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  • American Military Special Forces - 1,542 words
    You leave for up to seven months at a time on missions that you cant even tell your wife about and when you are home most of your time is spent training for more missions. Youve had years of the best and hardest military training in the world. You have the best weapons, the hardest missions and the best technology. You are part of an elite branch of the U.S military known as the Special Forces. The Special Forces is actually not just one group but a group of different specialized groups. These groups are: The United States Navy Special Warfare Command which includes The Navy SEALs and the Special boat Squadrons, The US Army Special Forces which includes the Green Berets and Delta force. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american military, delta force, military training, special forces, special operations, u.s. military
  • American Military History - 1,202 words
    Military Occupations are divided into two major parts within the different branches of the military. They are military enlisted occupations and military officer occupations. Among the two their 152 different occupations, 91 in the enlisted and 61 in the officer occupations. The branches of the military are as follows: the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The military enlisted occupations carry out the fundamental operations of the military. They are people like the infantrymen, dental specialists, mechanics, graph designers and illustrators, computer systems specialists, and air traffic controllers in the military work force. The enlisted occupations are usually high school g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american military, military history, military officer, military service, military training, u.s. military
  • Dday Thesis - 1,705 words
    A private who was aboard one of the first few gliders to reach Normandy expresses his feeling: "I experienced an interesting psychological change in the few minutes before and immediately after take off. As I had climbed aboard and strapped myself into my seat I felt tense, strange and extremely nervous. It was as if I was in a fantasy dream world and thought that at any moment I would wake up from this unreality and find that I was back in the barrack room at Bulford Camp. Whilst we laughed and sang to raise our spirits - and perhaps to show others that we were no scared - personally I knew that I was frightened to death. The very idea of carrying out a night-time airborne landing of such a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: thesis, battle of gettysburg, military power, british isles, japan
  • Dreaming In The 1960s - 1,013 words
    ... 5). Unfortunatley, the event that moved the Civil Rights Movement most significantly was the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1965. Moments after the assassination, terrible cruelty replaced the harmony. Rioting mobs in Watts, California pillaged, killed, and burned, leading to the death or injury of hundreds and millions of dollars in damage. Besides the Civil Rights movement, there was another important movement during the 1960s: the Student Movement. Youthful Americans were outraged by the intolerance of their universities, racial inequality, social injustice, and the Vietnam War. The Student Movement led to the hippy culture. This movemt marked another response to the decade as ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dreaming, central intelligence, rights movement, vietnam war, deadly
  • Yalta Conference - 1,438 words
    The Yalta Conference was one of the most important events in history, let alone, this century. It took place from February 4 to February 11, 1945, at Yalta, Crimea, a port/resort. The three main individuals at this meeting were Churchill of Great Britain, Roosevelt of the United States and Stalin of the U.S.S.R, known back then, and now known as Russia. Roosevelt had two primary goals at Yalta, and he secured them both, during the negotiations. One these key objectives was to involve Stalin in the war against Japan. The Americans had lost too many people since the battles fought with Australia against Japan were bloody ones. And, since it was not clear how to defeat the Japanese since they w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conference, yalta, yalta conference, american military, central europe
  • Colonel Daniel Morgan - 808 words
    Aruguably the most significant Colonel in the Battles of Saratoga. Flamboyant! Rowdy! Troublemaker! When you hear these words, does a colonial in the military come to mind? Well it should! Colonel Daniel Morgan is arguably one of the most significant and influential figures in American Military History. Morgan, an old Indian fighter, led a battalion of rowdy woodsmen dressed in long, Indian-style hunting shirts each carrying a tomahawk and scalping knife along with his long rifle. Morgan contributed greatly to the Saratoga Campaign because he and his men used partisan tactics to destroy the British morale as well as their offensive attacks. The American victory at Saratoga was so significant ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colonel, daniel, morgan, turning point, american revolution
  • The Specter Of Communism - 1,195 words
    In the years following the end of the Cold War, many historians and social scientists have written accounts of what were some of the causes and effects of this period when the threat of war was almost always present. One such person was Melvyn Leffler and his work, The Specter of Communism, which described the origins and conflicts of the Cold War. Out of these accounts several interesting questions come to light about the true nature of the Cold War. One such question that has surfaced recently is that of number 2 on the handout. The main emphasis of the question or statement is that the Cold War never really took place, and what did occur was nothing but a complete waste of money and time. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, civil liberties, north atlantic, college dictionary, sphere
