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  • Marketing Interview - 1,740 words
    Many small businesses dont realize how important their company image really is. The following is a formula for low cost marketing for a small business to create or better their image. To find this formula I interviewed Evan Paull, the owner of a small sign making company based in Annapolis Maryland called Independent Sign Consortium or ISC. ISC was started in 1996 and has had a steady growth ever since. I also interviewed Allison Green, the marketing director of Revisions, Revisions is based in Baltimore Maryland and is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the mentally ill. Many small companies believe that a corporate or company image develops all on its own. Therefore, they belie ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, marketing, marketing director, personal interview, profit organization
  • Child Interview - 1,442 words
    For this paper, I chose to interview a family that I have known for a few years. We do not know each other well: we are only acquaintences. There are four members of their family. The father's name is Ed, the mother's name is Sue and their two sons are Brian and Bobby. I met them a few years ago because my mom use to watch brian and bobby all the time. My little sister alisen was pretty good friends with bobby and Brian cause when they would come over they would play together. Brian and bobby spend the night sometimes when their parents would go out, and I have gotten to know his family a little by sometimes going out to eat with my mom and them here and there. And since Ed is black and Sue ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, good friends, last year, formal operational, satisfied
  • Holocaust Interview - 1,474 words
    Freda Friedman was born November 8, 1928 in Poland in the little town of Gdansk. She was one of 8 kids, only six were present at the time the Holocaust was happening. Her maiden name was Eleberger. Her father was a hard working man, since he had to support a family of eight. He was an owner of a mill, that harvested wheat and barely. The mill had been pasted down in the family for a few generations. The first time Freda heard the name Hitler was when she was only twelve. The name Hitler scared her, she found out about Hitler after he had been killing other Jews so she knew he was a threat to her and her family. The Germans occupied he town in 1941around the fall and wintertime. She was aroun ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: holocaust, interview, concentration camp, children left, couldn
  • Interview With An Exotic Darcer - 946 words
    Tracy Williams, stage name Demure, is a nineteen year old African American. She is employed at a popular gentlemens club in South Central Los Angeles. Tracy is studying for a degree in sociology part-time because she has a daughter to look after. Next year, she will attend school full-time. Raised an army brat, Tracy loves to read books about places and people. She loves to learn and graduated from high school one year early with high academic marks. Instead of going on to college ahead of her peers, Tracy delivered a daughter at the age of 17. She has been a single mother on her own ever since. Tracy is 5 10 and lean at 130 pounds. Remarkably, the experience of pregnancy and childbirth last ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exotic, interview, last year, female sexuality, violet
  • Interview - 506 words
    After reading the second chapter, I found out many answers to some of the questions that I had. One of the topics that both the first and second chapter mentioned was, how easy it was to become a teacher in earlier days. Since I enjoy history and was particularly interested in this subject, I wanted to find out more about the specific requirements that were mandated to teach. So my question is What were the requirements to teach at least 40 years ago? I wanted to find the basic requirements that would get you by to start teaching. It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but then it hit me. There is an incredible resource right here on campus that helped me out with this question. He ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, school education, attend, bachelor
  • Smart Strategies For A Job Interview - 395 words
    A job interview can be successful if you follow a number of smart strategies. Some of these strategies are to have a well written resume, an appealing personal appearance, and a prepared plan of action regarding questions for the interviewer. First of all, the resume plays a very important role for a job interview. What the interviewer is going to think depends on how the resume is written. It is necessary to organize ideas that describe your work experience. Also, you need to mention your best qualities which are related with the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a job in which you are going to be with a computer,and phone calls, it is relevant to say how fast y ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, job interview, smart, good idea, work experience
  • Hot 107.1- Interview With A Radio Personality - 635 words
    When I'm in a car riding down the street there is only one radio station that I really enjoy, KXHT 107.1. The music they play is quite specific. They are a hip-hop and R&B station that plays mostly southeastern groups. Hip-hop is quite new to me having really only gotten into it in the early years of high school were as I liked rock since childhood. It was for this reason and a few others that I decided to interview a personality from Hot 107 as they are nicknamed. Memphis is the first city that I have been to that has a station such as Hot 107 that plays only rap and R&B. Most other places will only have songs that are mainstream and then they are only played on the dance music stations. Th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, radio, radio station, rap music, real money
