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Free research essays on topics related to: human understanding

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  • Hell And Enslavement In Sartres No Exit - 1,067 words
    Hell and Enslavement. In Sartre's No Exit Sartre, the most famous of the existentialist thinkers, wrote No Exit in 1944. It was first performed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Sartre was a POW during the occupation, but escaped punishment from the Nazis. There is obviously an overall question pertaining to the play in terms of its relation to the historical period and the atrocities that were taking place in France and all of Europe. Sartre obviously knew of the racist ideology and actions the Nazis were imposing on the world. Therefore, his play is at some level be a reflection of the troubled times in which he lived. The occupying Nazis forces enslaved his nation. Did France feel like ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exit, no exit, human understanding, nazi germany, conscious
  • A Proposal For The Further Study Of Great Writers - 1,478 words
    A Proposal for the Further Study of Great Writers It could be said that the study of Literature and the study of Psychology are a most incompatible mix. Properly schooled in one or the other of these two disciplines, it is the psychologist who will point out the "left brain" is attributed with the functions of Analyzing, Mathematics, and step-by-step Reasoning and the "right brain" is likewise concerned with Creative Thinking and Visual-Pictorial skills. Accordingly, people will often find a Niche in society that makes use of that half of the sphere that is dominant for them. This is not to say that one cannot combine attributes and operate across disciplines however. For example, there are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: proposal, john locke, new york, blackwell publishers, pope
  • Human Suffering In Ancient Civilization - 1,298 words
    Human Suffering in Ancient Civilizations Suffering is a facet of life that all cultures must learn to deal with. Whether it is religion or mythology, humans must find a way to explain suffering and more importantly, death. Death is the single most unifying aspect of all cultures after all, it doesnt discriminate. Ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians, Hebrews, and Greeks all had different mythology to explain the reasons behind suffering and death, but all of it is fundamentally the same. When life seems too harsh and unhappy, society will create a way to welcome death. This is true throughout the entire history of civilization, even today. However, in ancient times, it was much eas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient civilizations, ancient times, civilization, human experience, human understanding
  • Benjamin Franklin - 1,318 words
    Benjamin Franklin is unmistakably the most resplendent figure in American history. Starting out as an apprentice, Franklin was to become a renowned printer, a great statesman, and an innovator always trying to find ways to improve his community. But how could this peasant apprentice become such an influential man in a large-scale society such as Philadelphia? This was the question that baffled and worried many aristocrats of the early eighteenth century. For Franklin was to become a household name and soon an inspiration to all that sought freedom from the wont class system. Franklin symbolized the classic clich of rags to riches vividly throughout his lifetime. His resilience and genius tru ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benjamin, benjamin franklin, franklin, eighteenth century, jury trial
  • To Eat Or Not To Eat - 964 words
    To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question How often do you think of genetics or biotechnology as you are enjoying your favorite foods? Does gene splicing ever cross your mind as you slice tomatoes, or do you ever think about growth hormones as you sink your teeth into that juicy steak? Not very often if you are like most people, but perhaps you should. Many of the items you eat have been genetically modified by using biotechnology in some way. These products are often referred to as GMOs (genetically modified organisms). There are several different types of modified foods. Designer foods are processed foods that are supplemented with ingredients rich in disease preventing substances by gene ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: long term effects, different types, another country, precautionary
  • Religious Ideas - 700 words
    Puritan, Enlightenment and Transcendentalist Ideas As one might have discovered, things in life change every minute, day, week, month year and century. It has been this way since the beginning of time and will continue to be this way till Armageddon comes. Each time era has discovered a new way of thinking for the heart, mind, body and soul. Several religions have come from these changing ideas, whether they are similar or nothing alike, each idea is interesting and will forever remain a part of history. Old-age thoughts can be found in the ideas of Puritan thought, Enlightenment reason, and Transcendentalism. Each of these ways of thinking were quite different, yet similar at the same time. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: changing ideas, human understanding, month year, the bible, insight
  • Liberalism In Political Ideologies - 671 words
