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  • Give Medical Care For The Homeless - 602 words
    Title Imagine a typical day in your life: You wake up, throw back the covers and get out of bed. You dont put on a robe because the heat is on and its warm in your room. After freshening up in the bathroom, you go to your closet to choose an outfit to wear. You grab a quick breakfast. Then your best friend gives you a lift to school. At the end of the day, your mother picks you up to go shopping. Later, after dinner, you do your homework, talk on the phone and watch TV with your brother and sister. Most people would agree that a day like this is fairly ordinary. Shelter, clothes, food, education, family these are things you usually take for granted. Whats more, these are things that everyone ...
    Related: homeless, medical care, food stamps, poor people, theses
  • It Failure And Dependance - 896 words
    In Todays Society we are so Dependent on I.T that the Consequences of its Failure May be Catastrophic. Discuss the Threats and Causes of Failure, and Steps Taken to Minimise it. In todays world it is impossible to run a large organisation without the aid of computers. Businesses hold massive amounts of important data, hospitals hold large amounts of confidential patient information and large scientific research projects hold important codes, formulae, and equations. The bottom line is that loss or corruption of this information is sure to result in bankruptcy, a substantial loss of customers, and even world-wide financial meltdown. A dependency on technology is impossible to avoid even with ...
    Related: dependance, computer viruses, industry association, santa clara, panic
  • Privatize Social Security - 1,556 words
    Privatize Social Security: Americans are Smart Enough to Invest for Themselves The beginning of the 20th century was a very hard time for America and its citizens. After the Industrial Revolution and the Great War came the Great Depression. The economy was crashing, and crashing fast; the stock market crashed twice in one week, thousands of people were laid off, and businesses went bankrupt. These were definitely the hardest of times and the people were looking for help. On June 8, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces to congress that he intended to provide a program for Social Security. He created the Committee on Economic Security to study the entire problem of the economy and t ...
    Related: security reform, social security, political elections, unemployment insurance, ronald
  • Unemployment - 1,636 words
    ... ured goods grows and remains high, employment in the secondary sector remains high as well. There is also a third, or tertiary sector of employment comprising such activities as the service trades, teaching, administration, scientific research, medical care, art, and tourism, as well as other pursuits that are not carried on in factories. Technical progress in those areas is slight, compared to that in the primary and secondary sectors, and so the activities in the tertiary sector require a large number of people. In countries with high living standards, the demand for products of the tertiary sector keeps increasing; thus employment in that sector increases more rapidly than in the othe ...
    Related: frictional unemployment, unemployment, unemployment insurance, unemployment rate, income tax
  • The Model Society - 1,760 words
    Chart comparing aspects of different countries Comparisons between the Model Society and other major societies and theories A Utopian society does not exist in any country in the world. The perfect system has not yet been developed. Certainly the United States and the Soviet Union have been two of the most admired systems OF the past, but they to are far from an ideal model of a just society which has been desired by many persons throughout the ages. This just society, is hard to define, nevertheless, this is what I propose. In the model society, all industry is nationalized and all citizens between the ages of twenty-one and forty-five are required to serve in an industrial army. This indus ...
    Related: industrial society, society today, utopian society, medical care, greenwood publishing
  • Parating Mary Shelley - 870 words
    Inspired by this wind of promise my daydreams become more fervent and vivid (Shelley 1). Mary Shelley, a great poet of her time, left many legacies and inspired writers all across the nation. From childhood to adulthood, she overcame obstacles in life. Her inspiring life can only begin to be described in words, and her works live on today. Mary Shelleys elaborate life, little known fictions, and horrific monsters have nationally been defined through the years. In order to separate Mary Shelleys life, the tragedies she experienced must first be examined. Her first tragedy was the death of her mother (Patnaik 1). Complications arose during giving birth to Mary Shelley, and the mother died due ...
    Related: bysshe shelley, frankenstein mary shelley, mary, mary shelley, mary wollstonecraft, percy bysshe shelley, percy shelley
  • Asias Sleeping Giants - 1,073 words
    China and Japan: Asias Sleeping Giants Of all regions in the world aiming for a bright future, none is closer to that goal than Asia. Asia, also known as the sleeping giant accounts for over sixty percent of the earths population with China holding a large amount of the sixty percent. Economically, Japan is in the forefront of the world with only the United States leading them in the category of Gross National Product (GNP). Both Japan and China are looked upon by a great number of people as future leaders of the world. What is remarkable about that statement is the fact that the two nations, while they might have commonalties, are so different. Some might assume that two nations in the same ...
