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  • Ancient Near East - 1,585 words
    Millions of years ago the procreant low lands in the river basins of Euphrates and Tigris was probably the home of some animal life, but no great civilizations. However, things change over time, and just a few thousand years ago the same fertile low lands in the river basins of Euphrates and Tigris became the home of a very rich and complex society. This first high society of man was located in what some still call Mesopotamia. The word Mesopotamia is in origin a Greek name meaning land between the rivers. The name is used for the area watered by the Euphrates and Tigris and its tributaries, roughly comprising modern Iraq and part of Syria. South of modern Bagdad, this alluvial plain was cal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient cities, ancient near east, near east, social organization, climatic change
  • Multiregionalism Vs Out Of Africa - 1,033 words
    Anthropologists today are debating two sides to the story of the evolution of the modern human Homosapian sapian. The sides agree on two different theories called the Out of Africa theory and the Multiregional (or Candelabra) theory. The debate, which some may call a slanderous argument, is far from being resolved on either side. Both evolutionist sides have strong evidence, however, this evidence does have its flaws and is not accurate enough to prove one side over another. However, the arguments for the Out of Africa theory seem to be flawed far more than those of the Multiregional theory. The Multiregional theory states that the hominid H. erectus. Migrated out of Africa through the north ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, mitochondrial dna, near east, modern europe, nucleotides
  • Crusades - 938 words
    After the death of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 814 and the following collapse of his empire, Christian Europe was under attack and on the defensive. The Magyars, nomadic people from Asia, ravaged eastern and central Europe until the 10th century. Around 800, several centuries of Viking raids disrupted life in northern Europe and even threatened Mediterranean cities. Nevertheless, the greatest threat came from the forces of Islam, very militant and victorious in the centuries following the death of their leader, Muhammad, in 632. By the eighth century Islamic forces had conquered North Africa, the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, and most of Spain. Islamic armies established bases ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crusades, first crusade, second crusade, central europe, different forms
  • Darius I The Great Reign - 1,281 words
    ... his empires borders. He conquered new territories along the Indus River in the east and to the Caucasus Mountains in the northwest. By conquering the northwest Darius was able to control a narrow straight that connected the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. By having control over this narrow strip he successfully split Asia and Europe at modern day Istanbul. During Dariuss reign the Persian Empire achieved its highest peak. Persias borders were strong and their economy was sound. Like all good things Dariuss empire would not last forever. Toward the end of Dariuss reign a rebellion from Ionian Greeks broke out. Ionian Greeks were Greek that actually lived in Asia Minor. The Ionian Gre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: darius, great leaders, reign, turning point, online encyclopedia
  • Slavery - 1,105 words
    A slave is a human being who is owned by another human being through birth, purchase, or capture. A slave can be bought, sold, hired out, exchanged, given as a gift, or inherited. They dont have rights, the law doesnt protect them, and their masters rule over them. Their masters can treat them as they wish, and the slaves work with no pays what so ever. Since ancient times, people of all cultures were deprived of their rights through slavery. Many people may wonder about when slavery began or how it started. Well, about 10,000 years ago, people developed farming which gave them more food than they desired. Therefore, they came up with a theory, instead of killing their enemies, why cant they ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: roman slavery, domestic servants, power over, prophet muhammad, severely
  • Slavery - 1,062 words
    ... es were made slaves! Slaves were among the first articles of trade. They were traded all over the world. Slaves were among the first articles of trade between the primitive Celts and Germans, also including their southern neighbors. It was also well established in Homeric Greece, in preliterate China and Japan, and in the prehistoric Near East. Heredity slavery dated from earliest times in every Old World civilization. In ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, slaves were mainly captured aliens who were rarely used productively except in the households of the upper-classes. As for Neo-Babylonian times (612-539B.C.), only foreign slaves might have done significant amounts of cultural work. In Egy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: slave trade, america after, english colonies, traffic, 1848
  • Greek Vases - 608 words
    Greek vases were make not only in Greece but also in the Aegean islands, on the west coast of Asia minor, south Italy and Sicily. The place where they were made the most was in Athens, where many awesome vases were produced. These were exported to places all around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Greek vases were also produced at many other placces; Corinth, placed an important postion for transportation; Laconia, an area whose capital was Sparta; Boeotia, north-west from Attic; Aegean island suchas Chios, Thasos, Naxos, Rhodes and Crete, Asia Minor such as Miletos and Clazomenai; Apulia, Lucania, Campania and Paestum in South Italy and Sicily. Greek vases were starting to be produced i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greek, near east, asia minor, north west, mainland
