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Free research essays on topics related to: human sexuality

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  • Human Sexuality - 1,216 words
    Outline F. Vaginal Contraception Sponge 4. Advantages and Disadvantages IV. Sexually Transmitted Diseases The reproduction system is made up of the male and female organ that are involved in the regenerative process. This involves the forming of reproductive cells, conception, sex determination and developments, gestation, birth and patterns of inheritance. A. Ovulation is the release of a female egg. I occurs in the middle of every menstrual cycle. The egg enters the fallopian tube on its way to the uterus. If it is not fertilized by male sperm then it is passed in the menstrual flow. B. Fertilization is when the sperm make their way up the fallopian tube to the egg. A single sperm makes it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human sexuality, sexuality, different ways, health benefits, pregnancy
  • Human Sexuality - 1,046 words
    ... hrough the vagina. Problems that occur from the procedure, which are rare but serious, are blockage of the pulmonary artery, bleeding, infection, and tubal pregnancy. A type of microscopic organism that is not bacteria, viruses, or fungi. However, it is similar to bacteria in that it can be eliminated with certain antibiotics. It is responsible for several human diseases. 1. Symptoms: yellowish vaginal discharge, painful urination, lower abdominal pain, spotting after sex or between periods. 2. Causes: It is spread through sexual contact 3. Treatment: 10 day course of antibiotics. 4. Prevention: Abstain from sex, have a monogamous relationship, use a condom during sexual activity. An inf ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human sexuality, sexuality, new york, health encyclopedia, cool
  • Human Sexuality - 1,525 words
    Human Sexuality My sexuality began in my mothers womb after conception and continued thereafter on May 23, 1978 with my twin sister. Although my twin and I have many similarities we are fraternal due to opposite genders. I probably began to realize my gender as a male while my parents use to change me and I began to explore my own body. Growing up as a male was something I considered very special and powerful to me. I often looked up to other significant males in my life. It was extremely easy for me to recognize the differences between the male and female gender because I was able to compare myself to my twin sister. To me, a male was someone who was both physically and mentally strong. He ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human sexuality, sexuality, early years, reading books, seventh
  • Partial Birth Abortion - 1,387 words
    ... ho feel they are unable to raise the child. On the other side you have the pro-choice viewpoint, they believe that women have the right and freedom to decide whether and when to have children; they argue that pregnancy can result from contraceptive failure or other factors out of a womans control. When pregnancy does occur pro-choice individuals believe that the most moral decision possible must be determined according to each situation, and that in some cases greater injustice would result if abortion were not an option. If legal abortions were not available, some pro-choice supporters say, back-alley shops and do-it-yourself techniques, with their many health risks, as well as the birt ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: abortion, induced abortion, national abortion, partial, partial birth abortion, partial-birth abortion
  • 1984 Sexuality And The Search For Truth - 1,524 words
    Sexuality and the Search For Truth in Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four The question of the existence of human nature has been a popular topic in modern literary works. Authors such as Shelly and Freud seem to agree that there is such a thing, however, they disagree on its attributes. Orwell also believes that human nature does exist but he takes it a step further than simply acknowledging its existence. Rather, in 1984 he uses such themes as truth and sexuality to enhance the attributes of human nature. There characteristics, Orwell believes, are insuppressible. Orwell believes that it is innate for humankind to be sexual beings, and to be in pursuit of truth. In the course of 1984, these themes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, human sexuality, sexuality, human spirit, big brother
  • Sex Ed - 993 words
    There are many reasons why people argue for and against sex education being a set curriculum in our school systems, but not many people look at the facts of the issue before deciding that sex education is not right. The plain truth is that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of teenagers that have become sexually active. The age at which sexual intercourse first occurs is becoming younger. According to Stong and Devault, in 1996 17% of girls and 38% of boys admitted to having sex by the age of 15. These children that are having sex are doing it without proper knowledge of the risk they may be in. Without proper knowledge a person might go into the world thinking that as long as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sexually transmitted disease, young women, united states government, insanity
  • Premarital Sex - 1,033 words
    During the twentieth century, premarital sex has become an important issue. Sexual abstinence was the normal society lifestyle until the late 1950s. Most men and women would not have ever slept with another person out of wedlock. While this sexual abstinence lifestyle was in effect, a mentality of independence struck the adolescence of the United States. They felt as though they must engage in sexual activity, just to defy societys view of what was morally right. The reason sexual abstinence is an issue today is because many people claim premarital sex is wrong. People base their opinions on what the Bible has said. When the Bible is used to justify any means of behavior, it usually becomes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: premarital, religion and culture, united states, christian science monitor, bond
