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  • Jesse Ventura I Aint Got Time To Bleed - 755 words
    Jesse Venturas I Aint Got Time To Bleed is an autobiography about who he is, where he stands, and where he comes from. Ventura decided to run for governor and was elected in the state of Minnesota November 3rd 1998. He ran against Skip Humprhrey and Norm Coleman. He is the first member of the Reformist party to win an election for Governor in the history of the United States of America. He funded his campaign not by collecting money from special interest groups, but by accepting small donations from Minnesota citizens and repaying them using the Minnesota Political Campaign Refund Program. He knew in order for his campaign to work, everyone had to know that Jesse Ventura was running for gove ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jesse, ventura, special interest groups, book report, agent
  • Jesse Bethel - 1,131 words
    Bethel's life changed when he became only fourteen years old. At fourteen he watched 27-year-old attorney Thurgood Marshall defend a young black accused of murder in Hugo, Oklahoma. Marshall was able to reduce the young man's sentence from death to life in prison. Marshall became Bethel's idol. Marshall was a main reason Bethel dreamed on becoming a civil rights lawyer. Another reason for his dream was his son, Jesse Jr.. Bethel first began his college career at Tillotson College in Austin, Texas majoring in pre-law on a scholarship. This all changed when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the United States entered World War II. Bethel read on a bulletin board that Ma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jesse, pearl harbor, austin texas, attending college, naacp
  • All Quiet On The Westren Front - 5,580 words
    All Quiet on the Western Front Chapter SummaryBy: Jesse CodyAll Quiet on the Western Front is an anti-war novel from the opening chapters. Many critics of the novel in the early days after the publication of the novel blamed Remarque for writing for shock value. They did not want to believe his novel represented the truth about World War I. In many ways, such people were like Paul's schoolmaster, Kantorek. They wanted to cling to classical, romantic notions of war. However, Remarque wrote his novel specifically to shatter those idealistic illusions. Yes, he wrote to shock, but he also wrote to educate.The young teenage men who enlisted in the army on both sides often never recovered from th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: all quiet on the western front, quiet, power over, social relations, helmet
  • Fdrs Influence As President - 2,006 words
    Some have called him the best president yet. Others have even claimed that he was the world's most influential and successful leader of the twentieth century. Those claims can be backed up by the overwhelming support that he received from his citizens throughout his four terms in office. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt began a new era in American history by ending the Great Depression that the country had fallen into in 1929. His social reforms gave people a new perspective on government. Government was not only expected to protect the people from foreign invaders, but to protect against poverty and joblessness. Roosevelt had shown his military and diplomatic skill as the Commander in Ch ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fdrs, president franklin, president franklin delano roosevelt, president harry, president harry truman, president hoover, president john
  • Black Americans - 1,224 words
    ... rks, a black woman, refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. Her arrest resulted in a series of meetings of blacks in Montgomery and a boycott of buses on which racial segregation was practiced. The boycott, which lasted for more than a year, was almost 100 percent effective. Before the courts declared unconstitutional Montgomery's law requiring segregation on buses, Martin Luther KING, Jr., a Baptist minister, had risen to national prominence and had articulated a strategy of non-violent direct action in the movement for CIVIL RIGHTS. Blacks in the United States today are mainly an urban people. Their shift from the rural South to cities of the North and West during the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american culture, american experience, american life, american literature, black american, black children, black church
  • Bay Of Pigs Invasion - 2,080 words
    ... geared mainly for European operations against the USSR, both men were lacking in experience in Latin American affairs. Those in charge of Operation Mongoose, based this new operation on the success of the Guatemalan adventure, but the situation in Cuba was much different than that in Guatemala. In Guatemala the situation was still chaotic and Arbenz never had the same control over the country that Castro had on Cuba. The CIA had the United States Ambassador, John Puerifoy, working on the inside of Guatemala coordinating the effort, in Cuba they had none of this while Castro was being supplied by the Soviet block. In addition, after the overthrow of the government in Guatemala, Castro wa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bay of pigs, bay of pigs invasion, invasion, pigs, pigs invasion
  • Pollution And The Advance Of Technology - 1,180 words
