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  • Pc Operating Systems U S Department
    1,701 words
    Now a day's when one hears the words "Anti-trust Law", everyone automatically thinks about the Anti-trust Lawsuit against the Microsoft Corporation. But many people wonder what exactly has Microsoft done to bring up these charges, and how does this law apply to Microsoft? To start with, the economy found with in the United States, is one that is dependent on competitive competition, and on the operation of a multiple market force. In other words, it is the condition of which there is economic ri...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internet explorer, netscape navigator, pc operating systems, sherman act, u s department
  • Relationship Marketing Prentice Hall
    1,051 words
    ... earmarked retailers who scrapped their store loyalty card was Safeway. This could be seen as reverting back to being more transactional, that people will shop where ever the goods are cheapest. (Jardine, 2000) Refer to appendix, 5 for articles about loyalty cards and application forms for loyalty cards. ) Hotels such as the Hilton group and the Bass hotel group have loyalty cards. Incentives include choice of room, (twin, double) free daily paper, and complimentary pass to the health club. (...
    Free research essays on topics related to: relationship marketing, direct marketing, term relationships, prentice hall, long term
  • Communications Technology Global Information Infrastructure
    2,381 words
    ... munications. APEC members include not only the industrialized economies of Japan, Singapore, the United States, and Canada, but also countries with much greater gaps in their infrastructure, such as China, Thailand, and the Philippines. Gill: Promise or hype? Against this background, why all the hyperbole about electronic superhighways? Several themes recur in these information infrastructure initiatives. There are dual assumptions that converging technologies will result in information serv...
    Free research essays on topics related to: access to the internet, developing countries, telecommunications infrastructure, european communities, access to information
  • 2 Nd Ed Focus Groups
    1,639 words
    ... one in this project (Craig and Douglas, 2001). International research is often treated a simple extension of a company's domestic activity but researchers must consider cultural factors when designing questionnaires (Zikmund, 2000). 5. 2 Questionnaire The questionnaire must be designed to be clear and concise and avoid any ambiguity (Smith & Fletcher, 2001). Postal surveys using self-administered questionnaires are non-personal, which is the reason why this method of data collection is s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: focus groups, marketing activity, marketing research, marketing strategy, 2 nd ed
  • Need For Harmonization Of International Accounting Standards
    1,033 words
    ... an additional political dimension to any effort to change those standards. (Said 2001) Another barrier that the governments of different countries will have to face is the coordination of their accounting policies with policies prevailing in other countries in order to minimize negative externalities and to maximize positive externalities. There are other barriers to harmonization as well. For example, users might have different needs in different nations (e. g. , debtor vs. creditor nations...
    Free research essays on topics related to: accounting principles, discussed earlier, developing countries, order to bring, accounting standards
  • Financial Statements Accounting Standards
    1,138 words
    ... t-off fraud. 'Under SAB 1010 issued 1999, the SEC established four main criteria for proper revenue recognition: evidence than an arrangement between a buyer and a seller exists, delivery of a product or rendering of a service, a set or determinable price, and an insurance that payment can be collected. ' (Revenue recognition) WorldCom, the nation's second-largest long-distance phone company was also found guilty of accounting fraud. The basis of this fraud was very similar to that of Enron ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial statements, financial times, accounting standards, found guilty, operating costs
  • Gross Domestic Product Economic Recession
    1,796 words
    College: Lecturer: Course: Date: Gross Domestic Product Outline of contents Content Pages Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Taiwan GDP 3 US GDP 4 Applicability of GDP 5 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 Copies of the articles 8 Abstract The GDP plays a central role in the determination of a countrys current prosperity. It can also be used to forecast financial conditions within the country. And when all relevant conditions have been standardized, it can also be used in comparing performances between two countr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: growth rate, trading partners, gross domestic product, economic recession, government spending
  • London Stock Exchange Daily Telegraph
    1,772 words
