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  • Lady Of The Lake King Arthur
    686 words
    Excalibur: In Arthurian legend, the sword belonging to King Arthur. The sword with jeweled hilt and magic powers, of King Arthur of the Britons. One legend says the Lady of The Lake gave it to him. Another says it is the sword fixed into the miraculous stone, to be removed only by the man that would become King. When Arthur was a young boy, he drew the sword from the stone, though all others had failed. When he died Excalibur was thrown into the lake, and a mysterious hand rose to grasp it and d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lake, one day, king arthur, lady of the lake, sword
  • Middle Ages Bowdoin College
    1,224 words
    Was born in Portland Maine February 27 th 1807 in an old square wooden house, upon the edge of the sea. He entered Bowdoin College, where in due time he was graduated in the class with Hawthorne, in 1825. He wrote verses at this time for the United States Literary Gazette printed at Boston. For a short time after leaving college, he studied law in the office of his father the Hon. Stephen Longfellow; but soon fell into the mode of life he has since pursued as a scholar by the appointment to a Pr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle ages, volume, scholar, longfellow, bowdoin college
  • Safety Features Race Car
    453 words
    Car racing has gone through many changes since its start in 1947. Race cars were not equipped with safety features such as roolbars, cages and safety belts. When accidents occurred drivers were seriously injured or died. Through the years, steps have been taken to prevent major injuries. Race cars are now equipped with safety features as well as drivers now wear suits that are made from flame retardant material, along with helmont's and saftey belts. They have also modified the race tracks to he...
    Free research essays on topics related to: racing, drivers, race car, heroes, safety features
  • Tennis Player South Africa
    298 words
    Arthur Ashe was a great tennis player of his time. In his 10 -year career he had received many honors and rewards, including three Grand Slams singles titles and over 800 victories in tennis matches. This made him a legend, but professionalism in tennis wasnt the only thing that made him, it was because he had took advantage of his status and spoke out about injustice in both the tennis world and society. Arthur Ashe was the first African-American to play for the American Team. His inspiration c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tennis, spoke, south africa, tennis player, ashe
  • Visit My Country Armenia Visit My Country Yerevan
    706 words
    Everybody loves to go to different places. On weekends people enjoy going out of town. I like to visit my country Armenia. You and your freinds are going to take a trip to Armenia. Armenia is a small European country that was part of the Soviet Union. However, you will have to make some preparations and do some research so as to make the best of use of your time and money. So, my country Armenia has a lot of interesting and attractive places to visit for tourist. Now I want to introduce some of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: armenia, opera house, visit, lake, square
  • Christmas Tree Gift Giving
    780 words
    Christmas The year's most celebrated holiday is celebrated on December 25 th, both in homes and churches worldwide. The meaning for Christmas is to recognize Christ's birth, of which the exact date is not known. During the fourth century the Bishop of Rome set December 25 th as Christ's birth date. Some authorities claim that the choice of December 25 th was made because it coincided with Chanukah, Mithraic's feast of the sun god, and the people of northern Europe's winter solstice feast. The wi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: christmas tree, christ child, northern europe, gift giving, christmas time
  • Fitz Warren Family Information On Whittington Castle England
    589 words
    When assigned the England project, I wanted to research something having to do with my heritage. My ancestors originate from England. Correspondingly, I chose Whittington Castle. According to an old English legend, one of my family ancestors, Dick Whittington, set out from the castle for London, in search of his fortune. After residing in London for a time, Dick Whittington went on to be thrice Lord Mayor of London. That piece of history supposedly occurred in 1368, but the first construction of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: castle, meters, heirs, king henry, warren
  • John Smith And Pocahontas A Disney Romance
    990 words
    It can be easily assumed that almost everyone has heard the tale of the American Indian princess, Pocahontas the narrative of a mysterious young girl who rescues an English explorer from death only to fall in love and win his affections in return. It is one that is quite popular and has even been developed into an animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures. Regardless of which version they may have heard, most people are familiar with the legend now thanks in part to Disney. However, what they are n...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pocahontas, love interest, historical fact, captain john smith, walt disney
  • Master Disciple Relationship Practice Of Meditation Chan
    1,401 words
    Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, who lived in northern India from 560 to 480 B. C, founded Buddhism Buddhism, one of the major religions of the world. The time of the Buddha was one of social and religious change, marked by the further advance of Aryan civilization into the Ganges Plain, the development of trade and cities, the breakdown of old tribal structures, and the rise of a whole spectrum of new religious movements that responded to the demands of the times (Cones 10). These movements were...
    Free research essays on topics related to: buddhism, noble truth, meditation, zen, chan
  • Set Up Camp Black And White
    1,152 words
    ... e earth, the boy took pity on its people, who he observed fumbling around in the twilight. He knew that there was light in heaven, and he made up his mind to steal it. To steal daylight from the chief of sky, however, Raven had to assume an elaborate disguise. Flying to his home in heaven, he transformed himself into a cedar leaf and dropped into a stream. There, the chief's daughter later stopped for a drink of the cool water and unwittingly swallowed him. Impregnated by this action, she so...