    Technology is a major part of everyone's life. Everyday we encounter technology at home, school and at work. We use this technology to better our lives. But do we really? With the advancing of technology also comes the issue of polluting the world we live in. We take the automobile for granted, but as we use it, we contribute to the growing pollution problem. Now in the year 2000, car companies have recognized the pollution problem, and have advanced their own technology to help make a difference. For example, Honda has already produced and offered a gas/electric car to the consumer. In this paper I want to address how the advance in technology has actually helped to limit the pollution bein ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advance, pollution, pollution problem, new york, home school
  • Bay Of Pigs The Failed Invasion - 1,777 words
    ... . Vandenbroucke, in Political Science Quarterly of 1984, based his analysis of the Bay of Pigs failure on organizational behavior theory. He says, The CIA supplied President Kennedy and his advisers with chosen reports on the unreliability of Castros forces and the extent of Cuban dissent. Of the CIAs behavior he concludes, By resorting to the typical organization strategy of defining the options and providing the information required to evaluate them, the CIA thus structured the problem in a way that maximized the likelihood the president would choose the agencys preferred option. The CIA made sure the deck was stacked in their favor when the time came to decide whether a project they s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bay of pigs, bay of pigs invasion, invasion, pigs, pigs invasion
  • The Man Who Makes History - 419 words
    The believe that it is the man who determines history is totally true. The man is the cause of almost anything is great regard in history. The actions of man has been to go against what is perceived as impossible. To defy the odds and go against the grain. Jesse Owens and Muhammad Ali, prove the position at hand. In Jesse Owens case, you could say that he was in the right place at the right time. However, he was an American. An African-American. An African-American who was going against, the Master Race of Adolf Hitler. Not to mention the hostile crowd that packed the Coliseum of Berlin in the 1936 Olympics. Owens went on to win 4 gold medals, in the 100 meters, 200 meters, the long jump, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cassius clay, muhammad ali, vietnam war, execute, adolf
  • Andrew Young - 1,386 words
    Speaking of Andrew Young and his personal accomplishments is difficult to relate to without involving a whole society and their struggles. It is also unkind to speak of the Civil Rights Movement and the heights it attained without illustrating the great dignity of Andrew Young. Many years of his life, has been dedicated to the movement; in a sense he has lived it. For many years his family was a state of mind rather than a physical being from his constant absence. He would crash with fatigue almost every night in strange motels across the bitter south after countless marches and demonstrations just to better the lives of millions of people he never met. Along with Andrews assemblage, the SCL ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrew, national council, white house, supreme court, activist
  • Andrew Young - 1,375 words
    ... saying that segregation was wrong, (later loss of this support devastated the movement). In the minds of the protestors this would be the answer to their oppression, not realizing the depth of their trouble. After the huge victory in Birmingham, the SCLC wanted to next focus their efforts on a voter rights bill. The SCLC was getting deeper and deeper into the southern white mans beliefs set forth on them by the Civil War and slavery. They werent asking to ride next to the white man, nor eat next to the white man, but to have equal power with the white man. This should already have been the truth, but sadly it wasnt. Blacks were discouraged from voting. For instance they would be deterre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrew, federal legislation, police brutality, voter registration, houghton
  • The End Justifies The Meansmachevilli - 667 words
    Niccolo Machiavelli served as a secretary and diplomat of the Florentine Republic. While he served Machiavelli wrote a book, The Prince, in 1513 which assisted political leaders to maintain power by any means necessary (Machiavelli 1). Machiavellis theory, the end justifies the means, has been used by political leaders in the present which has caused some disastrous affects. Adolph Hitler and Joseph McCarthy used this theory and this led to their personal downfall, and Saddam Hussien also used this idea and his country is now in shambles. This idea has been proven harmful to the country that uses it, therefor this idea should not be applied. Adolph Hitlers rule over Germany left it in ruins. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war i, state department, adolph hitler, downfall, praeger
  • The Use Of Steroids By Athletes - 1,358 words
    Steroids are drugs that many athletes use to enhance their abilities in sports. The use of steroids can be dangerous to both your body and mind. The drug also can give athletes unfair advantages which could propel them to victory. The use of steroids should not be permitted What is a steroid? Steroids are a synthetic version of the human hormone testosterone. Testosterone stimulates and maintains the male sexual organs. It also stimulates the development of bones and muscle, promotes skin and hair growth, and can influence emotions. In males, testosterone is produced by the testes and the adrenal gland. In the 1930's, researchers first developed steroids to rebuild and prevent the breakdown ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: steroid abuse, steroids, student athletes, using steroids, blood sugar
  • Kujfgkg - 379 words
