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  • Business Owner Search Engine
    648 words
    To ensure objective opinion, all the logos are separated in order and then consolidated for final review. Make sure you view each one individually in order. There are 2 new styles with various modifications. Although I didn't use Nancy's exact idea, but the motif she tried to bring out did give more ideas that I did incorporate (the notepad and star). Also, the homepage comp is up. This is in no way finalized, but just to give a better sense of what it might look and feel like. Some of the adver...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lists, business owner, search engine, discounts, specials
  • Font Size Risk Averse
    442 words
    The owner of capital in AT is a principal or investor who is risk loving or, at worst, risk neutral. To the AT risk lover Bayes Theorem would recommend that accountants supply good information to help investors revise their priors about expected payout (product of probability multiplied by reward) because that is how risk loving investors rank their investment alternatives. To the EMH risk averse investor Bayes Theorem would recommend that accountants supply good information to help investors re...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 61664, font size, risk averse, investors, font
  • Mao Inhibitors Gastrointestinal Tract
    1,358 words
    Comparison Between Mechanism of Action and Pharmacodynamics of Dothiepin and Fluoxetine Mechanism of action and pharmacodynamic's Dothiepin is a tricyclic antidepressant. It acts by promoting the effectiveness of several amines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and 5 -hydroxytryptamine, which is also known as 5 HT and serotonin). It functions by inhibiting their reuptake at the terminals of nerve cells, thus leading to their prolonged presence at the synaptic cleft and an increased effect on the neuron...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mao inhibitors, gastrointestinal tract, drug interactions, clinical pharmacology, higher doses
  • Million A Year Iron Ore
    1,461 words
    Mauritania is a poorly developed country with a low GDP (gross domestic products), which totally depends on agriculture's and livestock, which have been lately demolished by droughts. It has a purchasing power partly of $ 2. 8 billion, a GDP real growth rate of 4 %, which is also low, and a GDP per capital of $ 1, 200. Mauritania makes $ 390 million a year on iron ore, fish, and fish products. Mauritania imports $ 335 million a year and its commodities are foodstuffs, consumers goods, petroleum ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: million a year, iron ore, gross domestic, developed country, food supply
  • Department Of Defense N Pag
    776 words
    In today's world of technology the faulty security is becoming an almost incurable problem In today's world, there are several opportunities for the everyday user to breach security networks. The opportunities are endless for intrusions on networks. In 1997, thirty-five hackers hired by the National Security Agency launched several simulated attacks on the U. S electronic info-structure. The project was called Eligible Receiver and its main goal was to gain root level access to thirty-six of the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: application software, today world, n pag, department of defense, hackers
  • A History Of Marine Science
    1,095 words
    The early history of marine science started about 11, 000 years ago. Nomads began voyaging into east and central Europe, and across the plains of central Asia. They journeyed to the shores of northeastern Asia and crossed the Bering Sea into North America and South America. Most traveled on foot except for those who were talented in raft building or navigation. Any coastal culture with these talents had big economical advantages and greater access to food or supplies. But when European explorers...
    Free research essays on topics related to: north america, hundred years, west coast, islands, ocean
  • American Cancer Society Prostate Cancer
    1,044 words
    Cancer of the prostate is defined as a malignant tumor growth within the prostate gland. The purpose of the prostate gland is to surround the urethra, which is the tube within you urinary system that carries the urine from the bladder to the penis, the male sex organ. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 180, 000 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in the United States. The American Cancer Society also states that from these 180, 000 cases, and approximate 32, 000 men die fr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: early stage, american cancer society, cancer cells, prostate cancer, prostate gland
  • Lyndon B Johnson U S Involvement
    1,317 words
    ... f U. S. involvement. Johnson limited the bombing, began peace talks with Hanoi and the NLF, and withdrew as a candidate for reelection. The antiwar movement against Vietnam in the US from 1965 - 1971 was the most significant movement of its kind in the nation's history, this had a great impact on policy and practically forced the US out of Vietnam (Turner 91). Starting with teach-ins during the spring of 1965, the massive antiwar efforts centered on the colleges, with the students playing le...
    Free research essays on topics related to: troops in vietnam, u s involvement, involvement in vietnam, lyndon b johnson, declaration of war
  • Breaking The Law Underage Drinking
    463 words
    Who is to judge whether or not someone underage is mature enough to handle the responsibility of consuming alcohol? The government has set twenty-one years of age as the legal drinking age. This is found to be a little odd by most teenagers. At the age of eighteen, young adults can sign their life away to the government and give their life for the country. Risking your life for this country is encouraged at eighteen, but you cant drink at the same age in this country. How can this be? Who has th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: consuming alcohol, breaking the law, underage drinking, year olds, age limit
  • Partial Birth Abortion Pain And Suffering
    1,013 words
    ... ve damaging effects on the parents, by leaving emotional scars. In the case of rape, pro-life activists deem that since a woman was impregnated without her consent, that child can be exterminated. The pro-choice activists justify this action, in that if the child were born, it would be recurring image of the pain the mother had suffered. People like Amanda Costello of Manalapan, New Jersey feel that pro-choice is the way to go. Amanda stated, Personally I am very much pro-choice, the only th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: partial birth abortion, pro choice, unborn child, pro life, pain and suffering
  • Cognitive Development Intellectual Development
    1,099 words
    ... current and potential abilities to do something. (Flanagan 1999 P. 72). He believed that problem-solving tasks could be placed into three categories, which were as follows: (a) those performed independently by the student independent performance (b) those that could not be performed even with help; and (c) those that fall between the two, the tasks that can be performed with help from others assisted performance. (www. teachers info site). Vygotsky believed the concept of ZPD recommended a b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1999 p, intellectual development, 1979 p, cognitive development, 2001 p
  • Lt Web This Site 1998 Lt Web Dreams
    377 words
    4 / 29 / 00 Annotated Bibliography Personality Theories. Ed. Dr. C. George Boeree. 1997. Shippensburg University. < web This site was very good in giving me insight into the basics of psychology. I looked at the Freud category mostly because he is a big name and his theories were pretty easy to understand. Applying it to my paper, I used his ideas and descriptions of the id, ego and superego in an attempt to correctly justify the main character's actions and reasons for doing what he did. Fre...
