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Free research essays on topics related to: anthrax

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  • Bomb Was Dropped End The War
    1,361 words
    ... ce if the test failed to bring surrender, the chance would be gone to give chance of surprise. So the Interim committee wanted to hit Japan without warning. Further, it should be dropped on a combined military and residential target to produce the maximum psychological shock (Yass 60). July 1945 Truman tells Stalin (Neutral Germany) about the Atomic bomb (Yass 67). July 26, 1945 Truman gives ultimatum to Japan/Japan refuses Truman gives Japan an opportunity to end the war. Truman stated that...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fat man, degrees centigrade, bomb was dropped, end the war, atomic bomb
  • Penicillin G Types Syphilis Gonorrhea Antibiotic
    559 words
    Antibiotics was created to kill the growth of infectious organisms, produced by bacteria or molds that are toxic to other micro- organisms. Antibiotic refers to antibacterials all antibiotics are more toxic to an organism than they are to an animal or human. How they made antibiotics was not understood until the late 20 th century. the principle of using organic compounds to fight infection has been known since ancient times. Plant extracts were used for medicine for centuries and still used tod...
    Free research essays on topics related to: antibiotics, bacteria, gonorrhea, antibiotic, penicillin
  • Saddam Hussein Chemical Weapons
    409 words
    Saddam Hussein is back with a vengeance, and his threats of world destruction aren't to be taken lightly. The United States tried unsuccessfully to target him during the Gulf War in February 1991, however, they confidently expected the Iraq leader to be gone within months. Now, seven years later Saddam has shown a remarkable ability to survive and to rebuild his military to almost its peak potential and the US are threatening to lead air strikes over weapons inspections. Iraq is able to produce ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chemical weapons, saddam hussein, air strikes, germ, 10 billion
  • Biological Warfare Agents Women And Children
    1,480 words
    Thesis: Biological Warfare is morally and inhumanely wrong, It is the wrongful killing of men, women, and children. It should be stopped no matter what the circumstances are. I. Introduction into the bad effects of biological warfare through some examples. a. Example of single affect of biological warfare b. Example of a country using Biological Warfare II. Definition of Biological Warfare a. Biological Warfare Agents i. Micro-Organisms ii. Toxins b. History of biological warfare i. Definition i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: women and children, birth defects, biological warfare agents, biological weapons, future generations
  • Infectious Diseases Animal Experiments
    1,143 words
    For the past 20 years, there has a been an on going heated debate on whether experiments on animals for the benefit of medical and scientific research is ethical. Whether it is or isn't, most people believe that some form of cost-benefit test should be performed to determine if the action is right. The costs include: animal pain, distress and death where the benefits include the collection of new knowledge or the development of new medical therapies for humans. Looking into these different aspec...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heart failure, infectious diseases, laboratory animals, animal experiments, crucial role
  • Bin Laden Young People
    1,099 words
    In Times of Terror, Teens Talk the Talk Boys Are 'Firefighter Cute, ' Messy Room Is 'Ground Zero' in Sept. 11 Slang Their bedrooms are "ground zero. " Translation? A total mess. A mean teacher? He's "such a terrorist. " A student is disciplined? "It was total jihad. " Petty concerns? "That's so Sept. 10. " And out-of-style clothes? "Is that a burqa?" It's just six months since Sept. 11, but that's enough time for the vocabulary of one of the country's most frightening days to become slang for te...
    Free research essays on topics related to: j e, bin laden, young people, sept, e b
  • Osama Bin Laden Tested Positive
    868 words
    On September 11 America witnessed the worst tragedy it has ever seen. As Americans we think that we have freedom and that we are secure, but the truth is, were not. In a span of no more that three hours, America was brought to its knees with a powerful blow from a group of terrorists. Planes going to California started crashing into buildings in New York, Washington D. C. and Pennsylvania the country was under attack. The very thing that makes America the greatest county in the world was under a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: attacks, tested positive, laden, osama bin laden, september 11
  • Analysis Of Plato The Allegory Cave
    1,247 words
    The moist air of the cave hovers in a homeostatic manner around the mans conditioned skin. He sits, staring at the flat, cold surface of rock in front of him. Nothing that he sees surprises him. He just stares blankly at the recurrent shadows dancing in a dull glow. He is motionlessly caught in a state of a calm, content trance. The cold chains around his neck match the vacancy of life his face. The only expression seen is a small rising in the corners of the mans mouth, producing a strangely co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: plato's, matrix, nietzsche, cave, break free
  • Proposal For Anti Bioterrorism Warning System And Plan
    444 words
    We Development Leaders provides only the best in planning and designing your companys growth. As you requested, I am submitting this proposal for a new anti-bioterrorism warning system. BACKGROUND In the past, bioterrorism was something that we saw on TV. A far image that failed to become real until September 17, 2001. The first case of anthrax was reported. It caused a mass hysteria and spread fear throughout the citizens of the United States of America. The main problem that exists within the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mail, 510, hazardous materials, internet connection, hazardous
  • Biological Warfare Soviet Union
    484 words
    Why has the threat of smallpox recently come up in the media? With the occurrences of anthrax in the United States the subject of biological warfare has been ignited. Adding to the threat of smallpox, secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Tompson proposed a contract to congress that would equip the defense department with three million vaccines to the smallpox virus. In this contract four large pharmaceutical companies would receive 500 million dollars to have these vaccines prepared befo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biological warfare, biological, public health, soviet union, smallpox
