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  • John Smith And John Winthrop - 1,829 words
    Life in New England in the early years of America was a chance for people to start over while including in this new way of life the philosophies they believed in. Leaders and prominent men like John Winthrop and John Smith saw America as a place to spread their ideas and make them into a functioning community. These men had different visions of what America was when they arrived there and of what it should become in time. Each of them wanted a type of change to occur in the New World. Winthrop was interested in forming a close community, serving God and avoiding selfishness. Smith saw America as a place to achieve wealth and become financially independent. Smith also emphasizes the importanc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john smith, john winthrop, smith, winthrop, successful business
  • John Smith And Pocahontas: A Disney Romance - 987 words
    It can be easily assumed that almost everyone has heard the tale of the American Indian princess, Pocahontas the narrative of a mysterious young girl who rescues an English explorer from death only to fall in love and win his affections in return. It is one that is quite popular and has even been developed into an animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures. Regardless of which version they may have heard, most people are familiar with the legend now thanks in part to Disney. However, what they are not familiar with, are the facts. All too often, we accept what is presented in films as history without any thought into the matter. Did Pocahontas and explorer John Smith ever actually meet? If so, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: captain john, captain john smith, disney, disney pictures, john smith, romance, smith
  • North Vs South - 831 words
    In the early American colonies, the south and the north developed into two distinctly different colonies. Although their origins were both from Europe, their customs and living habits became so different that it would play a major role in Americas history. There are many reasons why these differences occurred but only a few major reasons stand out. Religion, greed and the composition of the colonies are some of the major reasons why the north and south grew to be so different in the late 1600s. Different religions in specific colonies varied, but the people from the New England region were generally more devoted to their religious beliefs, whereas people from the south felt religion wasnt as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: work force, raising children, american colonies, diverse, varied
  • Pocahontas - 1,004 words
    Many moons ago, an Indian girl was not yet born but there were many problems with Indians and the white man as the Indians. This unborn child would become a huge part of colony history between the Indians and the English; this child was to be recognized in history by many different names the most famous name would be Pocahontas. The book I read was about Pocahontas by Grace Steele Woodward. This book covers many different subjects in Pocahontass life. The book begins with a background of The Powhatans, Pocahontass people. She was not just a little Indian girl but the daughter of a very powerful chief. Before she was born Chief Powhatan claim many of the lands around and near the James Pensil ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pocahontas, unborn child, john smith, indian children, initiative
  • General Motors - 464 words
    "The company's main competitors in cars and trucks in the United States and Canada are the Ford Motor Company, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Toyota Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation, Ltd., Honda Motor Company, Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Volkswagen A.G., Hyundai Motor Company, Ltd., Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), Volvo AB, and Kia Motors Corporation."( John Smith, Jr., has been the overseer of GM's operations since he came to the company in January 1996. Smith deals with business relationships with GM's associates. G Wagoner Jr. became president and CEO of GM in June of 2000. He is currently on the board of directors. Wagoner so far has bee ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ford motor company, general motors, honda motor, motor company, motor corporation, motors corporation
  • None Provided - 1,676 words
    1. Woowara also known as curare is a white powder substance deriving from Surinam. Curare is an extremely lethal poison even in the smallest of quantities. Curare was used by the natives of Surinam to induce slow deaths those that wronged them in times before. This poison was used in a traditional sense, not only was it effective at terminating life, but a message of sincerity was sent. To drink with a person that had no reason to suspect there dosage then slip them the lethal drug. Just as they felt safe was all the sweeter revenge. Coincidentally enough Silas Deane died from some kind of poison. Also as queer Edward Bancroft was an expert on poisons and their symbolic meanings as shown by ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john adams, working class, civil rights, urge, poison
  • Compare And Contrast Of Jamestown And Plymouth - 376 words
    Jamestown and Plymouth were the first two successful English colonies in North America. Jamsetown was established in 1607 and Plymouth in 1620. These two colonies were different yet had a number of striking similarities in Governments, reasons for settlements, and Jamestown and Plymouth had many similarities. For example they both had some sort of government in some way. Jamestown had the first legislative assembly among the western hemisphere in 1619. This would later be called the, House of Burgesses. This served as a good model for many law making bodies in the U.S. Plymouth a similar government. Their government consisted of general court. They also had a Governor. The government made la ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: compare and contrast, jamestown, plymouth, plymouth colony, john rolfe