  • The Specter Of Communism - 1,185 words
    ... the President that nuclear weapons may have to be used just to keep the communist back. The President dismissed this for fear that it may draw the Soviet Union and its nuclear weapons further into the war. After three long years of fighting, the Americans and North Koreans ended their fighting with an armistice that created borders that were almost the same as those at the beginning of the war. The United States fought its first limited war to stop the spread of communism, and it came away with a free South Korea, and a prosperous Japan. The result in Indochina was not the same as in Korea and Japan. The communist government of North Vietnam attacked and defeated the French troops that w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, united states, american military, department of defense, berlin
  • Pearl-harbor - 1,764 words
    ... heast Asia and that Britain would declare war the next day. Roosevelt responded that he would go before Congress the following day to ask for a declaration of war against Japan. Churchill wrote: "To have the United States at our side was to me the greatest joy. Now at this very moment I knew the United States was in the war, up to the neck and in to the death. So we had won after all! . . . Hitler's fate was sealed. Mussolini's fate was sealed. As for the Japanese, they would be ground to powder (Friedrich 44). The bombing rallied the United States behind the President in declaring war on Japan. On December 11, Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S., bringing about a global conflict. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: turning point, japanese government, united states, tens, engagement
  • Vietnam Post 1950 - 1,369 words
    Describe and assess the role of the USA in Indo-China in the period 1945-1954 In 1943 President Roosevelt suggested that Indochina come under the control of four powers after the war, proposing that the eventual independence of the Indochinese might follow in twenty to thirty years time. No one knew whether the policy would require American troops, but America was firm on the fact that independence could not be taken by the Vietnamese, but would be granted to the Vietnamese by the Great Powers at their convenience. At the Yalta conference Roosevelt repeated his desire for a trusteeship but during March 1945 he considered the possibility of French restoration in return for their promise that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vietnam, ho chi minh, american military, dinh diem, convince
  • Containment - 1,027 words
    During the Truman administration, a containment policy was developed. The policy eventually became the central concept defining U.S. foreign policy in the Cold War. To contain Soviet Communism, President Harry Truman used American military and financial resources to help rebuild Western Europe after World War II. Under the Truman Doctrine, President Truman requested Congress for funds to build up Turkey and Greece, two countries that came under pressure from the Soviet Union. Truman stated that, " It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities by outside pressures". By developing the Truman Doctrine, he created a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: containment, containment policy, north atlantic treaty organization, missile crisis, missile
  • None Provided - 472 words
    the war in Vietnam was mostly a helicopter and air war there were many jets and helicopters that had been shot down in the enemy controlled areas in the than that a survivor of a one of these crashes were captured they would become a prisoner of war or POW's Violations of the Geneva Convention occurred in the Vietnam War (1959-1975). Ill treatment of prisoners was brought to light by the Red Cross throughout the war. In September 1969 the North Vietnamese Red Cross declared that U.S. pilots, guilty of "crimes against humanity," would not be given the protections afforded by the Geneva Convention. South Vietnamese mistreatment of prisoners of war was alleged in 1970 in reports that so-called ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: microsoft encarta, north vietnam, geneva convention, survivor, palace
  • War Of 1812 - 1,110 words
    While Britain was stealing American soldiers, encouraging Indians to attack American settlements and destroying the United States economy, America was trying to start a country. America didnt have the economy to fund a war. The United States made one of its most obvious mistakes when it declared war on Britain in 1812. Britain had been at war with France since 1793. Toward the end of the British-French war, Britain to manipulate the American economy and well being. Prior to this war, Britain began provoke the United States by the impressment of American ships. By impressing American ships, British ships would stop American trading ships and search them, claiming they were looking for British ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: war of 1812, new england, different types, theodore roosevelt, economy
  • American Revolution - 1,155 words
