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  • Book Review Of The Killer Angels - 559 words
    Between the days of July 1, 1863 and July 4, 1863, the Civil Wars outcome was decided. These four days have been known as the Battle of Gettysburg, the turning point of the war. In The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara brings us a vivid image of what the battle was like. Shaaras work is very impressive. He is able to capture how things were during the Civil War. The fate of the country was resting on that war so the novel adds a great deal to the readers mind. Shaara was able to bring to the reader a little of the war. The book also gives you a feel for some of the important characters of the battle, including Lee, Longstreet, Pickett, Buford, and Hancock. The most inspiring figure in the book, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book review, killer, killer angels, the killer angels, cemetery hill
  • Heart Diseasethe Unknown Killer - 1,473 words
    1. To explain how chemistry is part of my life. A. An in depth look at heart disease. C. Explanation on how chemistry is used to treat and in some cases cure heart A. Recap on how chemistry is part of my life and everyone's life. B. Elude to the horrors of a world without chemistry. A merciless killer stalks the people of this country. No one can run and no one can hide, but there is a hope. The application of chemistry in the treatment of heart disease is the key to ceasing this villain from claiming another victim. Education, though, is the prerequisite to treating this relentless scourge. People must learn about the symptoms and causes of heart disease in order to put this nefarious fiend ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heart attack, heart disease, heart failure, killer, clinical trials
  • John Wanye Gacyaka Killer Clown - 1,765 words
    John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was the second of three children. His older sister Joanne was born two years before him and two years later came his youngest sister Karen. All of the Gacy children were raised Catholic and all three attended Catholic schools where they lived on the northern side of Chicago. When Gacy was eleven years old he was playing by a swing set when he was hit in the head by one of the swings. The accident caused a blood clot in the brain. However, the blood clot was not discovered until he was sixteen. From the age of eleven to sixteen he suffered a series of blackouts caused by the clot, yet the blackouts ceased when he was given medication to dissolve the blockage in the brain. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clown, john wayne, killer, medical treatment, kentucky fried
  • John Wanye Gacyaka Killer Clown - 1,760 words
    ... y showed no sexual interest in her that hurt Carole, but also what pained her even more was when she began to find magazines with naked men and boys in her house. She knew that Gacy was reading them and he acted nonchalantly about his new choice of reading material. In fact, Gacy had told Carole that he preferred boys to women. Naturally, Carole was distressed and she soon filed for divorce. The couples divorce became final on March 2, 1976. Although Gacy was having marital problems, he refused to let it hold him back from realizing his dream of success. Being a man who thrived on and delighted in recognition and attention, Gacy turned his sights to the world of politics. It was in polit ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clown, john wayne, killer, lethal injection, death penalty
  • Killer Angel Book Review - 1,381 words
    Drive half an hour north of Washington, D.C. and you will find verdant rolling hills and flat, rich farmland, broken here and there by granite outcroppings and dark poplar forests. A place of great beauty and serenity. Close your eyes a moment, efface the houses and stores and gas stations from your mind's eye, and it looks pretty much as it did in July, 1863. That summer its green fields were stained red with the blood of 50,000 Americans dead and wounded. 50,000. In just three days of slaughter in Eastern Pennsylvania, fully one-third as many casualties as during the three years of the Korean War. The Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1-4, 1863, was America's Armageddon, the single, blazin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: angel, book review, killer, killer angels, the killer angels
  • Some Neofreudian Views On A Serial Killer - 965 words
    Some Neo-Freudian Views on a Serial Killer The perfect normal person is rare in our civilization Charles Manson is in fact one of the most widely known serial killers of our time. He can easily be considered the boogey man of society. Many people still to this day fear him and his past, yet now an old man in a prison cell, one may wonder what created such a monster. In learning about personality I thought that it would be interesting to apply some of the concepts that we have learned from the text and in class to a certain individual. I have no idea why in the end I chose Charles Manson. I think maybe it is because of his tragic life before the murders, a life that most people dont know abou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, serial, serial killer, serial killers, early life
  • Killer Whales - 830 words
    Killer Whale, largest member of the dolphin family. Killer whales occur in more parts of the world than probably any other cetacean (see Whale). They occur in all oceans, both in the open ocean and close to shore, but are more common in the colder, more productive waters of both hemispheres than in the Tropics. Resident populations may cover an area of several hundred square kilometers. Transient populations often move through an area rapidly, swimming more than 1000 km (more than 600 mi) along a shoreline in a matter of days. Killer whales are black or deep brown overall, with striking white patches above the eye and from the lower jaw to the belly, and a fainter grayish-white saddle patch ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, united states, southern hemisphere, feeding habits, oval
