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  • Hinton - 514 words
    S.E. Hinton is considered to be one of the greatest writers about youth of all time. Since she often writes from a boys point of view, she uses her initials S.E. instead of her name Susan Eloise. She explains this by saying, I figured that most boys would look at the book and think, What can a chick know about stuff like that? She was born in 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was raised there and went to college at the University of Tulsa, with education as her major. She wrote her first, and probably most famous novel, The Ousiders, at age 16. It was published three years later in 1967. From this book she became known as the "Voice of the Youth." After having writers block for three years becaus ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hinton, drug abuse, library association, american library, susan
  • Censorship - 687 words
    The First Amendment of the United States expresses that, "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press." However, the list of banned books in public schools as well as in public libraries is quite extensive. Most proponents of literary censorship, both parents and organized public groups, act with what they perceive to be highest cause: protecting their families as well as their communities from evils and injustices. They see that they are preserving the values and ideals that the entire society should take in to account. The result, nevertheless, is always the denial of anothers right to read. And by denying the right to read, you deny the intellectual freedom ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: censorship, romeo and juliet, liberal education, national association, african
  • Scott Odell - 1,355 words
    ... cott ODells early life he had a inspiration inside of him that was not revealed until after he achieved success in his professional life. During his college years he always showed an interest in words. One way he showed that interest was by becoming an editor for some time, then a director. During this time, all of his ideas were stored up in his head, to then begin his writings. He directed his first books towards adults. In the long run, he found that more of his interest lie in creating childrens writings. Scott ODell wrote his first book for children in 1960. It all began in Los Angeles, California. Scott ODell was born on May 23,1898, to Bennett Mason, an official of the Union Pacif ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scott, daily news, stanford university, santa cruz,
  • Rimwalkers - 626 words
    Gr. 6-10. Fourteen-year-old Victoria Moore has always seen herself as living in the shadow of her popular younger sister, Sara. Then the girls spend the summer at their grandparents' midwestern farm with their cousins, quiet, dependable Elijah and renegade, dare-devil Rennie. The boys and Tory (as Rennie calls her) form a bond that revolves around the team spirit required to do the farm chores, the treacherous rim-walking that Rennie is so good at, and a mysterious ghost child. For the first time, it's Victoria who belongs and Sara who's left isolated and vulnerable to the pull of the lonely child spirit. When tragedy strikes and Sara almost dies, Tory fears that her rejection of Sara may ha ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: team spirit, american library, different ways, midwestern, grandparents
  • Stephen King - 1,032 words
    ... "good life", she prepared them for college, and encouraged King to submit his writings. As a result, he began to apply his analytical abilities and imagination to his everyday surroundings. King wrote and published a small satiric newspaper called "The Village Vomit" during his sophomore year in high school. This was a little newspaper that cruelly lampooned a number of teachers at Libson (Maine) High School, where King attended (Commire 64). Just as a political cartoon does, "The Village Vomit" used satire to make a mockery of individuals for the purpose of humor. Unfortunately for King, a copy of this newspaper found it's way into the hands of a faculty member, and as King describes it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stephen, stephen king, young boy, public library, award
  • Judy Blume - 911 words
    Nobody but you can do it, (Blume, 2) was a famous quote written by Judy Blume in one of her famous books. Judy has written over 30 juvenile fiction books that can relate to childrens lives. Judy has worked her whole life to try and reach children by talking about reality, however, other people try and hide the young adults from what is really happening in the world. Children read Blumes books because it takes them away from the reality of their lives and into the world of her fictional characters whose lives often parallel their own. What a comforting discovery for all who read her books! In Judy Blumes juvenile fiction books, she allows her readers to become involved in her books. Her books ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blume, judy, judy blume, american library, life experience
  • Filtering The Net - 498 words
    Over the last several years many attempts have been made to put a limit on what can be viewed on the Internet. In 1996, it was the Communications Decency Act and in 1999 the Child Online Protection Act. Both were shot down because they were said to violate the first amendment right to free speech. Should the government have the right to limit what children view on the Internet? The government does this in places like schools and libraries. Filtering the Internet has become commonplace in most schools and libraries. Internet filters are software that puts restrictions on what can be viewed by using a vocabulary list. If a word on a website is in this list than the filter kicks in and the site ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: filtering, information available, new york, free speech, pornography
  • The History Of Censorship In Literature And Music - 1,892 words
    What is censorship? An encyclopedia defines censorship as "the control of what people may say or hear, write or read, or see or do1." There are many reasons why people censor entertainment such as literature and music. Many governments or groups try to preserve their standards of morality by preventing people from learning about or following other standards2, commonly found in the two previously mentioned mediums. There are different ways to censor things. It can be on a local level, such as libraries refusing to carry a controversial book. It can also be on an entirely larger scale. In the 1770s, French author Beaumarchais had two of his plays, The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brief history, censorship, country music, music, music history, music industry, music television
  • Book Banning Is Bad For Students - 1,493 words
    Should people be able to deny a students freedom to read any book they wish to in a school? Every time adults ban a book, kids lose the chance to gain knowledge from that work of literature. The students outlook on the world becomes narrower as they lose access to an insightful point of view. Book censors can only give unreasonable and unjustifiable motives for banning books to validate their cause. In the end, the actions of the people who ban books create many negative effects on students. The history of book banning in schools began like an unnoticeable disease, which multiplied into a deadly cancer that affects nearly every public education system in the U.S. The number of book challenge ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banning, best book, holden caulfield, greenhaven press, novels
  • Against Music Censorship - 1,115 words