    Political ideology, Websters defines it as integrated assertions, theories and aims, that constitute a sociopolitical program (Webster, 2000). In essence, an ideology is a set of beliefs about economical, political, social and cultural issues. These beliefs together form a plan for a productive and beneficial political system. This paper will focus on the ideology of liberalism and its influence of the political issue of equal opportunity employment. We begin with a history and explanation of liberalism. Liberalism puts the individual and their place in society in the forefront. This is to say that each person is unique, and possesses specific talents and abilities, and therefore each person ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: liberalism, political ideology, political system, american revolution, civil war
  • Kants Answer To Hume - 1,286 words
    ... d effect, but all the propositions of arithmetic and geometry, are synthetic. In all these propositions, no analysis of the subject will reveal the predicate. He gives the example 7+5=12. He points out that 7 and 5 have to be put together to give 12; the idea of 12 is not contained in them, nor even in the idea of adding them together (Prolegomena 2). From his proposition that all mathematics are synthetical, Kant explains how the ideas of space and time are also a priori forms of sensibility. Geometry is based upon the pure intuition of space. Arithmetic accomplishes its concept of number by the successive addition of units in time; and pure mechanics especially cannot attain its conce ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hume, oxford university press, publishing company, hackett publishing, warm
  • Humes Miracls - 1,112 words
    In An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Hume emphasizes his belief that all knowledge is based upon our own experience. The foundation of Christianity is based on the testimony of the Apostles, who supposedly witnessed the miracles of the Savior, Jesus. Through these miracles the Savior proved his divine mission and thus, the backbone for Christianity was formed. The testimony of the Apostles is not knowledge based upon our own experience, but rather on the experiences others claimed they had. Hume admits that using experience as the only guide in reasoning concerning factual matters is not infallible. He offers an example. One who in our climate should expect better weather in any wee ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first instance, human understanding, concerning human understanding, miracle, experiment
  • Analizing David Hume - 771 words
    I would like to start by stating that the arguments I will present about David Humes An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding are not going to be leaning completely towards his point of view or against it due to the fact that I agree with certain views on his philosophy and disagree with others. In Of the Origin of Ideas, Hume divides all perceptions into two basic kinds: impressions, which are the livelier and more vivid perceptions; and ideas, which are less lively copies of the original impression. He gives some excellent analogies to back this up. For example, he says when we think of a golden mountain, we only join two consistent ideas, gold, and mountain, with which we were formerly a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david hume, hume, enquiry concerning, concerning human understanding, locke
  • David Hume - 1,756 words
    David Hume was an imperialist philosopher who revolutionized scientific argument and methodology with his skepticism. His arguments about the way people though up to his day, and still today, are fundamental in explaining how we gain knowledge and what we do with this knowledge. Hume helped pave a road leading toward a higher state of consciousness for humanity with his theory concerning the perceptions of the mind. He divided the minds perception into two distinct groups impression and ideas. With these two classifications Hume rationalized the depths of human understanding. Impressions consist of the perception regarding all that is seen, felt and heard. Ideas are formulated thoughts based ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david hume, hume, ernest hemmingway, human understanding, dull
  • Utopian World - 1,161 words
    Philosophers have forever been concerned with political and social matters. Not only have they asked how politics work but mainly, how they should work. These philosophers have been concerned with the nature and justification of political obligation and authority and the goals of political action. Although their doctrines have differentiated, and numerous have been utopian in concept, they have all shared the same ideas and convictions that it is the political philosopher's duty to distinguish between what is and what ought to be, between existing political institutions and potentially more humane institutions. Throughout the centuries, philosophers have debated over the moral issues involve ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: utopian, human nature, famous book, lower class, plato
  • Shelly And Keats - 1,081 words
    ... s the wind to change him in order to "transform the world" (Tet, p.212). Observing the seasonal cycle, the poet looks for "a similar pattern in the world of social and political life" (Tet, p. 214) of England: he wants to be for his nation such a changing power, as the wind is for nature. So he calls for the wild spirit to become his own, praying to it: "Drive my dead That is, he wants to hasten the coming of new changes in his society through his verse ^ he asks from the wind to "scatter... [his] words among mankind" (WW, 678/66-7) as the prophetic revolutionary entreaty. He ends his prayer to the wind by asking it to be through his lips "the trumpet of a prophecy" (WW, 678/69) to the w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john keats, keats, shelly, time passes, human understanding
  • Bacon - 894 words
