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  • Moral Reasoning Police Officer
    1,061 words
    The three stories I chose to write my paper on; are from pages 110 through 138 in Maynard-Moody and Mushenos Cops, Teachers, Counselors book. They focus on the street level workers using their discretion to make decisions in their jobs. The stories are titled, Im Disabled but want to be an EMT, Cut the Power, and Ignoring Orders. In this paper I will argue that street level workers use their discretion in ways that is not consistent with established rules while identifying different constraints ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: police officer, moral reasoning, loud music, three stories, street level
  • Gay Priests Struggle With Rules
    544 words
    I chose this article in the New York Times because it is a moral issue which is stirring up controversy in religion and media. In the rapid change of social norms in todays world, we are given a topic that mixes both the new generation of people and the old traditional way of living. My evaluation of this subject has left me in an interesting situation; and caught between moral or social customs. Rachel Zone wrote this editorial in the NY Times and in doing so helped voice out Rev. Fred Daleys b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homosexuality, sexual orientation, priest, priesthood, gay men
  • Year Old Girl Fruits And Vegetables
    1,173 words
    Dr. Bernard D. Davis, professor of bacterial physiology at Harvard medical school in Cambridge, stated that after twenty years of expanding experience with biotechnology with no detectable harm to humans or to the environment, this concern has turned into a good idea (q. In Bender and Leon 23). Genetic engineering is defined as the scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in living organisms. Although under heavy scrutiny, genetic engineering will someday be used to cure geneti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: year old girl, plants and animals, fruits and vegetables, genetically modified, genetically engineered
  • Isnt Necessarily Evil Killed Her Husband Person
    747 words
    Does being a criminal necessarily mean a person is evil? This is an interesting question, in which there are many different opinions. This is not a straight yes or no answer. To have a debate on an issue like this we should first define the word evil. The dictionary defines evil as being: Morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked (Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary). People who say that a criminal isnt necessarily evil might be thinking like this: If a poor person went into a store and stole foo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dick, evil person, perry, murderer, necessarily
  • Change Over Time Abortion Should Be Illegal Wrong
    510 words
    This has been a controversial question for many years now. Some people dont even think twice about having an abortion. Others have a lot to say about the subject. For instance, not only is abortion murder, but it is also a sin despite the current law in Georgia. One reason why abortion should be illegal in Georgia is that the Bible says that it is wrong. Abortion is killing a human being. The Bible says, Thou shalt not kill (Ex. 20: 13 KJV). This is one of the Ten Commandments. The Bible also ex...
    Free research essays on topics related to: thee, morally wrong, roe, georgia, abortion
  • Puritans Believed Thomas Paine
    572 words
    As Puritanism lost its popularity, it made way for a new belief system. Deists, like Puritans, believed in God as the Creator, but Deists believed in free will, whereas Puritans believed in predestination. As Deism gained momentum, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Paine reflected their Deist beliefs in the writings. In The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson constantly reflects the Deist ideas of human reason and a Creator God. For example, Jefferson states, all men are creat...
    Free research essays on topics related to: thomas jefferson, common sense, thomas paine, human reason, puritans believed
  • Clone Human Beings Cloned Sheep
    1,275 words
    In the near future, we will have to face the fact that the course of science will always win and inevitability cloning of human or at least the cloning of organs will be performed. The question is is cloning human beings acceptable and where do we draw the line? Cloning has sparked controversies over the past few years. With the race to map the DNA and its completion, it has steered up the imagination of our society of what to come. In this paper, we will discus how the mass media has influenced...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clone human beings, controversial topic, cloned sheep, human cloning, science fiction
  • Love Of His Life Lasting Impression
    718 words
    In Emily Brontees Wuthering Height the reader is left with an understanding as well as a lasting impression by her way of showing how different characters grew not only mentally but morally as well. In this story she did not leave the reader with a happy ending pertaining only to newfound love but as well to reconciliation within ones self. This can be found in the character of Heathcliff. Throughout the novel the reader would get the feeling of Heathcliff having an aura of negativity. Now some ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: catherine, heathcliff's, heathcliff, lasting impression, love of his life
  • Parts Of The World Capital Punishment
    792 words
    Each year, 250 people are added to death row and 35 are executed. Capital punishment is the harshest form or condemnation. It is a highly controversial issue and is therefore not practiced in all parts of the world. Putting and end to someones life is a cruel and unusual form of punishment. One can clearly see the barbaric ritual as a violation of human dignity. The fear of death has proven not to deter criminals from committing crimes. When executing the alleged, there is always a slight chance...
    Free research essays on topics related to: parts of the world, play god, capital punishment, death penalty, morally wrong
  • State Of Nature Law Of Nature
    946 words
    Thomas Hobbes was one of the most influential political philosophers of all time, providing both support and justification of government. During his lifetime there was considerable political turmoil between the King and the Parliament, whereby Hobbes wrote in support of the King and the concept of absolute sovereignty. What is particularly interesting about Hobbes writings is that he was the first philosopher to use a scientific approach in an attempt to understand human behavior. Supported part...
