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  • Astor John Jacob - 549 words
    John Jacob Astor lived through1763-1848. He was a fur trader, businessman, and real estate investor. Astor began life as one of twelve children of a poor German butcher and died the richest man in America. The making of a great fortune was the aim and purpose of Astor's life, and he accomplished it by dominating the American fur trade and investing his profits in the real estate of burgeoning New York City. Shortly before his death, Astor was asked if he would have done anything differently with his life. He is supposed to have replied that his only regret was not having bought all of Manhattan. Astor was born in the small town of Waldorf, near Heidelberg, Germany. At twenty he followed his ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jacob, real estate, louisiana purchase, york public library, operating
  • My Life In The South By Jacob Stroyer - 992 words
    The Life of Jacob Stroyer Slave narratives are the personal accounts by black slaves as well as exslaves about their experiences of slavery and the struggles to obtain freedom. The slave narratives offer chronological incidents into an individual's experiences and they provide the audience with an understanding into the writer's mind and the structure of the slave society. Exslaves, like Frederick Douglass, wrote narratives to try to persuade his readers about the injustices and immorals of slavery and also attempted to eventually abolish the institution of slavery. Other slaves wrote narratives to earn money to buy relatives out of slavery, to support themselves in their old age, and to fin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jacob, south carolina, slave narratives, slave trade, southerners
  • Jean Arp - 506 words
    Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother's womb, once commented Jean Arp--a remarkable twentieth-century sculptor, painter and poet associated with and a forefather of the Dada and Surrealist movements. The avant-garde artist was born on September 16, 1887 in Strasbourg, France, where he studied at the Ecole des Arts et Mtiers. In 1905, he transferred to the Weimar Academy and then to Paris at the Acadmie Julian in 1908, and subsequent to graduation resumed his painting in Weggis, Switzerland in isolation. By 1912, Jean Arp had become associated with the Blaue Reiter, or Blue Rider, a group of Expressionist artists in Munich, where he exhibited semi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jean, tristan tzara, twentieth century, wassily kandinsky, organic
  • Southwest Airlines - 1,297 words
    ... ne. Shamu Three comes to the surface to fly its colors. Lone Star One takes to the sky as Southwest Airlines' 20th Anniversary flagship Boeing 737. 1992 Wins the first annual Triple Crown in 1992 - a feat no other airline has been able to match in a single month! 1993 Expand to the east coast and begins service to Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Captures the second annual Triple Crown in 1993. 1994 Introduces Ticketless Travel in four cities. Morris Air is merged with Southwest. Arizona One joins the fleet. Seven new cities open, including Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and Boise in the Pacific Northwest. Wins the third consecutive Triple Crown. 1995 Ticketless Travel is availab ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airline industry, southwest, southwest airlines, growth rate, employee turnover
  • Changing Job Roles - 3,095 words
    This paper is the result of research into and reflection on the roles carried out by those who are responsible for managing the 'people' function within organisations. Whether these incumbents are called personnel or HR managers is not necessarily important; it is however critical to give recognition to the complexity of the task that faces those who have to take responsibility for this function. This paper raises two inter-related issues. First, in what sorts of activities do personnel managers decide to invest time and energy? Are the old reliables of recruitment, training and employee relations the key tasks of the 1990s or are other issues more important? Second, does the hard, often uns ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personnel management, work force, price waterhouse, grave, specialist
  • Big Oil And Bus Ethics - 1,760 words
    It can be argued (convincingly) that human's usage of fossil fuels is responsible for a large part of the world's pollution problems. The area that I will discuss is the interaction that the big oil companies have had with the environment surrounding their businesses in Alaska. I will not tackle the issue of whether it is right or wrong to extract or use fossil fuels. Instead, I will ignore the larger issue and concentrate on specific issues concerning the Arctic Slope activities of oil companies in Alaska. Because the North Slope oil fields are on American soil, the regulation of the industrial activities is far more stringent than other areas in the world. If we compared the North Slope oi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ethics, municipal government, ethical principles, business activities, species
  • Kafkas Basteele - 1,340 words
    As presented by Franz Kafka, Karl Rossmann's life has a pattern of confinement. Kafka takes great pains to show us that Karl's reactions to nearly every instance of confinement neatly stems from one formative incident: Johanna Brummer's seduction of Karl. That one scandal seemingly affects how Karl reacts to every other attempt to confine him, who and what he allows to box him in, and his acceptance and/or rejection of that imprisonment. Johanna is noticeably physical with Karl: she "[leads] him into her room," takes off his clothes, "[lays] him on her bed," and nearly chokes him in her frenzied passion. Karl himself in no way advances the action. In fact, he barely seems conscious of what's ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: franz kafka, sexual desire, dining room, the girl, domination
