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  • J R R Tolkien Edward Vi
    1,015 words
    John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was the first son and first child of Arthur Reuel Tolkien and Mabel Suffield Tolkien. Arthur Tolkien was a banker by profession, first with Lloyds Bank, and then, when promotions and advancement came too slowly for a man who wanted to raise a family, with the Bank of Africa in Bloemfontein, South Africa. His family was German by descent and had been piano manufacturers in Bloemfontein until Arthur's father went bankrupt. The Tolkien's had always been solid members of th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: south africa, king edward, j r r tolkien, edward vi, oxford university
  • Emily Dickinson Samuel Bowles
    1,685 words
    Throughout the history of literature, it has often been said that the poet is the poetry (Tate, Reactionary 9); that a poets life and experiences greatly influence the style and the content of their writing, some more than others. Emily Dickinson is one of the most renowned poets of her time, recognized for the amount of genuine, emotional insight into life, death, and love she was able to show through her poetry. Many believe her lifestyle and solitude brought her to that point in her writing. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dickinson life, detroit gale, samuel bowles, emily dickinson, emily wrote
  • Poems And Letters Emily Dickinson
    1,613 words
    Emily Dickinson, recognized as one of the greatest American poets of the nineteenth century, was born December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts (Benfey, 1). Dickinson's greatness and accomplishments were not always recognized. In her time, women were not recognized as serious writers and her talents were often ignored. Only seven of her 1800 poems were ever published. Dickinson's life was relatively simple, but behind the scenes she worked as a creative and talented poet. Her work was influenc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dickinson wrote, dickinson poems, samuel bowles, emily dickinson, poems and letters
  • End Her Life Men In Her Life
    1,162 words
    ... in life is not a priority. Does she ask you to go and stop there? persisted Fred Henry. She says I can if I like. Well, then, youd better. Tell her youll come on Monday. This was received in silence. Thats what youll do then, is it? said Fred Henry, in some exasperation. But she made no answer. There was a silence of futility and irritation in the room. Malcolm grinned fatuously. Youll have to make up your mind between now and next Wednesday, said Joe loudly, or else find yourself lodgings o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: men in her life, death emily, fathers death, end her life, rose for emily
  • J R R Middle Earth
    1,077 words
    John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, creator of a world. When someone who knows Tolkien is asked about his works, one thought comes to mind, Middle Earth. This was the playground in his mind that such vivid descriptions of fantasy lands came from. It is the base of his most well known stories, where dreams are just the norm. J. R. R. may owe much of his success to his diverse beginnings. On April 16, 1891, Mabel Suffield and Arthur Reuel Tolkien were married in Bloemfontein, South Africa. They soon gave b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: j r r, tolkien, middle earth, english language, johns mother
  • Horse Dealers Daughter D H Lawrence
    1,042 words
    In both Odour of Chrysanthemums and The Horse Dealers Daughter by D. H. Lawrence, many similarities are present with regards to the plot of the stories, the characters, and the themes. The plots are similar, because each story is about a family who has to deal with troubles because the man in each family who is supposed to be supporting everyone is not doing his job, instead he is spending his money on alcohol. The main character in both short stories is a woman. The themes are related because e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york norton, horse dealers daughter, norton anthology of english literature, short stories, d h lawrence
  • Love Doctor End
    345 words
    A very significant sentence on page 928 reads, She would follow her own way just the same. She would always hold the keys of her own situation. I think that this means that she planned everything. She wasnt going to let her brothers have the last word when it came to the rest of her life. Even if her way of controlling her own destiny is to end her own life, in her mind at least she is not letting anyone else make that decision for her. Following the pond incident she manipulates the doctor by e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brothers, mabel, paragraph, blindly
  • Horse Dealers Daughter Young Women
    680 words
    Compare two stories having similar themes. Explain what you believe the theme to be and how it can be compared in the two different plots. Alice Walkers Everyday Use and D. H. Lawrence's The Horse Dealers Daughter are the two stories with different plots. In the first one, the narrator is a black woman who is a single mother and has two daughters. One of her daughters, Maggie, is only a shadow of her beautiful and educated sister. The second story is about a young woman, Mabel, who is constantly...
    Free research essays on topics related to: horse dealers daughter, young women, second story, mabel, first one
  • Sylvia Plath Norma Jean
    950 words
    Sylvia Plath? s? Daddy? , Flannary O? Connor? s? Good Country People? , and Bobbie Ann Mason? s? Shiloh? all have something in common. In each, the relationship between a parent and child is discussed. It is left up to the reader to decide the nature of the relationship. Although what stands out in Sylvia Plath? s poem Daddy is the Nazi imagery, it is interesting to note that the father is not called a Nazi in the first half of the poem. In the first stanza he is a black shoe / In which [she has...