  • Egypt - 2,589 words
    The civilization of ancient Egypt is significant in several ways. Together with those of Mesopotamia, India, and China, it was one of the earliest civilizations, and it is perhaps the best example of continuous cultural evolution based on internal stimuli, rather than the complex mix of internal and external factors found, for example, in Mesopotamia. Egyptian influence on other peoples was also significant. Its hieroglyphic writing system and other cultural elements were adapted by ancient kingdoms of the Sudan. Syria-Palestine was strongly affected by Egyptian religion and art. And the cults of some Egyptian gods had followers in both Greece and Rome. The two last regions and the Bible are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient egypt, egypt, public interest, greece and rome, northwest
  • A Look At The Cananite Pantheon - 1,569 words
    The Canaanite Pantheon is a very complex matter that is fascinating to anyone interested in either history or religion. In order to achieve a be3tter understanding of this topic one must first have a small body of knowledge concerning the Canaanites themselves. IN this paper I will first discuss who the Canaanites actually were. This will include their origin, their location, and their language. After establishing this base knowledge I will then discuss the Canaanite religious system. At that time I will bring forth the major topic of my paper the Canaanite Pantheon. Much of what we originally knew of the Canaanites came from the biblical account of early history. According to the bible the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pantheon, early history, everyday life, bronze age, valleys
  • Ancient Egyptian Beliefs In The Afterlife - 1,452 words
    ... to compare to the great houses in which the Pharaoh or other important persons had lived (Badawy 47). The burial chambers of the mastaba, along with those of virtually all other forms of Egyptian architecture, housed paintings and relief sculptures depicting the actions of everyday life. The netherlife destiny is often associated with this "everyday life", where the spirit experiences all the aspects of their mortal life on earth. Often, mastabas were arranged in cemeteries forming a grid pattern, with "streets" between them. Cemeteries such as these often are situated around what are probably the greatest structures of Egyptian architecture: pyramids. Pyramids are an extraordinary archi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: afterlife, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, egyptian, egyptian art, egyptian culture, egyptian mythology
  • Opec The Creation The Existence The Power - 1,937 words
    Marshall Jenkins, a woodcutter from Culpeper, Virginia, wishes the government could feel his pain. He owns one of the thousands of businesses that are feeling the pressure from rising fuel costs and was forced to retire his three-ton diesel shipping truck. I just cant afford to run that truck, Jenkins says of the $100 it costs to top off the tank, and I dont feel right about charging more for a chord of wood (Maier par. 6). With fuel prices at a record high, people like Jenkins are wondering if the high prices are a result of high demand or simply the result of greed. The latest information points toward greed. Although it seems that the oil prices are out of control because of the lack of t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: opec, world power, white house, marketing association, trading
  • Gilgamesh Vs Genesis - 1,821 words
    In our society, which is overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian, students often find it difficult to compare Bible stories with tales from other cultures, because our own belief system is wrapped up in the prior, and it is hard for many of us to go against our traditional faith to evaluate them objectively. But in a comparison of the Biblical book of Genesis with the ancient Sumerian text, Epic of Gilgamesh, many parallels suggest that the same type of spiritual searching inspired the composition of both works. It would seem that both cultures shared a concern for the nature of human life, and how its shortness affects the way life should be lived. However, the conclusions each culture derived from ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book of genesis, epic of gilgamesh, genesis, gilgamesh, gilgamesh epic
  • Mongols - 1,294 words
    Twlfth-century Mongolia is as far back as a search for their origins need go. A group of peopls speaking the languages of the family called Mongol who had long demanded the attention of Chinese governments then lived there. Generally, China played off one of them against another in the interests of its own security. They were barbarians, not much different in their cultural level from others who have already crossed these pages. Two tribes among them, the Tatars and that which became known as the Mongols, competed and on the whole the Tatars had the best of it. They drove one young Mongol to extremes of bitterness and self-assertion. The date of his birth is uncertain, but in the 1190s he be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mongol empire, near east, power over, civil war, caliph
  • Territory Dispute - 4,258 words