  • Puritans - 740 words
    North America was first discovered by European country in the late 1400s. A little over 100 years later two men by the names of John Smith, leader of the Jamestown settlement, and William Bradford, the Governor of the Plymouth, decided to adventure cross the Atlantic Ocean in a ship in search of the New World. The Puritans and Jamestown settlers left England in search of a new way of life. The colonists left England for different reasons and ambitions. In The General History of Virginia and Of Plymouth Plantation, had the authors outline these groups different reasons to leave England. These include reasons for settling, compacts and relations with the Indians, and hardships of the immigrant ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: puritans, william bradford, atlantic ocean, religious freedom, plant
  • German Americans - 1,244 words
    In 1990 the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 57,985,595 people in the United States claimed some measure of German ancestry. This makes up almost a quarter of the U.S. population. German immigration started as early as 1607. The first three Germans to migrate to the U.S. were, F.Unger, H. Keffer, and F. Volday who were followers of Captain John Smith who settled in Jamestown, Virginia. They started the first German colony, known as the damned dutch. From 1820-1970 they estimated about 6.9 million Germans came to the U.S. which were 15% of the total immigrants. The peak years of migration were 1854, when 215,000 people arrived, and 1882, when 250,000 people arrived. Approximately 90 percent o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: german americans, german culture, german states, world wars, north dakota
  • Pocohantes Essay - 329 words
    In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the Journal of John Smith and the Disney movie Pocohantas. They are both major and minor differences in the movie and the book. The Journal of John Smith starts out with him telling about long and hard trip was. John Smith's leader was a selfish man, and wasn't concerned about anything or anyone other than gold. He called all the Indians savages, and had no regard or respect for any of them. Also John Smith had no respect for the Indians, and also called them names. Well his view of Indians changed when he met the Indian's chief daughter, Pocohantas. They fell in love with one another, but could not be together because of the differences of t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john smith, real story, indian, travel
  • Constructing Natioanal Identity - 1,196 words
    ... om which she comes. The narrator, the French tutor and the other whites have come largely from England, though Oroonoko's owner, is Cornish and Banister, his barbarous executioner, is "a wild Irish Man". Here Behn sets the opposition of savage and British rule by a reference to the first colony as well as the symbolic representation of superior and inferior classes. The slave trade was an economic necessity for the continuance of class differentiation in England at that point in time. Along with slavery went the belief that race was a determinant of intelligence Behn portrays Oroonoko as both savage (slave) and as a Prince of his own culture. In this way, she allows credibility to be cre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: constructing, university press, manchester university, gulliver's travels, inferior
  • Comparison Of Bradford And Smith - 871 words
    Although Captain John Smith and William Bradford, historians and leaders of their respective colonies, Jamestown and Plymouth, wanted to attract settlers to their colonies through their writings, the specific means they took to accomplish their goals varied. First, in spite of the fact each wanted to set an example for the colonists that joined them, Smith strived to attract those with courage and an adventurous spirit while Bradford tried to appeal to the Godly men and women. Second while each conveyed the sense of an untamed setting in the New World, Smith emphasized the sense of adventure and romance while Bradford focused on the hardships and difficulties experienced by the colonists. Fi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bradford, captain john smith, john smith, smith, william bradford
  • Pocahontas - 652 words
    The story of Pocahontas happened the same time as the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in the New World. Her story begins with her first visit to the colony as a child of ten or eleven. The event that captured her fame, was her rescue of Captain John Smith from murder at the hands of her father. She almost single handily saved the Jamestown colonists from starvation and massacre. Pocahontas final act of devotion to the colonists was when she was arranged a visit to London by the Virginia Company. This established the Jamestown colony, not only as a gesture of appreciation to Pocahontas, but also as a means of stimulating further interest in the New World colonization ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pocahontas, king james, john smith, christian faith, settlement
  • How Does The Starving Time Of The Colonists Relate To The Hebrews Exodus - 477 words
