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Free research essays on topics related to: grandma

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  • Remembering Grandma - 960 words
    We pulled into the gravel driveway a punctual half hour before our expected arrival. Great, I thought, an extra hour I would be waste at my grandparents'. Wasn't it good enough that I was spending the entire weekend here? Did we have to get there so soon? When you are thirteen, each minute at your grandparents' is like sitting through an oration of the entire set of the World Book Encyclopedia. Climbing out of the car, my sister and I apathetically walked across the driveway to the brick sidewalk, past the patch of towering sunflowers, and around to the back screen door. As we opened the squeaky door, we passed from the bright sun of a spring day in Pennsylvania onto the back porch of Grandp ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grandma, remembering, dining room, world book, screen
  • Childhood Memories (grandma) - 323 words
    In the cold, brisk airs of China, Wei Lam Wo walks in the fields with her parents. She wears old sandals made of bamboo that are worn-out from hiking across acres of crops. Her clothes are thin and ineffective to the temperature of the season. Luckily, over these clothes she has a jacket made of cowhide to keep her warm. Her hair stands tangled like cobwebs since she did not have time to "fix herself up." Nor did she need to, as her family was going to harvest the fields and chop some wood for the incoming season. After walking in the fields for some time, she makes it to her destination. The forest, a dark and gloomy place filled with trees to make a plentiful supply of wood for a couple of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: winter, bark, destination
  • Dont You Dare Read This Mrs Dunphery - 1,070 words
    I almost wrote Dont you dare read this Mrs. Dunphrey by your name, but just out of habit. But it would be pretty stupid to send you a letter and not let you read it right? Before you get too excited about me writing, I should let you know that this is a assignment. Not for school but from my family therapist that Matt, Mom and I have been seeing every week.(Thats right Mom, I explain.)The therapist, Mr. Sarcusi says that showing your feelings is healthy. He says after everything that has happened, I have a reason to feel betrayed. He also said that all teenagers feel betrayed anyway. He told to write about myself and pretend I was talking to someone that didnt know my whole life story. I tho ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dare, last year, good parents, life story, offering
  • Worlds Fair - 1,641 words
    Alex Roth Per 3 The main protagonist, or main character in a story, changes his/her characters and beliefs throughout the many different trials that they persevere though. In the book, World's Fair by E.L. Doctorow, the protagonist of the story is a young, typically Jewish boy by the name of Edgar. The book takes place in 1930's post-depression New York and Edgar's family is in somewhat tumultuous times. Edgar is very young at the beginning of the book, his brother is a young teen and his parents are both middle aged. The way Edgar explains his early years show how his character deals with things and how he does so is very apparent throughout the entire book. For example, he portrays his par ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world's fair, main character, early years, new york, metaphor
  • Worlds Fair - 1,625 words
    ... dmother is the second major death in the book that ties directly into how Edgar's character is in a state of morbid, yet constant fluctuation (an oxymoron). Edgar is the first to find his Grandmother after she has died, and because of this had a few precious seconds to look upon death for the first time. He felt that in death, a new kind of life, with "more visible torment than I (he) could have imagined possible." This time around, Edgar becomes quite inquisitive about death and what death really means, not only to the person dying but also to their loved ones and peers alike. These events further Edgar along in the growth of him coming to terms with death. The third deathly event occur ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world's fair, time capsule, tough times, early childhood, trait
  • Nave Me - 565 words
    New York was washing by the tropical storm last Friday; it seemed to clean out each inch of dirt at every corner of the city. The chilly wind was blowing outside; I could see the trees dancing in front of my window. I was at home. I should thank the storm for a day-off so I could do some housework. I found a photograph album under my bed, when I was cleaning the house. It was a pretty old one. I opened it; laugh was all I could do at that moment. That was because I saw a picture of mine, which was taken ten years ago. In the picture, my cousins and I were standing together laughing and hugging; we were joyful. I was about nine then dressed in a very unfashionable way. The picture brought bac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nave, new york, family member, shaking, knee
  • Picture Perfect - 1,605 words
    Prom is approaching, and Im not ready, I think to myself. I havent bought my dress yet, my shoes, or made any appointments. I dont even have a date! I cant say I blame the guys around here, I mumble while feeling very sorry for myself. Im very predictable. I do the same things every day! I wake up, get ready for school, walk outside to my freezing cold car and scrape off the windows, and head off to school. I wish Dad would let me park in the garage. Im the one that has to leave the house at 7:00 a.m. It is more work for me, though. I dont think anyone really notices, or cares. I only see Dad about twice a week when he comes home from work earlier than normal. I roll out of bed, and stare at ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good idea, best time, more important, soft, dress