  • How Dickens Criticizes Victoriana In A Christmas Carol - 952 words
    How Dickens Criticizes Victoriana In A Christmas Carol Everybody has an obligation to scrutinize, dissect, or otherwise work towards reform in his or her given society. The status quo should always be held up to a highly critical eye, as it is perpetually flawed. Dickens, more so than most people of his time, was well aware of this duty to arrest the progressively growing feeling of complacency within his culture. He saw the danger in contentment (especially how it would hinder growth and betterment), and decided he had to do something to undermine its adverse effects. So Dickens used his literary prowess to appeal to the masses, thus awakening them from self-satisfaction. In his landmark wo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carol, charles dickens, christmas, christmas carol, criticizes
  • Dwight David Eisenhower - 813 words
    Dwight David Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas. He was the third of seven sons from David Jacob and Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower. After his birth the family moved to Abilene, Kansas where Dwight graduated from high school in 1909. He was awarded a scholarship to West Point military academy. He was commisioned a Second Lieutenant upon graduation in September of 1915. After being stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Dwight met Mary (Mamie) Geneva Doud, and they were married on July 1, 1916. The couple had two sons, Doud Dwight Eisenhower and John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower. Doud Dwight, nicknamed Little Icky, was born on September 24, 1917. He died three years later ,on Janua ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david eisenhower, dwight, dwight d eisenhower, dwight eisenhower, eisenhower, president eisenhower
  • Responsibilities Are More Important Than Rights - 1,206 words
    Responsibilities are more important than Rights Everyone has rights and responsibilities. Rights are things that people are aloud to do. Responsibilities are things that people are expected to do. In this essay, I will be telling you some facts why responsibilities are more important in the society of Waknuk. The first point is David's father, Joseph Storm hates offences and blasphemies because of his religion. Next is Old Jacob thinks that rules should be changed in Waknuk because he wants it to be like when his father was around. Lastly Alan Ervin detects the thoughts and shapes group and that Sophie has a sixth toe. The people in Waknuk believe in responsibilities over rights. David's fat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: more important, the bible, bible says, farm, offence
  • Troy - 1,393 words
    World Civilization to 1500 Research Paper When Heinrich Schliemann emerged from Turkey in June of 1873 with a hoard of treasure, the whole world took note. He claimed to have found the ruins of ancient Troy. Schliemann had rejected the prevailing scholarly doctrine that Homer was a mythmaker, not a historian or scholar. Even today, some people argue that the actual ruins of the historical city of Troy are in Croatia, not Hisarlik, Turkey, as Schliemann claimed. This position is outdated now, just as it was when Schliemann first made his great archaeological discovery. Evidence clearly shows that the majority of our present knowledge of the famous ancient city of Troy comes of Homers writing ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: troy, historical accuracy, robinson crusoe, trojan war, wheel
  • Rms Titanic - 1,016 words
    The R.M.S. Titanic was called the ship of dreams, and some called her the unsinkable ship. It was the largest steam engine ever built in the world. She was the most beautiful and biggest ship ever to set sail to the sea. In the summer of 1907, Lord Pierrie, Harland & Wolf, J. Bruse Ismay, and White Star Line planned to build three giant ships (Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic). They were to be designed as the most luxurious ships in the world, and to be built with the finest woods and furnishings. They would cater to the rich and affluent that traveled the North Atlantic. The three ships would give customers luxury and they would travel at greater speeds than ever before. In March 1909, the k ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: titanic, steam engine, white star, north atlantic, olympic
  • Napoleons Russian Campaign - 1,412 words
    ... nch lost 30,000 men, the Russians 44,000 including Prince Bagration who died of wounds. The Russians though were clearly more able to handle their major loss. They had unlimited reserves of manpower behind them while Napoleon was 500 miles from his base and 1,500 from his country. Napoleon though was now driven forward by the belief that the capture of Russias capital city, Moscow, would end the war. In a speech to his troops Napoleon said that Peace lies in Moscow. When the Great Russian nobles see us masters of their capital they will think twice before continuing the war. Kutusov realized that any defense of the city against Napoleon would be senseless. He declared in a message to Ale ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: russian, russian army, york harper, illustrated history, strategic
  • Hosea The Prophet - 1,387 words