    Many things in history can be connected to one another. The Starving Time of the colonists and the Hebrews Exodus are two examples that relate so clearly. Their relation can be expressed through religious beliefs of the two or through the roles of the groups involved. The two specifically relate to each other through religious means. While the Hebrews were escaping the Egyptian army, they were cornered next to the Red Sea. At this point, God split the sea and allowed the Hebrew people to pass through. When the Egyptians reached the same point, the sea, again, converged upon itself. The flight of the Hebrews from the Egyptian control was known as the Exodus. This miraculous moment for the Heb ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colonists, exodus, hebrews, starving, last days
  • Secret To Successful Business Letter - 3,140 words
    How to write a successful business letter. Letter-writing is an essential part of business. On the other hand, going to be a graduate of English, I intend to use my English in business. I, therefore, tried to learn to write business letter. Firstly, I found it so easy. One day, i read an article saying that the U.S. Post Office handles 300 million pieces of mail every day but a two percent response rate is exceptionally high and a manufacturer mailing 1,000 sales letters expects that fewer than 20 people will respond to the pitch. Then i knew that what I have learnt was just a simple theory. Real success in writing business letter is lying somewhere else. Thus, I started to find that somewhe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business owner, business world, business writing, effective business, good business, letter writing, successful business
  • Comparison Of Empires - 1,194 words
    Throughout the colonization of the New World, many different countries took place in the shaping of early America. The primary countries, Spain, France, and England, although all from the same continent, implemented many different plans and ideas for the development of their colonies. Contrasting cultures, languages, and governments all impacted the distinct ruling of the colonies. These policies placed restrictions on the all aspects of life including war, taxation, and mercantilism. Each different country also varied in the methods they chose to institute upon encountering the natives. These relationships were very important for the survival of the settlers from abroad. The determining fac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: empires, right to life, north american, southern colonies, american
  • Progressive Historians - 3,186 words
    One must decide the meaning of "progressive historiography." It can mean either the history written by "progressive historians," or it can mean history written by historians of the Progressive era of American history and shortly after. The focus that was chosen for this paper is more in keeping with the latter interpretation, if for no other reason than it provides a useful compare-and-contrast "control" literature. The caveat is this: the focus of this report is on the predominant question of the historiographical period: was the war a revolution or a war for independence? One could choose many other questions to argue, questions that historians have for years disputed about the revolution, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: progressive, progressive era, frederick jackson turner, american revolution, formation
  • Work Place - 711 words
    There is a business need for new computer systems in the Transportation Department. The systems that they are currently using are outdated, out of memory, and can not keep up with the speed of the business. I have chosen two new systems, IBM Net Vista A20 ThinkPad and the IBM PC300GL. I recommend the IBM Net Vista A20 because of the mobility that it offers. Both will competently perform the job as well as offer room to grow. IBM Net Vista A20 Think-Pad $839.00. IBM PC300GL Desktop $852.00. Total cost for the department is $20,136.00 for the Think-Pad or $20,448.00 for the desktops. Net Vista's features are: 566MHZ Intel Celeron Processor, 64MB RAM, 10GB HD, and Windows 98 operating system. P ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lotus notes, computer services, help desk, intel, mobility
  • The Zen Of Zinn: A Look At The First 3 Chapters Of A People's History - 1,047 words
    Dr. Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States might be better titled A Proletarian's History of the United States. In the first three chapters Zinn looks at not only the history of the conquerors, rulers, and leaders; but also the history of the enslaved, the oppressed, and the led. Like any American History book covering the time period of 1492 until the early 1760's, A People's History tells the story of the "discovery" of America, early colonization by European powers, the governing of these colonies, and the rising discontent of the colonists towards their leaders. Zinn, however, stresses the role of a number of groups and ideas that most books neglect or skim over: the pligh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american history, first person, people's, dominican republic, black slavery
  • How The Colonization Era Affected Authors - 1,038 words
    The atmosphere of which a writer adapts to affects his/her works. The writer's environment, and the churnings of history that feed the writer, gives him the material whereby he can construct, and create in. History, in this instance the colonization of the American continent, dictates what and how he is to write. Authors such as John Smith, William Bradford, and St. Jean de Crevecoeur are all examples of this. The atmosphere or society these authors were in directly affected the attitude, tone, genre, etc. of their works. This can be shown both by facts in history and their actual writings of that period. During the 17th century Pilgrims, which were a group of Separatist Puritans, disliked b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colonization, captain john, typical american, continental congress, plantation

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