    Related: giants, sleeping, health insurance, financial aid, inflation
  • None Provided - 1,054 words
    ... pients: 53% of current and former teenage mothers on AFDC in 1992 had incomes below 50% of the poverty line, compared with 41% of women who did not give birth as teenagers. In part, their poverty reflects the fact that current and former teenage mothers are less likely than others to receive any financial support from their child's father because they were never married. And, although current and former teenage mothers on AFDC are as likely to work as women who did not have a baby as a teenager they earned an average of $1,600 less in 1992. Their lower earnings resulted from a lack of education in 1992, 47% of current and former teenage mothers on AFDC had graduated from high school, com ...
    Related: social services, medical care, married women, annually, absence
  • Dangers Of Smoking - 1,031 words
    "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were a little over 300,000 deaths related to AIDS in 1997. That's like taking half the people in Baltimore county and making them disappear. Another 75,000 died from alcohol. In addition to that, 20,000 died from illegal drug use, and 25,000 died from motor vehicle crashes. But if you were to add those numbers up, they still wouldn't equal the amount of deaths that were related to tobacco. In fact, each year, smoking kills more people than AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides and fires combined." Tobacco is a concern not only for the person that is smoking, but it also effects the population that is not ...
    Related: cigarette smoking, maternal smoking, smoking, secondhand smoke, heart disease
  • Aticide In China - 1,163 words
    Killing your baby, what could be more depraved. For a woman to destroy the fruit of her womb would seem like an ultimate violation of the natural order. But every year, hundreds of women commit neonaticide: they kill their newborns or let them die. Most neonaticides remain undiscovered, but every once in a while a janitor follows a trail of blood to a tiny body in a trash bin, or a woman faints and doctors find the remains of a placenta inside her. In China, babies are often abondoned near orphanages and found decaying along the streets. The Chinese government established population controls that increased the pressure on families to limit reproduction and the religious establishment has fai ...
    Related: china, good thing, infant mortality, side effects, ethics
  • Lyndon B Johnson And Richard M Nixon - 1,378 words
    Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon were presidents during one of the most turbulent periods in American history. Both grappled with significant social unrest and the question of whether to continue involvement in the Vietnam War. Although these two presidents faced similar problems during their presidency, their presidential style and approach to these problems was fundamentally different. However, Johnson and Nixon shared a willingness to mislead the public and their associates in order to pursue their own course of action. Johnson and Nixon had fundamentally different presidential styles which explains much of the differences in their approaches to domestic and foreign policy. Johnson ...
    Related: johnson, lyndon, lyndon b johnson, nixon, mental health
  • Denial As A Method Of Dealing With Political Violence - 1,090 words
    Denial as a Method of Dealing With Political Violence People chose every day, in a myriad of ways, between denial and self-knowledge. Most of the time this choice is innocuous. A parent may believe their obviously lying child rather than accept the emotional distress that comes with be lied to. The body politic may believe an unscrupulous politician rather than to get out and work for real change. Many times, however, denial may have far-reaching and disastrous consequences. In the case of the violent political upheaval that occurred in Latin American from 1964 until the 1990s, the citizens of the affected countries remained divided between those who wanted to know and those who didnt. Men W ...
    Related: denial, political beliefs, political system, political violence, educated person
  • China Society - 1,573 words
    Even since the dramatic post-1949 changes in China regarding the role of women, China has remained paternalistic in it's attitudes and social reality. The land reform, which was intended to create a more balanced economic force in marriage, was the beginning of governmental efforts to pacify women, with no real social effect. Communist China needed to address the "woman question". Since women wanted more equality, and equality is doled out from the hands of those in power, capitalism was examined. The economic issues of repressed Chinese women were focused on the Land Act and the Marriage Act of 1950. The Land reform succeeded in eliminating the extended family's material basis and hence, it ...
    Related: china, chinese society, communist china, urban china, women in china
  • Great Depression Gds - 1,324 words
    ... helped people survive this trying time. 11 Religion during the 1930's in Prairie Canada was aiding people withtheir troubles. People realized that situations were not good. Theyturned to an almighty being for guidance and assistance. Lloyd C. Douglas aminister of St. James United Church (1929-1933) had a message which said,"Religion works: it provides the key to success, peace of mind and aworthwhile life" 12 There was an overproduction of wheat and industrial goods. The war hadcreated changes in the structure in the economy as well as damage in theinternational trade. Wages were always falling behind. Economic theories of John Maynard Keynes were helpful and suggestedthat if private in ...
