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  • Nihilism In Garders Grendel - 971 words
    Nihil ex nihilo, I always say(Gardner 150). These are the words of the infamous Grendel from the novel, titled that same character, by John Gardner. They represent the phrase life itself is meaningless which is taught to Grendel by a few different people throughout this novel. In the following essay, the explanation of this phrase, the way Grendel learns about nihilism, and how Grendel develops the concept of nihilism, as it is known, will be discussed. First, we attack the nihilism itself. What is Nihilism? Well, this is one of the main components of the book. It means life itself is meaningless. What is meant by that phrase is that anything you do or decide to do, means nothing. For exampl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, nihilism, early stages, individualism, existent
  • The Clock Struck Against Grendel - 987 words
    Time plays a major role in the novel Grendel. Grendel lived in the very turbulent time period of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was a time of much fighting and very little intellectual growth by the common people, a time in which the great majority of the people lived in poverty and were slaves in the feudal system; a time when religion and lords ruled the state, a time of much gloom, dispair, and uncertainty about the future by the general population. In a time like this, it is no wonder that heroes were created. They were the only hope and joy that many of the people had in their lives. In order to have heroes, there must also be monsters. That is where Grendel fit in. He played out his role ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: clock, grendel, struck, human history, general public
  • Grendel - 452 words
    In the novel Grendel, John Gardners use of the first-person point of view completely alters Grendel from the manifestation of Beelzebub into a keen quasi-human being. This transformation is shown through Grendels feelings toward fellow creatures and enemies. Also, the rational side of this monster is exhibited through Grendels own self-exploration. Grendel displays sympathy for all creatures no matter their rank on the food chain. Suddenly time is a rush for the hart: his head flicks, he jerks, his front legs buckling, and hes dead. He lies as still as the snow hurtling outward around him to the hushed worlds rim. The image clings to my mind like a growth. I sense some riddle in it. The firs ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, food chain, catholic religion, first person, hockey
  • Grendel And The Dragon In Beowulf - 1,270 words
    "In my youth I engaged in many wars" (59), Beowulf boasts to his warriors, which is certainly true. Throughout his life, he faces many deadly foes, all of which he handily defeats, save one. His story focuses on the most challenging, as well as morally significant of foes, Grendel and the dragon. These creatures reveal much about society as well as Christian virtue at the time. Even after Grendel and the dragon are defeated physically, the two monsters pose a new threat to the hero on a higher plane. Beowulf is not only at risk of losing his life, but his humanity, virtue, and even spirituality. The first beast the hero faces is the wicked Grendel. At first he appears to be a demon, a "helli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, dragon, grendel, king beowulf, human life
  • Satires In Grendel - 375 words
    For many months, unsightly monster, youve murdered men as you pleased in Hrothgars hall. unless you can murder me as youve murdered lesser men, I give you my word those days are done forever! The king has given me splendid gifts. He will see tonight that his gifts have not gone for nothing! Prepare to fall, foul thing! This one red hour makes your reputation or mine! I shook my head at him, wickedly smiling. Reputation! I said, pretending to be much impressed. This is a prime example of how John Gardner uses satire in Grendel to mock man. Unferth is telling Grendel that he is better than all of the other men that he killed by using the term lesser men. Also he tells Grendel that he will die ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, moral strength, lesser, mock
  • Grendel - 1,111 words
    During the c.750s the world was not at all like it is today. The land was rugged and wild, and the people were just as untamed as the world they lived in. The kingdoms and people, such as the ones portrayed in poems and stories like Beowulf and Grendel, led barbaric lives: where war was common, death was like a brother, and kingdoms came, and went as easy as night and day. In light of this one can still see vast similarities with what was, and what is today; mans never ending quest to understand life. Gardner uses the character of the Shaper, to metaphorically represent the aspects of life that man needs to bring meaning to their lives. The book Grendel written by John Gardner is derived fro ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, missing link, people believe, new york, bull
  • Beowulfs Grendel - 903 words
    Beowulf has been a very good and controversial piece of literature since it was first written back in the 14th century. John Gardner, an American author was born in Batavia, New York. Gardner was novelist, epic poet, and a scholar. He was born on July 21, 1933. There he attended local schools and worked on his fathers farm. He grew up liking music and literature. Although being drawn to chemistry he decided to go into writ ting, having good grades in English an all. Gardner eventually became a well-known writer and wrote many stories, one of them is Grendel. In one of his greatest works, entitled, Grendel, he depicts a fierce man-like creature, who kills warriors and eats them for lunch. In ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, american author, new york, random house, monster