  • Upre Court Abortion Decisions - 1,398 words
    Supreme Court Decisions That Greatly Impacted The Reproduction Rights Of Women When talking about Supreme Court decisions that have greatly impacted the lives of women it is very hard to settle on just five of the many cases that have been ruled in favor of the rights of women. When discussing the topic of reproductive freedom and The Supreme Courts rulings on these matters ten cases can and must be discussed in order to provide a total overview and timeline of these historic rulings. The American Civil Liberties Union has helped women breech the barriers of sexual repression, and has crusaded to help women win these reproductive rights and knowledge over the years since its founding in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: abortion, supreme court, roe v wade, lower class, georgia
  • Political Parties - 1,205 words
    ... operty. Government's only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud. ; The Libertarian Party is for all who don't want to push other people around and don't want to be pushed around themselves. Live and let live is the The Liberterian Party, now that is exactly what it would be..... a party. I would nearly guess that this party was established during the 60's era. Sounds like a no restrictions/ no moral kind of government to me. Sounds like fun, but what happens when the partys over? 9. National Patriot Party - affiliates in 26 states, including several with ballot status. Its focus is on democratic political restructuring and fiscal reform. . The Patriot Party, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american political, political parties, political philosophy, public policy, wiccan rede
  • Sexed Vs Abstinenceonly Education - 805 words
    SEX-EDUCATION VS. ABSTINENCE-ONLY EDUCATION Why is it that even in times like these, when teen pregnancy rates and the transmission of STDs are at their highest, schools all over the United States are continuing to distribute condoms? Instead of teaching kids to wait to have sex, we're being taught how to use condoms and where to go for help and parenthood planning. Girls in the 7th grade are no longer asking "Where do babies come from?" Now the big question is "Do you spit or swallow?" What does this say about the future health of our country? What about moral and religious teachings from parents? Teaching kids about which contraceptives to use takes away a parent's legal and legitimate rig ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: education classes, education programs, sex education, disease control, safe sex
  • Nietzsche Morality - 1,086 words
    ... or living a lie by hiding beneath the garments of a prescribed morality, is contrary to natural law. Homosexuals are not making each other, or society, bad or worse by doing what comes naturally to them. Surely, more harm has come from forcing these moral lepers to try and be what they are not. For example: A man knows he is gay but gets married, trying to put on the airs of acceptable social norms. He has three kids with a wife who wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Around the time she begins to wonder why their infrequent lovemaking has ceased, he realizes he cant live this way anymore. The result is a fractured family, not only his immediate family unit, but also the exten ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: morality, nietzsche, birth control, more harm, smart
  • The Function Of The Female Orgasm - 1,966 words
    This is something I wrote while I was at college about a year ago and it details some new research that has been published about the possible purpose of the female orgasm, which I think is pretty interesting... It's pretty dry and academic in tone and contains some fairly specialist language, but most of it should be pretty clear to most people. If anyone has a question or wants some more information on this kind of thing, mail me: Does the female orgasm have a function and, if so, what is it? The female orgasm, and indeed female sexuality in general, has been one of the most consistently debated areas in human behavioural ecology. For many years the field was characterised by a paucity of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: female sexuality, orgasm, physical attractiveness, human sexuality, naked
  • Sadomasochism - 1,858 words
    Potential in the Perfect Balance of Fantasy and Reality In her 1998 Seattle Weekly article, You Get Me Closer to God, Lauren Goodlad discusses the medias exploitation of sadomasochism and societys inability to accept it as the norm. She believes that in such a sexually divided and competitive culture, sadomasochism is inevitable, and would not be so perverse if men and women learned to communicate. Goodlad claims that with the increase gaps between genders, everyone is expected to abide by their masculine or feminine roles and this forces them to suppress their true sexual desires. By being daring enough to break these gender rules, the media creates for us fantasies that we are too insecure ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sadomasochism, men and women, real life, human sexuality, fulfilling
  • How To Win Any Woman - 1,195 words