  • My Ghosts Of Thanksgiving Past And Present - 1,138 words
    My Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past and Present Holidays have always been important in my life. I can remember every Christmas and Thanksgiving since I was real young. Each memory holds a special place in my heart as well as every one in the future also. Thanksgiving has also been my favorite holiday since I love to eat and somehow it always brought my family together. It wasnt until recently my holidays changed forever. I was raised in family that felt that holidays were meant to be special and spent with the ones you love. When I was a little girl my thanksgiving day would start bright and early. Id wake up to hear the sound of my Dad putting the turkey in the oven. He almost acted like an alar ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first thanksgiving, thanksgiving, small town, dinner, admit
  • Ldnotes - 616 words
    As I entered Club Proteo on Thursday, May 27th I noticed that there were about 20 children there today. Today is the "all you can eat pizza day" for all the children who completed task cards. As I walked through the door the first kid I saw was Jesus. I told him that I liked his new hair cut and with a big smile he responded with wheres your friend? I told him that Ashley was in Mexico and then asked if his two sisters were here today. He replied with a half grin that they were in Mexico. He then began to laugh and gave me a big hug while trying to crawl around my body onto my back. When I asked him to mellow out he laid his head on my shoulder and in the next instant he jumped into the seat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: san diego, young boy, single file, grandma, thumb
  • Phoenix Rises From The Ashes - 530 words
    When asked by a white hunter " Doesn't the gun scare you?" while having it pointed at her, Phoenix Jackson, of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path", replies "No, sir. I seen plenty go off closer by, in my day, and for less than what I done," This is an example of how the protagonist deals with another of her travails. Phoenix's conflicts only hone the thrust of Welty's tale of triumph over adversity. The irrelevancy of these tortures to this person's purpose is made all the more poignant by their staggering weight. From the first line of the narrative you learn the setting is December. A "frozen day", and yet Phoenix does ought but rejoice that it is not the "season" for bulls and snakes. Given the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: phoenix, phoenix jackson, modern society, upper saddle river, wouldn
  • Happily Ever After - 1,235 words
    People say when you marry someone you dont just marry that one person, but you marry that persons whole family. Every family has its dysfunctions. Every family has members that are often times difficult to deal with, but thats what family is all about; sticking together and loving one another, despite what differences or opposing forces may exist. In Liars Club, Mary Carrs Grandma didnt share this point of view when it came to Pete, Marys father. In fact, she wanted Marys mother, Charlie, to divorce Pete before they were even married. Grandma subsequently viewed my father as some slick-talking hick who had baffled her only child into settling for a two-bedroom tract house when she deserved a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blue eyes, support system, physical punishment, fuel, suggestion
  • A Good Man Religious Pt Of View - 749 words
    Let's take a look at "A Good Man Is hard to Find".O'Conner really puts the reader in the middle class mode and trough's a little religion at us . In this I mean that she really took us to a important part of her mind and writing. One mite say that she lets the Devil come out in her own little way. In reading " A Good Man is Hard to Find" O'Conner puts me in a setting of a lower middle class family with a domineering mother, grandmother and a whinny mother-in-law. I tend to believe that O'Conner want's her to be the main character. I would say the grandmother is representative of godliness and Christianity. I haven't read a lot of O'Conner's writings. However just from this one story I get th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good intentions, good man is hard to find, catholic religion, main character, newspapers
  • My Best Friend - 941 words
    It is not fully recognizable who your best friend really is until he or she is gone. Many people remember their best friend from when they were little kids as maybe the boy down the street who came down and played GI JOE, or the girl next door whom you had daily tea parties with. Either way, your best friend was usually around the same age as you. This was not the case with me. My best friend was about 65 years older than I was. Yes, it may sound weird, but it is true. My grandma, or Gamma as I called her, was my best friend for the first five years of my life. I think that in those five years we had learned so much from each other. We always got along. She taught me good manners but also ho ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: best friend, never knew, happy meal, the girl, weekend
  • Circular Fulfillment - 1,220 words
