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  • Queen Hatshepsut - 966 words
    Queen Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmose I and Aahmes, was one of the few female pharaohs of Egypt. There were other female pharaohs prior to her, and female pharaohs after her, although Queen Hatshepsut was special in many aspects. Hatshepsut's full name is composed of four parts. The first is "she who is rich, powerful through her ka's , her doubles." (Edwards) The second, nebti, indicates pharaoh's authority over both east and west. (Edwards) The third, Horus, means "the divine one in her risings." (Edwards) The final part of her name is composed of two cartouches. The first being Kamara, the "true double of Ra." (Edwards) The second cartouche has no holy meaning but simply gives her name, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hatshepsut, queen, great seal, legal rights, amelia
  • Gyptian And Mesopotamia Art - 464 words
    Though they were close geographically, the differences in their customs put Mesopotamia and Egypt worlds apart. These two Empires were in some ways radically different, yet in others, amazingly similar. Both built temples, farmed, had social classes, had government, and praised many gods. Under their great rulers, these two empires expanded and developed many things that still effect us in our lives today. Egypt was located in the Nile River Valley. They used the fertile land and yearly flood to their advantage. The floods leave huge amount of silt from the highlands with which to farm. They farmed Cereal crops such as wheat and barley. The Nile also supplied geese and fish, and wild papyrus ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mesopotamia, life after death, more successful, happy life, rope
  • Egypt - 477 words
    Historians divide Egyptian history into thirty one dynasties, regrouped into four periods of political centralization: pre- and early dynastic Egypt (3150-2770 BC), the Old Kingdom (2270-2200 BC), the Middle Kingdom (2050-1786 BC), and the New Kingdom (1560-1087 BC). The time gap between kingdoms was periods of disruption and political confusion. Women of ancient Egypt were more independent and involved in public life than those of Mesopotamia. Egyptian women owned property, conducted their own business, entered legal contacts, and brought lawsuits. They shared in the economic and professional life of the country at every level except one: Women were apparently excluded from formal educatio ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient egypt, egypt, formal education, egyptian history, grand
  • Women In Politics - 721 words
    Here are some facts about women who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Congress. There have been 200 women elected or appointed to the U.S. Congress. Jeannette Rankin, Republican from Montana, was the first woman elected to serve in Congress. On November 9, 1916, she was elected to the House of Representatives as Montana's Representative-at-Large to the 65th Congress; she served from 1917-1919. Since that time 199 other women have served in There are a record number of women serving in the 106th Congress: 58 in the House and 9 in the Senate. There have been 178 women elected to the House of Representatives. Of these, 37 were elected to fill vacancies caused by their husbands' d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: women in politics, golda meir, prime minister, queen victoria, isabella
  • Dissecting The Mummies Of Ancient Egypt - 1,296 words
    Ancient Egyptians do not routinely check into hospitals complaining of chest pains or sore muscles. There are no current medical reports that outline the symptoms or diagnosis of an ancient Egyptian's stomachache and no ancient Egyptian has shown up to any contemporary clinics for blood tests. The only way, therefore, for modern scientists and anthropologists to examine the cause, result, and other factors of ancient Egyptians' diseases is to study the preserved mummies. Through CAT scans, DNA tests and other high tech methods, the life, sickness, and death of the ancients has become, in many cases, startling clear. One of the earliest advances in the study of Egyptian pathology came in 1973 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient egypt, ancient egyptians, dissecting, egypt, immune system

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