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  • Hg Wells - 569 words
    H.G. Wells writings were influenced by things such as Darwinism, the first World War, and involved extensive predictions, futuristic inventions, and humor. Herbert George Wells was born in Bromely, Kent, England in 1866. His father was a shopkeeper, and his mother was a house keeper. While Wells attended Morleys School in Bromely, most of his education came from reading. In 1874 Wells started reading lots of books while he was laid up in bed with a broken leg. From 1880 to 1883 Wells was a drapers apprentice in Windsor. After a year as a teacher in a private school Wells won a scholarship to the Normal School of Science in South Kensington. Wells did well his first year, then faltered during ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: h. g. wells, george bernard shaw, invisible man, social order, futuristic
  • Globalization Of Coke - 1,010 words
    ... dation was formed, with the sole purpose of helping those in need. Many of the needs that are focused on are educationally based. With operation in nearly 200 countries, the company frequently encounters the great gap between those who thirst for learning and the adequate educational resources available to them. Whether it is supporting computer training in Vietnam, or providing access to school in Mozambique, the Foundation's aim is to make educational excellence more widely available. The Coca-Cola Foundation supports global education, and emphasizes innovative programs that foster understanding, such as Michigan State University's global fellowships that allow high school teachers to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coke, globalization, states president, united states, spontaneous
  • Trebor Visits The New World - 1,099 words
    Trevor observed his messy office. He needed to get out of this diminutive space. He did not know why, but something impelled him to get out of his room. As he turned the doorknob, he felt a chill that took over his body. When the door opened, Trebor realized he was in a cubicle. The bleak room gave him a languid feeling. Trevor was skeptical of what he was seeing. As he turned around to exit this incredulous room, he noticed the door was gone. Where the door had once stood was a window. Trebor heard a voice whispering to him, but could not make out what it was saying over the rasping sound, which began to escalate. The noise impaired his hearing so he put his hands over his ears. As he looke ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer program, monty, replied, buildings
  • Hume Paper - 889 words
    Doug Quail changes his personal characteristics, but his perceptions and mental ideas make him the same person. A persons identity is based on the way in which he or she perceives self- impressions or encounters certain experiences. For example, a person might interpret an impression of something completely different from someone else. David Hume believes that nobody has a personal identity. Instead, he believes that each person is made up of his or her own self-impressions. Hume believes a persons self-impression is acquired either by someone else or by that persons own idea of his or herself. If you were to ask a random person who he or she is, you would most likely get an answer that woul ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david hume, hume, personal characteristics, main character, unsuccessful
  • Margaret Atwoods Significance In Writing The Handmaids Tale - 1,097 words
    In 1969 Margaret Atwood first addressed the world with her pro-feminist ideas. As a direct result from encouragement and influence from literary mentors like Atwood, feminism became the rage. As the interest in women's rights heightened, so did the tolerance and need for more strongly biased and feminist sided articles of literature. In 1985, Margaret Atwood completed The Handmaid's Tale, and fueled the fight for equal rights, no glass ceilings, and occupational opportunities for women all over the world. Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1939, and grew up in suburban Toronto where she was raised by her father who was a forest entomologist. Atwood began writing in high school whe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: creative writing, handmaids tale, margaret, margaret atwood, tale, the handmaid's tale
  • Anthem - 1,149 words
    Anthem, a science fiction novel, deals with a future primitive society in which the forbidden word "I", which is punishable, has been replaced by "We". Anthem's theme seems to be about the meaning and glory of man's ego. In this novel, Rand shows that the individualism needed for building a complex technological civilization has been suppressed by collectivism. Rand glorifies man's individual ability to think, and appeals to emotion. The emotion is displayed at various time throughout the story; the encounters of Equality and Liberty, on the occasion regarding the discovery of the light bulb, and during the time the two find the house in which they will live in for the remainder of their liv ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthem, free will, young woman, ayn rand, technological
  • 1984 - 1,705 words
    The film segment chosen was the final scene from Stanley Kubrik^s 2001 A Space Odyssey made in 1968. As the name would suggest, the film is set almost entirely in the future. Already having projected itself over 30 years into the future, it would be safe to assume that this motion picture offers a wealth of imagery and futuristic vision. It does. It is towards the end of the film, however, that Kubrik offers this to us on a much greater scale. In these few minutes, we are presented with the dawn of a new era: a near incomprehensible evolution of humanity. Through many complex design devices, the set design successfully achieves a vision for the future that is neither dystopian, nor entirely ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, jewish tradition, human mind, motion picture, reliance