    Win over any woman is a rulebook for scoring with woman. And it was definitely written from a male perspective. It teaches men to always work a room in tandems; that is when you and your friend(s) are inseparable or put on a show that you are. Also, Maxix Magazine teaches you to never approach a girls night out, youre just asking to be shot down. The article can help even the most helpless man have a chance to get a woman with all of the helpful tips therein. Win over any woman, says that any man can get laid if they use their brains for a change and not just their *censored* when they are at the clubs. Sure we would all like it to be taken to that level, using the *censored* I mean, but whe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human sexuality, methods used, main point, courtship, attempting
  • Erectile Dysfunctions - 1,886 words
    ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONS Erection problems are estimated to effect more than ten million American men. At some point in a males life, they are likely to have this problem, ranging from maybe one or two times, or as severe as impotence. Studies have shown that men 18-24 have a low percentage of erectional difficulties, but there is a high percentage of men 51-60 that have this problem. Yet age is not the only factor for this problem. Many factors contribute to erectile dysfunctions. These include things going on inside the body, hormonal imbalances, circulation problems, medications, severe stress or fatigue, or diseases, disorders, or damage to the spinal or pelvis area. Also, are many physiolo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: erectile, erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, spinal cord, hydraulic
  • Sexual Harassment - 1,471 words
    ... velop properly (Ziegler, 1999, p. 1-mod 3). The psychoanalytic paradigm indicates that parents are the influencers of their children (Ziegler, 1999, p. 1-mod 3). Parents today so often let television and other resources be the influencers instead of them, therefore these resources develop sexual attitudes. Parents need to get back their J-O-B and advocates should continue to deter the media and demand advertisement agencies display moral and ethical presentations. Advocates must find a way to have a stronger voice to curve the sexual innuendoes portrayed in television, magazines, billboards and music. The ego would have a much greater opportunity of balancing the id and becoming a modera ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: harassment, sexual attitudes, sexual harassment, black enterprise, men and women
  • Kate Chopin The Stor - 1,156 words
    In Kate Chopin's short story "The Storm", the narrative surrounds the brief extramarital affair of two individuals, Calixta and Alce. Many critics do not see the story as a condemnation of infidelity, but rather as an affirmation of human sexuality. This essay argues that "The Storm" may be interpreted as a specific affirmation of feminine sexuality and passion conjoined with a condemnation of its repression by the constraints of society. If one is to attempt to interpret "The Storm", it becomes necessary to examine the conditions surrounding the story's genesis. The story was written in 1898, very shortly after Chopin had completed "The Awakening", "the boldest treatment so far in American ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chopin, kate, kate chopin, human sexuality, blue eyes
  • Welcome To Teh Monkey House - 1,335 words
    Despite surface differences in Jeanettes Wintersons Disappearance, and Welcome To The Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut, both authors have created stories with pointed commentary at the worlds progression into the future.. Both stories are set in a futuristic society that has abandoned human needs ( sex and sleep) in order to benefit what the mass thinks of as the greater good. Through the plot sequences and characters used both authors have established a common theme with a simple, but multi-faceted message: Human nature will and must prevail. This theme is demonstrated through the demise of both main characters, the style in which sleep and sex are described throughout the stories, and the way ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: monkey, birth control, true love, human sexuality, commentary
  • The Effect Of Chrysler - 1,082 words
    Enter the NEW Term Paper Help Site HERE and SKIP the Other ads! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ If You Get No Reponse, Press STOP & Then Click This Link ! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ *** Essays - Topics *** Accounting & Finance - Personal Finance - Money & Banking - Corporate Finance - Economics - Economic Theory - Economic History - International Economics - International Finance - Misc. Economic Issues Africa Animal Rights & Zoology Anthropology Argumentative / Pro-Con Art & Architecture - Artists, Art Genre - Famous Works Of Art - Social Issues In Art - Political Issues In Art - Art From ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chrysler, famous works, family issues, international economics, guidance
  • Intimate Winking - 1,919 words
    The face is an organ of emotion and we constantly read facial expressions to understand what others are feeling. The face also contains other powerful clues. Our identity is captured in our features and our eyes reveal important truths about us, even those we would prefer to conceal. We use facial expressions as a process of sending and receiving wordless messages such as smiling, frowning, laughing, and winking to name a few. Body language symbols may be learned, innate, or mixed. An eyewink is clearly an example of a learned behavior because for one to understand how it is used and the contextual meaning behind it, one must participate in a heterogeneous social group. Intimacy or being int ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: intimate, experimental method, independent variable, literature review, experiment

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