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  • Using Netiq S Appmanager - 2,550 words
    J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel Enterprise Network Management Solution University of Maryland, University College J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel Abstract .................................................. ........................ 3 Management........................................ .................................. 4 Biography .................................................. ........................ 6 Software .................................................. ........................ 8 Cases............................................. ............................. 13 Profit Chain .................................................. ........................ 19 Conclusions .. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: using microsoft, effective performance, glaxo wellcome, management software, glaxo
  • Using Netiq S Appmanager - 2,688 words
    ... J. Banks, J. Brown, E. Kimble, J. Sachsel stock quotes and other investor services. NASDAQ s decision to use AppManager to manage its web site was made with the intent of improving the reliability and performance of their Microsoft Windows NT servers. NASDAQ was in the market for a solution that could "proactively" manage its web site. AppManager exceeded all of the stringent requirements NASDAQ had for monitoring their web site. Before selecting NetIQ and AppManager, NASDAQ decided to first monitor their web-based infrastructure with custom built fault monitoring solutions. But as the web grew in popularity, a more reliable and scaleable solution was needed. As the site grew and hits in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: using information, using internet, business data, york john wiley sons, integration
  • The Economy During Election 2000 - 741 words
    The General State of the United States Economy There are various reasons for the result of the recent stock market tumble. There is not just one direct cause, for instance, the recent presidential election. It is a result of both the 2000 election and simply just a natural course of events that generally approaches once prosperity reaches a certain level. Whether or not this tumble will make a recovery, we really dont know? Because of this, the word recession has been booming around news stations. But is our economy witnessing a slow down, or is a recession actually heading our way. Stocks are experiencing losses in almost every sector, and the damage varies depending on the sector. During t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economy, election, election results, presidential election, states economy, united states economy
  • God - 854 words
    To provide bulk flower imports to local businesses, at competative rates whilst maintaining abolute freshness of product and deilivered on time. Marketing Research Information on Primavera System's Inc. Marketing Research Information Primavera Systems, Inc. In my first report, I outlined some of the information available about Primavera Systems, Inc. I would like to expand on that information and provide additional information about the marketing of Primavera Systems, Inc. main product. The corporate mission of Primavera Systems, Inc. is to deliver innovative software products and services to help their customers successfully manage all of their projects and resources. Primavera employs almo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hubble space telescope, great plains, san francisco, innovative
  • Etrade - 1,527 words
    Provider of online investing services. It has established a popular, branded destination Web site for self-directed investors. It offers automated order placement and execution, along with a suite of products that can be personalized. (Dow Jones Interactive) As of September 30, 1999, Etrade had 1,551,000 active brokerage accounts, up 185% for the year, with assets held in customer brokerage accounts in excess of $28.4 billion, up 154% from last year. We began offering online investing services through the Internet in February 1996, and it has been our most rapidly growing channel, with transactions over the Internet and through online service providers representing more than 90% of our fourt ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: commercial banking, information services, personal finance, transaction, jones
  • Groupware - 1,566 words
    ... tools for detecting and resolving product incompatibilities once they are in the field." While these problems have not been totally solved and additional world-wide situations continue to arise, such significant progress has been made by the team that they are continuing operation into the second year (Lipnack and Stamps, 1997). The teams mentioned above have had success; however, a few of the team efforts at SunSystems have failed although none were a complete disaster. Overall, the virtual team concept has been considered a resounding success. Three aspects of Sun's virtual team projects may point to success for other organisations wishing to utilize virtual teams: executive sponsorsh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: groupware, mobile communication, data systems, business processes, operating
  • Analysis Of How Microsoft Should Spend Its Cash - 965 words
    Microsoft has a nasty problem: figuring out what to do with $31.6 billion in cash. We can picture a sleep-deprived Bill Gates and a red-eyed Steve Ballmer toiling away night after night, trying to get Microsoft out of this predicament. It must be tough. So we decided to help them out by making a few suggestions on how Microsoft should spend its cash hoard. We're going to propose a variety of acquisitions. While the company hasn't historically had an acquisitive culture, that seems to be changing. Last November, Microsoft hired Richard Emerson--a former managing director at the investment bank Lazard Frres--to head its mergers and acquisitions division. A month later, the company announced th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cash, cash flow, free cash, microsoft, department of justice
  • Comprehensive Analysis Of The Computer Industry - 1,847 words
    COMPETITIVE FORCES The U.S. computer hardware industry is one of the biggest in the world with Compaq, IBM, Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard being the main players. This was one industry that was selling 150 million units in one year, ( but with economy not looking so good, things are likely to change for PC makers too. Now more than ever before, the companies in the computer industry are competing as fiercely as possible to make things better for their firms. They are fighting for new customers and are targeting markets they were not willing to exploit before. Traditional approaches and market strategies are giving way to newer ideas and innovative moves. RIVALRY AMONG EXISTIN ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comprehensive, computer, computer company, computer corporation, computer hardware, computer industry, dell computer
  • Distributed Project Management: A Proposal For Change - 1,425 words
    Major changes within this organization over the past few years has lead to significant problems arising from the management of certain information systems development projects. It has been identified that these problems can be directly attributed the dispersion of team members across a number of locations throughout the country. Given that this situation is likely to be compounded with the introduction of vendors in other countries, it is timely that an investigation be conducted to expand on the problems of the past and to collect information on issues related to distributed project management. Amongst some of the findings, it became evident that most problems could be condensed down to thr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: distributed, project management, project plan, project team, proposal
  • Distributed Project Management: A Proposal For Change - 1,334 words
    ... roject team. The two approaches they put forward are an attempt to avoid breakdowns due to language use and unfamiliar style of carrying out conversations. The first approach is to give the benefit of the doubt. That is, the members of the team must understand that other team members do come from other cultural backgrounds and may have unique or different methods of communicating. The second approach is to avoid using language/expressions that remote [team] members [are] not familiar with, or which may be misinterpreted. Haywood (2000, p.59) provides a list of key points in relation to minimising the effects of time and distance. One, which takes into account differences in time zones, i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: distributed, project management, project manager, proposal, software development
  • 3m's New Information System Research Paper - 1,483 words
    Intro The business environment is very competitive. Consequently, companies need to offer customers efficient and reliable service. If they do not, customers will switch to more consumer efficient companies. Furthermore, as companies grow in size, it becomes harder to keep track of the growing amount of customer information. If a company does a poor job of organizing and maintaining customer records and data, it can result in problems for both the company and the consumer. This paper will focus on the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, more commonly known as 3M, and how it improved its customer service and reduced cost by improving its management information system. Sources consulte ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: information retrieval, information systems, management information, management information system, research paper
  • Management Functions - 1,612 words
    I. Overview II. Current Technology Assessment III. Value Chain Analysis A. Value Chain Defined B. Value Chain and the Customer C. Technology Supporting Business Functions in the Value Chain D. Technology and Partnering Activities IV. Social Contract A. Social Contract Defined B. Social Contract in History C. Social Contract in the Business Perspective D. Regional issues with Social Contracts V. Global Issues VI. Managing Changes VII. Conclusion Overview "In 1991, Microsoft Corp. became the first software company to create its own computer science research organization. Microsoft has developed into a unique entity among corporate research labs, balancing an open academic model with an effecti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business functions, management, management functions, management software, strategic management

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