    Free research essays on topics related to: black and white, wolf, mother earth, first people, set up camp
  • Ananya Jahanara Kabir Visions Of Death Anglo
    743 words
    Visions of Death The death. According to vocabulary thus word means The permanent end of all life functions in an organism or part of an organism. But what does it mean for a human being? The visions of death through the history changed greatly. There are religions, which believe that there is no death but only closed circle of reporting. Reporting leads to the purification of the soul and after some amount of reincarnation the soul reach paradise. All in all, the some kind of hell and heaven we...
    Free research essays on topics related to: avalon, ancestors, anglo saxon, anglo, visions
  • Alexander The Great Military Power
    751 words
    Chandragupta Maurya When Chandragupta Maurya (known to the Greeks as Sandrocottus) was born, his father was already dead, causing his family to be in a state of great poverty. Which may be one of the reasons why his uncles were forced to leave Chandragupta in the care of a cow-herder who would bring him up as his own son. He was later sold to a hunter to tend cattle, then purchased by a Brahman politician, Canakya (also called Kautilya), who is credited with being the main contributor to the Art...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern day, alexander, b c, alexander the great, military power
  • Creator Of Comedy Charlie Chaplin Age
    521 words
    CHARLIE CHAPLIN The most successful comedian of all time went by the name of Charlie Chaplin. It was said by many that Charlie Chaplin was the creator of comedy, while others considered him a genius. Charlie Chaplin could make people laugh even with no sound. And even though his films were black and white he put a lot of color into everyones life. Charlie Chaplin was a man with many talents and despite his rough childhood he strived to become the legend he is today The creator of comedy was born...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chaplin, comedy, charlie chaplin, charlie, charlies
  • Notre Dame Football Notre Dame Team
    720 words
    Sperber, Murray, Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football. Henry Holt and Company. New York, 1993, pp 634. This book is excellent. The author not only cheers the team on but also shows that the Fighting Irish can be a team that many want to lose. He is very partisan in the fact that he wishes for the reader to get the whole story of the creation of a team that would be a major factor in the history of football. It is all about Americas ability to love the team but also to hate...
    Free research essays on topics related to: notre, football, dame, irish, notre dame
  • Antigone And Ismene Role Of Women
    841 words
    &# 9; The Medea Medea vs. Antigone &# 9; The two Greek plays, Medea and Antigone both exhibit opening scenes that serve numerous purposes. Such as establishing loyalties, undermining assumptions on the part of the audience, foreshadowing the rest of the play, and outlining all of the issues. Medea and Antigone share many similarities in their openings. &# 9; Both plays begin with providing the audience with the history and the consequences of certain situations that the characters were involved ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: role of women, traditional role, greek plays, antigone and ismene, present time
  • Birth Of Christ Santa Claus
    1,163 words
    Seilgrank () Am. Lit. Persuasion Paper 12 - 11 - 97 Everyone knows the legend of Santa Claus, right? A jolly little fat man in a red and white suit gathers up a bag full of toys and loads them into his sleigh where he and his eight magical reindeer fly off into the night and deliver the toys to the children of the world on Christmas eve, then fly back to Santa? s workshop at the North Pole where his elves help him prepare again for next year all before the rising of the sun. Sounds like a great ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fat man, christmas, santa, santa claus, birth of christ
  • Seven Hills Upper Italy Rome
    686 words
    As Greece reached the pinnacle of its prosperity Rome which lye slightly to the west slowly began its rise as a civilization. The Greeks centered their culture around Art and literature whereas opposed to the Romans who settled their culture upon warfare and leadership. Without planing it Rome rose very steadily as an empire. Shortly before Christ most of the surrounding cities and nations were at peace under Romes rule. Rome was established upon seven hills next to a river known as the Tiber. T...
    Free research essays on topics related to: romans, hill, plebeians, patricians, greece
  • Pay Tribute Taking Care
    959 words
    Lane Frost Lane Frost was a bull rider that had a talent for riding bulls and died doing what he loved. Lane died at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in a battle between a 511, 145 -lb. man and a 2000 lb. bull named Taking Care of Business. He rode bull the for eight seconds, then tried to get off of it but as he did the bull turned and hooked him. It broke his ribs which punctured a main artery. Because of this Lane Frost died at 1: 30 p. m. July 30, 1989 (Angier 1 - 76). The Movie Eight Seconds was ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: r c, taking care, pay tribute, p r, july 30
  • Hall Of Fame Pete Rose
    673 words
    Should a man who has over 4256 hits be kept from the Hall of Fame because he bet on a few baseball games? The hits leader in major league baseball is banned from baseball, does that make any sense? Pete Rose deserves to be in the baseball hall of fame because of his actions on the field, not off. To not have the all time hits leader not in the hall is total insanity. My personal opinion as you can already tell is that I think Rose should be in Cooperstown, NY. I think Pete should be in the Hall ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pete rose, baseball games, pete, hall of fame, baseball
  • Holy Grail King Arthurs
    888 words
    Jim Dougherty Mrs. Shah English IV 541 - 08 10 October 2000 King Arthurs Quest for the Holy Grail The Quest for the Holy Grail was the greatest and noblest of all quests for King Arthurs Knights of the Round Table. The Holy Grail was believed to be the cup used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper, and it was the cup that caught Christs blood when he was thrust in the side with a spear at his crucifixion. Joseph of Arimathea, the wealthy man who allowed Christ to be placed in his tomb, is said to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king arthurs, sir lancelot, holy grail, sir gawain, round table

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