  • Grendel's Views - 274 words
    Where am I? One could say rotting behind the gates of hell. However, I prefer to see it as taking a vacation from where I used to residea low budget vacation. I would not be here right now, if it were not for a group of insane people who made me do equally insane things. People who instigated my actions, people who angered me and made my blood curl. There is one man in particular; however, who deserves most of the credit for my being here. His name is Beowulf. I remember my last encounter with Beowulf as if it were just yesterday. I heard of him often; he was the one who was to challenge me in battle. Him and his insipid little friends spent most of their worthless time at Hrothgars mead hal ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, beowulf, literally
  • Beowulf: Grendel Essay - 485 words
    Grendel is the embodiment of all that is evil and dark. He is a descendant of Cain and like Cain is an outcast of society. He is doomed to roam in the shadows. He is always outside looking inside. He is an outside threat to the order of society and all that is good. His whole existence is grounded solely in the moral perversion to hate good simply because it is good. He is described as a monster, demon, and a fiend. Grendel has swift, hard claws, and enormous teeth that snatch the life out of his victims, which are numerous. This shadow of death not only kills; he drinks the blood of his prey. His forefather, Cain, was also known for this fiendish act. Just as Grendel is an outcast, so Cain ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grendel, society and culture, anglo saxon, good and evil, shadows
  • Beowulf - Grendel: The Monster - 507 words
    Grendel, the first antagonist in the epic poem Beowulf, is most definitely a monster. To even compare him to a rambunctious youth is irrational. The narrator emphasizes his monster-like qualities and even refers to him as a monster. The diction deliberately portrays him as evil, as do Grendels own actions. The beginning line of the passage is , A powerful monster . In line 16-17, the narrator goes further by saying, the monster stirred, that demon, that fiend, Grendel, . The narrator plainly states that he is a monster in several other lines, also. But, even before all of these occurrences of the word, the introduction summarizes the first passage saying that a fierce and powerful monster i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, monster, the monster, the bible, the narrator
  • Grendel: Apples And Pain - 1,071 words
    Grendel has a sarcastic and cynical mind, which serves to entertain both him and the reader. Through his expositions of situations, we see humor where others would simply see violence, and irony where others only fact. These others are the humans, the Danes, unwitting neighbors of Grendel, forced to stand night after night of slaughter. What is a traumatic and terrifying experience for them, is simply a game to Grendel, and the reader. Grendel bursts in on the Danes, ready to kill, and they squeak. They are funny in their fear, laughable in their drunken fighting. The reader is focused on Grendels perception of the Danes. The deaths go by easily, because of the humor involved. It does not cr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human society, the monster, using humor, sing, fame
  • The Monstrous Nature Of Grendel And Beowulf - 858 words
    In the epic, Beowulf, and in John Gardners novel, Grendel, the characters of Grendel and Beowulf demonstrate characteristics of a monster, while demonstrating human like qualities. The creature, Grendel exhibits his evil side by eating human beings. Grendel laments, I will move from bed to bed and destroy them all, swallow every last man (Gardner 168). As Grendel is about to attack the sleeping Danes and is contemplating what he will do, his desire to eat humans unleashes the monster inside of Grendel. Similarly, The individual by the name of Beowulf resembles a monster by of his large stature, causing Grendel to fear Beowulf. Beowulf wants to slay Grendel to end the suffering of the Danes. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, grendel, grendel beowulf, human nature, the monster
  • Thematic Deconstruction Of Grendel By John Gardner - 616 words
    Talking, spinning a spell, a web of words telling the story of the hero and the damned. It is often said that History is written by the winners. John Gardner takes that view and deconstructs the winning story in Beowulf and transforms it into the story Grendel. This story shows the many questions that lie in the text of Beowulf. By using the answers to these questions, Gardner is able to deconstruct the story of Beowulf. To understand the deconstruction that Gardner performs; the reader would have to know how Grendel was portrayed in Beowulf. In the Old English classic, he is described as a dread monster. He is viewed during the whole story as an evil monster that was damned by God because h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: deconstruction, gardner, grendel, thematic, old english
  • Full Syopsis And Overview Of "grendel" - 1,260 words