  • To Kill A Killer - 459 words
    A few of my friends and I once saw a bumper sticker that questioned, "Why do we kill people who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong?" Suddenly there was a wild riot of arguments between us. Even though on that day I was out numbered two to three, I was and today still am against the death penalty as a deterrent to crime. The death penalty is not an effective way to punish a criminal. Even states that use the death penalty seem to have a higher number of homicides than states that do not use it. It does not seem to show its effectiveness since states that have the death penalty present no long-term differences in the murder in comparison of the murder rate of their adjacent stat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, capital punishment, first women, justice system, deterrent
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: Killer Or Scapegoat? - 1,081 words
    On November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, "the Crime of the Century" took place. President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza while touring through the city in his open-roof limousine. After the shots were fired, police began looking for suspects. One hour after the shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for murdering a police officer. One hour after that he was charged with killing the President. Was Lee Harvey Oswald the real killer, or was he merely the scapegoat hired by some agency outside of the United States, to take the blame. There are a lot of known and unknown facts about this case. Many people believe that there were more people than Lee Harvey Oswald firing the shots even t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: harvey, harvey oswald, killer, lee harvey oswald, people believe
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: Killer Or Scapegoat? - 1,072 words
    ... from the chamber and each gun leaves a different mark. Only one of the casings had the mark given by Oswald's gun. The FBI researched and studied the casings and found that the other two casings had been fired in another gun of the same type as Oswald's. This evidence, however, was not mentioned in the commission's report. This brings me to the point of where the bullets came from. Let us look at the situation from the idea that Oswald was the only assassin. If he had been the only shooter, then the bullet casings would have to have matched his gun. Also, there would have to have been more time between shots on the Zapruder film, the only film made of the assassination. On the Zapruder ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: harvey, harvey oswald, killer, lee harvey oswald, united states
  • The Zodiac Killer - 1,419 words
    The late 1960s and early 1970s represented a great deal of things to a great deal of people. To the San Francisco Bay area, as well as the rest of California, the late 60s and early 70s represented terror, fear, and death. What started out as a seemingly random, but brutal murder on the night of October 30th, 1966, turned out to be the start of a series of horrific murders that would span 2,500 suspects, 56 possible victims, and over 400 miles. On the calm, cool night of December 20th, 1968, a young seventeen year-old named David Arthur Faraday was getting ready to take a young sixteen year-old named Betty Lou Jensen on her first date. David arrived at Bettys house, picked her up, and prompt ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, serial killer, francisco chronicle, san francisco, michael
  • The Zodiac Killer - 1,382 words
    ... o seven months pregnant with her second child at the time. While driving along the country backroad at night, a strange car pulled up beside her and directed her to pull off onto the side of the road. She did as instructed, and the man in the car told her that her rear wheel was wobbling, and that he would fix it. The man got out, adjusted the tire, and then got back in his car and sped off. Kathleen drove a few feet before the rear tire fell completely off. The stranger returned, and profusely apologized for the wheel. He offered to give her a ride to the nearest gas station, and she accepted. The stranger drove past the gas station, and off into the dark night, insisting to Kathleen re ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, college library, most dangerous, community college, riverside
  • Columbine Shooting: Killer Kids - 944 words
    On April 20th, 1999 two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their school in Columbine Colorado and began a one-hour long killing spree, which ended in the death of 12 of their fellow classmates and one teacher and left another 28 wounded. The shooters then took their own lives. The two teenage gunmen did not have a previous history of violence but were both enthusiasts of killing-oriented video games. The violence in video games was a major factor in teaching these kids how to shoot other people in real life. Violent video games can and have led children to committing acts of violence against other children and adults. Growing children are easily influenced by the examples l ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine, killer, main theme, violent video, singer
  • The Killer Angels - Chamberlain: A True Leader - 377 words
