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  • English Language First Woman
    1,347 words
    [... ] a Devil on't the Woman damns the Poet. -- Aphra Behn, Preface to The Lucky Chance Aphra Behn (1640 - 1689) was not the first woman writer; neither was she the only woman writer of her day. But Aphra Behn holds the singular distinction of being the first professional woman writer in the English language. That's right, ladies -- Aphra Behn was the first woman writer who did it for money. It was a natural choice for this young woman, a recent spy for the crown and a widow at the age of 26, t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: english language, behn, punk, prostitute, first woman
  • Ralph Rover Coral Island Boys
    1,104 words
    There seem to be all kinds of desert islands that you could be washed up on. You could be unlucky and find yourself on a barren cay with no fresh water and no vegetation. Or, you could be lucky and find yourself in a glorious kind of playground where all kinds of delicious foods are there for the taking, there are beautiful coral pools to dive in and you have leisure time to explore your own island. Ralph Rover, Jack Martin and Peterkin Gay are lucky. Ship's boys, they are washed up alone on the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: names, ralph, coral, penguins, main characters
  • Drinking And Driving R J
    607 words
    Recently in my Driver Education Class, I watched several videotapes dealing with the serious subject of drunk driving. After watching these tapes, I would like to recommend the one story that I consider the best. I would like everyone who drives a car to see it. I think the story about Bruce Kimble, entitled The Aftermath is the best one on the videotapes because of its strong emotional impact. It shows how innocent people suffer from the actions of a drunk driver. In this videotape, former Olym...
    Free research essays on topics related to: accident, bruce, driving, r j, drinking and driving
  • Red Convertible Color Red
    1,340 words
    The short story by Louise Erdrich The Red Convertible contains so many symbols that upon first reading it you might miss them. By studying a little about the beliefs of the Chippewa people though you are able to pull a few of the symbols out of the story. At first glance you see that it is a story about the relationship between the two main characters who are brothers living on a reservation in North Dakota. The brothers names are Henry and Lyman. Lyman says something odd in only the first parag...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good luck, brothers, color red, red convertible, lyman
  • Civil War Began Harriet Tubman
    1,406 words
    Harriet Tubman Even before Harriet Tubman was born she had a powerful enemy. Her enemy wasn't a person or even a country; it was the system known as slavery. It is known that at least two grandparents were captured by slave traders and brought to North America from the Slave Coast of Africa during the 18 th century. Because slaves were not allowed to read and write, Tubman grew up illiterate. She left no letters or diaries that would later allow historians to piece together all the parts of her ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: civil war began, harriet tubman, white people, north star, union army
  • Harsh Realities African Americans
    1,004 words
    To most of the critics, the most important aspect of the whole book is the authors description of Harlem's utterly violent culture, the culture that coerced kids in the very young age to become gang members and earn money for living with robberies and assaults. There were many incidents in the book when the author described 8 - 9 year old African American kids that were armed with homemade guns, zip guns and knives, which was certainly impossible in any white district of New York. No wonder Harl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: promised land, time period, harsh realities, harlem, african americans
  • Doesn T First One
    874 words
    Dear Britney, Omigod, oligo, oligo. Oh. My. God. Got your new album. Love it! Seriously, it just rawwwwwks, you know? After your first one, I was like, no way she can top this. Ever, ever, ever. No way. WELL, WAY! ? Oops... I Did It Again? is sooo amazing. Where do I begin? I love how the album is basically the same beat, the whole way through. You could Tae Bo to this thing and never miss a punch. On most albums, the beats are all mixed up? slow song, fast song, mid-tempo song. It? s confusing!...
    Free research essays on topics related to: doesn t, first one, abba, album, britney
  • Law And Order Johnny Torrio
    1,679 words
    Bengsch 1 Reid Bengsch March 12, 2001 Mr. Schauer AP US History Blk. 2 Capone On Top of Chicago After the end of World War I, America had immediately felt the effects of what they got themselves into. We started to go in a decline and there was not a whole lot that we could do about it. So we had to make a few changes in all aspects of the country including politically, socially, and economically. We tried a few things just as an experiment and some of it had started to work, but nothing drastic...
