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  • Macular Degeneration - 1,043 words
    Macular Degeneration is a problem in the part of the eye that controls your sharpest central vision. It is a group of diseases that result in a loss of detailed vision. The brain will not just leave the spot empty, so it learns to fill it in with spotty macular cell damage. People most of the time don't tell their doctors (opthalmologists) about it until it is well in advance. There are two types of Macular Degeneration. Juvenile Macular Degeneration affects the central vision in young children. This takes place in the macula, or the central region of the retina. The retina is where we are able to read and to distinguish colors. The main symptoms of Juvenile Macular Degeneration is a reducti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: macular, medical association, treatment options, fine detail, brain
  • A Report On Cloning A Little Biased - 330 words
    Cloning is a new technology that humans have just acquired. Before, cloning was something that you could read about in a science-fiction book for a buck. Now, we have seen proof of cloning with the sheeps called Dolly. The big question is if we should clone humans. There are only two ways this could be possible. The first way involves splitting an embryo into several halves and creating many new individuals from that embryo. The second method of cloning a human involves taking cells from an already existing human being and cloning them, in turn creating other individuals that are identical to that particular person. With this technology almost at our fingertips, another huge question is: Wou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, science fiction, macular, fiction
  • Cloning - 999 words
    ... ff. How could the rest of us genetically challenged people hope to even land a job? Suppose you graduate with a degree in mathematics, hoping to fulfill your dream of becoming a teacher, only to learn that the schools and colleges are staffed with Einstein clones that possess knowledge far superior to yours. Their knowledge would be born from an implanted genetic inclination whereas yours would come only from hard work. You need not be an Einstein, or an Einstein clone, to identify the loser in this situation. Human cloning holds many possibilities that would be detrimental to mankind in just this manner. Thankfully, to date, legislators are holding off the wave of supporters and lobbyis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal cloning, cloning, human cloning, human life, scientific inquiry
  • Glaucoma In The Us - 1,257 words
    ... s what lessons were learned from these three particular studies? The answer lies with lowering the IOP. The Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study evaluated whether "lowering IOP was effective in delaying or preventing glaucoma in patients with ocular hypertension" (Johnson & Brandt, 2005). This study was designed to identify the characteristics in progression of disease in patients. Also identified as major predictive factors for development of glaucoma was optic nerve anatomy and central corneal thickness (CCT). Study results concluded "only 4.4% of OHT study participants who received treatment developed glaucoma within five years. In comparison, 9.5% of individuals who were not medic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: glaucoma, visual impairment, health care, federal government, manifest
  • Blind Spot Enlargement In Non-athletes - 1,146 words
    Everyone has a blind spot in the visual field caused by an absence of nerves on the retinal wall where the nerve ganglia enter. Our brains 'correct' this blind spot by filling-in the missing information so that we do not notice the blind spot in normal, daily activity. There have been a few studies conducted to determine how the brain compensates for the phenomenon. Recent studies indicate that in certain people seeking chiropractic treatment, unequal blind spots result from muscoloskeletal misalignments. This research has been controversial; however, it brings up several interesting questions. There are conditions that can damage the retina, causing blind spots in the visual field. It is ge ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blind, enlargement, spot, recent studies, higher level

5 results found, view free essays on page:

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