    Michael Shaara presented Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in his The Killer Angels not only as a courageous, heroic soldier with outstanding integrity, but depicted him using tremendous leadership skills in a large variety of situations. When we were first introduced to Chamberlain he gave a remarkably motivating speech to over one hundred starved and angry soldiers. With his passionate and honest plea he was able to break through their barriers of hate and betrayal and inspire them to fight for a belief even they could relate to. This act alone convinced me that this man was a talented leader and would have an impressive impact on The Battle of Gettysburg. After each confrontation where casualti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, killer angels, the killer angels, robert e lee, battle of gettysburg
  • Analytic Essay Of "the Killer Angels" Novel - 475 words
    The novel The Killer Angles, by Michael Shaara, gives a story like depiction of the American Civil War at the Battle of Gettysburg. In this novel we see the views of both Confederate and Union armies. The officers for both sides in this novel used to go to war with each other but are now on different sides according to their political views. In the end both armies realized the war had accomplished nothing but all the deaths of soldiers. During the novel, the armies are going to war against their opponents and not necessarily their enemies. Despite the fact that the Confederate and Union armies were entirely concerned with defeating their opponent, many times they were fighting against relati ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: analytic, killer, killer angels, the killer angels, detailed description
  • Lessons Of War In The Novel "killer Angels" - 641 words
    Michael Shaaras Killer Angels is a novel about the Battle of Gettysburg, which took place during the Civil War. In the novel, Shaara divides each chapter by general, in which the reader can see the generals viewpoints on the war. It also gives the reader an idea of what emotions they are feeling towards their men and other generals and also what are their strategies on succeeding in defeating the enemy. I enjoyed reading Killer Angels. Shaaras format of writing his book was interesting. Reading this novel, I could actually picture what was going on during the battles. The book is an entertaining way of learning about such an important event in American History. One thing that I enjoyed most ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the killer angels, killer angels, confederate army, praying, happier
  • The Killer - 684 words
    John Woo, the directorial guru of action, the master of violence. His stylized action sequences were hip, fresh, and interesting. He slowed down the action to zero in on the gritty details of pain and violence, turning action into art. I like to think of his movies as a gory ballet, expertly choreographed with tight, bone crunching detail. John Woo changed the face of the action movie. The Killer follows the story of Chow Yun-Fat's grizzled hitman 'Jeff' - an old-fashioned sort of a contract killer who believes in duty, honour and responsibility. As such, he's considered an anachronism by the new breed of Triads taking over the Hong Kong rackets, and he plans to retire just as soon as he can ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: killer, religious symbolism, good and evil, hong kong, confused
  • Doc Holliday - 1,776 words
    ... gecoach for Denver, Colorado. Along the way, he stopped at Fort Griffin which, at the time, was the center of a flourishing cattle industry. Approximately two thousand hunters and cowboys annually visited Ft. Griffin. Their money and existence attracted gamblers and prostitutes alike, quickly giving Ft. Griffin the reputation as the craziest town in Texas. Docs stay was cut short when he was again arrested for gambling which was more than likely, a sign of showing a newcomer unwelcomeness rather than upholding the law. Holliday got the point and swiftly left Fort Griffin. John finally reached Denver in the summer of 1875. He assumed the alias of Tom Mackey in order to start a new life an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: left hand, william morrow, house arrest, settle, morgan
  • Sound Progressexxon Valdez 5 Pgs - 1,265 words
    The Exxon Valdez oil spill in the Prince William Sound of Alaska proved to be a disaster on many levels. The coastline, wildlife, and people of the all area were all devastated by the spill. Ten years later, the area is showing remarkable progress. Because of the cleanup efforts and new regulations, the Sound is getting ever closer to recovery. A few minutes after midnight on March 24, 1989, the T/V Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound. A few minutes later the coast guard received a radio message from the ships captain, Joseph Hazelwood: Weve fetched up ah hard aground north of Goose Island off Bligh Reef, and ah evidently leaking some oil. Were going to be here ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exxon valdez, exxon valdez oil spill, prince william sound, valdez, christian science
  • Public Hangings - 1,364 words
    Capital punishment seemed to have been regenerated from the beginning of mankind, where beheading was considered an honorable method of meeting death, whereas hanging carried with it a definite stigma. The era of public hanging was emotionally satisfying even though the surroundings was emotionally tense. In contrast to private hangings where they were fewer observers, less theatrical from the accuse and hanging was becoming more of an inhuman punishment to inflict on those found guilty of their crime. Both forms of hangings were though to be an effective way of preventing individuals from committing a crime. Capital punishment seemed morally acceptable, to the public and there were individu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: general public, national bank, morally acceptable, lower class, eighteenth

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