    ... If Arafat turns a blind eye to terrorism, Israel responds by punishing the PA. --But if Arafat arrests those responsible for attacks or planning them, his domestic popularity is reduced. However Arafat's feels about indigenous terrorism, Arab state-sponsored terrorism strengthens his enemies, undermines his strategy, and escalates violence out of his control. 4. USE OF LEVERAGE WITH THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE The PA wants Arab states to urge the United States and Europe to press Israel for concessions. As a U.S. aid recipient, the PA must avoid seeming to organize an anti-American campaign in the Arab world. Moreover, despite his differences with Washington, Arafat knows the United Sta ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dispute, territory, national council, arab league, exploit
  • The Role Of The Temple In Mesopotamia And Egypt - 1,594 words
    ... t have been possible without the Egyptian concept of consubstantiality. The Mesopotamians, however, did not evolve such ideas of divine kingship until after the Egyptians. As the time of conquest and urbanization dawned, the Lugals (at first, only temporary appointments) gained the power of rulers over the land. There is a limit to the amount we know about the earliest temples of Mesopotamia and Egypt. There first of the Mesopotamian shrines were made of short-lived materials, so it is unlikely that any will be found. However, what little information we do have about the temples of this time period (the earliest dating back to the Ubaid period, or early 5th millenium, B.C.E.) is mostly a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: egypt, mesopotamia, temple, ancient near east, the bible
  • The Flame Who Lost His Way - 947 words
    It is not possible or commendable in mainstream United States to imitate biblical-times gender role patterns. In biblical times, male and female weren't associated according to gender as much as they were according to relationship. Because of the enmeshed society where individuating was not only not done but wasn't seen as normal or healthy we cannot as individuals in the United States begin to imitate let alone completely understand gender role patterns in biblical-times. Women were seen as sisters, wives, mothers, daughters etc. not as women in the sense of gender. Men were also enveloped within relationship as brother, husband, father, son etc. not as maleness. Relationship defined who th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: flame, cultural context, cultural norms, biblical passages, attempting
  • Why Does The Iliad Conclude With The Funeral Of Hektor? - 1,696 words
    Examine why the Iliad concludes with the funeral of Hektor. Could Hektors death be recognised as a major defining moment in the Trojan War? In this essay I will illustrate how the burial customs of the late bronze-age Greeks facilitated the way in which the Iliad was structured; additionally in what way the belief of the Greeks in 8th Century (BCE) may have been represented in the discussions which took place between the living and the dead. Through these points I expect to show how this has influenced the way in which Hektor death links the tragic development of the epic poem. Although we witness many deaths of Trojan and Achaian warriors we are only aware of the two funerals (held separate ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conclude, funeral, iliad, the iliad, near east
  • Greece - 1,678 words
    My report is about Greece. Through my research, I learned that Greece was founded in 3000 B.C. Greece is located in Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Turkey and Albania. Greeces area can be compared to the size of the state of Alabama. Between 3500 and 3000 B.C., society was becoming more complex. Villages built during this time were becoming larger. However, the population increased at a slow rate. During the second millennium B.C. two Greek civilizations evolved - the Minoan in Crete and the Mycenaean on the mainland. Sometime around 1349 B.C., the Mycenaean peoples conquered the island of Crete, and the Minoan civilization basically ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greece, greece and rome, persian wars, united states, rome
  • Containment Early Cold War - 994 words
    In the early years of the Cold War, both the Truman and Eisenhower administrations pursued a policy of containment to counter perceived Soviet aggression. Generally, the presidential administrations pursued this policy to maintain stability in the international arena, to maintain a balance of power, and also in a sense, to express disapproval of totalitarian, non-democratic regimes. Containment was expressed through a variety of policies and institutions: economic, political and, of course, military. The ways the early presidential administrations defined and implemented containment strategy inevitably changed in focus, importance, and emphasis over time. While both external and internal rea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, containment, containment policy, early years, domestic politics
  • Ramases Ii - 1,895 words
    ... on in Abu Simbel. These men were linked to Rameses by blood or through marriage and lived in princely fashion enjoying all the comforts of royalty. Picking this way strengthened and served the new dynasty well but did after awhile cause problems within. Rameses right to rule was granted, in the ancient Egyptians minds, by the gods. The gods Maat, who personified or represented truth, justice and cosmic harmony along with Heka, who signified divine creative force, were the main gods who showed the way kings would rule. It was the pharaohs first duty to keep in communication with the gods as a way to safeguard his peoples way of life and the continued prosperity of Egypt. This was accompli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: henry holt, ancient egypt, avon books, thick, prisoners

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