    T.S. Elliot writes: what we call a beginning is often the end/ And to make an end is to make a beginning./ The end is where we start from. In order to begin self realization a person must first conquer a hindrance in their path. This idea is used to portray the nature of Janies exploration in There Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston. Through the use of style, setting, and symbolism, the reader can interpret that the beginning of ones self-fulfillment comes from successfully overcoming ones Throughout the novel Hurston utilizes the horizon as a symbol representing Janies dreams in order to reveal the realizations she comes to which enable her to start her self fulfillment. At one p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: circular, fulfillment, neale hurston, writing style, satisfied
  • The Grapes Of Wrath - 1,579 words
    Through such hardships as the Depression, the Dust Bowl summers, and trying to provide for their own families, which included the search for a safe existence, we find the story of the Joad's. The Joad's are the main family in John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath, which he created to give voice to the hundreds of families that found themselves at their absolute rock bottom during the Great Depression of the 20th Century in America. It wouldn't have been enough for Steinbeck to simply document the strife that faced these families in very plain terms, for anyone could have simply logged an account of events and published it. Rather, he needed to draw us in with emotional content, to do th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grapes of wrath, the grapes of wrath, wrath, jim casy, the bible
  • Social Criticism In Short Stories - 1,310 words
    Although most short stories at first glance may seem to be simply fictional tales about people and situations that dont exist, this is not always the case. Some short stories are actually the authors criticisms of specific cultural values and social conventions veiled by an interesting plot and engaging characters. This is certainly true of three stories specifically: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Everyday Use by Alice Walker. In each of these stories, the author integrates his or her thoughts about society into the fiction. Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper is the semi-autobiographical story of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: criticism, social conventions, enormous wings, personal history, believing
  • A Worn Path - 1,245 words
    Everyday people encounter obstacles that stand in the way of their goals. Phoenix, in A Worn Path, by Eudora Welty, has a mission to accomplish, but many things stand in her way. When she finally makes it, she has conquered her goal for that day. She also has a long-term goal, which is to make her grandson happy and well. Her walk to town on the path symbolizes her entire life, and the lives of everyone else. Everyone sets goals for themselves, but in the way of completing those goals, stand obstacles. When people realize your dream and overcome those obstacles, they triumph. Phoenix, on this journey, has many dreams, obstacles, and triumphs. Foremost, Phoenix Jackson has many dreams through ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: a worn path, worn, worn path, everyday life, real life
  • Thomas Edison 1 - 646 words
    The cheerful girl with bouncy golden curls was almost five. Waiting with her mother at the checkout stand, she saw them: a circle of glistening white pearls in a pink foil box. Quickly the mother checked the back of the little foil box and then looked back into the pleading blue eyes of her little girl's upturned face. "A dollar ninety-five. That's almost $2.00. I'll think of some extra chores for you and in no time you can save enough money to buy them for yourself. Your birthday's only a week away and you might get another crisp dollar bill from Grandma." As soon as Jenny got home, she emptied her penny bank and counted out 17 pennies. After dinner, she did more than her share of chores an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: edison, thomas edison, good night, sunday school, genuine
  • Everyday Use A Familys Disparities - 667 words
    Everyday Use: A Familys Disparities Alice Walker includes three major Characters in her short story Everyday Use; Mama and her two daughters Dee and Maggie. The three have extremely different personalities and characteristics especially Dee. Dee leaves her mother and her sister to experiences a better life in college in the city. Meanwhile mama and Maggie elatedly carry out their usual tasks and every day chores. Later Dee decides to visit her family for her selfish intention of taking objects from her mother to decorate her apartment according to her new culture. Walker uses mama to indicate the immense differences between Dee, Maggie, and herself. Mama describes Dee as a young, beautiful g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: everyday use, short story, alice walker, differ, apartment
  • Children Of The River - 673 words
    Children of the River is an excellent portrayal of immigration by the Cambodian refugees during the Vietnam War. Linda Crew provided an honest look at the Cambodian people, their hardships, their likes, their dislikes, their talents, and their faults. This honesty and openness is rare when speaking or writing about a race or culture, but it proves that honesty will still teach the most. Irony was one of the most affecting features in this book. The irony of Soka wanting Sundara to marry Chinese because of their lighter skin, but not wanting her to marry a white boy, was utterly ironic, and gave insight into the way Soka, and other Cambodians were thinking, with this contradictory goal of wan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: white people, american life, vietnam war, cried, smelling

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