    Related: great depression, stock market crash, market crash, federal budget, bust
  • Chinese Society - 1,550 words
    Even since the dramatic post-1949 changes in China regarding the role of women, China has remained paternalistic in it's attitudes and social reality. The land reform, which was intended to create a more balanced economic force in marriage, was the beginning of governmental efforts to pacify women, with no real social effect. Communist China needed to address the "woman question". Since women wanted more equality, and equality is doled out from the hands of those in power,capitalism was examined. The economic issues of repressed Chinese women were focused on the Land Act and the Marriage Act of 1950. The Land reform succeeded in eliminating the extended family's material basis and hence, its ...
    Related: chinese, chinese society, chinese women, more important, communist china
  • Great Depression - 1,562 words
    The Great Depression took place from 1930 to 1939. During this time the prices of stock fell 40%. 9,000 banks went out of business and 9 million savings accounts were wiped out. 86,000 businesses failed, and wages were decreased by an average of 60%. The unemployment rate went from 9% all the way to 25%, about 15 million jobless Economic Indicators of the Great Depression Indicator 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 (in millions) 2.0 1.6 4.3 8.0 12.1 12.8 production workers (constant $) $27.00 $28.55 $25.84 $22.62 $17.05 $17.71 financial difficulties 499 659 1,352 2,294 1,456 4,004 (in billions of $'s) $2.9 $3.1 $3.3 $3.6 $4.7 $4.6 (in billions of $'s) $5.8 $5.4 $4.0 $2.9 $2.3 $2.1 The end of Wor ...
    Related: economic depression, great britain, great depression, world economic, economic indicators
  • Losing The War On Drugs - 1,183 words
    America is spending millions of dollars to run ad campaigns with teenage waifs smashing up the kitchen with frying pans, brain fried egg commercials, and other inaccurate and misleading ads put fear into our nations youth and adults alike. One such ad showed a flat line brain scan purportedly hooked up to a drug user. It was later proven that it was hooked up to nothing and most of our nations kids now know it. Seeing the "Land of the Free" turn into a nation that imprisons more of its citizens than any other industrialized nation on earth is neither effective or a good message to send our children. We are building 9 new prisons for every one new university( ). Which do you want built for yo ...
    Related: drug laws, drug trade, drug trafficking, illegal drugs, war on drugs
  • Morality And Practicality Of Euthanasia - 1,236 words
    ... se. Today our medical hardware is so sophisticated that the period of suffering can be extended beyond the limit of human endurance. What's the point of allowing someone a few more months or days or hours of so-called life when death is inevitable? There's no point. In fact, it's downright inhumane. When someone under such conditions asks to be allowed to die, it's far more humane to honor that request than to deny it. There is no way we are going to come to grips with this problem until we also look at some of these areas that aren't going to go away . One of the toughest of these is what Victor Fuchs called "flat-of-the-curve medicine"- those medical procedures which are the highest in ...
    Related: euthanasia, morality, voluntary euthanasia, right to life, health status
  • Consumer Health - 999 words
    ... ecause of possible side effects that caused heavy vaginal bleeding and death. An anonymous purchase had been made on the OCL's behalf and the company responded sending out an abortion kit. The OCL was able to trace the site Easy Life Labs in Columbia, South America, but this company temporarily went off-line. In March of 1997, the OCL was contacted once again that this same company was online again. The OCL notified the foreign Drug Company's U.S. Internet Service Provider (ISP) and told them that one of their subscribers was criminally violating the FD&C Act and the service voluntarily removed violative ads. As cases like the above example have increased with the widespread incorporatio ...
    Related: consumer, consumer health, health care, health consequences, health risks
  • Teen Abortion - 1,589 words
    1 Research Paper ENG 232/Dr. Powers 27 Mar 99 It is ironic that, while a teenage girl must obtain parental consent for such a minor procedure as having her ears pierced, for her to lay her life on the line (as well as that of her unborn child) and obtain an abortion, no parental notification is required. If a teenager, because of her immaturity and inexperience in decision-making, may not enroll herself in the school of her choice without her parents signature and consent, how can she be expected to independently come to a decision regarding such a serious issue as whether to obtain an abortion? It is also strikingly ironic that the same parents who would be required by law to provide extend ...
    Related: abortion, abortion controversy, induced abortion, parenthood federation, research paper
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