    Free research essays on topics related to: info, freud's, freud theories, freud, conscious
  • Of Soviet Unions First Atomic Bomb
    387 words
    In 1949, the Soviet Union exploded their first atomic bomb. This event was so significant because it began the great arms race. The arms race in effect was the beginning of the Cold War. The events that led up to and followed the soviets first atomic bomb changed the United States of America forever. Everything from the fear of Russia launching a nuclear attach to paranoia of espionage. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg fired up the C. I. A. 's paranoia of espionage. They were both married and joined t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first atomic bomb, arms race, bomb, cold war, soviet union
  • Earthquake Studies For Southern California
    615 words
    Earthquake Studies For Southern California Earthquake Country. info claims that earthquakes are as Southern Californian as waves at the beach and traffic on the freeways. Lets dwell on earthquakes in Southern California as well as the faults associated with our area. The San Andreas fault is one of the most significant faults affecting our area. We know that the San Andreas fault produces large earthquakes and that many other faults are also hazardous (Earthquake Country. info n. p. ). So, lets ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: southern california, san jacinto, san andreas fault, n p, strike slip
  • Law Enforcement Authorities Enforcement Authorities Questions
    530 words
    Dont Talk to Cops By Guy McBernson GOOD MORNING! My name is investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a few simple questions? If you open your door one day and are greeted with those words, STOP AND THINK! Whether it is the local police or the FBI at your door, you have certain legal rights of which you ought to be aware before you proceed any further. In the first place, when law enforcement authorities come to see you, there are no simple questions. Unless they are investigating a traffic acc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: authorities, investigator, arrest, warren, law enforcement
  • U S Companies U S Government
    1,001 words
    Many people just dont realize what espionage is. It involves Industrial, Economic, and just plain old fashion spying. In order to better understand this phenomenon, we must review the history, briefly, of espionage and define the types and impacts of its modern versions. The end Of the Cold War has caused an evolution in the definition of national security. (Diane C. Snyder 1. ) Economic crime and corruption has caused companies to lose over $ 260 billion dollars a year from the United States al...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial espionage, trade secrets, u s government, u s companies, billion dollars
  • Moment Of Conception Pro Lifers
    1,071 words
    If you wish to uphold basic human justice, you must do so for everyone- not just selectively for the people that your side, your culture, your nation designates as OK. Edward Said The basic beliefs of Pro-life defendants Human rights for human beings: Pro-lifers believe that human beings have right since they are alive. Medical research proves that the fetus is a living organism from the moment of conception (Gargaro). During conception, a sperm with 23 chromosomes joins an egg with 23 chromosom...
    Free research essays on topics related to: religious beliefs, pro lifers, mothers body, moment of conception, child abuse
  • Blood Clotting Clotting Factor
    773 words
    Severe bleeding. Thats Hemophilia Hemophilia Severe bleeding. Thats what happens when a person has Hemophilia. More than 25, 000 people in the United States have Hemophilia (Description of Hemophilia 1). Hemophilia is an inherited deficiency of a blood-clotting factor that results in episodes of dangerous bleeding (Hemophilia 1). As you read through this essay, you will learn more about the disease. Some characteristics should be. First you will learn about the diagnosis and prognosis of Hemophi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blood clotting, clotting factor, daily life, march 2000, family history
  • Macbeth Macbeth Lady Macbeth
    1,368 words
    William Macbeth 1998 07 December William Shakespeare portrays honour as the theme in his play, nonetheless, the theme of dishonour is illustrated in many of the characters. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, the theme of honour is displayed, however the theme of dishonour is also focussed. Shakespeare wants the play to be seen as honourable, but each of the protagonists are very dishonourable and disloyal. They each try to mask their disloyalty with acts of honour, but it is easily detected. The protagon...
    Free research essays on topics related to: shakespeare macbeth, lady macbeth, thine ear, shakespearean criticism, macbeth macbeth
  • Ufo Sightings Unidentified Flying
    1,104 words
    The Effects of UFOs on People By Steve Edwards Almost every civilization in history that has kept a written history has recorded the sightings of strange objects and lights in the skies. These objects have been described as glowing wheels, colored balls of light, and disk shaped objects. Today unexplained aerial phenomena are generally referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or flying saucers. The effects of extra terrestrial sightings can have an adverse effect on people if influenced...
    Free research essays on topics related to: unidentified flying, flying saucers, heavens gate, extra terrestrial, ufo sightings

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