    Equity Market International equity offers are booming. In time, their success will transform domestic new-issue markets too. Several trends have contributed to the growing attraction of peddling a new share issue in a number of markets simultaneously. Cash-strapped governments are being pushed into privatizations that are too big for domestic stock markets to absorb at prices that are acceptable to the seller. Less often, a company also needs more than its home market can provide; frequently, ho...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stock markets, daily telegraph, article published, wall street, london stock exchange
  • Presidential Elections Democratic Party
    835 words
    The Head of the White house is close to defeat as never before. Bush will hardly manage to lift up to a high level the rating in connection with questions on struggle against terrorism and Iraq. And it is key files which should define the result of fight for a presidential power. Just two months before Bush's advantage before the democrat John Kerri on two these aspects was practically conclusive. But now the public opinion which approved that Bush has untied with ease the campaign on overthrow ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign policy, presidential elections, senator john, york times, democratic party
  • Face To Face Forms Of Communication
    843 words
    Should Email Take the Place of Face to Face Communication Early research established information richness theory to explain employees' choices of media. Richard Daft and Robert Lengel argued that "communication transactions that can overcome different frames of reference or clarify ambiguous issues to change issues in a timely manner" are rich, and those "that require a long time to enable understanding or that cannot overcome different perspectives" are lean ("Organizational, " 560). Informatio...
    Free research essays on topics related to: financial times, e mail, organizational communication, forms of communication, face to face
  • Future Of Department Stores
    2,504 words
    Future Of Department Stores Department Stores, large retail stores selling many different kinds of merchandise arranged in separate departments. Such stores are found in nearly every important city in the world, and the large department stores often contain more than 100 separate departments. The two major categories of merchandise sold in department stores generally are apparel and home furnishings. Besides making many diverse items available for purchase in one place, department stores offer n...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s department, retail sales, goods and services, real estate, department stores
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Developing Countries
    2,125 words
    ... French households by France Telecom. Yet Americans had much of the functionality of the Minutes through widely available facilities, including telephone access to audio text services and growing access to personal computers equipped with modems. Today, Canada, the European Union and Japan are all concerned that they will be left behind the United States if they do not implement their own information infrastructures. Notably, the report to the European Union states: The first countries to ent...
    Free research essays on topics related to: developing countries, european union, telecommunications infrastructure, european communities, york wiley
  • Young British Financial Times York
    621 words
    MPs and misdemeanoursAnn Widdecombe is a virgin. Its one of the few facts we know about her, observed Sam Leith in the Telegraph, reviewing her new novel, An Act of Treachery. It ought to be as irrelevant as knowing that Philip Larkin was an onanist or that Malcolm Lowry was an alcoholic or that D H Lawrence had a profoundly obnoxious beard, but it isnt. Leith hunted down two coy references to lovemaking, the first, sometimes leisurely and sometimes urgent, the second wild, ecstatic, all-consumi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: officer, finn, financial times, philip, appeared
  • Managing Director European Union
    1,213 words
    See Neumann Introduction to Modern Business L. Thomas and R. Cawley PENGUIN BOOKS LIMITED The aim of this essay is to comment on how, over the last six years Penguin Books Limited has grown and managed external and internal changes. Sixty one years ago, Allen Lane, the managing director of the Body Head, a British publishing company, revolutionized reading with the introduction of the first ten Penguin paperbacks. Today, over 600 million paperbacks are sold yearly. At a time when there was still...
    Free research essays on topics related to: european union, world wide, managing director, financial times, mass market
  • Share Prices Telephone Calls
    3,385 words
    This report follows Bt Introduction This report follows the financial life of BT and Cable and Wireless over a set period. The start date was 21 st October 1999 and the finish data was 3 rd February 2000. In 1984 BT became a public limited company, 51 % of its shares were sold to the public, this was a total of 3012 million shares. The purchase price was 130 pence; the offer was 3. 2 times over subscribed. To this day BT remains the largest company in the British telecommunications industry. Cab...
    Free research essays on topics related to: telephone calls, third quarter, cable television, share prices, wage rate

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