  • Hurry Up - 1,160 words
    ... from hemp (8). Hempseed oil can also be used for lighting, and was at one time, the most popular fuel of choice for this purpose. Futuristic US citizens, such as Henry Ford, envisioned a nation powered by organic, renewal Bio Mass Energy derived from hemp. Its demise was realized as the large monopolies were negotiating their rise to power (8). So how did this gift from God, this plant that served as legal currency become illegal? Why? Many factors came together, which eventually ended up yanking hemp out of its vital role as an American staple. As more and more corporate mergers saw industries folded into a handful of giants, the U.S. federal government gave control of most domestic te ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: public service, drug policy, federal prison, toxic, franklin
  • Sphere - 701 words
    If up until now I have been saying about each book that it was the best book I have ever read, I was lying ... because compared with this book they all come down to nothing. For four days I have been reading non stop all 370, or so, pages and that's a first for me in English or Hebrew. Highly recommended to all si-fi fans out-there. I find it hard to condense the plot of 370 pages to just a few pages, however, I will try my best. It all starts in mid-ocean, a group of scientists, each a specialist in his field, is sent down sea to investigate a strange finding. The project is classified -- top secret no information must flow in or out. It turns out that the u.s navy had stumbled on to a stra ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sphere, best book, deductive reasoning, physical evidence, construct
  • Frankenstein The Novel And The Film - 1,288 words
    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Myth for Modern Man How can we think of Frankenstein and ignore the film classic of 1931who can forget the remarkable appearance of Boris Karloff as the unnamed monster? Yet the celebrated film does not follow the novel by Mary Shelley. Although the scene of a futuristic laboratory entrances movie audiences with the mad Dr. Frankenstein and his faithful assistant Igor, the scene is derived from twentieth century imaginations and interests, not the novel itself. In the novel, however, Dr. Frankensteins goal is to create a new kind of person: a sovereign self, in control of its environment, and its own biology and mind, that will be eternally grateful to him. Mary ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: film version, frankenstein, victor frankenstein, twentieth century, boris karloff
  • Cloning - 999 words
    ... ff. How could the rest of us genetically challenged people hope to even land a job? Suppose you graduate with a degree in mathematics, hoping to fulfill your dream of becoming a teacher, only to learn that the schools and colleges are staffed with Einstein clones that possess knowledge far superior to yours. Their knowledge would be born from an implanted genetic inclination whereas yours would come only from hard work. You need not be an Einstein, or an Einstein clone, to identify the loser in this situation. Human cloning holds many possibilities that would be detrimental to mankind in just this manner. Thankfully, to date, legislators are holding off the wave of supporters and lobbyis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal cloning, cloning, human cloning, human life, scientific inquiry
  • American Sign Language - 1,936 words
    What would life be like with a severe disability? Physical disabilities seem to be very stressful because many of them develop overtime, but the majority of them do not affect ones communication. The thought of being deaf seems to be far fetched to me, however it could occur under certain circumstances and like other people, I would have to adjust accordingly. Although being deaf is a disability in which most are born with, its the disability with the biggest impact on ones way of communicating. Im amazed to think that people become accustomed to communicating other than verbally. This phenomenon is possible through American Sign Language or ASL. Today American Sign Language is a complex vis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american sign, american sign language, american theatre, foreign language, sign language
  • Pop Art - 1,057 words
    Throughout the period that covered the last half of the nineteenth century, Western Europe enjoyed the gatherings of a great wealth that was accumulated by the industrial-colonial economy. The revolutionary changes in the stratification of the society and the functioning of the production system brought new perspectives to view the individual and the world that surrounded him. The bourgeoisie reached the summit of its rise since the French Revolution, and industrial European cities became the centers of world economy and politics. The immense change that Europe went through was not reflected in any part of life as dramatically as it was in the arts. The struggle between the avant-garde and t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moulin rouge, van gogh, nineteenth century, passionate
  • A Clockwork Orange - 477 words
