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  • The Count Of Monte Cristo - 1,211 words
    ... f literary work: Adventure / Drama The main point that Alexandre Dumas is presenting in this novel deals with judgement. Those who are good to others will be rewarded in the furture. Those who are sinfull will be punished. The action in this novel takes place in Marseilles, Paris, France in the 1800's. The era of the novel is set during the Napoleonic era. The ciites in which this novel takes place in are, Marseilles, Paris, and Rome. Most of the scenes are in the cities but others take place on the countryside, and Edmond Dantes was a young and handsome sailor. He had a lot of things that people would dream of. The two main people that were jealous of him were a man named Fernand Mondeg ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: count, count of monte cristo, cristo, monte, monte cristo, the count of monte cristo
  • Motivational Theories - 802 words
    The success of any organization depends on the ability of managers to provide a motivating environment for its employees. Motivated employees are more productive, happier, and stay with the organization longer. One of the primary tasks a manager faces is to find out what motivates their staff. By understanding employee needs, managers can understand what rewards to use to motivate them. Abraham Maslow proposed the theory called hierarchy of needs theory (370-396). Maslow believed that within every individual, there exists a hierarchy of five needs and that each level of need must be satisfied before an individual pursues the next higher level of need. As the individual progresses through the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: motivational, business review, harvard business, human behavior, reinforcement
  • Nt Server - 5,107 words
    ... ug to all of you future admins. Don't be a *censored*head! Just because a printer won't print doesn't mean that the printer is the problem. Do your homework and trouble-shooting before calling the printer manufacturer and blaming them for having a crappy printer. I will give you an example of what I am talking about. I was dealing with a PC support person for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I got an email stating that the printer has never worked since the day that they got it and has cost them thousands of dollars in down-time and he wanted to know what we planned on doing about it. I asked him what the problem was and he said, "It doesn't print jobs sometimes". Well, that is certainly helpful ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: server, real life, floppy disk, vice versa, frame
  • Attitudes Of Marriage In The Cantebury Tales - 1,522 words
    Chaucers The Canterbury Tales, demonstrate many different attitudes and perceptions towards marriage. Some of these ideas are very traditional, such as that illustrated in the Franklins Tale. On the other hand, other tales present a liberal view, such as the marriages portrayed in the Millers and The Wife of Baths tales. While several of these tales are rather comical, they do indeed depict the attitudes towards marriage at that time in history. D.W. Robertson, Jr. calls marriage "the solution to the problem of love, the force which directs the will which is in turn the source of moral action" (Robertson, 88). "Marriage in Chaucers time meant a union between spirit and flesh and was thus par ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cantebury tales, canterbury tales, successful marriage, the canterbury tales, young women
  • Vietnam Poetry - 779 words
    My essay is a comparison of a song and a poem about the Vietnam war. The song is "Goodnight Saigon" written by Billy Joel and the poem is "No Word Spoken" by Edward J. Domaleski. These two are very different but revolve around one main point; the American soldiers experience in the Vietnam war. Joel writes about the whole war experience while Domaleski writes just about one solitary battle. Domaleski is also more detailed than Joel in his writing. Domaleskis lines of poetry discreetly describe the scenes of a battle, while Joels generally describe the hardships of the American soldiers during the war. "No Word Spoken" stars off by describes some soldiers marching through a forest. They hear ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: poetry, vietnam, vietnam war, playboy magazine, main point
  • In The Time Of The Butterflies - 546 words
    The main point of Julia Alvarezs In the Time of the Butterflies is to show individual personality in each character. This book shows that the people involved in the revolution led personal lives and had feelings just like those of us who read about them. By telling about the characters families and personal issues, Alvarez draws her readers into the book and makes them feel for each character. Something that puzzled me was why the Mirabal sisters refused to leave prison. Minerva said that they had to set a good example and that accepting a pardon would mean that they thought they had something to be pardoned for. It seems to me that Minerva had too much pride. They should have accepted the p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dominican republic, main point, united states, pardon, unsuccessful
  • Comparison - 478 words
    William Faulkners "A Rose for Emily" can have many different reader-responses, as any story can, however it is the responsibility of reader-response critics, like Robert Crosman, to determine if they are valid and helpful in understanding the story. "How Readers Make Meaning" is a failed attempt by Crosman to show that any reader response, no matter how far fetched, can be helpful in the interpretation of a story. Reader-response critics claim that there is no one correct response to a story but all responses are correct, as long as the basics of the story are grasped. Reader-response critics do not have a set way to interpret themes of stories like new critics but instead they concentrate o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rose for emily, a rose for emily, main point, fill, helpful