    Free research essays on topics related to: absolute sovereign, state of nature, laws of nature, law of nature, hobbes believed
  • Lowered Parking Lights Difficulty Of Finding Poem
    808 words
    In William Stafford's poem Traveling through the Dark, the theme of confrontation between wilderness and technology exists. This poem also deals with the difficulty of finding the right path, choosing to do the morally right thing. The speaker is a man traveling at night who finds a dead doe on the edge of the road. The doe was killed in an earlier collision with another vehicle: a recent killing; she had stiffened already, almost cold. The speaker faces a moral dilemma early in the poem: It is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dilemma, speaker, wilderness, doe, moral dilemma
  • Life In Prison Sentenced To Death
    879 words
    Imagine for a moment that someone you knew was murdered. They soundly slept in their home of twenty-two years that they deemed safe enough for their children and safe enough for themselves. The house is in a small community, the type of community where everyone knows everyone else. They had raised one child who is now in high school, one child is still in grade school, and two have yet to start school. As they all slept soundly, believing nothing could go wrong, an unknown person creeps into the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, death penalty, harris county, life in prison, sentenced to death
  • Divine Command Command Theory
    707 words
    The Divine Command Theory Religion and ethics are seen to be somehow inseparable in our culture. Religious leaders are usually appealed to in some capacity when dealing with various moral and political problems. Their opinions are given great weight because they are thought to be in some kind of special relationship with God that the common person does not have. The view that God creates the moral law is often called the Divine Command Theory. According to this view, what makes an action right i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moral law, divine command, common form, command, command theory
  • Morally And Ethically Insurance Companies
    507 words
    Doctoring the Truth. The New Republic. Nov 15, 1999. P 13. Is it ethical for doctors to bend the truth in order to get an insurance company to pay for medical treatment? According to this article, most doctors do. A survey has shown that 58 % of doctors say that they would be willing to give an insurance company deliberately deceptive documentation to influence the companys decision to approve surgery or other treatment for a life-threatening illness. These doctors believe that if they did not l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: insurance companies, health care, morally and ethically, insurance company, doctors feel
  • Young Offenders Act Youth Criminals
    1,202 words
    Dont Fix What Is Not Broken Recent highly publicized murders and other crimes across Canada have resulted in a rally of people calling for harsher punishments for young offenders. Political parties and victims groups lead the parade. But harsher punishment such as longer sentences, restricted or no parole and a return to capital punishment will not lead to a reduction in crime. The Young Offenders Act recognizes the maturity and understanding differences between youths and adults. Rehabilitation...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rehabilitation programs, criminal code, political parties, young offenders act, youth criminals
  • Sense Of Duty Moral Law
    890 words
    Duty and Philosophy If philosophy itself is a method of understanding, then there must first be something present for it to understand, and Kant identifies this something as the moral law. It is this purity that Kant acknowledges to exist without first needing to be perceived (which would therefore rely on that perception to validate it), and rightly claims as the absolute. He further argues that since this true and pure is omnipresent, then it is humanity's duty to hold itself to it, no matter ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moral law, duty, pure, sense of duty, kant
  • Pain And Suffering Life And Death
    1,426 words
    Distinguish between voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. Is either ever justified? Euthanasia, is a gentle or easy death as defined now in our dictionaries, or the killing of people who cannot be cured and in great pain. The killing was done for the sake of the people killed to keep them away from more suffering. Euthanasia is separated into three types. These are voluntary, non-voluntary, and involuntary euthanasia. This essay will look at the meaning of voluntary and involuntary euthanasia an...
    Free research essays on topics related to: life and death, person , type of euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia, pain and suffering
  • Strongly Disagree Long Term
    1,100 words
    Epicurus was a philosopher who was believed to be the one with all the answers to life. He encouraged the Ideal of Good Life, to live simple lives by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Epicurus views worries as unnecessary and unnatural desires. If these desires are avoided, he believes that all worries will be eliminated. Epicurus metaphysical theory was based on Democrituss view of atoms. They were monists who believed all is matter, the soul is equivalent to the mind and comes apart at death...
    Free research essays on topics related to: long term, strongly disagree, good life, pleasure, epicurus
  • Women And Men Carol Gilligan
    777 words
    What is feminism? By general definition, feminism is a philosophy in which women and their contributions are valued. It is based on social, political and economical equality for women. Feminists can be anyone in the population, men, women, girl or boys. Feminism can also be described as a movement. A revolution that includes women and men who wish the world to be equal without boundaries. These boundaries or blockades are better known as discrimination and biases against gender, sexual orientati...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moral reasoning, make decisions, women and men, feminist theory, carol gilligan
  • Word Of God Good Person
    1,205 words
    If you want to figure out who the hero is in Hope Leslie you first have to understand the meaning of what a hero is. There are many possible definitions of what a hero could be. A hero could be someone who physically rescues someone, or it could be someone who assists another in a task that is important to that one person. A hero could also be someone who sticks to their principles and is a good person, worthy of being looked up to by others. This last definition is the one that I will be focusi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: word of god, good person, affections, puritan, esther

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