    It was a dark and dreary night. The sky was full of clouds, and the ground was full of fog. There was no light to be seen for miles; especially, in the dark swampy forest. On that night, something came into the world that would change the way of life forever. On that night, Grendel was born. His mother, a terrible and mean monster, brought Grendel into this world. Since his mother was a monster, so was Grendel; however, that does not mean that Grendel was mean also. As the years progressed, Grendel grew older; and his mother grew meaner. Grendel was tall and scary looking. He had thin, course, brown hair all over his body. His teeth were razor sharp. When he walked, he was hunchbacked. When ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: overview, feed, terror
  • Point Of View In Grendel And Beowulf - 1,228 words
    and Beowulf significantly alter the reader's perception of religion, good and evil, and the character Grendel. John Gardner's book, Grendel, is written in first person. The book translated by Burton Raffel, Beowulf, is written in third person. Good and evil is one of the main conflicts in the poem Beowulf. How is Grendel affected by the concepts of good and evil? Grendel is an alienated individual who just wants to be a part of something. His desire to fit in causes him to do evil things. Grendel is fascinated by the Shaper's poetry. He often returns to the mead hall to listen to it. One night while he is listening, he hears the story of Cain and Abel, including the Danes explanation of Gren ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, grendel, grendel beowulf, first person, of mice and men
  • Women In Beowulf - 656 words
    In the poem Beowulf the women play the role of peace-keepers at any cost. Among these women I will look closely at Wealhtheow, Grendel's mother and Hygd. Through all the women in Beowulf one can see a female perspective of honor, loyalty and social welfare. Wealhtheow is the picturesque queen. One sees this when she meets the nobles after Beowulf has defeated Grendel. The narrator explains how she is, ". . . mindful of customs, gold-adorned . . . the noble woman offered the cup . . ." (Norton 35). This imagery perfectly describes a queen. Wealhtheow is a role model of courtly behaviors and duties. She makes offerings to Beowulf and tells him to, ". . . Wear this ring . . . with good luck, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, the narrator, role model, grendel's mother, loyalty
  • Old Testament Allusions In Beowulf - 1,329 words
    Thesis: The Beowulf poet incorporates Old Testament allusions in order to teach the Anglo-Saxon pagans about the new religion. a. Committing Murder b. Living as Grendel Throughout literature, many writers have alluded to stories in the Bible. Whether it's from the Old Testament or the New Testament, writers have paid references to Biblical stories. In literary analysis, this is called an allusion. The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary defines an allusion as a reference, especially a covert, or indirect one (37). In the case of Beowulf, the allusion is referring to instances in the Bible. The specific references are to stories told in the Old Testament. During the time period of the poet ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, testament, english dictionary, judeo christian, almighty
  • Beowulf - 613 words
    Did Beowulf truly obtain the qualities of an epic hero? In the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf's character traits prove to be the depiction of an epic hero. Beowulf's traits of boastfulness, bravery and amazing strength are the proof of his heroism. Beowulf's boastfulness may not be the most convincing heroic trait, but it certainly was important to the people of his time. Beowulf boasted to Unferth to clarify Unferth's misunderstanding of a swimming event between Beowulf and Breca, in which they swam out to sea and remained there for five nights. Beowulf informed Breca of how they were seperated after five nights in a storm. He boasted of the nine sea monsters he slayed while he floated about. B ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, king beowulf, grendel's mother, epic hero, monster
  • Hamlet - 671 words
    The epic hero, Beowulf the Geat, shows a lot of qualities of a born king. In this epic poem, Beowulf overcomes the fact that his father was exiled and becomes a great man. He gains the loyalty and devotion of his men and defends good from evil. He was portrayed as being almost invincible, having the strength of three men and successful in battle. To be a good king, a person must possess leadership, inspire confidence, and demonstrate compassion. In this poem, Beowulf showed all the qualities that made him not only a good hero, but also a great king. First of all, Beowulf shows the makings of a good king because he displays leadership. As shown in the story, Beowulf led a band of fourteen Gea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hamlet, great powers, leadership skills, first battle, consent
  • Heroism Of Beowulf - 397 words
    Beowulf was written in the eighth century by an unknown author. The story is centered on Beowulf, the main character, who goes to Denmark to offer his assistance in fighting off, Grendel, the monster who has been haunting them. Beowulf most definitely proves to be a hero. His heroism is exemplified first when he kills Grendel, then when he kills Grendels mother, and finally when he kills the dragon, called Worm. This makes him a hero because he risks his own life to The reader first experiences Beowulfs heroism when he encounters and then kills Grendel. Grendel was a constant threat to the survival of the Danish people because he was using them as food. One night Beowulf awakes to find Grend ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: beowulf, heroism, main character, the monster, glad

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