self-doubt that comes from interactions with others has diminished their dignity, and they see themselves as, or are mainly concerned with, what view they want or think others to have of them. They are ultimately uncomfortable with their lives, and therefore with the view they believe to project. The Underground Man, not formally named in the story, becomes increasingly conscious of himself throughout his life and it has lead to his ultim ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dostoyevsky, fyodor dostoyevsky, jean paul sartre, jean-paul sartre, paul sartre, sartre
  • Freedom - 1,706 words
    The topic of this paper is to discuss what freedom is and if we as humans possess it. Freedom is defined by Webster's Dictionary as the exemption from power or control of another, or exemption from necessity, in choice and action, known generally as free will. However, this does not cover the full implications of pure and absolute freedom. Absolute freedom is one such that a person not only understands that there are no restrictions on his actions, but also that his actions are guided by his own personal choice. Along with this freedom however, is the direct responsibility of the person's actions. Many philosophers have written about freedom including Plato, Aristotle and Jean-Paul Sartre. T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal freedom, republic socrates, second world, absolute truth, assuming
  • Sartre - 1,104 words
    Jean Paul Sartre has been described as one of the most controversial of modern French playwrights, and his work is also known extensively outside France. Examine the aims of the writer through close exploration of two of his plays. 2nd year/2nd term (31.3.2000) B.A. Hons. Acting Studies Essay by Ralph Gassmann Jean-Paul Sartre was born in Paris on the 21st of June 1905. He studied at the cole Normale and subsequently became a lecturer in philosophy working in provincial secondary schools. His first public major work Being and Nothingness in 1943 established him as a existential philosopher. His plays dominated the stage of post-war France. During World War II he was held prisoner for one ye ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jean paul sartre, jean-paul sartre, paul sartre, sartre, jean paul
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: Killer Or Scapegoat? - 1,072 words
    ... from the chamber and each gun leaves a different mark. Only one of the casings had the mark given by Oswald's gun. The FBI researched and studied the casings and found that the other two casings had been fired in another gun of the same type as Oswald's. This evidence, however, was not mentioned in the commission's report. This brings me to the point of where the bullets came from. Let us look at the situation from the idea that Oswald was the only assassin. If he had been the only shooter, then the bullet casings would have to have matched his gun. Also, there would have to have been more time between shots on the Zapruder film, the only film made of the assassination. On the Zapruder ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: harvey, harvey oswald, killer, lee harvey oswald, united states
  • Arrival Of The Beebox - 905 words
    In a number of her poems, Sylvia Plath expresses a concern with the need to be in control. The speaker is often invested with power and is placed beside the underlying fear of being over ridden by the 'other'. In order to maintain an authorative position, she confronts with the 'enemy' and ponders on the unknown, leaving readers inexplicably drawn by the experiences described. Yet Plath's other preoccupations are contrary to the investiture of power in the poetic voice, where the main subject is placed at the victimization by the opposition - whether it be a male figure, a baby, an insect or mushroom. It is also apparent in some of Plath's poetry to begin with a lack of hope which then inver ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arrival, no exit, sylvia plath, lazarus, comment
  • Improv. - 1,852 words
    It's Wednesday night at Chicago's most venerable coffeehouse, the No Exit. An improv group called Bang Bang has been playing here late on Wednesdays. They're supposed to be hot. They're supposed to be good. They're supposed to have an interesting approach. The Chicago Tribune ran a friendly piece about them in the Sunday arts section. Which makes what I'm seeing now that much more puzzling. There may be times when these Bang Bang people really are all the things they're supposed to be, but not tonight. They're terrible tonight. More than terrible: They seem utterly and completely clueless. I can't imagine how they might even get to good from where they are tonight. At least one company membe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: st louis, young artists, new york, breathe, differently

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