  • President Bill Clinton Hot Zone
    1,084 words
    ... and orphanages Richard Preston Where he was born and what some of his life was like. Preston was born in Cambridge, MA he got his Interest in reading when he was in the forth grade and shortly he became addicted to books and just like my grandpa be came a paper addict, where any paper with readable writing the person picks up and reads and if its take able the person then takes and keeps and cant put in the trash / recycle for fear it might die like shooting a animal. He also would get into ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hot zone, cobra, president bill clinton, preston, first book
  • Air Traffic Control Billions Of Dollars
    1,691 words
    Why should terrorism command our exceptional attention? That the 9 / 11 terrorists maliciously attacked the symbolic and actual seats of our economic and military power (WTC/Wall Street and the Pentagon) should concern us if we truly think that future attacks might destroy our society. But who believes that? Government responses seem directed mostly at stopping future similar attacks... which returns us full circle to the question: why should that have become our primary national goal, at the sa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: billions of dollars, civil liberties, natural disasters, homeland security, air traffic control
  • Running Head Microbiology 100 Module 2
    869 words
    Running head: MICROBIOLOGY 100 MODULE 2 Microbiology 100 Module 2 July 18, 2009 Microbiology 100 Module 2 Characteristics of Bacteria Bacteria are very small, microscopic organisms whose single cells have neither membrane-bounded organelles nor membrane-bounded nucleus. Bacteria are unicellular microorganisms, usually few micrometers in lengths (Croddy, 2004). These microorganisms vary in shapes, as they may range from spirals to rods and spheres. Basically, bacteria are found everywhere on the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biological warfare, wide range, e g, environmental health, biological weapon
  • Biological And Chemical Biological Weapons
    2,385 words
    Bioterrorism Threat Bioterrorism has been given significant attention during the past 4 years by the laboratory industry press and has been the subject of numerous seminars at national meetings of laboratory organizations. The likely precursors to this coverage were the discovery of a huge biological weapons program in Iraq after the Gulf War of 1991, the discovery of a major biological weapons program in the former Soviet Union called "Biopreparat, " and the known recruitment of scientists from...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chemical weapons, biological weapons, terrorist organization, terrorist actions, biological and chemical
  • Metal Blade Records Marilyn Manson
    2,033 words
    Evil and Satanic, is what you would probably call heavy metal music today. Marilyn Manson, Anthrax, Metallica and Cannibal Corpse are a few of the many heavy metal groups of todays music world. Heavy metal contains music that should be more carefully analyzed by parents. It also affects the way teens think. Also this music can imply outward violence toward others. Heavy metal is a partial cause for teen violence and suicide. Numbing and influential, teen violence and suicide can start with heavy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heavy metal, marilyn manson, explicit lyrics, metal blade records, american academy
  • Biological And Chemical Biological Weapons
    1,496 words
    I Introduction 1) Definition of Biological Warfare 2) Talking Points II Biological Weapons 1) Different Types Used 2) Applications III History of Biological Warfare 1) How It Has Been Used in Past Wars 2) How We Can Expect It to Be Used in the Future IV Are We At Risk of Being Attacked With Biological Weapons? 1) Defending Ourselves Against Biological Weapons V Conclusion Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare is one of the most dreaded forms of attack on the battlefield. In the last cen...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biological warfare, biological agents, biological weapons, chemical weapons, biological and chemical
  • Dengue Fever Sore Throat Viruses
    593 words
    Viruses are infectious agents found in almost all life forms. The viruses are made up either of DNA or RNA, surrounded by a capsid, a protein coat. Viruses are between 20 and 100 times smaller than bacteria, or about 450 nanometers (. 000014), being the largest, to 30 nanometers (0. 000001 in. ) being the smallest which make them virtually impossible to be seen by light microscopes. Viruses often damage or even kill the cells they infect. They reproduce by releasing their nucleocapsid, or a copy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bacteria, fever, naked eye, virus, viruses
  • Macro Viruses Anti Virus
    1,574 words
    Virus What is a Virus? The computer virus is something that has been around almost as long as the Personal Computer (PC) and certainly since the advent of the affordable home computer, but what exactly is a virus? And how does it affect your PC? Is there any way to prevent your hard drive becoming infected and just where do they come from anyway? A virus is computer program, usually a very small program, that interferes with the smooth running of a computers operating system and hardware. Viruse...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anti virus, hard drive, trojan horse, macro viruses, microsoft word
  • Biological Weapons Terrorist Attack
    1,269 words
    The world has entered a new venue of warfare. War and the formalities of fighting have not seen this kind of drastic mutation since the British Redcoats were forced to change their tactics of line assault. It is the age of terrorism, and as it stands now, terrorism is the voice, both domestically and internationally, for twenty-first century fighting. The biggest scare of this new reality is terrorism's ability to multi thread, which is its ability to dabble in every corner of our society. From ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biological weapons, middle class, mid west, terrorist attack, chemical weapons
  • Chemical Warfare Chemical Weapons
    1,244 words
    How many people were killed or injured in WWI due to chemical weapons? According to the Chemical Weapons Convention web page 1, 400, 000 people were affected by chemical weapons. The most serious casualties were in Russia with 475, 000 injuries and 56, 000 killed. The problems of chemical warfare are upon us yet again. Saddam Hussein is currently trying to avoid weapon inspections by the United Nations. After it has been discovered that he used weapons during Desert Storm, can we risk confrontat...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biological warfare, chemical weapons, mustard gas, lethal dose, chemical warfare

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