  • Shelleys Counsel - 1,755 words
    At the heart of mankind, there are certain rules by which society runs. These timeless laws or ethics cross cultural bounds in order to preserve lifes order and maintain a righteous standard. For example, almost all societies agree that it is immoral to kill another human being outside of self-defense. Christine Menefree of the School Library Journal defines ethics as the moral principles by which a person is guided (1). Many people develop their moral beliefs from their religious premises, but when applied to other influential aspects of life, these rules can become problematic. In the pursuit of knowledge in todays scientific world, there are many encounters of moral dilemmas and ethical ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: counsel, mary shelley, shelleys frankenstein, nineteenth century, world today
  • Martin Luther - 1,883 words
    King's "A Letter From Birmingham City Jail": An Analysis Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest speakers for the Black civil rights movement, had written many great works in his time. Two of his pieces stand out as his greatest works, Letter from Birmingham City Jail; a letter written from a jail in Birmingham where he was arrested for demonstrating peacefully, to clergymen who didn't agree with his views, and I Have a Dream; a speech given by King in front of the Washington Memorial at a huge civil rights tea party. Both works convey the same message: the time has come where Black Americans will not stand for civil injustices any longer. The way in which the works are written, however, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: luther, luther king, martin, martin luther, martin luther king jr
  • Giordano Bruno Vs Piggy - 1,377 words
    From the dawn of humanity, to the eras of medieval and renaissance, all the way our current modern society, and even to the yet to be experiences distant future humanity has always had problems with one natural event...change. In late 16th century, there was an Italian philosopher by the name of Giordano Bruno who was trying to bring about change in his times thinking and beliefs, but naturally, society conflicted what Bruno had to say and would eventually even kill Bruno for his views. It still affects us in our current times as written in the classic work Lord of the Flies. Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding in 1954, contains a character named Piggy who tried to bring about chan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bruno, giordano, giordano bruno, piggy, modern society
  • Ecotourism In Latin America - 1,116 words
    ... , restaurants, and other services which entail physical changes in the destination, including expansion of the built environment. Like expanding businesses into and area and disrupting the environment, tourism does just the same. In addition, they both consume resources. However, the government takes little authority to help preserve the environment. In actuality, tourism destroys tourism. (Secretariat 67). Regions that are equipped with a top of the line environment are faced with two main problems. The region has to face whether or not to promote economic activity, and if it does, accept some sort of environmental decay. Moreover, they have to decide whether or not to give preference t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, ecotourism, latin, latin america, latin american
  • Brown V Board Of Education - 1,452 words
    ... ep, both sides lawyers submit written arguments, briefs, to the judges to try and persuade them to make a decision in their favor. In the Brown case, and the other four cases, the plaintiffs argued that segregation was unconstitutional because it causes inequality in education. Also, in the Brown case, nearly two dozen amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs were submitted, with permission, by organizations and individuals who were not directly involved in the case. These briefs were very influential in the Courts decision. In the oral step, the lawyers speak for a limited amount of time. They are able to touch up on any unclear points as well as answer any questions the justices have ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brown v board of education, american life, jewish people, black civil rights, guidelines
  • How The Irish - 1,379 words
    Thomas Cahills book How the Irish Saved Civilization, is called the untold story of Irelands heroic role in maintaining western culture, from the fall of the Roman Empire until the European dark ages. The main point of this book, as specified in the books title, is how the Irish saved civilization. How they allegedly did that is the real meaning of this book. The author, Thomas Cahill, makes his views very clear throughout the entire book with the use of many facts, statistics and details. He clearly explains how Romes power crumbled and created chaos and anarchy all over Europe. Mr. Cahill does a magnificent job describing how European culture changed from the Roman to the medieval civiliza ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: irish, irish culture, greeks and romans, untold story, monastic
  • Sacco And Vanzetti - 2,688 words