    During Hoseas time, there was political, economical, social and religious strife in the country of Israel. Hosea lived in the tragic final days of the northern kingdom of Israel. During this time there were six kings within twenty-five years; four were murdered, one was captured in battle and only one was succeeded on the throne by his son. The nation was rife with economic abuses that separated the rich and the poor. Israel was so impressed with material advances that it failed to take account the eternal verities of the Covenant upon which Israels existence was predicated. Judgment, righteousness, brotherhood, and even God were forgotten in the light of diplomatic expediencies (Laymans 8-9 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prophet, the bible, viking press, knox press, peasants
  • Aaron Burr - 1,243 words
    ... (Chidsy 60) Wilkinson, the ranking general, soon betrayed Burr. Reasons why he turned on Burr vary. The most significant is that he saw the armys dark future. The death of William Pitt came and Wilkinson learned of Charles Fox taking over the British government. This would end British support for the expedition and ultimately drive it to the ground. He panicked, and dropped out of Burrs conspiracy. Two letters arrived at the White House on the same day. Two letters that spoke out against Aaron Burr. The first was from Wilkinson explaining that he discovered Burrs plot to separate the West from the East. Later a similar letter was received from Governor Claiborne speaking of similar image ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aaron, aaron burr, burr, united states history, western world
  • Hells Kitchens Irish Mob - 1,847 words
    Hells Kitchen is a working class neighborhood on the west side of Midtown, Manhattan. At the turn of the century the area was largely an Irish and Germen enclave. Throughout the early years of the twentieth century, the most common activity for a young male was to be in some sort of gang. The most powerful of the early Hells Kitchen gangs was the Gophers, named so because they usually met in tenement basements. It was mostly made up of Irish toughs from the West Side. At their peak in 1907, there was believed to be around some 500 members. Their main specialties were burglarizing shops and pool halls, and raiding the docks and the Hudson River Rail Road. Occasionally they would rent themselv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: irish, hot springs, long history, york city, ruby
  • Pain Assesment - 1,447 words
    Running head: PAIN ASSESSMENT IN YOUNG CHILDREN The Wisconsin Childrens Hospital Pain Scale for Preverbal Children: A Descriptive Study Experiences of Nurses Using the University of Wisconsin Childrens Hospital Pain Scale for Preverbal Children: A Descriptive Study Most patients in the hospital setting experience pain. Pain is a subjective phenomenon that varies from person to person. The most relied upon indicator of pain is a patients verbal report of the pain, but what happens when the patient cannot verbalize his pain? This is the case with infants and other nonverbal patients. They experience pain but are unable to tell a nurse where it hurts, how it hurts, and the intensity to which it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: assesment, nervous system, central nervous, national health, withdrawal
  • Joseph - 320 words
    Joseph was seventeen , he was loved in Israel . His father loved Joseph and his brothers were jealous . Brothers were thinking of killing Joseph . They threw him into the well . Then they got him out and sold it to Midianie for twenty Then Joseph's brothers poured blood on to Jacob's clothes and made up a story to their Dad that Joseph was eaten by a ferocious Then the Midianites sold Joseph to Pothipar . Then he was taken down to Egypt . He lived in a house of his Egyptian master . Later that year Joseph did bad and he was put in jail . Later that week he was taken out and put in charge . During the next years good growing came to Joseph but , the next seven years nothing grew . While Josep ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joseph, crazy, stole
  • Leonhard Euler - 2,170 words
    Leonhard Euler's father was Paul Euler. Paul Euler had studied theology at the University of Basel and had attended Jacob Bernoulli's lectures there. In fact Paul Euler and Johann Bernoulli had both lived in Jacob Bernoulli's house while undergraduates at Basel. Paul Euler became a Protestant minister and married Margaret Brucker, the daughter of another Protestant minister. Their son Leonhard Euler was born in Basel, but the family moved to Riehen when he was one year old and it was in Riehen, not far from Basel, that Leonard was brought up. Paul Euler had, as we have mentioned, some mathematical training and he was able to teach his son elementary mathematics along with other subjects. Leo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: euler, advanced studies, peter the great, mathematical analysis, mathematician
  • Moses - 1,045 words
    While Greek myths and Biblical stories appear to be extremely different, the relationship between Athena and Telemachus (Odyssey) and that between God and Moses (Exodus) are similar in that both Telemachus and Moses were of the chosen family, were reluctant heroes, and were given specific instructions which required travel. Mainly, these two tales differ in that Athena and God chose different ways to speak to Telemachus and Moses, respectively. Both Athena and God had a chosen family in which they demeaned to be their most faithful followers, and therefore, they took the best care of such families. Athena chose Odysseus family. She favored Odysseus throughout his life by giving him several g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moses, the odyssey, different ways, best care, convince

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