    Free research essays on topics related to: law and order, al capone, johnny torrio, police department, capone men
  • Number Of Deaths Face
    1,382 words
    Rose DeWitt Bukater The sinking of Titanic is one of the most famous of tragedies in our history. Everyone knows that the unsinkable ship found its home at the bottom of the ocean before it even reached its first destination. Many films have been made in an attempt to recreate the events of that fateful night on April 15, 1912 but none have been as realistic as the version of Titanic directed by James Cameron. When we think of Titanic, we remember the horrific number of deaths that occurred. A h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fianc e, number of deaths, young woman, class passengers, face
  • Youre Not Tired Cane Pole Marcus
    238 words
    Poetry: Rhonda Goes Fishing Uncle Marcus comes rapping on your bedroom door one Saturday morning. Says he got a can full of worms and your cane pole, just like old times. Unc, what you better have is some coffee! He flashes a bright red thermos from behind his back. Gotcha, girl! Youre surprised unt Ruby's in the car. Sick or not, woman love to fish your uncle says proudly. In the back of his ol Cadillac you sway to gospel on the radio drinking black coffee like its Kool-Aid. You even get your f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marcus, youre, flashes, tired, coffee
  • Romantic Suspense Classic Mystery Detective
    660 words
    Essay on Mystery The classic mystery story contains many key parts, and some of these are present in my novel, while some are not. I think the major and most important similarity between mine and that of a classic is the fact that they both deal with murder. Homicide. Assassinations. The ole bump-off. Killing. Manslaughter. Anyway you look at it, both my novel and most novels from the Hounds of Baskerville to Murder on the Orient Express. My novel deals with this murder in a more dramatic sense,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: classic, detective story, liz, detective, suspense
  • Completely Incapacitated By Their Addiction Incapacitated By Their Addiction Drugs
    786 words
    Drugs Drug Addition Drug Addiction Drugs are not new. Man has been experimenting with them for thousands of years. People use them to escape feelings of isolation, and to feel a sense of unity with everything and everyone around them. The appeal is that they change the way a person feels and perceives the world around her. Users take them to feel more sociable, relieve boredom, and forget problems. Addiction doesn t discriminate- addicts come from everywhere. There are a myriad of attitudes conc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: addict, addiction, addicted, addicts, drug addict
  • Dont Think Hes Bathroom Floor Clean
    585 words
    Epitome of Disgusting Bathrooms, I think, are the one place where sanitation should be practiced to the fullest. My brother doesnt seem to meet eye to eye on this sanitation business. He actually is the most careless, gross and just plain filthy person when it comes to bathroom care. He has this complete disregard for anyone else who might need to use the after him. This makes me sick. Im not sure when or where this behavior developed. Maybe it was when he poo-pooed on the bathroom floor at age ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: toilet, hes, bathroom, clean, floor
  • Blind To The Truth Capitol Hill
    1,132 words
    The Need for Knowledge: The Choice To Be Blind While the bodies pile up in what we call our Nations Backyard, the rest of the country chooses to deny the facts and to remain blind to the truth. The gruesome statistics, and tales of violence in The Murder of Thirty of My Neighbors by Jim Myers has the ability to force just about anyone into understanding the severity of the situation the residents of service area 109, also known as eastern Capitol Hill, are facing. It isnt often that people see o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: myers, feel safe, blind to the truth, capitol hill, drug related
  • Handmaids Tale Child Birth
    1,501 words
    Hand Maids Tale In Margaret Atwood's novel, The Handmaids Tale, the birth rate in the United States had dropped so low that extremists decided to take matters into their own hands by killing off the government, taking over themselves, and reducing the womens role in society to that of a silent birthing machine. One handmaid describes what happened and how it came about as she, too, is forced to comply with the new order. Before the new order, known as the Sons of Jacob, took over, women had a lo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: p 53, child birth, bear children, p 24, handmaids tale
  • Harriet Tubman North Star
    1,112 words
    About 40 years before the Civil War began, a slave child, Araminta. Like others born into slavery, Araminta, who later become known as Harriet Ross Tubman, was never to know her birth date. Her parents, Harriet Greene and Benjamin Ross, couldnt read or write. They didnt even know the months of the year. They simply kept track by the seasons: summer, winter, harvest time, and planting time. They had no family records beyond their own memories to document the births of their 11 children. Also, Har...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brothers, north star, white people, harriet, harriet tubman
  • Girl In The Elite Blah Blah People
    841 words
    The Perfect Plan When you only know a few and want to know more you learn to be who you are not. You live 100 different lives. Some people know you as this and some as that, and the only one who knows the truth is you. But it truly is amazing how acquaintances that are at different levels at the social hierarchy can move you up. As I entered my senior year of high school, I did not kick it with many people. Strictly a, not by choice, select few. Always, there are the cool popular people who ever...
    Free research essays on topics related to: guys, censored, blah, blah blah, cool
  • Line 6 Line 4
    656 words
    Analysis of A. E. Housman s To an Athlete Dying Young Dying young is considered by most to be one of the most tragic of fates. The specter of things undone and a life unlived haunts the funeral and colors the grief to an even darker shade. Most people desire to live to a ripe old age and would be shocked to have a premature death viewed in a positive light. Yet, this is exactly the driving force behind A. E. Housman s To an Athlete Dying Young. In the poem, dying young and at the height of your ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: athlete, speaker, records, line 6, line 4
  • One Of The Reasons Mark Twain
    887 words
    In the book, Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the main character Huck, is able to look past conformist and the effects of his environment. Huck was born into a society that was supposed to hate black people. Huck was able to see good in a nigger, and further a healthy relationship with his slave, Jim. Huck is a very strong and smart person, although he isn t learned, and can act ignorant from time to time. Mark Twain, many times makes Huck look like a non-admirable person, when Twain does this i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: one of the reasons, mark twain, slave jim, didn t, open minded
  • Illegal Immigrants Physical Examination
    675 words
    I feel really bad for the people who turn to immigration to save their lives. Americans unwillingly use their tax dollars to pay for the salary of illegal immigrants. It is a big problem for people in the US. I feel that immigration is okay, but the problem is illegal immigration. Even though the people may be living in harsh conditions, it is not impossible to earn 320 dollars and meet the requirements to get a visa. The requirements to get a visa legally are to have 320 dollars for the paperwo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: immigration, immigrants, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, physical examination

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