    One of the central myths that many Americans entertain about the Revolutionary War is that victory over the British redcoats was quick and easy. A united, freedom-loving country rose up in righteous anger at the King's tyrannical actions, grabbed their trusty flintlocks, hid behind trees and walls, defeated the dull British soldiers who were sitting ducks in their scarlet uniforms, and established the United States of America. Throughout the story, there is a certain inevitability about American victory. This story raises many problems. If victory was so easy, why did it take eight and a half years for the Americans to win it? There is also the question of Valley Forge, which Americans have ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american family, american military, american revolution, american revolutionary, american revolutionary war, french revolution
  • Richard Nixons Administation - 1,115 words
    On January 20, 1969, Richard Nixon was sworn in as the thirty-seventh president of the United States. Nixons vice-president was Spiro T. Agnew. His work as president started weeks earlier, before he even took office. Those weeks were spent choosing the people who would be in his cabinet. In 1969, one of the most urgent businesses facing him was finding a way to end the Vietnam War without allowing the government of South Vietnam to be defeated by Communists. Nixon decided to drop bombs on Cambodia. Some of the people in Congress were upset with his decision, saying that it seemed that he was making the unpopular war more widespread. Nixon answered that he was only trying to end the war swift ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: richard nixon, spiro t agnew, white house, russian government, nomination
  • The Bomb That Rocked The World - 1,718 words
    On the tiny island of Tinian, the morning silence of August 6, 1945, was broken by the colossal roar of the engines of the B-29 Superfortress, the Enola Gay preparing for takeoff. Colonel Paul W. Tibbets prepared himself and his crew for the most historic flight of their lives. Neither Colonal Tibbets nor the rest of the men on board knew exactly to where they would be flying. What they did know was that the bomb they were about to deliver would change the world forever and quite possibly end World War II. As Tinian began to fade out of sight as the plane gained altitude, a radio transmission was made informing the crew of the designated target. They were to fly to Hiroshima, Japan, and drop ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: atomic bomb, bomb, world war ii, new mexico, missouri press
  • The Splendid Little War - 2,819 words
    ... some could not even sail because their bottoms were covered with barnacles. The Spanish ships were armed with old cannons, and the crews lacked proper ammunition and skilled marksmen, causing additional fires to break out of the old wooden planks of the When the news of the stunning victory reached home, Americans cheered ecstatically. Dewey, "the conqueror of the Philippines," became an instant national hero. Stores soon filled with merchandise bearing his image. Few Americans knew what and where the Philippines were, but the press assured them that the islands were a welcome possession. (Bachrach, 61). Lastly, the United States wanted complete and total control over Cuba. The American ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: splendid, civil war, monroe doctrine, spanish-american war, vincent
  • Antiwar Movement - 1,284 words
    The antiwar movement against Vietnam in the US from 1965-1971 was the most significant movement of its kind in the nation's history. The United States first became directly involved in Vietnam in 1950 when President Harry Truman started to underwrite the costs of France's war against the Viet Minh. Later, the presidencies of Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy increased the US's political, economic, and military commitments steadily throughout the fifties and early sixties in the Indochina region. Prominent senators had already begun criticizing American involvement in Vietnam during the summer of 1964, which led to the mass antiwar movement that was to appear in the summer of 1965. This a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: antiwar, john f kennedy, president johnson, american military, prominent
  • Cheju Island - 1,156 words
    Cheju Island, blessed with such natural scenery, is well known as the Honeymoon island and has also been called an island of Fantasy and the Home of Gods. Cheju Island is famous as a Mecca for honeymooners, and the islands sightseeing spots are often crowed with young married couples. It's also the nation's most popular tourist destination, a warmer home to beaches, forests and the volcanic Mount Halla, at 6,435 feet (1,950 meters), the country's highest peak. History dwells here, too. Mongol invaders bred horses on the island seven centuries ago. Shipwrecked Dutch sailors landed in 1653 and, after enduring more than a decade of captivity, escaped to bring the West its first accounts of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign countries, love story, south korea, mysterious, traveling
  • Societal Commentsand Historical Inaccuracy In Braveheart - 1,713 words
    ... rrey, was the English commander and he regarded Scotland as a whole nation not to be associated with in any way25. The day before the battle he outlined his plan. Warenne ordered the English army across the Stirling bridge over the river Forth and onto a piece of land that was surrounded on three sides by water. Soldiers fighting for the English king would then conduct a full frontal assault on the Scots who held the high ground26. The Earl of Surrey was so confident of the superiority of his troops that he spent no real amount of time planning for the battle. On the morning of the battle the crossing was begun and reversed several times as Wallace pursued diplomatic options in an effort ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: braveheart, societal, university press, military history, ambition

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