    Here it is, February already! Damn! This year is flyin by like a car hit bum! It's also time for me to be campaigning for president again. So far so good. In New Hampshire, I spent not one cent and Gary Bauer spent 800 thousand bucks only to get 324 votes more than I did! Once again I've added more bikini girls to the page. My favorites are the patriotic gals. Nothin says God Bless America like a t-back up the butt crack! Them gals look finer than a set of 38-15-40 Super Swampers (well close). I hope ya like all the video clips of my shows and other pictures. This month we're gonna add even more pictures and sound bites, so life is good! This month I hope to see all my friends at Dejevu in C ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free speech, bless america, freedom of speech, jackson, america
  • The Loneliest Man - 1,086 words
    ... al statement in a speech in Paris. Robeson, alongside Robinson, stated (something to the effect) that, it would be unthinkable for black Americans to fight in a war against Russia because blacks were treated better in Russia than they were in the United States (Scott 227). In retaliation, the House Un-American Activities Committee assembled hearings in which they subpoenaed other prominent African Americans to testify about Robesons statement. The first one they called was Jackie Robinson. Not eager to testify, but knowing full well that refusing to cooperate with the HUAC might result in the termination of his athletic career, Jackie, with encouragement by the Dodger organization, agree ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: defense fund, black community, thurgood marshall, herzog, athletic
  • Yy - 1,533 words
    Since the introduction of narcotics in the United States, American society has felt the effects of drug use in all aspects of daily living. As drug use heightened to new levels in the 1980's the Bush Administration chose to declare a "war" on drugs. Never before in our history had crime been combated with war. This war led to the militarization of the United States' tactics for overcoming illegal drug use in the U.S. Instead of choosing to combat drug use by putting greater effort into reducing demand the Bush Administration chose to decrease illegal drug supply. This required reducing drug supplies from Latin America, an area where most of the illegal drugs are produced and trafficked. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: latin america, executive order, department of justice, gross
  • The Hunt - 1,100 words
    This was it, this is the time my friends and I were waiting for all week. We were finally going to embark on our weekend of deer hunting. We left Kearney on a Friday afternoon in the late Fall. We were to drive to my hometown of Lawrence and stay with my parents who agreed to have my friends and I for a weakend hunt. We could feel the excitement and anticipation as I picked up Jesse, Scott, and Jason for the hunt. In the process of driving out of Kearney we werent even fretting about the two hour drive ahead of us. We just wanted to get to my parents house and prepare for the hunt. Good friends, good family, and good luck made the hunt something I will remember for the rest When we arrived a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hunt, good luck, good friends, sunday morning, frozen
  • Todays Car And Its Effects On The Enviroment - 2,151 words
    As time approaches the 21st century, the automobile has become our major source of mass transportation. Everything about our culture and society has developed around this necessary form of travel. However, along with this necessity comes the issue of pollution to the environment. These great gasoline powered vehicles have contributed greatly to the impurity of our environment. The two prominent alternative fueled vehicles yet brought up are the Electric car (EV) and the Hybrid electric car (HEV). The ultimate clean, efficient car is the EV, a vehicle powered by an electrical motor, which is powered by batteries and controlled by an on-board computer. But there are questions about the mid-ter ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: enviroment, health effects, american landscape, more important, engine
  • Sin Taxes - 1,157 words
    ... h' is the strongest. However decreases in tax revenues are not the only reason that private sector gambling is on the rise. For the many areas in the United States that are experiencing extremely poor economic conditions, legalized gambling is very attractive. The incredible destitution of Indian reservations has prompted many to push measures through that would allow them to build bingo halls and casinos on reservation properties to create jobs. (Indian Gaming, incidentally, took in approximately 15.2 billion in 1992.) The article 'Mixed Blessing For America's Ethiopia' describes the experiences of Tunica County Mississippi with legalized gambling. Census takers in 1980 found that Jesse ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: taxes, american tradition, los angeles, policy makers, america
  • Weeping Willow - 1,151 words
    I chose to read this book because I thought it would be very interesting. I didnt really expect to see this book in the library because one of my friends had already spoken to me about it. He said that he read the book already and that it was really good. I immediately took the book and signed it out. This story began with a girl named Tiny, who was talking to her imaginary friend, Willa. Tiny had made her imaginary friend quite sometime ago. Now shes older and is attending high school. In the beginning, Tiny had no friends, but she began to get to know some people and she was no longer an outcast. Tiny thought she was very pessimistic, but she had someone to make her feel more optimistic ab ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: weeping, willow, main character, last year, eager

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