    A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, published in 1962, technically falls under the period deemed as Modernism, yet it includes all of the features that were characteristic of that literary era. Burgesss novel is a futuristic look at a Totalitarian government. The main character, Alex, or the anti-hero, is an ultra-violent thief who has no qualms about using force to get the in-out-in-out. The beginning of the story takes us through a night in the life of Alex and his Droogs, and the details of the adventures that occupy their time. At fifteen years old Alex is set up by his Droogs (Pete, Dim, and Georgie) and was sent to prison and convicted of murder. At the State Penitentiary he became ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: a clockwork orange, clockwork, clockwork orange, orange, main character
  • Lois Lowrys The Giver A Study Of The Importance Choice Making Plays - 1,459 words
    Lois Lowrys The Giver: A Study of the Importance Choice Making Plays in the Ultimate Happiness of an Individual Lois Lowrys Newbery Award winning piece, The Giver, takes place in a futuristic society based on the concept of sameness. A life lacking colors, smells, feelings, music or choices, 12-year-old Jonas discovers, is not a desirable way to live. In the novel he expresses his frustration in the quote if everythings the same then there arent any choices. I want to wake up in the mornings and decide things,(97). Jonas is selected by the community to be the new Receiver of Memory, to hold all feelings and memories that could ultimately destroy sameness and harmony. Jonas comes to realize t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: giver, lois, the giver, purpose of life, real life
  • Comparison Of 1984 And Brave New World - 850 words
    A Brave New World is a story about Bernard Marx, who rejects his society because he finds that he is not satisfied with living a controlled life. 1984 is a story about Winston who finds forbidden love within the restrictions of his society. These books are both in the same genre, so they can be easily compared and contrasted. The main similarities in the two pieces are the topics of the novels, the endings of the books, the nature of the characters, the way history is handled, and the role of science. There are many important differences between the two novels. They are the way the societies perceive sex, the way the books are written, the role of hypocrisy in the societies, the role of drug ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, brave, brave new world, big brother, bernard marx
  • An After Thought Of Short Stories - 1,078 words
    An After Thought of Short Stories Earth may run red with wars. In the midst of battles, in the roar of conflict, they found the serenity of death. What exactly was Robert Ingersoll thinking when he wrote that? Was he trying to tell us something that we already knew but were to blind to see? Well when I read the quote I immediately thought of two short stories After the Sirens by Hugh Hood, and Here There Be Tygers by Ray Bradbury. When reading these two pieces of material one can easily decipher that there is no validity to conflicts that end in death because then no one wins. In both of these stories the authors have depicted their philosophy on chaos and disaster even though it was not sai ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: short story, north america, main character, new york, frustration
  • Facing The Force - 509 words
    This past May, the Marching Band traveled to Cleveland, Ohio. While we were in Ohio, we took time to visit the Cedar Point Amusement Park, which is the home for the monumental roller coaster: Millennium Force. With a 310-foot drop at an 80-degree angle, the coaster reaches speeds of more than 90 miles an hour. Upon arriving at Cedar Point, I could see the massive coaster from far away. The coaster was by far taller then any other ride in the park. It looked as if the huge coaster was intruding the clouds in the sky. It looked too extreme for me before I even entered the park; there was no way I was going on that ride. Plus, I was too afraid of roller coasters. As the day went on, my friends ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amusement park, turning back, silver, shoot
  • Mr - 389 words
    Nintendo's databases contain information for more than 1 million users but when it comes to deigning a video game, it never listens to its customers. The reason behind this attitude is that it is becoming clear that current customers may be the wrong people to talk to about the designing of innovative or futuristic products. Not able to tell us what they want. Tell us one thing and behave in totally contradictory manner. Not know how they will behave if a certain series of cues are provided or they provide answers which are more about creating acceptance with their peers than providing accurate information. Not be deliberately mislead but what they say and what they do often have two dis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: video game, product concept, personal computer, innovative
  • Super Detectives - 2,066 words
    ... ost of the time incredibly futuristic, gadgets to the detectives crime solving arsenal. The detective takes on a persona that is almost constantly fighting the internal battle between good and evil. He appears to be above more than just the law, seeming supernatural, the subject of awe and ridicule throughout his city. The police think him a criminal, the citizens believe him a myth, and the children worship him as a god like idol. He is the hero, pure of heart, sound of mind. He is the knight of the 20th century slaying the many dragons of his time. People have a propensity to make a character twist and conform to their current age and its ideals and perspectives. (McFarlane 2) The supe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: detective fiction, super, comic book, sherlock holmes, seaport

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