    Were Sacco and Vanzetti convicted and eventually executed because of popular beliefs about anarchy? The majority of the evidence on Sacco and Vanzetti points to the fact that they did not receive a fair trial, but why is that? Many people of the time feel that can be attributed to the fact that both of the men were Italian immigrants. While this may have aided the feeling of hated that was already preeminent at the trial. It was not however the main reason that the two men were not given their fair trial that every one is alleged to have the right to. The main reason that Sacco and Vanzetti were convicted, and eventually executed with out the proper process of appeals, is the fact that they ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sacco, vanzetti, red scare, language barriers, prosecution
  • Sacco And Vanzetti - 2,513 words
    ... or allowing the other two men to escape and eventually be deported before they could be charged with any crime. This would have made the police out to be incompetent. How would the press react to what now was anarchism against our justice system? If none of the perpetrators were brought to justice then capitalism and the police look bad. It would look as if the police and the immigration officers were not on the same page. That would send a message to other anarchists that they could get away with almost anything, and that may have started the revolution that Sacco and Vanzetti were striving for. That would have been a dangerous precedent, and anarchists looking to make more of a shockin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sacco, vanzetti, statistical information, justice system, atlantic
  • Contract Law - 1,185 words
    England's contract law is consisted of several laws and they can not be written or at least explained in a student's assignment, which is consisted of 1000 words. Despite that I will try to outline the main points of the contact law and explain briefly what each means. On the second point I will explain the little difference between the English contact law with the equivalent contract law of my home country which is Cyprus. I wrote "little differences " because, Cyprus is following the English system concerning laws. There are three basic essentials to the creation of contract which will be recognised and enforced by the courts. These are: contractual intention, agreement and consideration. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: contract, contract law, brief summary, common law, valid
  • Gun Laws - 5,640 words
    ... h emotion or introspection but require a level of conscious cognition to understand. 3/28/98 Dave Workman Bravo for John Lott's revealing research on the impact that concealed carry laws are having on crime. That such laws have been passed in 31 states, coinciding with passage of "Three Strikes" and "Hard Time for Armed Crime" legislation, is the real reason we are seeing a decline in reported violent crime. Those who have advocated restrictive gun control over the years, and other intrusions on the rights of individual citizens, are now being shown as the liars they've always been. In the wake of the Arkansas tragedy, I remain more firmly convinced than ever that gun control advocates ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: control laws, gun laws, law enforcement, law school, martial law
  • Justice Served - 1,239 words
    ... sition. Regardless of the righteousness of his condemnation of Antigone, he believes that, should Antigone be allowed to defy the law and live, his own rule would suffer. To Creon, the most important element of the situation is the disregard for his decree -- the strength of the state, he vows, must never be held in check by an individual (especially a woman). During Socrates' trial, he also maintains his innocence on grounds that he was doing only what the gods required of him. However, the state, even after hearing his testimony disprove many of the charges brought against him, ultimately denies him his freedom. To Socrates, whom we are to believe in the story, most of the men judging ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sophocles antigone, oxford university, york city, suit, populace
  • Other Peoples Money - 1,256 words
    At what cost does a company deserve to be taken off of life-support? While Gregory Peck would say that a surviving, long-lived company is worth saving, Danny Divito sees it differently. "Who cares?" he asks. The company is actually an investment, and no investment in need of life-support is worth saving. Not only do Peck and Divito see the company differently, they also relate to their audience on different levels. In their speeches in Other People's Money, Peck and Divito use ethos, pathos and logos with varying amounts of success in their stockholder addresses. By analyzing the way that ethos, pathos and logos effected the audience for first Peck, then Divito, it is possible to determine f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: make money, warner brothers, more effective, stock price, warner
  • Book Rev Of Salem Possessed - 625 words
    Boyer, Paul, and Stephen Nissenbaum. Salem Possessed. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1974. When one hears the word Salem, many unpleasant images are conjured in that persons mind. One may think of the misplaced fervor of the Puritans, one may call to mind the lack of justice in the trials, or one may even be appalled by the tragic deaths of nineteen individuals and the imprisonment of hundreds of others. However, instead of focusing on just the unpleasant images of the witch trials, Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum focus on the events leading up to them. The formation of the township in 1672, the decrease in the average landholdings, and the transition to a mercantile s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book review, possessed, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials

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