    Free research essays on topics related to: norma jean, good country, good, sylvia plath, connor
  • People Can Relate Norma Jean
    824 words
    19 April 2001 Bobbie Ann Mason, Great Writer? In the short story titled Shiloh, Bobbie Ann Mason does an extremely effective job of getting her message across. This story is about a couple that gets married a young age that probably was not ready to be married. They experience a series of events, which shape them and determined there future. The author in this story does a fabulous job because this story was easy to read and understand. Shiloh was written in 1982 so the story plot isnt old and h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: norma jean, jean, common people, great job, people can relate
  • Buster Keaton Gold Rush
    3,911 words
    In the first years of American cinema, comedies appeared only occasionally among the numerous documentaries, dramas, and actions Edwin S. Porter directed at Thomas Edison&# 39; s New York studio from 1900 to 1909. His earliest comedies, up until around 1902, were one-joke shorts in various series: Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Hooligan, Old Maid. In his 1906 The Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend, Porter deftly employed the fantastic trick-photography humor which France&# 39; s George M? li? s had developed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: three films, buster keaton, gold rush, box office, great success
  • Gilberts Original Script Words Were Added Play
    843 words
    The Pirates of Penzance A new and original comic Opera by Messrs. W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, entitled the Pirates of Penzance, or Love and Duty. It is amazing how two dramatic writers have mastered the ability to amuse the public in such an original manner. This opera had its premiere on December 31, 1879, at the Fifth Avenue Theater in New York with Arthur Sullivan conducting. It opened on April 3, 1880, at the Opera Comique in London and ran for 363 performances. When one thinks of Pir...
    Free research essays on topics related to: performances, script, comedic, varying degrees, humor
  • Quot Im Boston Northeastern
    2,031 words
    Peter Stitt INTERVIEWER: In The Dream Songs there is a passage about assistant professors becoming associate professors by working on your poems. How do you feel about being cannon fodder for aspiring young critics and graduate students? As for the graduate students, some of the work they do is damned interesting. A woman somewhere in the South did an eighty-page thesis investigating the three little epigraphs to the 77 Dream Songs and their bearing on the first three books of the poem. I must s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boston northeastern, dont feel, quot im, john berryman, long poem
  • Horse Dealers Daughter Good Man Is Hard
    1,373 words
    Some consider the most important aspect of the nuclear family is that of the relationship a child possesses with his parents. True, although, without this relationship, a child can still turn out to be a well-behaved child. However, in turn, they can also develop a defiant nature against their elders. Likewise, there are many other aspects that concern these relationships. For instance, there is the neglect that a child can receive from his parents, or that having a dominant mentor. Though these...
    Free research essays on topics related to: man is hard to find, good country people, horse dealers daughter, good man is hard, introduction to literature
  • Emily Dickinson Dickinson
    1,722 words
    Emily Dickinson? s Life Experiences And Their Impact Emily Dickinson? s Life Experiences And Their Impact On Her Poetry Throughout the history of literature, it has often been said that? the poet is the poetry? (Tate, Reactionary 9); that a poet? s life and experiences greatly influence the style and the content of their writing, some more than others. Emily Dickinson is one of the most renowned poets of her time, recognized for the amount of genuine, emotional insight into life, death, and love...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dickinson , emily wrote, samuel bowles, emily dickinson , detroit gale
  • Joe Ferguson Saves Quot She Asks Love
    601 words
    This story is about a girl named Mabel who tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in a pond. A young doctor, Joe Ferguson, saves her. She then believes that he loves her. Although this idea never occurred to Joe, he begins to find that he indeed loves her. However, Mabel thinks she is " too awful" to be loved, and finds that when Joe declares over and over that he wants her and that he loves her, she is more scared about that than of Joe not wanting her. So does Joe really love Ma...
    Free research essays on topics related to: loves, convince, mabel, joe, commit suicide
  • Alexander Graham Bell Western Union
    921 words
    Alexander Bell Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bells invention of the telephone grew out of his research into ways to improve the telegraph. His soul purpose was to help the deaf hear again. Alexander Graham Bell was not trying to invent the telephone, he was just trying to help out people in need. Young Alexander Graham Bell, Aleck as his family knew him, took to reading and writing at a precociously young age. Bell family lore told of his insistence upon mailing a letter to a family fri...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bell, alexander graham bell, telephone, bells, western union
  • Importance Of Being Earnest End Of Act
    1,729 words
    Oscar Wilde (An Ideal Husband) Brit wit at its finest. Wilde is best known for his skill with epigrams, but if you look beyond them, at the entire structure of his plays, you find that his talents go a lot deeper. His characters are pragmatic, cheeky, clever, and romantic when it suits them. Clear moral, delightful language, extremely careful plot. Actually, everything Wilde writes has an extremely careful, well-planned plot. In An Ideal Husband, all of the surface banter and games mask a very s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: end of act, importance of being earnest, sir robert, suez canal, oscar wilde
  • Father Death Hills Like White Elephants
    2,410 words
    The Representation of Women in Literature The role of women in society is constantly questioned and for centuries women have struggled to find their place in a world that is predominantly male oriented. Literature provides a window into the lives, thoughts and actions of women during certain periods of time in a fictitious form, yet often truthful in many ways. Ernest Hemingway? s? Hills like White Elephants? , D. H. Lawrence? s? The Horse Dealers Daughter? and William Faulkner? s? A Rose for Em...
    Free research essays on topics related to: d h lawrence, father death, hills like white elephants, end her life, live her life
  • Norma Jean Strong Character
    740 words
    Character sketch for Shiloh Character Sketch In Bobbie Ann Mason s story Shiloh she presents the character of Norma Jean as having a strong personality but an emptiness deep within. Norma Jean is presented as a strong character on the outside in the opening of the story. She lifts three-pound dumbbells to warm-up, the progresses to a twenty-pound barbell. (Mason p. 46). However as the story progresses she exhibits the emptiness which she feels. One day Leroy arrives home from a drive and finds N...
    Free research essays on topics related to: strong character, norma jean, emptiness, jean, p 47

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