  • Stereotypes: An Interview Essay - 610 words
    The other day I had a discussion with my roommate about the social psychological idea of stereotyping. I found it interesting how much I felt like she was contradicting herself. But in my opinion, I do not find it surprising that she did, because I feel like most people at the point in our lives (college students) do try and not prejudge people, but do anyway. When I asked how guilty she felt she was about stereotyping people, she said it depends on what shes stereotyping, but she does not feel like she does it too much. She also said she does not feel like she belongs in a particular social group and she also feels like there are exceptions in some stereotypical groups. For example, if ther ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, men and women, self esteem, self-fulfilling prophecy, fulfilling
  • Interview With Trader From Chicago Mercantile Exchange - 381 words
    Chicago--- Reno Scalise has been very successful while working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The 33-year-old Trader has been working in the Standard and Poors 500-Index pit since the age of 25. This is when Scalise obtained his own seat on the exchange. Having your own seat means that he trades with his own capital, and not for a corporation. When asked what it is like in the pit Scalise said, Its extremely stressful and hectic in the pit, if you dont know what you are doing you can get burnt very badly. He also explained how you have to be aware of everyone in the pit, and what moves they are making. The new faces in the pit are usually easy to make money off of, because they do not k ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chicago, interview, trader, mercedes benz, gold coast
  • Interview With A Park Ranger - 600 words
    The person I ma going to interview is a Park Ranger. A park ranger starts his/her day by checking on certain areas of the park to make sure there are no fires or hurt wild life. Late then ranger will help people get around, enforce park rules and regulations. If a person is hurt a ranger will escort the person to first aid. Also park rangers must warn campers about potentially dangerous animals in the area, and even may have to chase animals away from campers and visitors. Some other responsibilities a park ranger has is to clean up, put out forest fires, help injured people or animals ands even round up wildlife if they are dangerously close to people. A park ranger is like the cop for the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, national park, park, ranger, education training
  • Medical School Admissions Interview - 1,961 words
    Ninety percent of unsuccessful interviews are a result of one of two common mistakes made by interviewees. One is being under prepared to answer a specific question; the other is being over prepared. Underpreparation results from the misconception that because it is not possible to predict with accuracy the specific questions that will be asked, it is impossible and/or inefficient to practice answers. The telltale signs of this mistake are meandering, disorganized replies to open-ended questions, contradictions, and redundancies. The second pitfall, that of overpreparedness, results when good intention is combined with poor strategy. People who make this mistake are easily stumped by unusual ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: admissions committee, interview, medical school, genetic engineering, research experience
  • Made Up Interview With Lenin - 475 words
    Question: What were the historic events that led up to revolution, and why did you become involved in revolution? Lenins answer: To answer this question we have to go way back in 1812, when Napoleon came to Russia. Russian people stood up and fought against the invader by burning the villages and supplies, thus helping Czar Alexander I. After such sacrifice, people were not rewarded for their devotion to the Czar. In December of 1825 in St. Petersburg, Russia, a group of military officials staged a revolt against Tsar Nicholas I. These rebels were liberals who felt threatened by the new rulers conservative views. They were, however, defeated by the tsars forces. As a result of this revolt, N ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, lenin, working class, social democratic party, russian
  • Target Corporation: Analysis Of Job Interview Process, How To Conduct A Job Interview - 644 words
    Target Corporation is a growth company focused exclusively on general merchandise retail. Target Corporation states that there are four main reasons why people should work for them: the culture, the diversity, the benefits, and industry leaders. Every employee at Target is an important part of the culture at Target Corporation. Employees like the challenging work tasks, the motivation, and the feedback, which helps personal and professional growth. Target Corporation is dedicated to allowing their team members to show their individuality. Diversity at Target Corporation goes beyond age, race, or gender to include sexual orientation, language, physical ability, family, religion, socioeconomic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: interview, interview process, job interview, target corporation, retail stores
  • Chinese Immigrater - 1,752 words
    Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel Island Like Ellis Island in New York Harbor, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay was an entry point for immigrants in the early 20th century. The Angel Island immigration station processed small numbers of immigrants from Japan, Italy, and other parts of the world and was the key place of interrogation and detention for immigrants from China ("Angel Island Over View, CD-ROM). Angel Island in 1910 to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act passed in 1882 and renewed in 1892 and 1902. Despite Chinese contributions to building the American West before 1880, the U.S. enacted laws prohibiting the migration of Chinese laborers after 1882 and accepting only mer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese, chinese americans, chinese exclusion, chinese exclusion act, chinese family, chinese immigrants, chinese immigration
  • Malcolm X - 656 words
    All men are created equal. This statement was the basis of the civil right movements of the 1960's. Malcom X is a man that promoted a society in which all human beings were equally respected. He believes that blacks should achieve that goal by any means necessary. In a time when blacks were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus, using the same bathroom, or were not admitted to Universities. Malcom X's cry of justice was believed to be the voice of all blacks behind closed doors. Malcom Little grew up as poor and did not have much parental support. His father was run over by a street car when he was six. Soon after his father's death, his mother was put in a mental hospital. He grew up i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: malcolm, malcolm x, white people, created equal, prejudice
  • Haightashbury In The 1960s - 771 words
    The district of Haight Ashbury covered a five-block area starting at the Golden Gate Park and ending around the intersection of Shrader and Haight The appeal of Haight Ashbury? Simple; low rent, old Victorian homes, there were little shops everywhere, and a small town good vibe atmosphere and a need for acceptance from ones like themselves. The appeal of Haight Ashbury was simple: low rent, old Victorian houses, little shops everywhere, small town atmosphere and a contagiously good vibe. In the 1960s San Franciscos Haight Ashbury district was a national symbol through the lifestyle, the music, the people, and the publicity they thrilled a generation of American youth and scared there Parents ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: san francisco, small town, anne rice, music, agent
  • A Modernday Revolution American Turmoil In The 1960s - 1,528 words
    ... for the gradual with drawl of troops from Vietnam, and in 1975, the last of the troops returned home. The Vietnam Peace Movement was only part of the student movements that went on at the time. The baby boom after World War II more than doubled the population of U.S. colleges in 1960-1964. This was also the first generation to grow up with the knowledge that an atomic bomb could destroy the world. The students felt power of their numbers, and they felt also that they should have more say in the issues that affected their lives (Benson 50) A prime and initial example of these feelings are the events taking place at Berkely University in 1964. University officials passed a new regulation ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african american, american, american troops, american youth, revolution, turmoil
  • Andy Warhol - 1,693 words
    The pop art movement began in London during the 1950's and then quickly spread throughout nearly all of the industrialized world. Although the artists did have some overlapping styles, pop art focuses more on the subject and less on style, which was left up to each individual artist. The main themes that is evident in all pop art revolves around modern social values. The style in which these values were portrayed varied depending on the culture and artist. Critic Barbara Rose claimed in her review of a Pop Art show that Pop Art, " I wish to disagree with the assumption that pop art is an art style. It is not; these artists are linked only through their subject matter, not through stylistic s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andy, andy warhol, warhol, baby boom, music television
  • Destroyed Place - 811 words
    Paul Klee is a famous Surrealist painter, regarded by the Nazis as a degenerate artist. Born on December 18, 1879, in Munchenbuchsee near Bern, Switzerland, Klee enters the most prestigious art school in Germany, the Munich Academy, at the age of 21. Shortly thereafter, he moves to Munich and travels throughout Europe studying impressionist artwork and incorporating color into his work far more than in previous years. In 1910 he gets his own private exhibition in Bern, and from this point on he works with such artists as Wassily Kandinsky and August Macke. In 1916 his works become extremely desirable to the public. At this point he returns to Munich and has a huge exhibition, displaying 362 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: true meaning, first world, the intended, colleague, triangular
  • The Future Of Aviation Insurance - 1,723 words
    Insurance and the Future of Aviation Analysis of Issues in the Aviation Industry Southern Illinois University, Carbondale This report will discuss the future of the aviation industry and the effects of high insurance cost. As the industry enters into the millennium, the insurance industry must look at several problems that also face the aviation industry. Survival for the small FBOs is getting harder each day; the threat of financial devastation is real when it comes to lawsuits. General aviation may be forced to change its way of doing business and become more like the military and commercial airlines. One can only hope that society will change their attitude towards the aviation industry a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aviation, aviation industry, aviation safety, general aviation, insurance, insurance company, insurance industry

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