    Music censorship has been a major problem plaguing America for over fifty years. In 1957, Elvis Pressley was only allowed to be filmed from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan show (Nuzum 1). Plenty of controversy has taken places between then and now, but more recently it has become much more prominent in the media, and people and organizations are beginning to actually take a stand. For example, Island Records (owned by Disney) dropped the Insane Clown Posse just after their release of The Great Milenko and MTV actually refused to play Madonnas video for Justify My Love because it was considered too sexually explicit (Nuzum 1). Music content is just one of the many issues that puts the First A ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: censorship, music, music censorship, music industry, greenhaven press
  • Does The Internet Need Censors? - 1,596 words
    ... t started to grow into wide use, the Government began to become concerned about what children were being exposed to online. Until the Government began to interfere, most libraries did not use Internet filtering. Many cases of minors being exposed to pornography began to appear. In the year 2000, Bill Clinton signed the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) as part of Federal Bill HR 4577. The CIPA required schools and libraries that had federal funding designated for Internet use to install Internet filtering systems to block content that is harmful to minors. If they failed to do so, their funding, given to them by the Universal Service Discount and Library Services and Technology Ac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internet censorship, internet filtering, internet protection, american civil, bill clinton
  • Analysis Of "no Ideas But In Things" - 1,006 words
    ... for loneliness implies precisely the lack of and desirefor an other. "Too hot" to be "at ease," Williams, playing the voyeur, finds this other in the form of the sexually budding girls. In his role as voyeur, Williams is paradoxically trapped between his narcissistic desire to identify with the girls and an irreconcilable need to reassert the presence of his ego. As Freud recognized, its active counterpart accompanies every passive perversion. He who is a voyeur in his unconscious is concomitantly an exhibitionist (575). And that quintessential assertion of the ego, "exhibitionism," Freud contends, "is strongly dependent upon the castration complex; it would emphasize again the integrity ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: norton anthology, international universities press, american literature, passive, precept
  • Langston Hughes And The Harlem Renaissance - 1,288 words
    During the Harlem Renaissance, writers such as Zora Neal Hurston and Langston Hughes gained fame and respect for their ability to express the Black American experiences in their works. Langston Hughes was one of the most original and versatile of the twentieth century black writers. Influenced by Laurence Dunbar, Carl Dandburg, and his grandmother, Carrie Mercer Langston Hughes, Langston Hughes began writing creatively while still a boy. Born in Joplin Missouri, Langston Hughes lived with both his parents until they separated and at the age of seven, he had to go and live with his maternal grandmother. Although she told him wonderful stories about Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth and t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: harlem, harlem renaissance, hughes, james langston hughes, langston, langston hughes, renaissance
  • Internet Regulation - 741 words
    It is a documented estimation that almost one-third of all American homes now have at least one personal computer. Along with that staggering stat, the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science has reported that 95% of the public has access to the Internet. Our society has been able to make these great advances, obviously along with many more important others, due to that fact that every American poses certain unalienable rights. Now in this new Millennium, the very innovation which has grown into the majority of American lives is the focus of a debate which questions our fundamental right to freedom of speech. The Federal Government should not regulate the Internet because th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: regulation, unalienable rights, real world, more important, millennium
  • Gender Studies - 1,093 words
    ... d both want to be leaders and/or managers. There seems to be a need to bring about an attitudinal change towards accepting women as managers based on such empirical studies. I thought that the notion of women's inferiority to men is a western idea, contrary to the eastern view that woman is "too strong" in the Indian tradition. Limitations of the study This study is based on students, who have not had much experience in the professional world. They are adults however, and these attitudes are formed much earlier in life. These responses are at best at the perceptual level. In reality only five percent of the women reach the directorship level of libraries in the United States of America, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gender, gender differences, gender studies, south asia, organizational behavior
  • Mother To Son - 649 words
    On the road of life, many trials arise that one must overcome to make his or her life feel complete. In Langston Hughes's poem, "Mother to Son," these trials are a subject of concern for one mother. Hughes' "ability to project himself" is seen in his use of dialect, metaphors, and tone (Barksdale 3). Although the dialect by itself does not seem to be an important quality, however, "when it is presented with all dramatic skill", it is important (Barksdale 3). In "Mother to Son", Hughes uses dialect to show that the mother is not as well educated as many people. When she says phrases such as "For I'se still goin', honey," it is understood that she means that she is still going, even though it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: langston hughes, on the road, life changes, negro, honey
  • United States Of American: Personal Freedom - 1,201 words
    ... he published satirical ballads regarding William Cosby, the unpopular governor, and his council. His media was described 'as having in them many things tending to raise seditions and tumults among the people of this province, and to fill their minds with a contempt for his majesty's government.' The grand jury did not indict Zenger and the General Assembly refused to take action. The defendant was acquitted on the basis that in cases of libel the jury should judge both law and the facts. James Alexander was the first colonial writer to develop a philosophy on the freedom of speech. He founded the American Philosophical Society and masterminded the Zenger defense. Alexander's chief convic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: freedom of speech, personal freedom, personal property, state budget, states court, states supreme court, united states
  • Langston Hughes - 1,950 words
    Born in Joplin Missouri, Langston Hughes lived with both his parents until they separated. Because his father immigrated to Mexico and his mother was often away, Hughes was brought up in Lawrence, Kansas, by his grandmother Mary Langston. His grandmother embedded Hughes' sense of dedication. Her second husband (Hughes's grandfather) was a fierce abolitionist. She helped Hughes to see the cause of social justice. Although she told him wonderful stories about Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth and took him to hear Booker T. Washington, Hughes did not get all the attention he needed. Furthermore, Hughes felt hurt by both his parents and was unable to understand why he was not allowed to live ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hughes, james langston hughes, langston, langston hughes, african american

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