    From the seventeenth century to the Age of Revolution, the shift from spiritual deference to secular or scientific fascination happened gradually. The new faith in man's rational abilities led to a rise in secular feeling and a corresponding decline in God's importance. Francis Bacon, among many other prominent figures in history, helped encourage this display of feelings. Francis Bacon was born in London in the year 1551 and died in 1626. He was a propogandizer for science, but himself, was not a scientist. He discussed in his writings many aspects in attaining scientific knowledge. Firstly, he felt the need to challenge the old text in order to make further progress. Secondly, he discussed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bacon, francis bacon, experimental research, scientific method, obstruction
  • Religious Paths - 1,038 words
    ... rst Uddalaka asks Svetaketu to divide a fig; when to his question of "what do you see inside?", Svetaketu replies: "nothing, father"; Uddalaka asks: "How can a great tree grow out of nothing?". Later, Uddalaka asks Svetaketu to dissolve salt in water and then asks him to taste it. Even though the boy cannot see the salt in the water, he can taste every part of it. Then Uddalaka compared two experiences to Brahman, saying that like salt, Brahman is present but unseen. "This whole world has that as its soul; that is reality; that is Atman; that art thou, Svetaketu"(Chandogya Upanishad)(Zimmer 1951 p.360). 6 The Brahman is the Self and Self is the Brahman, that relationship was described by ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hindu religion, inner peace, human experience, emergence, engage
  • Capital Punishment - 1,901 words
    POSITION PAPER (Death penalty) Is capital punishment just? The death penalty is a controversial issue for most people. Supporters claim that it eliminates repeat offenders, deters potential murderers and is the ultimate retribution. Opponents denounce it as murder, say that it does not cause deterrence but rather promotes violence and claim that it introduces the chance of an innocent person being executed. Due to the arguments presented by both sides and because of my own personal beliefs, the argument against legal execution is most compelling. The idea of putting another human to death is hard to completely fathom. The physical mechanics involved in carrying out a death sentence on anothe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, capitol punishment, criminal homicide, third edition, heritage
  • Philosophy - 1,009 words
    ... it does not interfere with our understanding of our being and essence. We could to easily get caught up in our devises and let them rule our lives. Heidegger feels it would be a supreme danger for them to define our being. The saving power would be our understanding of our being and using those gadgets only as means to their end. I think Heidegger would not respond favorably to our technology of mass media and electronic communications. Our society seems to see our technological advances as goals in their life. Materialism has spread throughout the earth. People are compared to one another by what they own and the its worth. Human identity and being seem to be affected by our present tec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: power over, modern science, decision-making process, discrepancy, impose
  • Locke Government Theory - 1,101 words
    John Locke was born on August 29, 1632, into a middle class family during late Renaissance England. Locke started his studies at Christ Church in Oxford. He then went into medical studies and received a medical license, which he practiced under Anthony Cooper. They became friends, and when Cooper became Earl of Shaftesbury, Locke was able to hold minor government jobs and became involved in politics. Shaftesbury steered Locke towards the views of a government whose law was fair to all, and all were under the law. In 1679, Shaftesbury was tried for treason against James, Duke of York, who would later become King James II. Shaftesbury had tried to prevent James's right of succession, so he fle ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: government officials, john locke, locke, isaac newton, natural science
  • The Science Of Superstitions - 1,493 words
    ter>Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The debate between realism and anti-realism is, at least, a century old. Does Science describe the real world or are its theories true only within a certain conceptual framework? Is science only instrumental or empirically adequate or is there more to it than that? Jose Ortega y Gasset said (in an unrelated exchange) that all ideas stem from pre-rational beliefs. William James concurred by saying that accepting a truth often requires an act of will which goes beyond facts and into the realm of feelings. Maybe so, but is there is little doubt today that beliefs are somehow involved in the formation of many scien ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: superstitions, human activity, conceptual framework, foreign affairs, assuming
  • Is It Reasonable To Expect People To Believe In Miracles In A Modern Scientific World? - 610 words
    The idea of miracles came under attack in the eighteenth century when science began to reveal a universe which seemed to follow fixed laws. This left little room for the supernatural or for the events, which supposedly transcended or even contradicted the laws of nature. The term miracle is well defined by C.S. Lewis when he said a miracle is an interference with nature by a supernatural power. In other words they are inexplicable in rational terms resulting in their validity being hard to prove. In this modern scientific society, the idea of miracles contradicts the whole philosophy of modern thought. A number of prominent thinkers regard scientific means; specifically empirical evidence ( ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern science, reasonable, scientific method, natural world, the bible

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